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eMailed Readings
Greetings -
Thank you for requesting a reading from Spring's Haven.
Let me explain what I do -
I say a prayer for protection and calling in the Divine for service. Since you're not here when I do this, I connect to you so I have your energy and presence on a spiritual level. I do this with the information you gave me at the time you requested the reading. Then I'm make a connection to the Divine Source so that I may channel the messages from the cards. I do not just read the cards; but rather channel their message. It's a little hard to explain, but it is different from just a cold reading of the cards. The channeled messages are usually a little more in depth than what the card will impart by itself.
Occasionally a guide will enter the room and establish a verbal connection with a particular message. Everyone has a spirit guide that helps them through their lifetime from the spiritual realm. If that happens, I'll include a description of the spirit if I can and try to ascertain who they are in relation to you. If it happens, it usually occurs during the last card, the overall divine message.
The deck I use is Anna-Marie Ferguson's The Arthurian Legend Tarot. The edition I use the 2nd edition which is supposedly designed for feminine energy. Personally I don't think it's any different then the 1st edition, which I also have. But it's in better shape and I like it. <shrugs>
For a Past/Present/Future spread, the cards are laid out in 3 rows in the following manner:
The Top row - Center card
Quarrant Card
This is about you. Where you are mentally, physically emotionally and spiritually.
Copyright SpringsHaven LLC
In the middle row, Left card
How your past and past lives are affecting you today.
In the middle row, Center card
How the present issues of your life are influencing you today.
In the middle row, Right card
If the choices and decisions of the present continue, this is the probable outcome.
In other words, how energy currently set will play out in the future.
Bottom row, Center Card
Overall Aspects
How all this information overall can serve you today for enlightenment and growth. This is typically the message from the divine. Sometimes it's brutally honest, sometimes it's a gentle reassurance. It's up to the guides.
With that said, the following is the results of your Tarot reading.
November 10, 2008 6:30pm Saturday
Reading for __________
Rev. Vickie
Spring's Haven, LLC.
Quarrant Card:
The Past:
Two of Spears – Bedivere & Kay - Upright
You have spent your past planning and making decisions for your long term future. You have been almost blinded by this ambition, which has brought you to the executive level you are at today. You have always been perceived as the mature one. Sometimes your friends have thought you are too focused and need to let loose and relax, or play. So although your planning has brought you success in your life and career today, it has come at a personal cost.
The Present:
Three of Swords – Palomides - Upright
The distress in your life today has come about because of your decisions of the past. You're feeling alone, lonely and confused about the topsy-turvy relationships you've gone through over the past 4/5 years. Today the hurtful remarks of others dig especially deep as you look at your 'friends' and see the fullness of their lives compared to the successful yet wanting path you have walked.
My interpretation of this: This focuses specifically on your current situation. Your friends who have been trying to tell you the truth for years, are finally getting through. Sometimes the brutal honesty hits hard because your emotions are so raw at this stage in your life. You can continue to ignore their warnings, or you can listen to their assessments and decide to make significant changes in your life to improve those things you do not like about you. Relax, open up and have some fun.
Clarification card:
I wanted to get a more specific reading on the current issue you're facing. The card drawn:
Major Arcana - The Horned One - Cernunnos
You mentioned the stress at work, Cernunnos suggests you are being put under a great deal of pressure to success or complete the project. But you have been distracted by your primordial instincts. A desire to liberate and escape your self destructions. You can find ways to have some fun in a safe and secure manner. But it will come at a price. You have spent your life working to this point of your career. You haven't learned how to balance the business with pleasure, so now you're faced with disappointing your bosses and when you say "Enough, I need a life". This project will suffer because of it. But you can over come that by giving your team more responsibility. Let your right hand man take some of the work load so you can go out on the weekend and get away. Take some time relax and have fun. Turn off the cell phone, the pager and leave the house. Get away so no one can track you down for work.
The result will be surprising. Your employees will step up and push the envelope of their own abilities. Gaining confidence and knowledge. Two women will step up to the plate and make decisions, showing you they are much more than anyone perceived in the past. Give them the opportunity to attain the success you have achieved. The ultimate result is your bosses will be impressed with your team, your leadership and the ultimate success of your project. And the stress will subside, and your time to play will increase. But you need to be careful to live in balance. Too much of a good thing can still be a bad thing.
The Future:
Five of Cups - Lancelot & Elaine - Reversed
With in 5 weeks to 5 months the new you will emerge and become a part of who you are. You won't have to force yourself to think about relaxing and having fun. You'll be able to complete your job, provide opportunities for your employees, impress your bosses and still have time to enjoy life. This will give you an opportunity to start a meaningful relationship. So look for an old friend and lover to reappear. Both you and she have made changes in your life that will both bring you back together, but will allow you to appreciate each other in a whole new and wonderful way. Also expect new income from an unexpected source.
Overall Message:
In general the situation you are worried about has been created by you based on your previous plans and drive to success. You have the professional status you've worked so hard for. But your life is unbalanced. All work and no play has left you alone and lonely. You are your own best friend, and only you can change those things about you that you don't like. Give yourself a break and start relying on those around you to do the job. Give them the opportunity to shine and take some of the work load off your plate. Then take time for yourself. And be ready for your own opportunity to arise. You'll be able to achieve the relationship you desire, but you must be ready to work for it and give up the 24x7 work load.
Many Blessings ~
Rev. Vickie
Spring's Haven
Many people ask about the cards I use. What I suggest is if you're learning to read for the first time, you begin with the Rider-Waite deck. Which can be purchased from Here is a link to both that starter deck I recommend for people interested in learning about the Tarot. I use three different decks which can be found on Amazon.
Rider-Waite @
Mystic Faerie Tarot @
The Druidcraft Tarot @