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Client Testimonials
  Rev. Vickie Carey, Multi-dimensional Channel
Vickie has been psychic and talking to spirit all her life. She has helped people from around the world with her readings, through email, oh the phone, and in person for more than 20 years. Here are just a few of the things her clients have to say about her.
Some of our unsolicited testimonials:
- Lori - CA, USA
"It's amazing how you hit on things you couldn't know anything about. I really appreciate the information. And your information about the job was right on. I got the offer 2 days after we talked."
- Diane Mae - PA, USA
"Vickie has read for me twice in the past 2 years. I am astounded with her gifts...she blows me away completely. Vickie's readings were so very helpful to me and very insightful with everything going on in life and what is to come in the future. It has been a true blessing to have done this with her."
- Garrett - NC, USA
"Vickie's readings and advice have been wonderful for me. It prepared me for problems I didn't see coming, at least when I followed the advice. The first time I didn't follow it, I was certainly amazed by the prediction that came true for me. From now on, I pay attention when she speaks."
- Michelle - VA, USA
"I was blown away by your accuracy in my reading. You said things that only my husband has said to me and there's no way you could have known about that conversation. It was a confirmation and proof to me of your ability. Thank you!"
- Chris - VA, USA
"I can't believe you picked up on the issue I'm having with my family. I haven't told anyone about my decision and have barely admitted it to myself. You're phenomenal."
- Jenny - Essex, UK
"Thank you so much for your kind words and the information. I have felt so lost and you hit on all the reasons why. Things I couldn't put into words you looked within and found. I know where I have to go now. And I'm looking forward to the journey."
- Carlos - Timaru, NZ
"Just wanted you to know that you were dead on the money with the guy in my life. He did indeed propose and right on schedule with what you had told me. Thank you so much for your encouragement."
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If you've had a reading by Rev. Carey and would like to provide your own testimonial, just drop us a line here at the Center.