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Daily Tarot Meditation Drawing Archive
Tarot Meditation
Each week day we share a Tarot Card and Message to contemplate during your daily meditation. We began our daily drawing on December 1, 2009. Here we provide an online archive of those drawings. Each week day we share a Tarot Card and Message to contemplate during your daily meditation. We share the publication of our messages on our social media sites. You'll find a list of those on our Tarot Meditation page. Pick your favorite and stay connected with us.
You can gain more insight into today's drawing on Spring's Blog page too. She shares more of the message and an image of today's card. You can add your own thoughts and see what others are saying as well. Visit Springwolf Reflections today.  
~ 2014 Daily Tarot Archive ~
Daily Tarot Meditation Card & Message
Everyone here at Spring's Haven wishes you and yours a wondrous and
Happy New Year!
We'll be back in January 2015 with a new year of daily
Tarot Meditation Messages!
12/23/2014 Six of Cups -
Make sure your cups are open and ready to receive. Go with the flow through the remainder of the year. Contemplate your actions, how much you've changed and grown, and what you've learned. Allow your own Creative energy to take form and come to you as the year comes to close. But most of all, be proud of yourself for what you have survived through and what you have achieved.
12/22/2014 King of Wands - Inverted
Don't poke the Giant. You may not want to be on the receiving end of 'his' temper. Being the comedian that gets everyone laughing isn't a good thing when it's at the expense of someone else. What you think is a funny story, may be a stressful and emotional touchy subject for others. Show a little compassion even though you don't understand what's going on. You'll gather more attention and more appreciation by being understanding and kind.
12/19/2014 The Star -
Be the Star of your own life and put the spotlight on you. While you maybe used to putting others first and thinking of what everyone else wants, today is your day to shine. Be a little selfish and do what you feel you want to do to celebrate and please yourself. Forget about sacrificing for everyone else and get that special present you want for under the tree or in the stocking or where ever you share your gifts for the holiday season. Remember, you are part of your family too and even you deserve a special holiday package to open!
12/18/2014 Strength - Inverted
Throw yourself a life-line and allow the healing to bring you to success. What you think is going to be a struggle, isn't going to be hard at all. The tasks or  appointments at hand are all temporary measures to give you a little more time. In the end, success is around the corner and your strength will carry you through. Don't worry. Be happy!
12/17/2014 Three of Wands - Inverted
Get your feet out of the mud and get things done. You're making things harder than they need to be. Procrastination is not your friend and it never will be. You've worked on changing other bad habits, time to work on this one. Buckle down and take care of the tasks today, instead of waiting for crunch time when the pressure is on and the anxiety is high!
12/16/2014 Five of Swords -
What do you want me to do? When you feel like nothing you do is good enough. Yep, it's that kind of day. Try not to let the frustrations of others get to you. It's not your fault things aren't going right for them. Be patient, compassionate and you'll bring success to your day. Even if you can't bring it to theirs.
12/15/2014 Ten of Cups -
Share the bounty. Let someone know that you think enough about them to contribute to their well-being. You may not know everything going on or the healing taking place and needed in their lives. But the simple act of kindness, support and a small slice of your pie will go a long way to brightening up their day! Give them a chance to feel appreciated, loved and part of your family. You could change someone's life today.
12/12/2014 Ace of Cups - Inverted
Walk on a path of wholeness. Be Mindful of your thoughts, actions and inspirational connections. You will discover the strength to be the pillar of support for your own journey and to those around you. What's been created within yourself can lift others into their own blooms of joy and fulfillment.
12/11/2014 Three of Pentacles -
Good things come to those who are patient. Don't force the issue today. Relax and take care of the little items on your To Do list. You'll get a whole lot more done than you expected, by staying on track. You don't have to search for solutions or look in hidden places for what you need. All is coming together nicely, even if you can't see it happening.
12/10/2014 The Sun - Inverted
Be kind to your inner child today. Sometimes being a little playful is what's needed to share the laughter and joy you feel within your spirit. Your physical perspective might need a little playful lift as you delve into serious business today. Don't let the daunting task(s) bring down your holiday spirit and turn things upside down. Smile, it will keep you upbeat. Laugh, it will keep you feeling happy. Be silly, it will remind you of the success that shines brightly all around you. Share and you may just turn around not only your outlook, but someone else's stress and gloom into fun and frivolity as well.
12/09/2014 Seven of Swords - Inverted
Don't let anyone pop your bubble. There's nothing wrong with having faith that things are going to work out in your favor. Positive thinking generates energy that lifts your soul AND keeps you motivated. How can that be silly or unrealistic? Let the nay-sayers "talk to the hand" today and do what you feel needs to get done. Prioritize your day based on your list and you'll get much more done than you realize. Working from a place of happiness allows you to work smarter and faster! Another day for Don't worry. Be Happy!!
12/08/2014 The Priest -
Don't worry,  be happy. You're the ruler of your domain and things are finally coming together as they should. Allow the Divine Universe to cover you in healing and manifest the life you've been working so hard to bring forth in abundance. Constant worry will only derail your progress and attract more of the same struggle. Let go and let the God work his magik.
12/05/2014 Ten of Cups -
Sharing your emotions with someone you trust is the best gift of the heart you can give. The act of opening to one you love brings forth such strength in energy and unity, that together you can accomplish and overcome anything. Don't be afraid today and through the weekend. Trust someone close to you and let the magik float free.
12/04/2014 Six of Pentacles - Inverted
Everyone has their own way of doing things. Don't get upset when someone does it in a different way than you do. It works for them and after all they're responsible with getting it done. You don't have to be in total control of everything. If you want help, let go a little and give others the freedom to assist you in their way. It will still get done.
12/03/2014 Seven of Pentacles -
Be careful with the web you weave. You may catch a few things you don't expect. Maybe even one or two things you're not sure you want right now. Focus on the details over the next week and make sure you're thinking things through before you make choices and take action. Be open to new possibilities. But be cautious you're not blindly jumping in with both feet before you know the whole story.
12/02/2014 Queen of Cups -
Follow your gut feeling today. Don't dismiss the inner voices making suggestions about what you need to be doing, checking up on, or avoiding. Don't let others try to guilt you into doing something and stop feeling bad about saying "no" to something you don't really want to do. It's your schedule, keep it in your domain and be the ruler over it.
12/01/2014 Nine of Pentacles - Inverted
Make sure the little things in your life know they have value. In the hustle and bustle of the holiday season, we can get wrapped up in getting things done, that we forget what we're doing them for. Make sure the little things know they have value and that finances aren't the only measure of worth. Sometimes a hug has more value than any gift card can ever buy.
11/14/2014 There will be no drawing for the remainder of the month.
Happy Thanksgiving!
11/13/2014 Two of Swords -
It's a day to be Mindful and pay attention to what your mind is creating and building around you. Remember what you think, say and do will manifest in the physical world. Don't allow your fear and angst to set a pattern of self-destruction. Self doubt, negative self talk and even self-deprecating words to be funny will create your reality. Stop it and love who you are.
11/12/2014 Eight of Wands -
Don't let the frustration and attitudes of others ruin your day. Remember others are going through a great deal of stress too. You're not the cause, of their angst so don't take it personally. Take a deep breath, calm yourself and set a shield of protection that will keep the negative energies away from you. Then remember where you were 6 months ago and show some compassion. Maybe they simply need someone to talk to. Remember those days? Listening can go along way to helping someone else.
11/11/2014 Knight of Wands -
Be on guard and keep your eye on the end game. Don't get distracted today and don't let others divert your attention. Stay strong and be accountable for your choices. If you want to be self-sufficient, you're going to have to do the work that comes with that responsibility. Stop letting the unknown instill fear within your psyche. Rather, look at the unknown as an exciting adventure ready to show you the beauty of the world around you.
11/10/2014 Six of Pentacles -
Someone is watching out for you, even if you don't notice when they go out on a limb. You don't have to focus on rationing what you have through the next six months, so relax a little. That doesn't mean you can go out on the town every night either. It means living within your means and you'll get through the early stages of your come back. Don't be afraid to get some expert advice. Simply make sure the expert has your best interest at heart. Always be in control of your world and make your own decisions. Don't give that power to someone else, even if they're on your side. Soon you'll be able to share your abundance and what you learned on the path of getting through the struggles of lack.
11/07/2014 The Priest -
Use your internal insight to empower your growth and much-needed healing. You've put out so much of yourself over the past year from everything you lost and had to give up as a result. The struggles have taken a toll and zapped both your physical and mental energies. Get out into the garden, woods or fields and allow Mother Nature to wrap around you in Mind/Body and Spirit. Allow the healing to bring back at least some of your adventurous spirit.  Take a drive to a nearby park and have a picnic, go for a walk in the woods with a friend or family member. And share some meaningful time talking about nothing, everything and all that in between.
11/06/2014 Knight of Cups -
Be vigilant. You've made great progress and achieved many goals, but you're not finished yet. You can't hand off your chores to others and be done with it. To be in control of YOUR life, you must stay involved and provide oversight to the tasks at hand. Don't micro-manage. You're still the one who is accountable for the work going on in your name. So make sure you know what's going on, or at the very least, what the current status is. Your remaining tasks need your energy to continue to flourish and manifest in a timely fashion that's good for you!
11/05/2014 Ten of Pentacles -
The baskets are filling up and you can relax a little bit. The big stress has lifted, but there's still some work to be done. October brought about big changes that might have you finally believing "We're really going to be ok". Don't let the moment of relaxation pass you by without a little recognition. You need to celebrate the little moments, because the big ones don't come around that often.
