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Workplace Chaplain Services
Workplace Chaplain Services
Why Chaplains in the workplace?
Many companies are discovering the benefits of having a chaplain on hand to help employees deal with stress, marital problems, financial issues, grief, and a host of other personal and professional matters. Reliable workplace statistics suggest that in an average year 17% of the work force will experience a crisis event that will interrupt or adversely effect their work activity. Across the nation a growing number of agencies are providing timely, cost effective, on-site and off-site care that gives such employees the best chance of managing these events in a positive and productive way.
The growing demand for out-sourced chaplains is related to the significant increase in employee need for a spiritual outlet or connection. They say that terrorism, job insecurity and financial woes are key contributors to employee anxiety.
Whether as a supplement to an existing EAP program or as a stand-alone employee assistance option, this contracted service provides confidential, convenient, professional counseling that provides comfort, support and referral to employees and their families. For the small business or an international corporation it's a win/win; for employees and their employers.
In September 2003, Nancy Randle wrote an article for work force magazine; 'Deskside help for troubled workers:companies hire outsourced chaplains' - "The belief that a happy employee is a productive, loyal employee motivates many employers to hire out-sourced chaplains. Cliff Butler, vice chairman of 35,000-employee Pilgrim's Pride, poultry producers in Pittsburg, Texas, has used Marketplace since 1991. "Although it's intangible, we feel we've had a good return on every dime we spent... We believe there's a payoff, and it's not always with dollars, It's with the feeling of gratitude of the employees to us." reports "Coca-Cola Bottling Co. Consolidated in Charlotte, N.C., ..has 19 chaplains on call from Corporate Chaplains for its 5,000 employees. "We recognized that we needed to try to deal with our employees as whole employees--bodies, mind, and soul," says Lauren Steele, vice president of corporate affairs. "It's been enthusiastically embraced by our employees, primarily because it's completely nonintrusive." - 'Hey Reverend, let's do lunch' written by Melba Newsome; January 23, 2005
Corporations large and small are discovering the benefits of supporting their work force in a full mind/body/spirit approach. Companies like Tysons Food, Pilgrim’s Pride, Town North National Bank, Take Salco Products Inc are prime examples of in-house chaplaincy services working for their employees.
Non-Denominational Approach & The Legalities of Faith
"It's a very good thing employers are doing, but they need to be very careful," says employment attorney Heather Gatley, a partner with Miami-based Steel Hector Davis. Companies, she says, must reasonably accommodate workers of all faiths. "You certainly don't want to do anything mandatory," she says. "And you don't want to subject other employees to anything that might be harassing or offensive or proselytizing." - 'A demanding time for chaplains who give at the office', Christian Science Monitor - written by Shelley Donald Coolidge; January 2, 2002
In this diverse world, the Corporate work force is built on diversity with a variety of beliefs, religions and worship. Some employees will not feel comfortable with a Christian Ministry and will not seek help or counseling when needed. Regardless of the promise not to enforce their beliefs and attempt to convert. Most, if not all Workplace Chaplain service organizations go out of their way to ensure this doesn't happen. And for the most part, it doesn't. Religion is rarely discussed unless the employee brings it up. But the reality is some religious practitioners do not feel comfortable with mainstream Ministries.
That's where Spring's Haven comes in. Our Metaphysical ministers take an alternative and non-denominational approach to Chaplain Services. This allows us to be open to any religion or way of worship where we can provide customized care and support for each individual employee. If we do not have the expertise needed, we have a wide range of spiritual partners to refer to. This approach opens the door to a wider range of employees who seek assistance.
The Spring's Haven Workplace Chaplaincy:
The Ministry of Spring's Haven offers care and support to any employee who faces personal and professional life issues and seek a confidential source to talk with. Our ministers hold degrees of Divinity, either a masters or doctorate, have a minimum of 5 years of ministerial experience, along with a minimum of 3 years corporate employee experience.
Our care is based on building trusting and caring relationships between our chaplains and employees, providing a level of care that is not often experienced in the workplace. All relationships are initiated by the employee and are strictly confidential unless the worker reveals that he/she is a threat to them self or others. The employee is in charge of how deep and to what extent the relationship will grow.
We implement a variety of methods for caring in the workplace. These include any or all of the following: confidential care giving, crisis intervention, critical incident care team specialists, management consultation, programs for worship or prayer, referral to other professionals and agencies, training and education for employees and supervisors, employee/community/church relations and programs, and special events scheduled in response to needs which arise in the workplace. Whatever the scope of each family's problems or concerns, we have a network of qualified and caring out source providers that can help.
Contract Pricing:
$16 to $180 per employee per year, depending on the company's size and the level of service delivered.
Contact our office for more information and to schedule your corporate program.