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Tarot From A Kid
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Everyone is psychic to some degree, some adults just don't know it or want to remember it. But children are especially in-tune to the world around them and if encouraged, will retain that connection into adulthood. The key is teaching them how to use their ability without putting pressure on them, help them interpret by asking and not directing, and protecting their energies at the same time.
Each week day we share a Tarot Card and Message to contemplate during your daily meditation. The last few days of 2009, Rev. Vickie's 6 year old son wanted to pull his own card. Some of his messages were very insightful and we felt they needed to be shared out of pride and interest.
The messages below are his, with a little interpretation for adults by Mom.
Tarot From A Kid Card & Message
05/14/2011 Prince of Cups -
The Prince is offering his cup of liquid to a warrior wounded in battle to heal his wounds. The cup is an hour glass shape and it can heal someone who was wounded in the past, or even bring them back to life.
~ You have the ability to heal all wounds within your warrior spirit, no matter how old or deep they seem to be.
King of Wands -
The king is using his wand to make the mushrooms and bubbles. He's watching the mushrooms dance. And the bubbles are traveling to water where they will pop and go back to water.
~ You have the tools to create what you need and to celebrate your accomplishment. Your creation just might lead you back home.
Ace of Wands
A crystal knife is attached to a staff that is getting light from the mushrooms and sending it to the Sun, because the earth needs light.
~ What we put out to the Universe we get back. Use your imagination to create your desires, then go out and make it happen.
Two of Cups.
The two Faeries are looking in the flower and seeing the Faery spirits.
~ Sometimes you have to look at the spirits to see the spirit within yourself.
The Tower.
The tower is blowing up out of the tree so the tree can grow back bigger.
~ Out of chaos comes creation. When something ends in life, another begins and usually it's for the betterment of those involved. ~









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