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Daily Tarot Meditation Drawing Archive
Tarot Meditation
Each week day we share a Tarot Card and Message to contemplate during your daily meditation. We began our daily drawing on December 1, 2009. Here we provide an online archive of those drawings. Each week day we share a Tarot Card and Message to contemplate during your daily meditation. We share the publication of our messages on our social media sites. You'll find a list of those on our Tarot Meditation page. Pick your favorite and stay connected with us.
You can gain more insight into today's drawing on Spring's Blog page too. She shares more of the message and an image of today's card. You can add your own thoughts and see what others are saying as well. Visit Springwolf Reflections today.  

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~ 2013 Daily Tarot Archive ~
Daily Tarot Meditation Card & Message
12/21 - 1/5/2014 Spring's Haven is on vacation for the Holidays!
We hope everyone has a wonderful, happy and exciting Yule and New Year!!

See you in 2014. We'll be back on Janduary 6th
12/20/2013 King of Swords -
Don't be afraid to show your strength of heart and compassion. Simply because others don't agree with your views and you're surrounded by opponents don't "pretend" to fit in. The King rules over his domain without needing approval from others to set his policy and act upon his own beliefs. It's ok for others to have different views and to hold different and even inaccurate reasons for their views. You don't want others tell you what to think, don't tell them what they have to think. But please, Do think for yourself!
12/19/2013 Eight of Pentacles - Inverted
Protect what's important to you and show you care. That's what makes a house into a home. It's not how big it is, or how well it's furnished. Those material things have nothing to do with being "home". It's the little things you do for each other to celebrate the small victories. Because the big ones done come around very often.
12/18/2013 Ace of Pentacles -
Don't put all your eggs in one basket today. It's easier for someone to take all that you have and leave you with nothing. Caution and sensibility are the words that should be spinning in your head. You know what needs to be done and how to do it. Don't throw caution to the wind and take your chances. Be watchful, hold onto what you have and don't get suckered into a false sense of security.
12/17/2013 Strength -
Strength of the soul doesn't come from yelling at the top of your lungs so you can be heard over others. It comes in the everyday moments when you smile at a stranger, show compassion to your enemies and care for those you love. Instead of trying to fight those who would put you down, try living up to your beliefs and show them compassion and kindness. You may actually prove your point much better, by showing the silent strength of your soul, than trying to brandish your sword and battle cry. 
12/16/2013 Knight of Pentacles -
Stop looking for a fight at every turn. The world really isn't out to get you. Stop allowing the frustrations of others to become personal attacks on you. It's not always all about you! Sometimes it takes more courage to allow others to express their views, believe what they choose and dream as they may; even if those things don't include you. Courage is not in the hands, it's in the heart. Have the courage to be patient with others and especially with yourself.
12/13/2013 Seven of Swords -
Nourish what you're searching for and you will open the doors of understanding and wisdom. Stop listening to the negative talk that creates fear and hatred. Learning about others or other things doesn't mean you will become what you learn. Rather it means you will become more tolerant and less afraid of the world around you. After all, if your views can't stand up to your own criticism, then perhaps they are more flawed than you initially thought. Be mindful of your own misunderstandings and more importantly, how you act upon those misconceptions.
12/12/2013 Six of Wands - Inverted
There's always going to be someone who doesn't appreciate what you've done or have accomplished. Don't let the one voice of "you could have done better" overshadow all those that are congratulating you and happy about your achievements. You deserve to celebrate and hold your successes high. Pat yourself on the back and smile!!
12/11/2013 The Moon - Inverted
While complaining in silence may not create negative energy between you and others, it still hurts you and your soul. Stop looking outside yourself for approval, stability and happiness. Those things can only be found within you. It's not that someone else isn't "making you laugh", it's that you're not allowing yourself to be happy. Be accountable for your own emotions and be mindful about where your head really is.
12/10/2013 The Sun -
Your actions can't be hidden forever. Eventually the light will shine upon what you've been doing. Let it expose the good works and actions you've been putting forth. But be cautious of the things you do, especially over the next three weeks. Make sure you're mindful and avoid the negative intolerant actions. The light of the sun can burn you, just as it can help things grow to sustain you.
12/09/2013 King of Cups - Inverted
Be careful you don't spend the day making gut reactions to things that irritate you. It's ok to take a moment and contemplate what is going on. You might save yourself some heartache or problems. Be cautious of your mindset, make sure you're not reacting out of hurt feelings from the past and from others who aren't even your life today. Take a moment to set the old baggage down and try to understand what's really going on.
12/06/2013 Seven of Pentacles -
Show compassion and attention to those you care for. Don't dismiss their feelings of insecurity and distress. They may seem like little things to you, but to them, it's their whole world. They need you to be the rock, the pillar of strength and the one they can lean on and hear the words "It's going to be ok". Your reassurance will go a long way and a lot farther than you could imagine.
12/05/2013 Queen of Pentacles -
Grab the low hanging fruit and you'll be sustained. There is much you can do with what you have. Turn grapes into a meal, juice or wine. Step out of the box and look at the possibilities of what can be done in order to attain what you need. Stop being so focused on what you don't have and look at the bigger picture of what you do have. Help the positive energy move and stop the negative energy from gaining traction!
12/04/2013 Eight of Cups -
Hold on for the ride of your life. Things will be changing quickly after today, so be ready for what's coming your way. Success will be filling up your plate and taking more of your time. Remember, you asked for this and now it's coming in. Don't push it away out of fear or trepidation. You'll be able to see through the fog and guide your journey exactly where you need to be.
12/03/2013 Ten of Wands -
Don't get so tied down to the nitty gritty of things that you forget to enjoy the day. Those around you are trying to help you untangle yourself, be careful you're not taking them for granted. Allow the magik around you to light the path before you and you'll be able to tackle the problems with ease.
