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We have a variety of services both in house and online.  As a ministerial organization all our consultations are kept private and confidential.
In House Center Services
Divination, Healing & Ministerial ServicesOur services feature in-house open circles, discussion groups, classes, spiritual gatherings, holistic healing, and ministerial, lecture and divination services. The Center offers alternative healing services, such as crystal therapy, light energy therapy, and Usui Reiki. Divination services such as tarot and channeling. And ministerial services such as life event ceremonies for birth, coming of age, marriage, death and Spiritual Psychology counseling.
Healing services are provided by professional certified healers working at the center in addition. Each trained and certified in the Reiki Usui method of holistic healing. Divination services are provided by world renowned author, psychic and multi-dimensional channel Rev. Vickie Carey.
See our Center Services page for more details and prices about our specific programs and offerings.
Our Online Services
We have suspended our online services at this time. 

Healing Circle - free
Every Thursday Morning from 10 - 11:00 am ET
Each week the healers at the center conduct a Healing Circle. Anyone is welcome to attend and add their healing blessings to the circle. Here we offer healing to Mother Earth, world events, and individuals who have submitted their name and issue to the centers Healing Request Book. There is no fee associated with these sessions. Read more about Our Healing Circle at Spring's Haven
Lectures & Seminars
Rev. Vickie Carey, D.D., Ph.D. is an author (under her pen name: SpringWolf) and inspirational speaker who has facilitated thousands of individuals in developing greater awareness, balance and wholeness in their lives through her classes, workshops and lectures.
See our Lectures & Seminars page for more details and to schedule an event.
Ministerial Services
Wedding, Life Events, Funeral ServicesSpring's Haven provides a variety of ministerial services for life changing events. These include birthing and coming of age celebrations, non-denominational or non-spiritual marriage services, eulogy and funeral services. Along with our Spiritual Psychology counseling for individuals, couples and families. And Corporate Workplace Chaplan services.
See our Ministerial Services page for more details and to schedule an event.
Corporate Services & Training Seminars
We offer several types of Employee Appreciation Services and Training Seminars to Corporate clients. Our unique corporate programs are designed to enhance human performance, improve creativity and to reduce stress from the Inside Out. We have helped our clients increase their effectiveness dramatically and have produce multi-million dollar results by promoting, effective leadership, and personal accountability.
Our training seminars address current issues affecting the corporate environment today. And our employee appreciation services help you award your work force in unique and personal ways.
See our Corporate Services page for more details, prices and to order one of our online services.