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Metaphysical Basics
In The Beginning. What is the history of metaphysics. Learn the basic history of metaphysical spirituality. Who started it, and what are it's basic concepts. Gain a better understanding of how you relate to the divine, the cosmos and all things seen and unseen around you. 2 classes - 3 hours. $75.00 per person.
No Prerequisites Required.
Week 1
- What is Metaphysics
- What is the History of Metaphysics
- Homework
Document your concepts of metaphysics and be prepared to discuss them in class.
Week 2
- Review Homework
- What are the basic teachings of Metaphysics (Introduction)
- The creation of the Universe
- Star & Soul Groups
- Energy
- Energy Connections
- "Feeling" Energy
- Reincarnation
- Karma
- Exercises:
- Experience Energy
- Briefly identify a past life