12/02/2013 Nine of Pentacles -
Don't get caught up in the rush of the season and temper your materialism during the next few months. You have what you need and it's time to get back to the basics. Money might provide a little happiness with the things you buy, but those things never last once their "newness" wears off. Keep those you care about close to you and near your heart. Let them know that even though other things come and go, you're always going to be there.
11/27 - 11/29 There will be no drawing while we celebrate the holiday.
We extend a very
Happy Thanksgiving
to one and all!
11/26/2013 Ace of Swords -
You may find triumph coming from all directions over the next 4 days. Don't gloat about it. There's still a lot of work to do. You have a little time to stake your sword in the ground to give thanks and gratitude for what has come. But make sure you share your victories with those who mean the most to you.
11/25/2013 Nine of Wands - Inverted
Don't wait until you're forced to get some rest and take care of yourself. Burning the candle at both ends for a long period of time isn't going to help you get ahead. Especially if it wears you down and weakens your system into sickness. Balance is the key to making this week go smoothly. Take time to do what you need, but you must also take time to rest and enjoy those around you.
11/22/2013 The Moon - Inverted
There's no need to be afraid of the dark, it's the place where stars fly and beauty shines. Life is filled with the varying shades of light and dark. Neither is good or bad, they simply are part of the life we lead. Don't allow your fear to focus on what you can't see or don't understand. Fear of the unknown can keep you from seeing the joy and excitement hidden in new things. Allow the stars to shine in your life, you might be pleasantly surprised.
11/21/2013 The Star - Inverted
Don't be so focused today that you can't see for the forest for the trees. If you put all your attention to one thing, you'll miss the bigger picture about what's going on around you. Get your nose out of the details and watch where you're going. You may miss the change of instructions or worse, you could lose something else you should have been keeping an eye on.
11/20/2013 Queen of Swords -
Sing your song and let the healing begin. Stop worrying about what others think, you don't need their approval. Focus on what you're searching for within, instead of outside yourself. Take time to avoid the angst and stress by saying "No" to the invitation you really don't want to attend. If you want to take off from the social scene over the next 4 months; then do it. It's your life, you should live it the way you want, and perhaps need, to live and focus on you for a little while!
11/19/2013 Knight of Cups -
It's ok to show off your feathers like a peacock once in a while. Who else is going to be proud of your accomplishments if not you? There's a difference between flaunting your achievement and simply being proud of yourself. You worked hard, you reached for this short-term goal and it's ok to be happy about it. yourself an ice cream cone or an arrangement of flowers!
11/18/2013 Ten of Pentacles -
What are you worried about? You have what you absolutely need in this time and space. If you continue to dwell on what you don't have, you'll miss the moments that allow you to enjoy the bounty of your own home. Share with those you care for the most. Laugh and giggle a little. Stop worrying about all the negativity outside your door and revel in the love you have inside the room.
11/15/2013 Wheel of Fortune -
You control how fast, how far, and where the wheel stops or if it stops at all. So why do you keep giving that control over to someone else. Take back the command over your own journey. Let the rain fall down all around you and enjoy the life you want to live. Stop looking at the wheel as lacking fun, pleasure or grace. Even under the clouds, you can create excitement and joy in your day. It's not up to someone else to make you happy. You are quite capable of doing that all by yourself!  ~ Listen for today: Enya "Wild Child"
11/14/2013 Six of Wands - Inverted
If you're going to stand on your head for someone else, make sure you're getting what you need out of the situation. No matter what the acquaintanceship is, all relationships are a two way street. Meeting halfway is necessary to maintain respect and consideration. If you're always going the extra mile, it may not be the relationship for you. Try to work it out and make your concerns clear. But if nothing changes, it maybe time to move on and find something that IS good for you. 
11/13/2013 Four of Swords - Inverted
Stop beating yourself up and allow your inner child to feel your compassion for self. There's no reason to cause more wounds than what others have created. Stop feeling guilty and allow yourself to be loved. Have the fun that comes your way and accept the moments of encouragement you receive from others. Quit the negative talk!
11/12/2013 Two of Cups -
Share your knowledge and help those who seek your counsel. Not only will you find fulfillment, you'll also make a great ally and promoter of your work. Sometimes the best way to market your skill and abilities is through word of mouth and networking. Don't hide away in the shadows and let the community in your world pass you by.
11/11/2013 Judgement - Inverted
Be careful about being the town crier. You may not have all the facts and what you do have maybe based on exaggeration and innuendo. There are always two sides to a story. Don't make judgements on situations or people who cross your path based only one side. You could be making a big mistake and altering a course of action that may not be seen today. Even the little things make a difference.
11/8/2013 Six of Pentacles -
Give some attention to the little ones in your day and over the weekend. Those that depend on you, will bring you a special gift. Be gracious and share your bounty in thanks. You'll find great blessings and an increase in abundance as a result.
11/7/2013 King of Pentacles -
Be still, take it easy and allow yourself to heal, whither it be your physical body, emotions or your  spirit. You need to take time and heal old and new wounds. If keep pushing, you will cause great harm to your physical body, emotional state, or spiritual path. Everything comes in its right time and pace. The more you try to push against that journey, the more mistakes you will make, or the more damage you'll cause to your Mind/Body/Spirit.
11/6/2013 Ten of Cups -
You're more a like than you are different. Accept the talents and gifts you each have to share and you'll create an unbreakable team. That may require showing each other how much you appreciate what they do and expressing your admiration of the other person to those around you. And especially to the your partner.
11/5/2013 Eight of Pentacles -
Time to work on home and hearth. Get things ready for the coming months to ensure you remain safe and warm. Think of others around you who don't have your blessings. Be careful not to complain, brag, or take things you have for granted. Someone close to you may be struggling from day to day and your self-pity will go against the grain.
