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Center Services
Our services feature in-house open circles, discussion groups, classes, spiritual gatherings, holistic healing, and ministerial, lecture and divination services. Below you will find general information and pricing for our center services. If you have additional questions, please feel free to contact us.
Healing Services | Divination Services | Ministerial Services | Spiritual Counseling

  Healing Circles & Services
The Center offers alternative healing services, such as crystal therapy, light energy therapy, and Usui Reiki.
Inspiration for our future Treatment RoomReiki is an ancient art of healing. It is often referred to as a Zen art of hands on holistic healing, where the healer is a channel for the Divine Universal Life Force Energy. Reiki is a gentle, non-invasive, hands-on energy transfer. The source of this energy is ultimately from God, therefore Reiki practitioners are simply conduits for the Divine source. Delivery of the energy is standardized and the Reiki practitioner does not need to know anatomical details. They simply follow a common procedure of delivery and the energy does the rest.
Crystal Therapy utilizes the energy held within various types of crystals to align with the energy of your body. You and everything else in this world are made up of electromagnetic energy. Like magnets for instance. Depending on the pull, size and once again the density of the magnet, different objects will interact differently to each magnet. Crystal energy reacts similarly with the spiritual body as magnets do with the physical body. Crystal Therapy works to align the energies of your physical body to the chakra centers of your spiritual body, in hopes of bringing about balance and peace.
Reiki Healing Sessions - $75 for a 1 hour session
We provide hands on and long distant healing services using the Usui Reiki method of spiritual healing. Sessions can be conducted without the client being present, or by appointment for direct hands on healing work.
Crystal Therapy - $75 for a 1 hour session
We provide hands on healing services using crystal supports. Sessions are conducted by appointment for direct hands on healing work.
Chakra Balancing - $75 for a 1 hour session
We provide hands on healing services to energize and balance your chakra centers. This restores a sense of grounding and uplifting of energies in a positive flow through-out the physical and spiritual bodies. Sessions are conducted by appointment for direct hands on healing work.
Weekly Healing Circle - Free
Each week the healers at the center conduct a Healing Circle. Here we offer healing to Mother Earth, world events, and individuals. You can submit your request to be added to a weekly healing circle session through our contact page.
  Divination Services
Readings are provided in various forms, with Tarot, Pendulums, or spiritually channeled sessions. All readings are recorded and a cassette or CD is provided to the client. For more information visit our Divination Information page.
Pendulum Readings $40 Divination Services
Tarot Reading: Past / Present / Future $50
Tarot Reading: Spirit Reading $75
Tarot Reading: Full Spread $100
Spirit Guide Reading $100
Past Life Reading $100
Multi-Dimensional Trance Reading $150
Group Reading: An Evening With Channeling $30 per person 
Group Reading: A private evening with Channeling for a group of at least 5 and no more than 10 people. The group is provided time to ask questions and experience spirit communication with guides and spirits who come to the gathering. Contact our office for more information and to schedule your evening with channeling.

  Ministerial Services
We are licensed in the commonwealth of Virginia to provide a variety of ministerial services, such as blessings, coming of age ceremonies, weddings, funerals, house blessings and other life changing events. The fee for local services is listed above, an additional charges maybe incurred for travel and lodging expenses if required.
As people look for ways to bring spirituality into life events, old celebrations are making a comeback into mainstream America. Everything from blessing a pregnancy or unborn child to celebrating the life of an individual and honoring the gifts they provided to family and friends as we say goodbye. The following are the Ministerial services we provide at the Center. All celebrations are customized for the individual based on preparation consultations. Some customizations can add to the cost of the celebration or service.
Motherhood Blessings - $100
Also called a "Birthing Circle", these celebrations are often attributed to a Navajo tradition called a "Blessing Way". But these types of rituals are not unique to Native American traditions nor are they new. Our ancient ancestors also performed rituals celebrating fertility, motherhood and birth as well as blessing rituals for new borns. Motherhood was and still is seen as a gift from the Divine Spirit and as a sign that a woman has been bless with the creation of life. These blessings or circles are usually performed at traditional Baby Showers, but there is no set time, place or event where they can be conducted.
Birthing Celebrations - $100
Each religious belief has it's own method of introducing a new born or new child into their family. Christianity performs baptismal ceremonies, a Hebrew family performs a brisk, Pagans celebrate the Paganing Rite and Metaphysicians conduct a Birthing Ritual. These celebrations can be performed on a new born, a child adopted into a family, or for an adult who wishes to formally step upon their chosen path of spirituality. It is a formal presentation or dedication of the 'new' life with his or her new family.
Coming of Age Celebrations - $100
In practically all cultures around the world, a Coming of Age celebration rings in a time when a child becomes a young adult. For boys, the magikal age is 13. There of course is some debate about why 13, but in the old Celtic beliefs 13 is the number of transition. For girls, the Coming of Age came at their first menstruation. For some that could be as early as 9 or 10 and as late as 14 or 15.
