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Working With Energy
What is Energy, how does it relate to you and you to the divine around you? In this class you will learn how to connect and feel energy on a conscious level, protect your energies, manipulate it for manifestation, understanding the Aura and reading it. 2 classes - 3 hours each. $75.00 per person.
No Prerequisites Required.
Week 1
- What is Energy?
- Energy and You
- Protecting Your Energies
- Energy Supports
- Energy and the Divine
- Exercise:
- Sensing Energy
- Setting a protective shield
- Homework:
- Setting Shields and sensing energy, write about your experiences.
Week 2
- Review Homework
- Energy Work
- Connecting With Divine Energy
- Sending Energy Out for Manifestation
- Working With A Green List
- The Aura
- Exercise:
- Reading an Aura