11/4/2013 Seven of Swords -
You may feel tied up and stuck where you are. But that doesn't mean you can't nurture the hopes and dreams you have that will help set you free. There is always something to be done to help you move forward and attain your goals. While there maybe stumbling blocks in the way for a conventional approach, there are many things that cost nothing, require no help and still nurture the dream. Stop making excuses.
11/1/2013 The Priestess -
Nurture yourself by healing the old wounds and uneasiness in your gut. Be creative and allow your inner emotions to express themselves in a positive way. Whither by words, symbols or craft, let your vision take form and come to life. You will find success and fulfillment by being you and allowing your deep inner feelings express themselves.
10/31/2013 Knave of Cups -
Bring out the kid in yourself and enjoy the day. There's no reason to be stressed, nothing has to be perfect! Don't force the issue and allow anger ruin the fun for everyone. Go with the flow and take things as they come in the spirit of the season. Have a Spooktacular Day & Night!!
10/30/2013 Ace of Wands -
Amplify your light with clarity and focus in order to achieve recognition. Be who you are and not who others expect you to be. They don't determine your actions, that responsibility is on your shoulders. When you accept it and take care of it, you allow yourself to be who you're meant to be. Not who others want you to be.
10/29/2013 Queen of Wands - Inverted
You can't hide in the shadows any longer. Time to make the changes you've been working toward and come out in the open. Fall is the season to put things to rest and heal the inner spirit. Align yourself with the new and moving forward. Let the old fall into the blissful peace of the past. Let go and let the Divine in your life take you into the future you've designed for yourself.
10/28/2013 Ten of Wands - Inverted
Sometimes you need to tie your mouth shut to keep from making things worse. Be careful what you say, for words can easily become double edged swords. Feeling frustrated about one thing, might make someone else unintentionally feel hurt or angry. What you say, no matter how it is said, has energy. Keep your mouth shut and worry about your own actions.
10/25/2013 Knight of Pentacles - Inverted
Everything happens in threes, so get ready as the triangle unfolds today and through the weekend. Make sure you're looking at things from the whole perspective. Don't take sides without all the facts and you'll remain on top of the pyramid. You're the one who can lead the way. Keep everything in perspective and you'll guide everyone through the ups and downs.
10/24/2013 Ten of Cups -
Share your gifts with pride. And respect those that others share with you. Each of you has something to offer and to be appreciated. Don't ignore what's given to you or take it for granted. Even if it has become common place, we each need to know we're valued and acknowledged for our contribution.
10/23/2013 The Devil - Inverted
Be cautious of those who try to undermine your efforts. Even subtle actions can be a sign that someone doesn't want you to succeed. Make sure you're governing your domain with a keen eye and removing the loop-holes others may use to set up blocks, ride your coat tails or use your hard work and presence to capitalize on their own ventures. The Devil is in the details!
10/22/2013 Four of Swords - Inverted
If you don't respect yourself, how are you going to respect those around you? Your negative self talk is imprinting on those you care most about, causing them to feel inadequate and worthless. Stop trying to make up for your perceived inadequacy established by those in your past. They don't define who you are. That's your job. So create a positive and good definition of yourself and live to it. Walk your own talk!
10/21/2013 The Priestess -
Look within for the answers. Be calm, cool and collected. You'll be able to see what's really going on from both a higher perspective and under the surface. Even though others are being deceitful and trying to take advantage of your situation; you don't have to go down into the sewer with them. Don't take the bait and remain compassionate, clear and focused for your own good.
10/18/2013 Five of Wands -
Your peace offering may not be accepted, but if you make it you might be surprised. Don't let pride stand in the way of admitting you're partly to blame. But remember there are two sides of the story and the other side has some accountability too.
10/17/2013 The Magician -
While you have so many things up in the air to pay attention to, don't forget what's already on your table. The things you disregard maybe the very things you want most in your life. There's a difference between important and imperative. But sometimes those imperative items stack up so high that you can't see the magik you've already created in front of you. Give respect to what you already have, and you won't lose them.
10/16/2013 Seven of Cups -
Don't ask others about what you should do. Look into your own crystal ball and define you're own future. No one has your best interests to heart more than you do. Others will only tell you what they "want" you to do, which may not be what you "need" to do! Take accountability for your life and look within yourself for the answers you seek.
10/15/2013 Six of Cups - Inverted
Play with your dreams in reality and you'll give them the energy to manifest. Keep them in the bubble and you'll never be able to fill your cups with abundance. Dreams take physical work and the implementation of steps to attain them. Get to work and stop listening to the nagging inner voice that says you can't do this. Release the fear that holds your dream inside the protective ball and let the bubble fly!
10/14/2013 Ace of Swords -
Triumph over stress, anxiety and the challenges you face begin in earnest today. Many feel they've been kicked in the teeth, but today begins the transition to better things. For some this may start out slowly, for others it may seem like a windfall. Don't take it all and try to celebrate in one shot. Remain conservative! The key to getting back on top of your mountain is to go slow and steady.
10/11/2013 Seven of Pentacles - Inverted
Take time to work on your project. If you leave your dreams on paper, they never become reality. Work out the detailed steps and then start at the top of the list. Get in there and work on physically manifesting what you really want! You can do this!
10/10/2013 Two of Pentacles -
Gather only what you need and can carry. Pack light for your journey, no matter what the reason. You don't need the kitchen sink, it's an unnecessary expense. You won't be making things easier. And having your "things" with you will end up being an extra burden that you'll regret.
10/09/2013 Judgement - 
If you're going to sit in judgement of others, make sure you have ALL the facts. Managing by rumor allows you to be played by those who want to undermine you and those they're talking about. Rumor is rarely accurate and you could be unjustly sentencing someone for something they never did. Be very careful who you listen to today. In your circle, in the news and especially at school or the work place!