This is a celebration of childhood and growth just as much as it's a confirmation of responsibility as a young person transitions into adulthood. Some families use this time as a celebration of the young adults choice or decision for their spiritual future, or which path they have chosen to follow. In some cultures this may include the announcement of a spiritual name or specific spiritual denomination.
Union CeremoniesHandfasting Rituals - $50  + Travel Expenses
In many ancient cultures families would celebrate the promised union or engagement of a couple. This was often called a Handfasting. The celebration both announces the promised union and celebrates it's forthcoming marriage ceremony. In ancient cultures the marriage ceremony would take place 1 year and day after the Handfasting celebration. From a spiritual perspective, this event formalizes the promise made by the intended couple to provide for and care for their newly formed family with honesty, trust, support and love.You can see our Wedding Celebration page to learn more.
Wedding Services - $50 + Travel Expenses
Ministers at the Center are licensed in the Commonwealth of Virginia to perform wedding services. We have performed services in Virginia and North Carolina. Provided with enough lead time, we can work with other State/County for licensure as well.
The center provides a variety of Wedding Services for spiritual and non-spiritual couples, as well as, Gay and Lesbian couples. Whither you're an atheist, agnostic, Metaphysician, Pagan or any other spiritual denomination we can work with you to customize the best ceremony for you. You can see our Wedding Celebration page to learn more about customizing your event and review a ceremony outline example.
Eulogy & Funeral Services - $100
As with any culture, Metaphysicians mark the right of passage to celebrate the accomplishments and gifts given from the deceased, to honor their life and lessons learned and to provide the living with an opportunity to say good-bye. Whither you're an atheist, agnostic, Metaphysician, Pagan or any other spiritual denomination we can work with you to customize a service that respects your loved one and their wishes, while providing support and comfort to you and your family in this time of grief.
A Dedication or Devotion Ritual - $100
A dedication of faith is not something to enter into lightly. Nor is it truly necessary or required to step onto a religious path. But it is an method of acknowledging the seriousness or honest devotion to an individuals chosen spiritual path. It can be seen as a stepping stone, a beginning and even a partnership between the personal spirit and the Divine force the individual has chosen to honor, be it a single view of God, the God/Goddess or the Great Spirits.
A House Blessing Ceremony - $100
For centuries, people have held religious ceremonies to ask the Divine to bring happiness, abundance and protection to their home. Some may remember the scene from 'It's A Wonderful Life' where a family is moving into their first home, and Mary Bailey provides the family with various items to bring abundance, protection and happiness to their home before they enter.
The idea behind a House Blessing is simple. You are moving any energy out of the area that has been left by the previous occupants, even if those were builders, and replacing it with divine energy that you ask for. You are setting the foundation of energy, and harmony in the space for you and your family to walk into. As well as asking for blessings for the future.
Animal Blessings & Celebrations - $100
Everyone here at the Center loves animals and our animal family members. Consequently we know that many people wish to extend their spiritual views to their animal family. We provide guidance and facilitations of these events in the same respect and support for your animal family with any of our ministerial services customized for your companion(s).
Workplace Chaplain ServicesWorkplace Chaplain Services -
The Ministry of Spring's Haven offers chaplain care and support to employees and business owners. This includes confidential care giving, crisis intervention, critical incident care team specialists, management consultation, prayer, referral to other professionals and agencies, training and education for employees and supervisors, employee/community/church relations, weddings and funerals services. We utilize our more than 15 years of Chaplaincy experience in the community and offer care and support through a non-denominational approach for any diversity driven workplace.
Review our Workplace Chaplain Services page for more info and contract pricing.
Teaching Services - $300
Schedule a teaching event for your organization or group. Additional charge maybe incurred for travel and lodging expenses if required.
Please contact the center to discuss your personal needs and schedule a phone consultation.
Lecture Services - Varies
Rev. Vickie Carey, D.D., Ph.D. is an author (pen name Lady SpringWolf) and an inspirational speaker who has facilitated thousands of individuals in developing greater awareness, balance and wholeness in their lives through her classes, workshops and lectures.
Review our Lecture Services page to learn more.
  Spiritual Psychology Counseling
As a ministers of Metaphysical Science we offer spiritual counseling services for those wishing to face their problems and focus on inner healing.
Individual & Family Counseling - $100 for a 1 hour session
Services are provided for individuals, couples and families facing stresses from divorce, work, money, and relationship issues. Consultation services are provided for those wishing to expand their spiritual knowledge, growth and awareness.
Read More - What Is Spiritual Psychology
Past Life Regression Therapy Sessions - $100
This is a very precise method of getting to memories of lives that are affecting us in our current incarnation. You will be guided on your journey into a past life that you choose and will be guided to pull insights and information forward to determine how these strengths and lessons can affect you today.