11/04/2014 King of Wands -
You hold the magik in your hands to create what you need moving forward. Don't be controlled by others who want to sucker you into a position that benefits them and not you. Take time to listen intently and consider the source of delivering the message. Someone is trying to manipulate you through fear and misinformation. They're going to push your buttons to get you angry to do what they want. Keep calm. Don't let them manipulate you, and make sure you research their claims before you act on the fear-mongering. Create a firm shield of protection to keep out the negative and hold onto the gains you made yesterday!
11/03/2014 Six of Cups - Inverted
Things are looking up. That dream you put in a bubble and set free to manifest is coming back with great success.  Don't make rash decisions. Use your knowledge and wisdom to direct your choices through the bends and turns of the day. Be calm and go with the flow, instead of trying to forcefully carve out a new path to traverse. You'll be able to maintain your energy in peaceful serenity and still get things moving in your favor. Another day to be Mindful of thought and action.
10/31/2014 The Hermit -
Light the way through the darkness and everyone will stay safe as you journey toward the new. You've passed through the heavy brush and can finally see through the dark shadows that have hovered over your path. The new year begins this evening and it's time to relax and celebrate as you emerge from struggle. Return to the world you have been working so hard to rejoin. Monday will be a new and exciting start to the rest of your travels.
10/30/2014 Knight of Cups - Inverted
Make sure your instincts aren't being overshadowed by your insecurities. Others may not be taking your words as you intend them to be. But their responses may not be what you're thinking they are trying to say either. Especially if the conversations aren't in person and face to face. While you're feeling upside down and under constant scrutiny, it's easy to feel hurt and unfairly judged. But ask yourself, are you merely looking in the mirror? Are you being way to hard on yourself? Are you using others as a reflection of your own thinking? Stop it already! You're adding more energy to that self-fulfilling prophecy from yesterday!
10/29/2014 Ace of Pentacles - Inverted
Many months ago you started working on a variety of solutions so you weren't putting all your eggs in one basket. That was a good thing and you might find you'll be able to achieve your goals from more than only one solution. But even if you didn't implement multiple plans, you have a safety net that's going to catch your harvest and make sure nothing gets broken. You really need to stop thinking the worse. Or you're going to create a self-fulfilling prophecy.
10/28/2014 King of Cups - Inverted
Spend some time thinking about what you really want. Don't let your frustrations get to you. Daydreaming about totally different things from what you've been working on can slow down your progress. You're confusing both those in spirit who are trying to manifest your dream and the energy you're trying to create around you. What you think, you create.; or at least you try to create. Some of those daydreams that involve other people or a specific person may not work out for you. Because those other people may have their own dreams that don't involve you at all.
10/27/2014 Ace of Swords -
Be strong and remind yourself that you have already won the battles. Now comes the patience of faith as the Divine heals and manifests your victory. Give the blossoms time to grow and open their energy into your life. A few things are still being molded and moved into position. You have witnessed some success already. So don't give up yet.
10/24/2014 Queen of Wands -
Take your seat of influence and power to rule over your domain in balance and clarity. Your skill as a negotiator will impress many, as will your wisdom and compassion. The sovereign doesn't have to know all the answers. They don't need to rule with an iron fist and cold heart. They merely need to know who the experts are, have the understanding to know who to listen to and the wisdom to ascertain who's trying to be something they're not.
10/23/2014 Eight of Wands - Inverted
You can cover your head and try to escape from life. Or you can participate and hang on for the ride of your life. Running away and hiding from what you face only keeps you in sorrow and darkness under someone else's control. Being present in the moment allows you to learn from the challenges and over come those trials in much easier ways as well. Don't run away, run toward the adventures in life. You could find them exciting and magikal as you create the thrills that make you smile and fill your soul with glee.
10/22/2014 Three of Pentacles -
The rewards are coming your way for not giving into the shadows of anxiety and forsaking your inner spirit. All that faith to "let go and let god", is starting to pay off. While you still had to put in an effort to help yourself, your efforts are manifesting with the help of the Divine Spirit. Things may not be over, but you won't have to work as hard going forward. Remember hope helps you walk through the fire of struggle. Faith helps you leap over the fire.. Work is to be done on both journeys. The question is, do you take the low road and work hard. Or do you take the high road and use the bridge to get over the fire with ease.
10/21/2014 Knave of Wands - Inverted
Don't let your plans collapse. Give them the support they need to manifest in your favor. You may not see it, but your success is building around you. The fall is your time to spread your wings push things forward. Don't worry about the nay-sayers; they have no idea what their fear is doing to those around them. With a little more time and effort, things will come together as they should for you. Keep doing what you're doing!
10/20/2014 Death -
For some, death is a welcomed cycle that brings peace with an end to suffering and pain. For others, it's about change which is the only constant in the Divine Universe. The cycle isn't something to fear, it's simply part of everyday life. You've come to the end of this chapter and things are coming to a close. Make sure you have acknowledged those you love, don't say good-bye in anger and feel blessed for the lessons you've learned. Even though they may have been hard; you're stronger for getting through and enduring the hardships that have come your way.
10/17/2014 Ten of Wands -
Keep your magik flowing and allow your inspiration to set you free. Those trying to hold you down are losing the battle. Their efforts to capture your energy has only made you stronger. You have grown in strength, distinction and wisdom that will help you overcome these challenges. Your enterprising solutions will work in your favor and help you to fly out of the darkness and despair.
10/16/2014 Five of Cups -
Stop crying over spilt milk. You can't go back and change what has happened. All you can do is learn from the past and make sure you apply their lessons to the here and now. Not all of your cups are empty. You still have the important things. Now dry your tears, stop feeling sorry for yourself, buck up and get to work. Time is of the essence.
10/15/2014 Eight of Cups - Inverted
What you think, you create. So keep thinking positive. It's a big day to remember what you've learned and put it all into practice. Keep positive and keep the fear at bay. You've worn away the blocks and can see through the remaining issues. Keep yourself grounded in the moment and do what needs to be done. You're surrounded by success. Let it manifest and spread through all areas of life.
10/14/2014 Strength - Inverted
Building your escape route is the key to getting out of the situation you're in. You will find healing in the effort and you'll find the way up and out of the flames you've been going through. While you have tried other methods that haven't come through as you'd like, keep moving forward. This time, you're building in the right direction to climb your way out of the picture of struggle. You're at the edge where you can return to the place of strength you've always held in your life. Keep going!
10/13/2014 Seven of Cups - Inverted
Preen your feathers, look your best and get ready to strut your stuff. All eyes are upon you today and you are being judge. Let your ambition carry you through with confidence and you will discover the self-sufficiency you have been looking for. Keep your temper in check, ignore those trying to feed their insecurities by demeaning you. And you'll find it's your day to shine.
10/10/2014 Four of Swords - Inverted
Relax, it's going to be ok. Spend the afternoon and weekend getting some rest and regain your mental and physical strength. Take a nap or three. Allow yourself to dream the impossible dream, because they might actually happen. Don't go out and put on pretenses, while beneath the surface you're still stressed. Stay at home, snuggle with the one you love and heal up, both inside and out.
10/09/2014 Four of Cups - Inverted
Even though you're trying to go with the flow, you can still steer your boat along the way. Stop thinking you're at the mercy of others. You have a rudder that allows you to glide along the surface and make subtle changes on your travels. Don't become angry and work against those who are on your side and trying to help. They need you, as much as you need them. Stay strong and stand up for yourself. It's a day of patience and fortitude.
10/08/2014 Three of Pentacles - Inverted
You may have finances hanging in the air right now. Shine a light on them and you can discover what's really going on beneath the service. The end result could be more in your favor than you ever could have dreamed! So don't give up and don't give in. Fight for your rights until the very end. In a reasonable way of course.
10/07/2014 Two of Pentacles -
You have an awful lot going on with your finances. The more you look at it with worry and trepidation, the more you'll create lack instead of abundance. Time to put your thoughts behind your goals and let go of the fear. Abundance is here and you're going to be better off than you thought. Stop worrying already!  
10/06/2014 Nine of Pentacles -
Abundance comes in many forms. It's not just money that has value. Be careful you're not trading the most important things in your life for the all mighty dollar. You could be missing out on something that is much more valuable to you. So don't give up your integrity or compromise your morals in order to work for someone else's bank account. It's not worth it.  
10/02/2014 The Daily Tarot Meditation Drawing will return on Monday October 6th.
Thank you to everyone who sent their thoughts and prayers to Spring and her family. It was and is greatly appreciated!
09/17/2014 There will be no drawing, until further notice. We apologize for the inconvenience.
09/16/2014 Ace of Cups - Inverted
Emotions are riding high today, don't be afraid to let it out. Allow your feelings to flow and ride the waters with relief. You've been holding back the shadows and trying to keep things from closing in for so long. The Divine in your life understands you're weary of worry. But work has been in progress to help you carry the load. Even though you haven't seen the efforts, its been there all along. A way has been presented for you to climb on the pillar of strength and push back the darkness of stress even more. You're about to be free of all that has held you down.
09/15/2014 Ten of Pentacles -
Your harvest is filling your baskets and helping prepare your stores for late fall and winter. You may not be out of the woods until October, so don't go haywire and ignore your budget. Take care of the things that have impending deadlines that cannot be missed or delayed. They won't go away until you do. In fact they might get much worse if you try to put them on the back burner to limit the stress on your day. You'll only delay the anxiety and give it time to grow much bigger if you do. Now isn't the time to relax. There's more to be done in the garden and working will help you overcome and find solutions you didn't expect.