10/08/2013 Three of Cups - Inverted
Be careful with whom you commiserate with today. The fears of others are not yours to own. So don't take them on. Don't take on their anxiety and allow their short sighted views to control your emotions. You will only make things worse than they really are. Stay within your own mind and focus on your own table. It's not as bare as you're making it out to be.
10/07/2013 Four of Cups -
Don't take your frustrations out on each other. Don't turn your back on those you care for and need the most. You will win the day by supporting each other and working as a team. Being at odds only allows those trying to put a wedge between you to win. As a team you can use your creative wisdom to innovate, adapt and overcome anything.
10/04/2013 Knight of Cups -
You're not the expert yet, you still have some learning to do. You can share your knowledge and lead the way, but don't let it go to your head. Humility will serve you well today, so don't forget to give credit where credit is due. And don't be afraid to say "I don't know, but I can find out". Your honesty will be refreshing and admired.
10/03/2013 Four of Swords - Inverted
Stop feeding the conflict within yourself and find your inner compassion. Packing your day with lots of little things to keep you from thinking about you isn't helping. It's running away from the real issue. You're so busy doing everything for everyone else, that you're not loving yourself enough to see what you really need. Stop it. Look in the mirror and tell yourself I Love You and You do deserve better.
10/02/2013 The Emperor -
You're the boss who holds the bag. It's your responsibility to guard it and ensure it's filled with the tools and assets to care for your kingdom. Don't blame others if you squander what you have. Take responsibility for your own fortune and walk forward with a steady focus. Avoid the quick rich schemes that only serve those who are working the con at your expense. Today is not the day to sign on the dotted line.
10/01/2013 Death - Inverted
A chapter has come to an end and the transition to something new is underway. Let the shadows of the past fall away and leave them behind you. Now is the time to search within and find the spiritual path that you have been nurturing beneath the surface in hiding.
09/30/2013 The World -
You have the world in your hands. Rule it with love and compassion, and it will serve you with abundance and success. Rule it with arrogance and disregard, and you will find the weight of the world is much more than you can handle. Don't lose it all over pettiness. Let your kindness heal the little hurts and your garden will give you all that you need.
09/27/2013 Three of Swords -
Try not to let the physical pain affect your mood. It's not the fault of others that you're hurting, so don't take it out on them. Rest, relax, soak in a warm bath if you can. Remember that injury and ailments are a physical manifestation of an underlying thought pattern that you've been carrying for a long time. How you think, creates how you feel; Mind/Body/Spirit.

A little light reading from Spring's Haven:
09/26/2013 Ace of Swords - Inverted
You have triumphed and the battle is won. Now it's time to let go of the angst and allow yourself to feel the calm. Stop reacting to everything and everyone as if you're still at war. You're liable to create another conflict that you didn't mean or want. Be at peace, relax and take time to feel the world of nature around you.
09/25/2013 Four of Wands -
Find the thing you share an interest in and you'll find your way back to each other. Don't worry about who has more, or who gets the bigger piece. Stop getting upset over the little things in the day that come from stress and anxiety. Remember why you became friends, partners or family in the first place.
09/24/2013 The Priestess -
Use your higher intuition today to make better decisions. You must take time to sit quietly, align your mind with the higher Divine energy in your life and seek guidance. The choices you make this week will determine the rest of your life. Don't make them lightly.

The 5 Minute Alignment Meditation - A Spiritual Approach to aligning and connecting to the Divine force in your life. 

09/23/2013 Knave of Wands -
Don't be naive and throw caution to the wind. Think about your next move and don't react on knee jerk responses. Think things through, even if it means finding someplace quiet and dark where you can be alone with your thoughts. You have some big decisions to think about. Make sure you're making the right choices for YOU.
09/20/2013 Five of Pentacles -
Don't give up right before the harvest. You've worked hard this year! You made it through the winter by being smart. You managed to plant the garden in the spring. The summer wasn't as bad as you thought it would be. You can't give up right before the harvest comes in! Stop the doubts and believe in yourself!!
Talk Like A
Pirate Day!!

Seven Of Cups - Inverted
Be careful how far you tip your bucket to scoop up the things around you. You might find that you're loosing more than you're gaining. Take what's owed to you and no more. The net of greed can easily pull you down and drown you in its depths.
09/18/2013 Ten of Wands - Inverted
You can't keep others quiet so be very careful with who you trust your secrets to. Some people aren't as much of a friend to you as you think they are. And others would rather be "respected" as the town crier who knows everything. Don't be a pawn in their games and choose your friends wisely.
09/17/2013 Ten of Swords - Inverted
Don't let the potential of getting hurt, keep you from opening your heart to love. Instead take a look within yourself and find what's causing you to make bad choices? You might find that the issue is with your own thinking about what you deserve or can achieve.
09/16/2013 Six of Swords -
Sometimes it's ok to look back and see how far you've come. Be proud of your accomplishments and let them overshadow your failures. You've worked hard, done much, made changes and improved your spirit far beyond what you're allowing yourself to see.
09/13/2013 The Fool -
Don't go bowling with your insight and hope you hit the right pins. Pay attention to your concentration and focus. Don't take your own intuition for granted, it's trying to tell you something important. It might be exactly what you need to avoid being the fool, today and through the weekend.
09/12/2013 The Chariot -
Make sure you're moving forward in balance. Don't ignore the part of you that gives you motivation. But make sure you temper that side in order to remain and focused. The balance of emotions will take you forward in your search to succeed.
09/11/2013 Ten of Cups - Inverted
No matter how upside down things maybe, it's never a wrong time to offer compassion and caring. Even those who don't agree can find common ground to stand on in the name of peace and kindness. Don't allow the words or actions of others, destroy or impact your ability to work toward a common resolution that benefits everyone.
09/10/2013 Seven of Wands - Inverted
Showing compassion, concern and regret after the fact doesn't alleviate the harm that was done. No matter where the directions come from, you are still the one responsible and in control of your actions. It's better to deal with the consequences of saying "No" than it is being culpable in the offense from the start.
09/09/2013 Eight of Cups -
If you ride on the coat tails of others; make sure you know where they're dragging you to. It's your reputation that's on the line and others are not going to care how you got there. It might harder to walk your own path, but at least you'll control where you're going, and how you got there.
09/06/2013 Knave of Swords - Inverted
Flip things around and you'll not only have a good weekend, but you'll probably have some fun as well.  Everyone needs a break and that's certainly true for you household. Take the opportunity to get away from the stress and anger. Even if it's a walk in the park, get out of the house for a bit.
09/05/2013 Nine of Wands - Inverted
Don't allow others to tie you down into situations you don't want to be in. Giving up is not the answer to escaping the anger and hate thrown in your direction. You choose how others treat you by remaining in the situation. Walk away if needs be and find better people to be with.
09/04/2013 The Sun -
New beginnings born in the light will flourish and bring success today. Nurture the goodness you have within and allow your Divine self help you create the world around you. You maybe the beacon that shines for others who are struggling. Doing so can help light the way and bring hope to those who need a little encouragement to stand up and get up off their knees.
09/03/2013 The Magician -
Go through all the things you have to do and see what you need to get it done. There's a lot of details that need to be worked out and you need time to gather the information. Don't put things off to the last minute or you may not have time to get what you need in order to get it done on time. Once you know what you need, THEN you can prioritize your to do list and get to it.
08/30/2013 Four of Pentacles - Inverted
Four days of caution and being conservative are at hand. Don't go out and spend more than you have. Don't go out and let someone talk you into doing something you'll regret later. There are plenty of fun free things to do on this last weekend of summer. Look for those and be cautious about who you spend time with this holiday.
08/29/2013 Knight of Pentacles - Inverted
Ambition serves no purpose without goals to achieve.
Goals serve no purpose without plans to reach them.
Plans serve no purpose if you do not work on them.
Work serves no purpose without ambition to feed it.
Don't stay stuck in the mud. Live your dreams!
                                                     ~ Springwolf 🐾
08/28/2013 Ace of Wands -
You are your own beacon who sheds light on the path you tread. Let your inner light shine and trust your instincts to guide you forward. You know where you need to be going and you know what needs to be done to start the journey. Step out of the shadows that others are trying to keep you in, and move forward. Perhaps your light will help them see the way out of the darkness too.
08/27/2013 Five of Wands - Inverted
Make an offer of peace and end the war. You don't like the constant tug of emotions and the only reason the fight continues is because one side or the other refuses to stop the battle. Pride is not worth the expense you're paying in this war. Simply STOP!
08/26/2013 King of Cups -
You rule over your own emotions. Stop blaming others for the way you feel. You made the choices to make assumptions about what others were thinking or doing. It's not their fault if you were not accurate. Take accountability for what you have done and be responsible for the consequences that came as a result of them.
08/23/2013 The Empress - Inverted
What you create and nurture is what you will receive. If you continually see doom, conflict, angst and anger, that's what you will attract into your day and into your life. Be careful what type of self-fulfilling prophecy you create. You may not like it. ~ You might like to read more about this concept in Meditation, Energy & Action - Walking your Talk
08/22/2013 Eight of Pentacles - Inverted
Even if you turn your basket upside down, you won't lose it all. You still have plenty left and many blessings to be thankful for. The more you dwell on what you don't have, the more things will stay the same. Change your thoughts! Stop worrying so much. The Divine IS taking care of you for as long as you're trying to help yourself.
08/21/2013 Eight of Swords -
Stress, strife and anxiety are surrounding everyone today. Be cautious of your instinct to lash out and take it out on others. Your shields to keep negativity away and actually attract more of what you're trying to avoid, if you set them with anger. YOU control your emotions. No one else "makes" you feel a certain way. So take extra care to control them today!
08/20/2013 Ace of Wands - Inverted
Keep your creativity grounded and rooted in your own inspirations. Don't worry about what others are doing or try to copy their work. Trying to hide your efforts does a disservice to your own wisdom and talent. And it could put your ethics in to question. If you are the artist and your work is being claimed by others, it may be a compliment, but don't let them get away with it. It takes away from your hard work and more importantly your reputation.
08/19/2013 Ace of Cups:
Don't get so distracted looking through the window that your emotions over flow. If you want to be noticed, go inside and be part of the party. Your self-doubt is keeping you at bay from others, simply because your fears of the past have moved to the surface. There's really no reason for it. Stop hiding! You might actually have some fun!
08/16/2013 Knave of Cups - Inverted
Fan the flames of desire, you might create the warmth and security you seek. Nothing is just going to fall into your lap out of the sky without any effort from you. Everything worth having, requires a little work on your part. You know what needs to be done, so do it.
As sometimes happens, two cards fell today. Here's the second message for your Friday & Weekend contemplation:

Eight of Cups - Inverted 
Hold yourself in compassion and don't take things too seriously. Even if no one else can see your wings, you know they are there waiting to spread and help you take flight. Let go of the fear and anxiety and allow the wings in your life to fly effortlessly in the breeze;  (be they yours, or upon someone you love).
08/15/2013 Judgement -
Trust your own judgement and blow your own horn. It's not the number of people who know you accomplished a goal. It's making sure the right person knows. That's the difference between confidence and arrogance. Be careful which side of the line you stand on today.  
08/14/2013 The Hanged Fae - Inverted
Playing the part of the fool will not win you influence over those who matter. Be careful how you portray yourself. If you want to be seen as someone who deserves to be respected, then don't be immature and childish. It might be cute for a moment or two, but in the end do you want to be treated as a child?