09/12/2014 Five of Swords -
Don't take the blame for something you didn't do. Your friend maybe on the final straw of their last chance, but that's not your responsibility. Don't let them drag you into the consequences they created. You don't have to go down with the ship to be loyal. You're not the one who should feel guilty for not standing with them in the fall. Did you ever think maybe they should feel guilty for taking advantage of your friendship and pulling you down after you've worked so hard to stand up?
09/11/2014 Three of Wands -
Don't make assumptions, read the manual! Things aren't what they look like and you want to make sure you follow the correct instructions. Not doing so can create disaster and break products beyond repair, or impact agreements you've already made. You'll also avoid getting upset and frustrated because something isn't going together as it should.
09/10/2014 Seven of Swords -
Water your dreams and you'll replace the blues with love and compassion for change. Things can't keep going the way they are. Your current pattern of thinking and action are not sustainable. Stop allowing fear to wrap you up in the little hurts of the past. You have wings to fly and you didn't have those last time around. This is your reminder to let go of the negative self talk! You not only can do this; but you've been doing! What more proof do you need?
09/09/2014 Ace of Cups -
One more pebble will spill the whole works. Be careful what you're taking on and the promises you're making. You've already made commitments and you're not giving yourself enough time to get those done. You're not going to impress anyone if you take on more than you can handle, miss deadlines and leave people in the lurch. It's ok to say "No". If someone gets upset with that, they need to look at their own over commitments. You can't save everyone, when you're trying to save yourself and those closest to you.
09/08/2014 Two of Wands -
Watch out for tricksters who pretend to be your friend or force themselves into your life. They want more than your friendship. Be gracious and kind, but hold back a little of your personal details. Don't share too much about your business and how you got here. Your trust has value and so do you. Make sure you remember that trust is earned. Don't give yours away too freely or without a little scrutiny. You'll save yourself some headaches and unnecessary hardships.
09/05/2014 Three of Wands - Inverted
If you work together you can be the pillars holding everything up. Things may feel like they're closing in on you, but you still have a few tricks up your sleeves. Study the information you have at your fingertips and you'll discover solutions that allow you to game the system. Magik is rooted around you and helping you to hold things up long enough to implement your ideas. Nothing is caving in yet. Keep at it. Your fortitude will be rewarded!
09/04/2014 Five of Swords - Inverted
Be careful of what connects you together isn't becoming poisoned with stress and unfair accusations. The thorns you're holding within your emotions are little frustrations that have no real bearing on what you're going through. But you are allowing those little hurts, to fester and grow into something you cannot resolve and will bring things to an end. Anger and strife will not help you create a united front. But understanding and accountability will keep your line strong and you'll succeed in holding off the incoming attacks from the battle field.
09/03/2014 The Fool - 
You're nobody's fool! Keep walking your talk and your charm will bring the success you need. Keep focusing on the overall plan with a view from spirit that allows you to see all the options available. When you hit a hole in the road on the physical side, close your eyes, raise your view into spirit and you'll be able to see the best direction to head around the minor block. It's another day to focus on the balance between spiritual insight and physical implementation. Have Faith! You'll heal and succeed at the same time.
09/02/2014 Justice - Inverted
Not allowing yourself to see is only going to keep you in the dark. You're stronger than you think you are. The swords held in the physical is only creating angst as you continue to hold it in defense and fight the injustice. Instead, it's time to rise above and allow your spirit to pull you up and over the mountain. Allow yourself to see where the solutions can be seen and discovered for the betterment of all involved.
09/01/2014 ~  Happy Labor Day.  ~
08/29/2014 Ace of Cups -
The snakes are being driven away as you view the world with glasses of success. While internal healing is still going on, you will be able to celebrate your win. Your strength and fortitude will stand tall because of the loving support you have at this time. Let the magik drop in and spread some of its sweet nectar onto those who helped you create this moment in you life. Feel blessed today and through the weekend. Because you really are.
08/28/2014 Eight of Swords -
Try not to let the anxiety of this week tie you up in knots. The self punishments are not going to ease the stress and frustration. Keep your outlook positive and you will discover the missing pieces to understand the events around you. Everything happens for a reason, in its right time and place. You are surrounded by love and compassion, even though you don't feel it sometimes. It's there, it has your back, and it's ready to help in any way possible. Sometimes all you need is a hug. Don't be afraid to ask for one.
08/27/2014 Knave of Cups
The love standing behind you will provide the support needed for the events of today. You'll find the strength to fight the little battles with ease. You'll gain the help to nurture your actions that will bloom successfully and with ease. Remember to keep your cups upright and open to receive both the support and abundance that's coming your way. By the end of the day you may find them filled with more than you thought there would be. Serve your mindfulness and pay attention to what you think, say and do. Make it a positive day and receive that positive in return.
08/26/2014 King of Pentacles - Inverted
There's always a way out that doesn't involve selling your soul. You don't have to give in to the pressures around you. But make sure you're weighing all options and their consequences before you make your decisions. You may end up having to give something away that you really want to keep and hold onto. Don't do anything rash, explore the other possibilities, be open to negotiation. But don't allow others to push you into a situation you don't want; nor deserve.
08/25/2014 Queen of Wands -
Rest and hold your emotions in the vision of success as fall arrives. Things are going to pick up speed from now into October. Heal your heart and trust your gut instincts. You keep telling yourself it's going to be ok; time you started believing that. Feminine energy is moving things forward with magikal motion. But the Queen is also telling you to get control of your emotions and focus on your mission. Don't get side tracked by stress, fear or anxiety!
08/22/2014 King of Cups -
Ponder things today and don't make commitments you're not sure about. Give yourself some time to do a little research and work out the details. Make sure you understand what's expected of you and when those expectations are to be met. If you don't clarify your options up front, you are going to let you imagination run wild and think the worst. Don't fall back on those old patterns. Once again, things are not as bad as you think they are.
08/21/2014 Two of Pentacles -
You'll have your hands full juggling different tasks with varying levels of importance and size. It's ok to let a few of the little things fall through the cracks and into your basket. You'll be able to get to them later on, so don't worry about those. Prioritize your list and weigh the importance of each. Pay attention to those tasks that are close to your heart and must be done immediately. Take care of the imperative date sensitive items next. By the end of the day you'll feel better and realize the day wasn't so overwhelming after all.  
08/20/2014 Ace of Cups -
Many months ago, you placed your dreams in a bubble and sent them floating up to Divine Creation with prayers of support. Now those Divinely blessed bubbles are coming back to fill your cup with abundance. You're right at the edge of seeing that manifested energy come to life. Between your hard work and Divine energy things are trickling in. Your cup is slightly over flowing to bring much needed water to the garden you've worked on for so long. So be patient. Things really ARE changing for the better.
08/19/2014 Ace of Wands - Inverted
Don't complain about the dark storm clouds and the falling rain. You asked for positive change and it's always darkest before the dawn. Rain storms help wash away the old grime that clouds the brightness of life and it weighs heavily on the world. Rain storms forces things to slowdown or even stop in order to take a cool drink for growth and to nourish the world. Don't let the dark storms scare you. They're reminding you that behind every storm cloud is a burning light within your soul ready to fly free. Change is happening, even if you don't feel or think it is.
08/18/2014 Four of Wands -
Others are looking at what you have to offer. Be proud of the work you have done and the effort you've made to highlight the details. It's the little things that will mean the most. Don't cut corners, don't look for the short cuts. Take your time and allow your determination to achieve your goals shine through you and inspire others. You've been discovered, now it's time to allow the word of mouth to get around to the right people. Be patient.
08/15/2014 Eight of Wands -
Ride 'em Cowboy! When you have the knowledge and insight behind the real story, you don't have to take on the criticism of those that have no idea what's going on. Instead of allowing their hate and anger get into your head; be amused and play as you dodge their attempts to bait you into a fight. They're not worth the effort to get upset over. You're the one who has truth and knowledge on your side. Besides, they'll be the ones who get upset by your laughing at them in response. They really hate that.
08/14/2014 The Star -
Sit back and allow the flow to move freely to where you need to be. Things you can see in front of you will be guided by your plans. No need to worry about those. Things you can can't see behind you will flow where they need to be. You can't manage them, so let them move as they will. You'll find both streams will merge as one and everything will be ok.
08/13/2014 Six of Cups -
Don't put yourself in a glass bubble that keeps the world out. You're not only keeping out those you need to be at arms distance, but you're also keeping out those you need to be close to you right now. Not everyone you know or who's in your circle of acquaintances or friends, have your best interests in their mind. So be careful who you do let in. You may have more privacy and trust with someone you barely know, than with those who claim to be your friend. Be cautious who you share your secrets with!
08/12/2014 Temperance -
Temper your emotions, things will work out. Success surrounds you today, bringing in bright light to shine through the darkness. The healing behind you, isn't in the past. Rather it's from the support and compassion others are sending your way. Those you care about, have got your back! Be patient, you'll be able to fly again soon.
08/11/2014 The Priest -
Even the head of the Clan needs healing and compassion from time to time. You can't hide from the world when you're the one everyone else looks up to. Your emotions and state of mind governs the atmosphere of all those within your world. It maybe hard for you, but you can allow those close to you to help out and give you comfort. You're not alone and you're not doing yourself any favors by suffering alone in solitude.