08/13/2013 Knight of Wands -
Put your energy into magikal creations. Stay focused and harness the creative flow between you and the Divine force in your life. Trust your instincts to allow your imagination to soar with ease. You will solve problems, overcome bumps in the road and fulfill your mission for the day. It's a good day to remember this years motto!
Springwolf Reflections 2013 Motto:

I attract and acquire more happiness and financial abundance than I know what to do with!
08/12/2013 Five of Pentacles -
Crying over spilt milk isn't going to refill your cup. What's gone is in the past and didn't need to be in your life at this time anyway. Be thankful for you still have enough left to germinate the seeds of growth and survive. Stop looking back or you might miss what's in front of you!! Let it go! And clear the way for new and better things to come.
08/09/2013 Three of Swords -
It's going to be a contentious day. Do your best to control your temper and reactions. You're not the only one hurting and struggling with anxiety. Try to keep to yourself and stay away from potential volatile situations. Get some rest over the weekend, even if it means backing out of an adventure.
08/08/2013 Five of Swords -
Don't blame others until you have all the facts and can discover what really occurred. The "high school teen" crowd are showing their immaturity by blowing events out of proportion to get others upset and angry. Don't get sucked into their childish game. Act like the adult you are and think with a level head!
08/07/2013 King of Wands -
Walk your talk today! Be compassionate, caring and supportive. You'll do more for others by being a friend, and treating them the way you wish people would treat you. Accept them for who and what they are. You'll get more from that, than by being the judge and jury.
08/06/2013 Three of Cups -
Emotions swing to happiness and abundance today if you can keep your responses in check. Don't make assumptions and fly off the handle until you discover the whole story and know what's really going on. Don't allow rumor to rule the day.
08/05/2013 Six of Cups -
Go with the flow today and save your energy. Fighting the current will get you no where and only drain you with frustration, anger and anxiety. Things are happening as they should, in their right time and space. Push too hard and you might capsize or get stuck on the rocks. Let the flow take you where you need to be.
08/02/2013 The Tower -
Lightening doesn't strike the same place twice, so make sure you're ready for an opportunity when it arises. It's not luck that will get you in the door. It's being prepared when the moment presents itself. You know what needs to be done. Get to it today and over the weekend.
08/01/2013 Ace of Wands - Inverted
Don't allow the low hanging fruit to limit your reach for something bigger. While those little things might provide instant gratification, they're blocking your view from the bigger picture. Don't let fear hold you back. Take the chance and go for the bigger opportunities. You deserve them!
07/31/2013 Knave of Wands -
Think hard about what you want to create today, for it sets up the events you'll go through for the rest of the year. This is a turning point day. Don't be naive, or childish and think long term about how you want the remainder of the year to go. Be careful what you wish for. You might get it. So be sure it's what you really want.
07/30/2013 Queen of Wands -
Wait till the fall to look back and assess how far you've come. Now is the time to stick to the plan and stay on task. Use your energy to create the magik you're looking for. Success is manifesting more and more each day. So believe in yourself and you'll be able to relax in a few more months.
07/29/2013 The Sun -
The support you have is solid as stone and will nurture you into success. The blood you have spilt has not been for naught. And out of the struggle has been born a gift that will always be yours to treasure. Let your light shine brightly and lead the way for those who are still in the darkness.
07/26/2013 King of Wands -
Being the Boss means making the tough decisions and carrying the weight of the world on your own shoulders. Stop trying to dodge your responsibilities and take control of you life. You can't blame someone else for the things you've failed to do. Get up and get moving.
07/25/2013 The Fool Inverted -
Don't be the fool and allow flowers to grow beneath your feet. You must get up and start moving to get things done. Sitting there and feeling sorry for yourself isn't going to change things or make things happen. Come on, you can do this!
07/24/2013 Seven of Pentacles -
Nurture yourself. Allow your creative energy to find a way of expressing itself. Not only will others be interested in what you create, but it will sustain you through moments of stress and anxiety. It's one of the best ways to change your mindset and outlook from one of negativity to one of positive possibilities.
07/23/2013 Two of Swords -
It takes two to fight. If you remain inside your bubble of protection, the anger and hate from others won't be able to bait you into their trap. And those who want someone to commiserate in their misery won't be able to take you down either. Stay in your shield of strength and focus on your things!
07/22/2013 Queen of Swords - Inverted
Searching for strength? You'll find it within. Pay attention to what's on your plate and keep your nose out of other people's business. You have enough to take care of and deal with. Clear your energy and put a force-field in place, starting from within the center of your being. The negativity and angst will not serve you well today.
07/19/2013 Six of Wands - Inverted
Don't triumph yet, you still have unfinished business to attend to and someone is waiting for you to do it. While you're celebrating, remember what you promised someone else you'd do. Keep the trust others have put in you intact. And remember, in business your reputation is everything. In life, it's the only thing.
07/18/2013 Ace of Swords - Inverted
You cannot triumph over adversity if you're stabbing someone in the heart to do it. Your actions speak louder than words today. Focusing on the "green" monster at the cost of what's really important in your life is not success. Be careful about what you sacrifice. You may not be able to get it back.
07/17/2013 The Chariot -
Searching for balance may lead you in an unexpected direction. It's time to decide if what you want is really what you need. Perhaps it's time to let go of the things that have let you down and move forward to the things that will fulfill your own mission.
07/16/2013 Six of Swords -
The only reason to look back is to see where mistakes were made and learn from them. Stop beating yourself up over what should have been, but wasn't. The guilt will not move you forward, nor will it allow you to be free of the past. Get over it and start making the right moves forward.
07/15/2013 Ace of Pentacles - Inverted
You've nothing to lose, so go for it. Sometimes taking the chance and creating your own opportunity is exactly what the Divine Universe is waiting for you to do. Instead of sitting there and worrying what others are going to do for you, create your own luck and make things happen.
07/12/2013 Ace of Swords -
No relationship is stress or strife free. Stop putting a stake in the ground and expecting others to live up to an expectation that no one can meet. Not even you! True love involves compassion, communication and compromise, especially in times of frustration. Show your strength and be supportive, instead of being stubborn and in-different!.
07/11/2013 Queen of Pentacles - Inverted
You must give a little, in order to receive a lot. What you put out today will return to you in abundance. But only if you're willing to give up something first. You don't have to give away everything, but you do need to put forth a little effort to manifest what you want. It's not going to come simply by wishing for it.
07/10/2013 The Emperor - Inverted
Take a shot in the dark and see what happens. You're ignoring your instincts and that's never a good thing. You know the answer to the question that lay before you. Stop ignoring it and look at it closely! It's not what you think it is. In fact you might discover it's not bad at all!
07/09/2013 Knight of Cups -
Be cautious today, some things you're handling right now could be a double edge sword. Control your emotions and don't let them get away from you. Falling to quickly in love can be as dangerous and flying off the handle and becoming angry. It's important to manage your expectations and maintain an even keel throughout the day and night!
07/08/2013 The Star -
Relax, you have plenty to spare today. Whether you realize it or not, you're shining bright enough to light up the night sky. Those you need to notice you, are taking notice and sending positive and good energy your way. You don't need to search too hard to find the source. But you do need to be ready and prepared when opportunity comes knocking today.
07/01-05 We're on Vacation. Happy Independence Day!!
06/28/2013 Ten of Pentacles -
Abundance is afoot today and through the weekend. Take stock of what you have and stop focusing on what you lack. Your blessings will sustain you and things will work out as they should. Try not to worry as the Divine in your life is working to help makes things right.
06/27/2013 Temperance - Inverted
The winds of change are upon you. Stop fighting so hard to keep things the way they were. That old energy does not serve you well today. Open your arms and allow the breeze to fill your wings and lift you up to where you need to be. Let go of the anchors of the past and soar to new heights.
06/26/2013 Four of Pentacles -
Be content today. Your baskets are full of abundance of the most important kind. Friendship and love tops that list. But watch out for those who are jealous of what you have. They're looking forward to seeing you struggle. Don't give into their diversion or take the bait to fight or argue with them. They're really not worth your time.
06/25/2013 Ten of Cups - Inverted
Don't look to others for your happiness, you won't find it there. Even when the world is trying to turn things upside down, you are responsible for your own feelings. Look within yourself for the spark of laughter, creativity to manifest your dreams and inspiration to build your own abundance. It's up to you to care for you, not someone else.
06/24/2013 Knight of Wands - Inverted
Your gut feelings and inspirations are turned upside down today. Stop worrying about what your fears are telling you and remember the insights you acquired at the end of last week. Success is happening, even if you can't see or feel it right now. The Divine is working to manifest your dreams, so you need to keep working on them too!
06/21/2013 The World - Inverted
Take some time to care for your garden and add a little energy to nurture and feed it. Your dreams and plans will only realize manifestation if you work on them. They're not going to appear out of thin air from thought and visualization alone. You will have to get your hands dirty too.
06/20/2013 The Hermit - Inverted
Reach within and find your own light. Don't try to be like someone else, it will only take you away from the path you're meant to travel. You have your own light that's meant to guide your way out of the darkness. Stop hiding it and pushing it down beneath the service. Reach within yourself and allow your light to shine with pride and glory.
06/19/2013 King of Swords -
Strength and fortitude will win the day. That doesn't mean you must use brawn to exert your muscles. It takes a good deal of intelligence and wisdom to be the leader that solves conflict without a physical fight. But if you control your temper and work through the discord, you will be the victor in more ways than seem apparent today.
06/18/2013 Four of Swords - Inverted
Relax, you're not alone. Someone is always watching over you from spirit and trying to support you through your day. In times of stress and anxiety, all you need to do is clam down, close your eyes and talk to them. The hard part is trusting your instincts and being willing to listen to what they say with an open mind. Sometimes, the answer is "no" for a reason.
06/17/2013 The Devil -
You're being followed by someone who wants you all to themselves. Be cautious what invitations to accept. The diversion might be flattering, but the results can get you into some hot water and derail your plans. You've worked very hard recovering from past events that tried to bring you down. Don't throw all that away for a simple smile or batting of the eyes. Their selfish desires might be your undoing.
06/14/2013 The Star -
Relax and share your search with those of like mind. It's a good time to share what you've learned and learn from others along the way. Being open to other perspectives helps you nurture those who are struggling, but it also helps you wade through the flow of knowledge and discover new food for thought. Don't let fear be your guide. Instead, let the Star light help you see what else is out there in the Divine Universe.
06/13/2013 Six of Wands - Inverted
Be careful what..and who.. you step on to get to the top. The wake you leave behind will affect those behind you. But it can also stir up consequences that can cause you great problems as you move forward on your path. Sacrificing everything to get what you want is a very high price to pay. And in the end, it's never worth it. So be careful what you're willing to give up in order to get what you think you want.
06/12/2013 The Magician - Inverted
Are you feeling overwhelmed because so many things are up in the air and out of your control? Then stop trying to control everything and allow yourself to focus on what's important to you and within your control. Make a list and divide the tasks by what you have control over and what you don't. Then prioritize what you can handle and what you must wait on. Start on the list you have control over and what's the most important priority.
06/11/2013 Temperance - Inverted
Go with the flow and let the water take you where it may. You may find yourself flowing to greater success by doing so. Allow the flow to bend around those who are in angst. Allow it to pass quickly by those who are negative. Allow it to wash over you, taking away your own frustrations and stress. Allow yourself to simply "be" and enjoy the beauty of the world around you.