08/08/2014 Knight of Swords
The Raven's Knight appears once again to remind you that things are changing. Crow magik is still at work and manifesting your hard work. Don't get discouraged with a little bump in the road. Things happen, you made a mistake, oh well. No need to worry and fear you'll have to jump through hoops again. Keep calm, improvise and it will be easy to step over the log that crosses your path.
08/07/2014 Two of Pentacles - Inverted
You may feel upside down and out of energy, but abundance is gathering in the branches over head. Things are coming down in pieces and right now you'll be able to catch what comes your way. But watch out, it's only the beginning of harvest season and you're going to need some bigger baskets. Hang in there. Keep your nose to the grind stone. All your hard work is paying off!
08/06/2014 Knight of Cups -
It's not brute strength or brawn that wins the battles in life. It's the calm thoughtful planning that overcomes challenges. Search for the answers you seek within and through good solid academic research. Avoid the fear-mongers, the nay-sayers and those who spin information to manipulate and control the message. Stick to the facts today and use your own good judgement to discover what's accurate and what's not.  
08/05/2014 Ace of Swords -
Be cautious and careful with who you trust and who you share information with. Someone around you is not what they appear to be. Being to trusting could get you hurt, even if its only an acquaintance you just met. Keep your private business private so you don't provide any ammunition for them to twist around and use against you. You'll be able to ride the tide, instead of being sucked into its undertow.
08/04/2014 The World - Inverted
Have compassion and love for yourself. No one is perfect and never will be. You don't need to be so critical of every little thing you think, say or do. So stop being so hard on yourself and use the compassion you have for others; on you. What you think, you create. Time to start creating the world of your dreams.
08/01/2014 Queen of Pentacles -
Celebration is right around the corner, but it's not here yet. Be careful you don't let the day dreams interfere with the work that you need to get done before the sunsets and the weekend arrives. There will be time for contemplation, relaxation and fun in the evening. During the day pay attention, be focused on your tasks and you'll be able to get everything done in time for the party to begin. Other wise you might miss out because you still have work to do.
07/31/2014 Five of Swords - Inverted
Don't start throwing swords at each other, it's not going to get you anywhere. The feminine intuitive has been birthing ideas, suggestions and sharing feelings about what needs to be done. While the physical masculine self has been searching for answers and not living in balance with the self to get things done! Now the cross roads have become fraught with thorns. Find the balance and get things back on track.
07/30/2014 Two of Cups - Inverted
Everyone seems to be handing things off to you to be resolved. Whither they're slacking off or really need your expertise, you're the one who can do the research and discover the solution. Don't get upset or annoyed, it will only take time away from you getting things done. You're the one who will benefit most in the end.
07/29/2014 The Emperor -
Your kingdom cannot move forward until you lead the way. A shield of protection is always a good idea, but not when it's holding in fear disguised as anger and vengeance. Rise above and let your higher Spirit cloak you in kindness and compassion for those who are waiting for you to get up and walk out of the past.
07/28/2014 The Tower -
Lightning rarely strikes the same place twice. Make sure you're ready and prepared when opportunity arises today. It maybe exactly what you've been waiting for and you don't want to miss it. Be reasonable, be optimistic and don't be overly cautious. Not ever email or phone call is a scam out to get you. Stay focused on today's tasks; but ready for the unexpected!
07/25/2014 Knight of Wands -
Focus on your gut feelings today. Your instincts are trying to tell you something and guide you through what needs to be done. It may not be what you "want" to do, but rather what you "need" to do. Don't assume the lack of support from those close to you is a lack of warmth and compassion. It's not. It's an attempt to pull you from the shadows of the past into the brightness of the future. Don't dwell on what has happened. Focus on what you desire to manifest for tomorrow.
07/24/2014 Two of Pentacles -
Since spring time the Fae have been telling us that things are changing. They've also mentioned that for some, the fruits of your labors will start coming in by mid to late summer. Well the time is finally here for many to see their hard work in early Spring finally coming in and ready for harvest. Enjoy your successes, but don't spend it all at once! Remain conservative at least until you discover the steady stream of success.
07/23/2014 No Tarot Meditation Message Today
Due to an unexpected event, there will not be a Tarot Meditation Drawing today. Sorry folks. We'll see you tomorrow.
07/22/2014 King of Pentacles - Inverted
Relax and stop being so skeptical! All you're doing is generating unnecessary anxiety. And if you continue those thought patterns, you could undermine all you've been working so hard to accomplish. Be content today and allow the abundance you've been working to work its magik around you. Right now the fruits of your labor are forming in spirit and it won't be long until you can collect your crop from the vines of manifestation.
07/21/2014 Knight of Swords - Inverted
You don't always have to be at war with the world. Being strong and resilient doesn't mean getting into a fight every time you don't agree with someone, or they don't agree with you. Everyone has a right to their own view. If you want respect from others for the concepts you hold dear, then you must also provide them with that same respect. If you don't question or challenge your own views, how are you going to be sure they're the right perspectives for your path ahead? Allow yourself to feel safe, secure and in tune with your own ideals. After all if they can't stand up to your scrutiny, how are they going to stand up to someone else's?

07/18/2014 Knave of Cups -
Allow the little child within to enjoy the day and find excitement in the little things that come your way. Enjoy the fun and excitement in today's adventures and you'll create a relaxing day filled with wonderment. Smile and the world smiles with you. Help someone who's having a bad day, get a little lift from your good mood. Success and compassion fill the weekend and go along way to healing what's been going backwards in your life.
07/17/2014 Three of Wands -
Share the burden, you don't have to do everything alone. Asking for help is not a weakness, it's a strength that allows you to achieve success together. Together you can read more, research more, do more and complete more. You move the projects and activities forward with more achievement and more success.  
07/16/2014 Knave of Swords - Inverted
Tuck your head between your legs and ...give yourself a hug! There's enough going on in your life to struggle against. Stop trying to join in the fray and help those determined to destroy you and keep you down in the muck and fear of the past. If they want to be there, you may need to let them go so you can move forward on your own.
07/15/2014 Five of Pentacles -
Don't dwell on what you don't have.  Focus on what prosperity you do have. If you focus on the bare coffers you're aiding to that energy and keeping them from being turned around, ready to receive abundance. You still have blessings and those will and can create opportunities that allow you to focus on the positive things and bring more to you. Get out of the rut you're in by being honest with yourself. You're not perfect. But you don't need to be! You are your worst critic and things really aren't as bad as you think they are. Let go and let yourself move forward to better situations and better days!
07/14/2014 Five of Cups - Inverted
Don't fret, you're not going to lose everything you have. Even though things seem upside down this morning, by the afternoon, you'll feel better about what you still have within your cups. Don't hide your eyes and ignore what needs to be done. Stop procrastinating.  If you keep focusing on the negative, you'll pull more of that toward you and continue to build the snowball that takes you down hill. Stop trying to make things so perfect that you miss the chance to reap the benefits! You're ok; now stand up and keep fighting!!
07/11/2014 King of Cups - Inverted
Don't get trapped in your limitations. You've learned a great deal, come a long way and understand more about what's going on than you're willing to admit. Stop thinking you can't achieve your ultimate goals or dreams. There are enough people holding you back already. You don't need to do that to yourself and remain in muck or mud spinning your wheels backward. Let go and be free; even if it means accepting change.
07/10/2014 Knight of Wands -
Magik is afoot! Be watching for unexpected opportunities! While you're taking a short break, look around, pay attention to your surroundings and be ready when you see the opening to take your place at the head of the line. If you're distracted, you'll miss it and it could be the opportunity of a life time! It's a good day to be Mindful.
07/09/2014 Strength - Inverted
Protection, Success and Healing mark the day! Though you may be physically zapped of energy and strength, don't let your exhaustion overwhelm your emotions. Things are working in your favor and the Divine is overseeing the events of the day. Don't let your pride and ambition react with disdain or disrespect toward others. Your confidence will help you win the day, but too much flow of arrogance can backfire on what you need most. 
07/08/2014 The Devil -
The Devil is in the details. Make sure you understand the fine print before you sign anything or make any commitments today. No one is trying to put one over on you, but you really want to make sure you understand everything you're being held accountable for. Review the dates, the requirements and what's expected of you and ensure you truly understand everything before you put your name to any contracts!
07/07/2014 The Tower -
You're going to blow the top off this place and put on a light show that will be the envy of all. Just because it's dark doesn't mean it's bad. Things really are working out in your favor and sometimes, you need the darkness to really let your light shine. Fireworks are better at night after all. Don't cave to the pressure. Believe in yourself and have Faith all is going to be ok! Cause it is. 
~ Summer Break ~
We'll be on break from June 23rd through July 4th 2014
Have a fun and happy summer!!
06/20/2014 King of Pentacles -
The Fae are working to help you manifest the energy you've been creating to turn things around. It feels as if it's going extra slow because others are distracted and haven't been doing their part. You may have to do a little nagging today and this weekend to get the ball rolling again. Don't be afraid to push a little bit and remind them of what needs to be done and the deadlines involved. It takes a team to make all this work out in the end.
06/19/2014 Seven of Wands -
Don't let someone else's unreasonable fears or selfish jealousy, talk you out of doing something you've always wanted to do. Make sure you've considered the dangers (if there is any) and taken precautions to remain safe. Then go for it. Have the courage to excel. Let yourself look back in 20years and say "I did that"! Instead of whining and talking about the regrets you have for not doing something. You never what fun and exciting things can come from taking a chance and living out your dreams! 
06/18/2014 The Lovers - Inverted
To become one with another being, you must first become one within yourself. No one else can "make" you happy, or make you feel excited or in-love. Those are the emotions you are responsible for and govern on your own. Relationships are a dime a dozen, but if you want that one in a million special love affair, you must first look within and find the love of self that unites your Mind, Body and Spirit. When you love yourself for who and what you are, others will love you too and want to set off fireworks each and every moment they're with you.
06/17/2014 Six of Cups -
Rest your wings and dream a little. You've been fluttering about like a hummingbird, but haven't taken time to slow down and see what it really is you need (not want; but need). Be honest with yourself and look inside your own crystal ball. What is it that you really want to see in there? What is it that you've been asking for, but have been afraid to allow yourself to have. Maybe the reflection will help you see, you already have it.
06/16/2014 The Sun - Inverted
Ask why you're trying to shine so bright? Is it for pride, self-sufficiency and a sense of self-worth? Are you holding onto a healthy ego with confidence because you've accomplished goals you've set for yourself? It's ok to be proud, you've earned that right. Or is it a strong desire for success and popularity because you want to be admired? The latter requires work, warmth and compassion. Pay attention to your actions and reactions today. Too much confidence creates a sense of entitlement and arrogance.
06/13/2014 Three of Wands -
Do the research yourself and don't take someone else's word for what's going on. What you're being told might be accurate and factual, but you still have things to learn about the details behind the story. Knowing more will give you a better understanding of what's going on and how it directly affects you. If at all. Allow your curiosity to explore, expand and discover new things you never knew anything about. You might be pleasantly surprised by what you find. And it could have a great impact on you than you may have previously imagined.
06/12/2014 Wheel of Fortune -
Spin the wheel and let it fly; but remember...YOU have the power to stop the wheel where you want it to land. Take control of your future. You don't have to let the influences of others or the force of nature, control your journey or your destiny. Luck isn't something that simply happens on its own. You create lucky events by your choices, thoughts and manifested energies. Luck is being prepared when opportunities arise. Time to get to work!
06/11/2014 King of Cups -
Don't let the voices in your head argue over who's right or who's not. They're only your self doubt and mental  reasoning trying to fight it out with fear and for one purpose; to rule over your life. Tell them to shut up, you've had enough. The constant negative self talk is doing nothing but creating turmoil in your Mind, Body and Spirit. You really need to stop it! Start thinking from your higher Divine consciousness. Go within and find the peace and quiet that knows the real truth for you, and the direction your path should take.
06/10/2014 Four of Wands -
Discoveries abound from the shadows and make themselves known when you need them the most. Share what you have found with those closest to you and you'll discover an abundance of magik from all corners of your life. The wind blows in your favor and the things you didn't want can be put to rest in favor of the things you really need. But remember it takes everyone to participate and share their energy to create the dream.
06/09/2014 Ace of Pentacles - Inverted
Even if you turn the world upside down, you're still not going to lose what you've already accomplished and acquired. Stop letting the fear weaken your resolve, or stagnating your progress! You have the strength to hold on and ability to nurture the seeds you've planted in your garden. It promises to be a bountiful harvest, but you must continue to build on what you've started. Keep your faith and it will cushion your journey forward.
06/06/2014 Seven of Cups -
Study what's in front of you and appreciate the gifts it brings. You can learn a great deal by looking within the little things to see what they have to offer. Take time to gain an understanding of how one thing touches another, creating ripples through the calm water. Everything you say and do will touch someone else today, in turning touching another and another through out the entire day. Make sure you're being supportive, encouraging and uplifting. Make your ripple effect a positive one. 
06/05/2014 Five of Wands - Inverted
You can't pass off your responsibilities to someone else and expect to keep the prize or rewards. By doing the work yourself you will gain the knowledge and satisfaction of getting things done. Be curious, explore the world outside your domain and learn something about the world you didn't know. Don't remain as the innocent creature inside the egg, secluded from life.
06/04/2014 The Tower -
Everyone has to start on the bottom floor and work their way up to play the real fun games with the experts. Take your time, learn what you can, research, study and expand your horizons. Don't be afraid to ask questions outside your comfort zone and don't be afraid to hear the answers. Even if they're not what you expected them to be or wanted to hear. Knowledge creates wisdom; not the other way around. If you want to blow the lid off this joint; you're going to have to work for the access to the top floor.
06/03/2014 Two of Swords - Inverted
You may not have the strength or energy today to get things done or make things happen the way you desire. Let someone help! You don't have to do it all by yourself. You not only give the blessing of patience for your own well-being; you also allow someone else to express compassion and feel wanted and needed. What a great gift!
06/02/2014 Two of Wands - Inverted
Watch out for the sucker punch. Someone around you is trying to get more than they deserve. They'll use misdirection to pull your focus over here, when it should really be over there. Don't let others distract you and keep you from doing what you need to get done. Their motives are not in your best interest.
05/30/2014 Knight of Pentacles - Inverted
Sometimes you have to surrender in order to fight for the important things. Pick your battles. Don't try to take on everything all at once. You don't have to be overwhelmed if you don't want to be. Throwing up your hands and walking away from a fight will help you reserve your efforts for what's really important on your path.
05/29/2014 The Chariot -
Express your confidence and be self-assured today. You know exactly what you're doing and you're the expert on today's tasks. Be humble, but proud as others look to you for advice and knowledge. Don't second guess your ability to lead the way. You've got this!
05/28/2014 Death -
Don't rest on the past, it never lasts and will crumble beneath your feet. What you've been searching for is in front of you. Focus on moving the energy around you forward toward the change you need and desire. Keep your eyes on the future and work on the plans you have put into place. Nothing lasts for ever and you must keep moving forward to change the shadowy storm clouds of the day.
05/27/2014 Knave of Cups -
Sit pretty and be patient. Magik is at work behind the scenes. The energy sent out takes a little time to work its way into manifestation. You've done what you can, now let go and let "God". You have a little time to get some other things done in order to be ready for when everything else falls into place. Don't try to rush things. You'll risk pushing away what you're trying to build. Relax a little and stay focused on the tasks at hand. Let the big stuff develop as it may, in its right time and place.
05/26/2014 Happy Memorial Day
Here in the U.S. we are honoring our fallen and living heroes. There’s no drawing today. But we hope everyone around the world remembers those who fought for freedom and thanks a soldier for their service. There's no drawing for today.
05/23/2014 The Tower -
Things are about to get real exciting. The lightening that strikes today will put an end to the past. Don't fight it and let go of the old stuff that doesn't have room in your future. The weeds are not only holding you down, they're blocking out the light that needs to get through and will show you the way forward. Let it burn and be patient through the weekend as the energies around you shift. Out of the ash you will rise again, better than ever before!
05/22/2014 King of Wands -
Rule with fairness as you watch over your domain. Be calm and attentive, but don't make decisions until you understand the entire story. There are little details hidden in the shadows that you're going to need to be aware of. Take time to look for them and then you can make informed decisions.
05/21/2014 The Priest -
You are in control of your domain, so stop blaming others for things not going exactly as you wanted. You can't hide from your responsibilities and then expect things to turn out the way you need them too. Leave the excuses behind and let healing begin. If you look into your heart, you'll see you already knew all this. Make sure you're giving attention to what you need to get done and do it. You'll be ok, so don't be afraid to make the calls, fill out the paper work or bring things to resolution.
05/20/2014 The Moon -
Let go of the melancholy shadow. Spiritual blossoms are reflecting your magikal success with brightness and blessings. All the work you've put into turning things around come to fruition by days end. Check on your projects as the moon rises and you'll be able to close out items on your list that you thought would never be completed. It's a day to be content as the moon brings light into the darkness you've passed through these oh so many nights.
05/19/2014 The Emperor - Inverted
Don't be afraid to spread your wings and hold onto the handle of your prize. You have the strength, knowledge and ability to lift way more than you think. No one can hold onto what you've earned and keep you from taking it or using it. Justice is on your side today. So don't be sheepish when asking for your due. Be polite, but be confident and firm. Could be someone simply forgot about your agreement and they'll appreciate the reminder.
05/16/2014 Queen of Swords - Inverted
Show some compassion for yourself and play your own music. Your strength to get through hardship is what brings success and inspires others. Many of whom appear to be coping on the outside, but are a bundle of nerves on the inside. Now allow your own inner strength to inspire you to rule over your domain both quietly inside yourself and as you spread your wings for others to see throughout the weekend.
05/15/2014 Three of Swords
"Oh woe is me", isn't going to get anything accomplished. Stop crying over spilt milk and worrying about things you cannot change. Focus on what you can take care of and get it done. You'll not only turn your day around; you will also make a big difference in how things work out for the better, tomorrow and even for next month.
05/14/2014 Four of Pentacles -
There will always be someone in your life trying to take more than they deserve. It's ok to relax and be content. But you must also exercise responsibility or you could lose everything. Make sure you keep good records and know exactly what you're supposed to have in your pantry, your bank account and your heart.
05/13/2014 Knave of Pentacles - Inverted
Keep what you have hidden for now. Others want more from you than a hello and how are you doing. You may be setting yourself up to be used for their selfish purposes. don't be naive and go about your day in your own happy little world. You'll have more fun, keep what you have, and enjoy the day much more away from the 'users'.
05/12/2014 The Fool - Inverted
Through healing you will find the success you need to overcome the day's challenges. Don't over react and play the part of the fool. Face each issue as if it has already been solved.  When you allow anger and frustration to get in the way, you only make things worse than they are. Be calm and collected so you can think and speak clearly to explain the details. What you thought was a problem may actually be nothing at all.
05/09/2014 The Priest -
You will get more done hiding behind a mask and ignoring the outside world. Others want to goof off and start their weekend early. Let them go while you stick to the grind stone and get the last things done that need to be accomplished ASAP. Follow your instincts and don't give into the pressure of going out to play just yet. You'll have plenty of time this weekend to relax and you'll feel so much better when things are off your plate.
05/08/2014 Ten of Pentacles -
Have a little indulgence today and share in your bounty with those you love most. A special treat won't break the budget and it will lift your spirits all the way around. The overwhelming stress has taken its toll, so don't be afraid to reward yourself for living through it and working to make change for the better.
05/07/2014 Two of Pentacles -
Abundance over flows and you'll have more than you can carry. Don't be afraid to ask for help. Family and friends will be there when you need an extra hand or two.
05/06/2014 Ace of Wands - Inverted
Get grounded! The source of strength today is in the practical and physical actions you take. If you want your growth to be stable and strong, you must put down roots, grow them deep and remain grounded under the surface. Be ambitious, take pride in yourself and what you're doing. You'll create the self-sufficiency you're looking for by putting your thoughts into action!
05/05/2014 Two of Swords -
Working together you can save the world and recover what's been lost. Approaching challenges with love and compassion for each other will make your magik stronger and you can achieve anything, even amongst the thorns. Strength, endurance and respect will win the day!
05/02/2014 Ten of Swords -
Stop punishing yourself at every turn and for every thought, move or action you make. It's not worth it to hold yourself up to a standard that you know no one else can meet. Time to practice some self-love and forgiveness! Only you can stop the bleeding!
05/01/2014 Knave of Cups - Inverted
There are plenty of fish in the water to choose from. Stop worrying about the one that got away. Focus on you and what you're doing to sustain yourself in these waters. You don't need to change your spots to please each person who crosses your path. Just be yourself.
04/30/2014 Judgement -
Make sure you are judging situations before you with fairness and balance. Gather all the facts, from all sides first. Don't rely on others to give you third-party or second-hand information. Go to the source and find out for yourself or confirm what you've been told is true. The road ahead is your path to tread. Make sure you're walking it with both responsibility and accountability, instead of foolishness. Don't get scammed! 
04/29/2014 Eight of Swords -
Stop throwing daggers at others. Your mood is not their fault. Calm down and talk yourself into being at peace with your emotions. It's ok to have feelings. You're human after all. But don't let them get the best of you and cause you to do or say things you may regret later. Acknowledge that you have them, good, bad or indifferent. But don't allow them to run your life today. You need to be in balance and in control to make sure you're getting things done that need your attention.
04/28/2014 The Start - Inverted
A star isn't anything special or extraordinary. Its made of rock and generates its own power from within to shine. What you nurture within yourself will be what glows for the outer world to see. Be mindful today and make sure your light illuminates courage, strength and wisdom so you can claim this day as yours. Anything is possible, if you believe it to be. 
04/21/2014 There will be no Tarot drawing this week April 21st to the 25th.
Happy Spring Break Everyone!!
04/18/2014 Nine of Swords - Inverted
You might be tied up in knots today, but don't punish yourself for what's going on. Do your due diligence and get things done as needed. Others may make a peace-offering when all is said and done. There is an abundance of love and compassion around you, so let it give you hope and strength to keep pushing forward.
04/17/2014 Knight of Swords - Inverted
Don't worry if you're not moving in the exact direction you thought you should be going. You're moving in the direction you need to be going. Follow your instincts and you'll be able to balance everything out in the end. It's not a time to fight, it's a time for diplomacy and you have both the skills and knowledge to make it all happen.
04/16/2014 The Magician -
Everything is up in the air right now. Stay focused, get things done and you'll be able to catch everything that needs your attention. Magik is in play, so use your tools and stick to your practices. No cutting corners! Cross the Ts and dot the Is. This is not a day to rush through things. You'll have time to get things done and gain the responses you need. Hope is in the air; don't let go without a fight!
04/15/2014 Death
Don't let the stress and anxiety deform your soul. You've been through a lot and you've developed strong shoulders that can carry great weight. If you give in now and abandon all that you've learned, you will allow fear and anger to transform you to darkness. Stay true to your inner heart. When all is said and done, you'll look back on this chapter and feel triumphant. This is merely the end of a chapter in your life, that you've wanted to change in the first place. 
04/14/2014 Strength - Inverted
Things might be upside down and unsettled; but do your best to remain calm and hopeful. Things aren't as bad as you think. While everything is topsy turvy remain strong and focused. Don't lose your cool or allow the anxiety to get to you. Ground your energies and you'll find success in the tasks of the day. But get those tasks done, or things could get worse.
04/10/2014 Ten of Swords - Inverted
Stress and anxiety will make you feel tied up in knots today. Try not to let it overwhelm you or ruin the whole weekend. Things are not as bad as they seem. It's a new day and solutions will unfold as they're needed. This situation will help you break down a wall that's been in the way for quite some time.
04/10/2014 Ten of Pentacles - Inverted
Part of all struggle is mental thinking and perception. Stop looking at the lack and feeding energy to that aspect of the negative side of things. You have more than some and you're much better off than others. Pay attention to what you do have and feed energy to the positive things in your life. You can make it rain abundance in all things, if only you'd change your self-doubt and worry. You're going to be ok.
04/09/2014 Ace of Swords -
Put your stake in the ground and settle on what you really want. You're running in circles and putting your energy all over the place. That's not going to get things done that need to be completed. Stop for a moment and focus. Ask yourself, what is it that I really want mid-range and long-term! Don't ask others what to do, you must answer the question for yourself. The answer should give you direction for where to direct all your untapped energy!
04/08/2014 Nine of Wands - Inverted
Sometimes it's better to keep your mouth shut about your troubles, than to spread the news around. You could be allowing others to see your weaknesses, and try to take advantage of your situation. Confide only in those who have proven they can be trusted with the secrecy and have your best interests at heart. Don't let the competition get an upper hand by knowing what buttons to push, or what information to twist that creates the loss of opportunities for you. Be successful by  acting as if you are already.
04/07/2014 King of Pentacles -
It's a day to focus on business and self-interests. What have you been putting off that needs your attention? Yes, for purely selfish reasons, you need to get back to the plan and work on manifesting the mid-range goals. Don't let the little things get in the way, or hold you up from putting energy and effort into what you know NEEDS to be done! You're letting the circumstances get to you and hold you back. Only you can move things forward. Stop waiting and start doing! It's your future, you should tend to it.
04/04/2014 The Fool -
Don't be taken for a fool. Someone close by is trying to distract your attentions so you don't see what's really going on. Be careful you don't use your resources and tools like toys. This isn't a game. It's great to have fun and be silly once in a while. But there's an appropriate time and place for play. Trust your instincts and stop the negative self talk that's repeating what the manipulators are putting in your head. You know when to pay attention to the warning signs and when to let go and relax. Make sure you're choosing the right time to accomplish both, when it's best for you.
04/03/2014 Two of Cups -
Gifts show up from the most unlikely places. It maybe a surprise on several fronts, but be gracious. Someone took time to think about you and made a gesture of kindness and caring. You may not want the attachment they are offering with the gift, so be up front and honest without being cruel. Remember what you put out, you will receive in return.
04/02/2014 The Tower - Inverted
Set your rocket on target and light 'em up! Let go of the darkness that has kept you rooted and weighted down in the negativity of the past. It's time to take off and rise up above the doom and gloom, to welcome the expanded vista before you. Just let go of the fear and allow the Divine within you to fly. Take in the sights and sounds of adventure and get ready for a wondrous ride! You're going to thrilled and in awe!
04/01/2014 Temperance -
As success surrounds you, let your nurturing side flow to inspire others. Let go of all the little frustrations and temper your anger. Things are going your way and you don't want to slow things down by putting on the breaks and dragging the anchors of the past. Let the wind fill your wings and revel in the warm breeze that encourages you to dream.
03/31/2014 The World -
When you balance your physical and spiritual natures, you'll rule the World. Well not literally, but you will be able to achieve what you need and be crowned with respect and honor. Allow yourself to heal old wounds and forgive yourself for letting others control your perspective of who you are. Express the same love for self that you do for those things in your life that bring out your passion. You can achieve your dreams, when you live in balance and respect with all things; including yourself.
03/28/2014 Knight of Cups -
Be proud of yourself and what you have accomplished. Celebrate a bit this weekend. But don't over do it. Your focus is still needed to be watchful and be on guard to protect what you've gained. Some will try to respond to you the way they always have. Don't let them push your buttons or give into their games. You've worked hard to make a difference in your own life and change your path to the positive. Stick to it and stand tall! Good for you, keep it going.
03/27/2014 King of Wands -
Magik and creativity are flowing today. Use your wisdom to be just and fair in your dealings with others. Take time to use your position with authority, but make sure you are not being a dictator until you discover all the information that maybe available. Use your insight and gut feelings. You’ll discover the truth and then you’ll be able to make the right decision for you.
03/26/2014 Queen of Swords -
Have the strength and courage to play your music, your way. Don't change who you are to satisfy the whims of others, or to make those less confident feel good about themselves. You spent a long time searching for your voice. Use it with love and compassion, but with determination to stand up for yourself. No one knows you, better than you do. If you're not standing up for yourself, who else will?
03/25/2014 Knave of Pentacles - Inverted
It's not a day to be cute and coy. That sheepish and childish character will not win friends, or gain the attention of the person you want to notice you. Maturity with a sense of fun and adventure will attract the people you want to have around you. You can be smart, confident and act like an adult and still be someone who knows how to enjoy the moment and have fun. Don't change who you are so that someone else can feel good about themselves. That never works out in the end!
03/24/2014 Nine of Wands - Inverted
Keep your mouth shut today! You're only hearing half the story, if that. You're being used and manipulated in an unjust cause. Don't get in the middle of situations and you'll walk through the day with ease. Allow your self to be pushed toward one side of the battlefield over the other and you'll be the one who gets carried off with the wounded. Control your temper, your assumptions and your words! They all have energy that you can't take back once they have been released. 
03/21/2014 Eight of Swords -
Don't tie yourself up in knots today. The anxiety isn't yours to own, so don't allow others to turn the thorns of punishment inward toward yourself. Remember you are free to choose your own path. You are safe and secure when you walk with compassion and kindness. Above all else, through Walking Your Talk , you will rise above the visceral fear and anger of the day.
03/20/2014 Six of Pentacles - Inverted
Be careful you don't hang out your baskets too soon. There still maybe some cold days ahead and you don't want to risk destroying your work before the season begins. Finish your start-up preparations, there's still a few things left to do. You'll be able to get started in two weeks time, and you'll hit the ground running in full swing and success!
03/19/2014 Queen of Cups -
Determination will see you through! Stay focused and don't let the selfishness of others distract you. If they really cared, they would give you the space and time to work on your projects. Or they would offer to help so they could spend time with you. You rule your day as the sovereign of your life. You know what needs to be done and how to accomplish it. Keep your resolve and push through the intense distractions. You'll be glad you did and you might even be surprised at what you accomplish by sunset.
03/18/2014 The Empress -
It's time to be a parent and get ready to give birth to new ideas. The old ones may not be working so well for you right now. So be open to new ideas, new information and new perspectives. Listen to others who have your best interest at heart. That doesn't mean you have to take their advice; but their counsel might inspire you to devise a solution to a long-standing block and get things moving again. Get to it. Time is of the essence!
03/17/2014 Five of Cups - Inverted
Stop crying over something that hasn't even happened yet. All is not lost. But you do have to step up and be accountable today. Take charge and face the music. You might discover things aren't as dire as you think and you still have some time to fix everything! But you must take action TODAY or it will be too late. 
03/14/2014 Death -
One chapter closes so another can begin. You've been searching for change and the door to the new has opened wide and welcomes you in. Walk through it and be excited about the new adventures that await you. Their mysteries will bring more intrigue and curiosity than you can imagine.
03/13/2014 Five of Wands -
Magik and creative energy are flowing today. Or that might be blowing with vigor and forcefulness. (It's really windy here). Allow the winds of change to bring you gifts from unexpected sources. It's a surprise worth accepting and it could really come in handy right about now. But double check that there aren't strings attached, that could cost you more than the gift itself. Use your own judgement. You might like the attached conditions. But take a moment to make sure. Remember, the devil is in the details.
03/12/2014 Six of Pentacles -
Be content with what you've gathered for now. Things are not as bad as you're making them out to be. You've made it through the harsh winter and soon it will be time to plant a new garden and nurture its growth. But you can begin working on it today. Get everything in place and ready to hit the ground running at the start of April. Whatever needs to be done from inside, you can start doing now. Count the seeds, organize the rows, schedule the dates for the early and late planting seasons. You created the plans, now get to putting them into physical manifestation.
03/11/2014 Five of Cups -
Stop crying over spilt milk. You can't change the past and wallowing in self pity is not going to fix the consequences of your actions. What's done is done. And you haven't lost everything. You still have blessings to be thankful for and you still have options to move things forward and into a better situation. Pick yourself up and start working with what you have, instead of focusing on what you lost. Could be, you needed to get rid of the old, to make room for the new!
03/07/2014 Four of Swords - Inverted
Aren't you tired of the conflict and angst? Do you really have to wake up with an attitude of putting on your armor and being ready for today's battle? You are the only one who can change that, because you are the one in control over your thoughts and actions. Clear your energy, shield your mind/body/spirit and refuse to be baited. It will take the greatest control over your emotions to accomplish it; but you can do it!
03/06/2014 Two of Pentacles -
Abundance has arrived so take care of it and use it wisely! Now is not the time to splurge or go haywire at the store. Get only what you need and make sure you're using the rest to invest in your future. Get that done today and you'll make your way easier for the remainder of the year. Don't put it off!
03/05/2014 Six of Cups - Inverted
It's time to start putting your plan into action. You have the initial steps laid out, so get to it. Plans are living things, they grow, change and each time you finish one thing; a new thing is add on the end once things are up and running. Stop procrastinating! Get it done! Now! Seriously, you really need to get things started or you'll lose the window of opportunity.
03/04/2014 The Devil - Inverted
Don't let seething anger compromise your morals and values. Everyone feels hurt from time to time. But if you allow those wounds to change your beliefs and perspectives, you will lose the larger battle of walking your own path, your own way. Don't let the overwhelming frustrations of others swallow you up into their fears and anxieties. Take a deep breath, go within and find your way back to your place of peace and security.
03/03/2014 Two of Swords -
Put your dreams in a bubble, give them energy to grow and manifest, then set them free. At some point you must let go of the "dream" and start putting action into practice. You've planned, you have your ducks in a row. Stop delaying and start doing! It's not going to manifest by itself! It really is time to start putting your action behind your words.
02/28/2014 Six of Swords -
Be careful you're not looking at those in your life today with rose colored glasses. You must decide if the thorns of the past and the negativity that went with it is worth holding onto. If not, then stop repeating the patterns and let go of the old ways. Yes it's scary to move forward into the unknown. Yes you may do it alone. But in Six months time, you will be able to look back on the shadows of the past and feel blessed that you made the right changes.
02/27/2014 Six of Wands - Inverted
You don't have to stand on your own. There are many supports that can help you balance your weight and carry the load. You may need to release some of that "I don't need help" pride and lean on someone for a few weeks while you heal. But don't look at this as a weakness on your part. Look at it as an opportunity you're giving to someone else to learn the lessons of compassion, understanding and friendship.
02/26/2014 Seven of Pentacles - Inverted
Work on your skills and practice your art. Even the best experts need to practice and evolve with new ideas and perspectives. Don't assume you know it all. Arrogance will limit your audience and eventually cause your craft to become obsolete. Make sure you're reading, learning and educating yourself on the new techniques so you can make sure that you stay relevant and productive.
02/25/2014 The Moon -
It's in your nature to be up all night. It's where your inspiration, imagination and problem solving is at its peak. Stop being scared of being in your element. Stop feeling lonely and out of sync. Use the night to search within, meditate, write, draw, do something that expresses yourself. You may discover who you are and what you really need at this time in your life.
02/24/2014 King of Swords -
You must be strong and vigilant to keep the peace. No one is going to follow a weak leader. Stop doubting yourself! You will open the door for others to manipulate your actions. Gather information from all sides and make sure you understand the full scope of the issue. Make your judgement with authority and confidence. Make it understood that if new information becomes available, you're willing to look at the situation again. But your position is clear and final for now.
02/21/2014 The Sun -
You are the Sun in your life. You are the source of its light. You decide what will be nurtured and what will be burned. You control what will be seen and what will be in shadow. Don't let the nagging and negative voices dictate what can be grown or what will be locked away. Believe in yourself and let your light shine with respect, humility and confidence. Do this and success is yours.
02/20/2014 Five of Pentacles - Inverted
Stop focusing on the lack and start working on solutions to turn it around. Yes it would be nice to win the lottery, but you can't sit around waiting for that to happen. So stop putting everything you have emotionally in that ticket and start finding ways to get back on your feet. Start with defining your budget and stop wasting what you have on things you don't need!
02/19/2014 Queen of Pentacles -
Keep your eye on the prize, but don't ignore what you have. Being too focused can cause you to miss the important things in life that you can't get back. A photo or video cannot replace being there. Set your priorities, do what you must, but make sure the ones you love are not the cost of your success. It will be a hollow victory otherwise.
02/18/2014 Two of Cups -
Gifts can come in many forms. An exchange of ideas, feelings or actions can some of the greatest gifts of all. Don't turn your back on those who try to give something back. No matter how small the gesture seems to be, it maybe all they have to offer. Accept it with grace and gratitude.
02/17/2014 Ten of Cups -
Make sure your cups are upright and ready to receive. Your increase in prosperity is already coming in and you should have a few new things to share. Count your blessings and concentrate on what you already have. But remember prosperity isn't only about financial gain; so don't take those around you for granted.
02/14/2014 The Priestess -
Love begins with loving the self. Stop the negative talk, the self put downs and look within your own heart to heal the old wounds of the past. Hold yourself with the utmost respect and admiration. Be kind to your heart, love who you are and others will start viewing you with the same perspective.
02/13/2014 Ace of Pentacles - Inverted
Make sure your arms are open to receive the abundance coming your way. Be Mindful of your thoughts and emotions. Express the positive energy and allow it to provide the increase in attraction to your day and ultimately your life. You are what you put out in thoughts, words and deeds.
02/12/2014 Knave of Pentacles - Inverted
Ride the carpet where ever it takes you and go with the flow. You're finally going down the right road and there is plenty to go around as you journey forward. Trust that what you have is enough to get you through and you'll be able to enjoy the fruits of your labor as your travels take hold.
02/11/2014 Knave of Wands -
Take some time to think before you make your final decision. Things are going to change when you sign the dotted line. Make sure you understand exactly how much they'll change. Read the fine print and ensure you contemplate everything in your day, week, life that will be impacted. If you don't, you could be giving away something you never intended to let go. The issue might be easily resolved with a little tweak of language. So don't rush through your choices.
02/10/2014 Six of Swords - Inverted
What you're facing today is tied to your past. But don't react with the same inconsistent behavior you once had. You're not the same person and you have learned a lot about yourself and who you are since that time. So make sure you're looking at the issue with more enlightened vision and wisdom. You're not going at this alone. So stop acting as if you are!
02/07/2014 Four of Cups -
Don't be stubborn and pout all day. No one is going to want to help you when you're being angry and holding a defeatist attitude. If you want things to work out, you're going to have to learn to communicate your feelings. And don't expect others to simply "know" how you feel. They can't read your mind! Take responsibility for how you feel. If you don't like it, you're the only one who can change it.
02/06/2014 The Magician -
Lessons of the spirit are in play as you weave through the tasks and projects of the day. You have the tools and the resources to get things going. All you need now is to believe in yourself and put your skills to work.  Don't become overly confident. There's still a lot to do and much to put into place for success. And be careful of using too much misdirection to perform your magik. An adversary will take notice and use it against you, even though it's a staple of the trade.
02/05/2014 The Priest -
You're in control of your destiny. The choices you make today will define the rest of your life. Make sure you're following the path of justice and respect. The path of rumor and accusation is a negative road that has been designed to distract your view, manipulate your thoughts and shade the truth. There's always two sides to a story. Make sure you know what they are, before you point fingers, join the mob, or make decisions you'll later regret. 
02/04/2014 Ten of Cups - Inverted
You still have abundance in your life even though you think you've lost everything. Stop dwelling on the negative. You're liable to make it become a self fulfilling prophecy. Focus on what you do have and use it as inspiration to grow and expand to what you need. Inaction is the real enemy at this point in time. Just Do something! 
02/03/2014 King of Wands - Inverted
Stop poking holes in everything. There are some good ideas out there and you might want to listen to a few. You're not the only one who can come up with solutions to the problem. No idea is perfect. If you're going to play Devils Advocate, make sure you're also offering solutions to the problems you see with the ideas floating around the room. And make sure you give credit where it's due!
01/31/2014 Eight of Swords - Inverted
It's your own anger and frustration that are keeping you tied up and unable to get free. In order to for the bindings to loosen and fall away you must first find compassion for yourself and your situation. Take time to look for the lesson you're refusing to learn.
01/30/2014 Five of Wands - Inverted
Within each of us is a star trying to be nurtured and hatched within ourselves. You don't have to sell your soul to make your dreams come true. You don't have to give away all the things about yourself that make you who you are. Don't change for others because they demand it. Change those things you don't like about yourself and nurture the rest. Hold yourself in high esteem and respect. Be humble and compassionate to others. And you will be able to let your star streak across the sky where others can see your beauty too.
01/29/2014 Death -
The end of a difficult time is at hand. Those who have looked within, been honest with themselves and worked to change the things they do not like about their character or actions will triumph. Those who continue to point fingers and blame others for their trials, will continue to struggle. You are responsible for your thoughts, your voice and your deeds. Make sure you are accepting your accountability in the matters at hand, even if it means being brutally honest with yourself.
01/28/2014 The Priestess - Inverted
Keep the curtain closed and don't let others see the magik that goes on under the table. Keep your secrets to yourself, they're weapons that can be used against you. Keep your focus on your mission at hand and work on bringing it to manifestation through your own inner healing. Your wings are ready to open. Now you must give them the strength to help you soar.
01/27/2014 Knight of Swords -
Pick your battles. Not every fight is worth having and not every cause is worthy or just. Part of the wisdom of being a Guardian in battle is knowing who to trust, who to listen to and who to stand up for. Even those who call you their friend, may have underlying motives to keep you on their side. Make sure you know what the real fight is, before you join in.
01/24/2014 The Hermit -
Even a hermit must shine a light on his path to see where he's been and where he's going. Stop wandering around in the dark and take a moment to look at what you've gone through and what it has been trying to teach you. When you can see the lessons, you're better able to turn back to the path you're on and make the necessary course corrections.
01/23/2014 Eight of Cups -
Nurturing doesn't mean holding on so tight that nothing can move or fly on its own. Forcing things into place will not fill your cups with abundance. The tighter your grip, the more of what you want will seep through your fingers. It's ok to let go. If it's meant to be what you seek will remain and bring joy.
01/22/2014 Four of Swords -
Allow yourself to be loved by not being so critical of who and what you are. You are your own worst enemy and find ways to pull yourself down from the strides you've made. No one is perfect. And we all make mistakes. Don't condemn yourself saying or doing something you shouldn't have done. Instead, ask for forgiveness and change your actions to learn the lessons that will keep you from doing it again.
01/21/2014 The Moon - Inverted
Allow your evening ideas to step out into the light of day. You might be able to solve several issues in the process. You can achieve what you seek by listening to those inner voices that whisper to you at night. Start working on them and put energy in motion to manifest throughout the day. Put the ideas in the works today and by the time of Cancer (June 22 - July 22), they'll be in full swing and working for you.
01/20/2014 Four of Pentacles -
If you don't take care of what you have harvested, someone else will come in and take it. Don't be left with nothing in your pantry. A garden doesn't grow when not tended to. Nor can it be sustained only by maintenance. The same plants will only provide so much fruit before they dry up. Don't let fear hold you back from expanding your field and planting your seeds wisely.
01/17/2014 Six of Wands -
Celebrate your victories. You worked hard for them and you deserve to enjoy the moment. Don't let someone else's disappointment overshadow your success. Their negativity has no place in your accomplishments. So choose who you spend your time with very carefully.
01/16/2014 Ten of Cups -
Share the gifts of spirit with those you care about. You don't have to tell them the "name" of your beliefs, or what you believe to share the lessons you have learned. But you might be able to explain what you've learned about yourself from looking within from the higher view of your soul.
01/15/2014 Ten of Wands -
Listen to the waves of change and you'll be able to ride the frequency that frees you from struggle.  Others are pulling your strings and trying to keep you from moving forward. Their fear of the future is a lesson they must over come. You can try to assist, but in the end, you can't learn the lessons others have pulled into their life. It maybe hard to let them go, but you might have to do that, in order to change things for the better, for yourself.
01/14/2014 Seven of Pentacles - Inverted
On the seventh day you can rest. For now, you must keep your attention to the grindstone and get things done for your world. There are people depending on you and there are a lot of little things that need your input to be completed. Stop wasting time searching for the exact or perfect answer. Perfection doesn't exist. Simply start doing the task and the right solution for you in this situation, will emerge and help resolve the strain weighing you down.
01/13/2014 The Priest -
Be careful what you put out to the world. Be true to yourself and guard how you wish to be known. Don't wear your emotions on your sleeves. Leave a little mystery to be discovered. Intrigue comes from wondering what's underneath something and taking time to discover what that may be. The journey often ends when the mystic has been revealed and there's no more surprises. Always hold a little back, and the adventures will continue.
01/10/2014 Knight of Wands -
Trust your gut feelings and nurture your intuition. You already think you should be suspicious, so why do you keep doubting your instincts. Don't give too much away. Be watchful and vigilant. You will overcome the confusion which will allow you to see the whole picture and make the best choice for you. This is not the weekend to throw caution to the wind!
01/09/2014 Ace of Cups - Inverted
Be a little goofy today. You're letting the stress weighing you down too much and that's not good for your body, mind or your spirit. Allow yourself to bring in some healing. Dance in the rain or go toss some snowballs around to let off some steam. Surround yourself with positive energy and let the fun run free.
01/08/2014 The Emperor -
Don't go looking for a fight where there isn't one being raised. Hold onto what you have, but don't assume all those  who cross your path is trying to take it from you. Not everyone is against you nor is everyone your enemy. A good leader knows when to protect their kingdom and when to open the doors and welcome friends. Be careful you're not clouding your judgement through rumor and you're allowing others to speak for themselves. You could be creating a foe out of a friend you might need or want later on.
01/07/2014 Four of Pentacles -
Watch your back. If you don't step up to the plate, someone else will take what you've earned. You worked hard to fill your baskets. Don't become so frightened or overwhelmed about doing the work that you allow someone else to take what you've earned. Now is not the time to rest either. Get your head in the game and get back to doing what you do so well! This is what you wanted. So hop to it!
01/06/2014 Knave of Swords - Inverted
Don't give up. The year has just started! The holidays may not have been what you hoped for, but they're over now and a new year has begun. Most folks are heading back to work and to school. The attitude you carry into this first day of returning to reality will set your energy for the year. Start it with vim and vigor and the fortitude to move forward, conquer and overcome!
Message for 2014:  See the entire 2014 Message on Springwolf Reflections.
Judgement The overall theme for the year: Judgement is a card from the Major Arcana of a Tarot Deck. As such it represents the spiritual aspects of the self and how important your spiritual lessons, karma and perspectives will be throughout the year.
12/21 - 1/5/2014 Spring's Haven is on vacation for the Holidays!
We hope everyone has a wonderful, happy and exciting Yule and New Year!!

See you in 2014. We'll be back on January 6th




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