06/10/2013 Queen of Cups - Inverted
Sometimes even the Queen needs to hide beneath the lily pads and let others take care of business. A fog hovers over the day and it's not a time to think through big decisions. Do what absolutely must need to be done.  But let the rest wait until tomorrow. Take care of yourself today, be gentile with your physical body and keep it from injury or over work.
06/07/2013 The Hermit -
Light your own way and you'll find the right path for you. Following others can lead you away from where you need, and truly want to be. It's your life and you must take accountability and responsibility for it. So stop being the follower of the group and taking orders from someone who doesn't have your best interest at heart. Carry your own lantern and find where it leads you.
06/06/2013 Ten of Swords - Inverted
Don't let the little wounds overwhelm you today. You don't have to be what others say you are. Be who you want to be and who you aspire to become. No one else has walked in your shoes or knows all the details about what you've been through, except you. So don't let them define who you are today or in the future.  And don't let their hurtful words get into your consciousness.
06/05/2013 Two of Pentacles -
Walking the path alone may mean the burdens are harder to carry. But if you don't give into their struggle you will grow stronger. Don't allow the perspectives of others to put you down or demean your confidence. You have endured where many others would have failed. Allow your strength to carry your load and reap the benefits as the bounty expands and grows. It's your reward, you should be the one who decides what happens with it.
06/04/2013 Five of Pentacles -
It's a good day to catch up on some needed rest or put some energy toward your dreams. Whether through a nap or focused meditation, close your eyes and visualize the details surrounding what you want most today. When you're done, take a little time to write it down and draw up some plans for making it happen in reality. You know what you need to do. Today is the day to get to it!
06/03/2013 The Magician -
It's not always good to be an open book. Sometimes you need to hide things to keep them safe from those too young to understand, or those who wish to do you harm. Knowledge and information are powerful weapons that need to be guarded. And a little sleight of hand can keep your mystery alive. It may also make you interesting and intriguing.
05/31/2013 Nine of Pentacles -
Find the joy and comfort in snuggling with those you love. The most important blessings in your life are the ones that cost you nothing but emotion, patience and love. Extend a little compassion for others and the stresses they have on their shoulders. Together your little family will make it through the challenges of the weekend. 
05/30/2013 Nine of Swords -
Even during stress and strife there's a silver lining. Look for the higher purpose and find the strength behind its message to endure. How you perceive your situation depends on how wounded you will allow yourself to become. You can be restricted, or you can be harmed on a deeper level. The choice is up to you.
05/29/2013 Three of Pentacles - 
Abundance comes in threes. Feed your mind with knowledge, so you can attain wisdom. Feed your body with good food, so you can attain health. Feed your soul with love, so you can attain inner peace. When you take care of yourself, you have more abundance to share with those around you.
05/28/2013 King of Swords - Inverted
Strife rules the day, but don't put all your cards on the table. Keep a few of your weapons secret for another time. Others are underestimating you and that will be their down fall. But only if you hold some of your strength  in reserve for later, when it's really going to matter most.
05/27/2013 Happy Memorial Day!
05/24/2013 Queen of Cups - Inverted
Even through worry and stress there are things to bring you joy. If you allow the anxiety and emotions of others to rule over your day, you lose the abundance of spirit you've managed to keep alive within you. The material things will not bring you happiness. But the connection of friendship and compassion will carry you through the day and weekend.
05/23/2013 The Devil - Inverted
Something is creeping up behind you and if you don’t watch for it, it’s going to get you. It’s ok to walk a path of positive energy, but that doesn't mean you can ignore reality. You can’t wish or pray your problems away. It takes attention and action to deal with the challenges in life.
05/22/2013 Five of Wands -
You may receive a surprise today. Be careful that it doesn't have strings attached. You may not want to pay the price for what, on the surface, looks like a very nice gift. Consider the source and  don't be afraid of saying "no thank you".
05/21/2013 The Sun - Inverted
In dark times it's easy to worrying about the dogs biting at your heels. But they're not really there, you're only assuming the worst. If you continue to view things with pessimism, you'll create what you fear most. Instead, shine your light on the problem and you'll see the solution. 
05/20/2013 Five of Swords - Inverted
Don't let the stress, strife and struggle break you apart. Everyone is doing everything they can to deal with the current situation. It's not their fault, it's not your fault so don't keep trying to place blame where it doesn't belong.
05/17/2013 Five of Pentacles - Inverted
Don't spend your purse until you're sure it's full. The promise of finance is only that; a promise. Patience is hard right now because of the long dry spell. But you must wait until the promise has been fulfilled before you start spending your new found wealth! You might find yourself in a deeper hole that you didn't count on.
05/16/2013 Nine of Cups -
A hug can go along way to helping you get through the challenges. It takes two of you to put up a good fight. Together you will triumph against your adversaries and find happiness. But it takes both sides to balance the work and help each other out.
05/15/2013 Death -
You're not dead yet so stop acting like you are. You have much left to do to complete your mission. Some of that involves learning lessons and paying karma. But it also involves redeeming what is owed to you. If you stop living now, you'll never know what could have been. So don't give up yet!
05/14/2013 The Tower -
Be the calm that rises out of the chaos. Others are allowing their fear to put them into panic mode. They're not thinking clearly and not looking at the long term effects of the situation. You can be the glue that holds things together by using your fear to feed your strength and not your emotions. Even in darkness there is light and growth. Don't let the anger, fear and trepidation rule your path.
05/13/2013 The Priestess - Inverted
Sometimes seeing the small things means you’re missing the bigger picture. Everyone reacts to immense stress in different ways. Some run away, some retreat within, some fall apart before your eyes and others throw themselves into what’s before them and block out the situations causing anxiety. Don’t judge others by what YOU do. It’s not fair to them, or you.
05/10/2013 Five of Swords -
Don't blame others who have nothing to do with your problem. They can't fix it. Rumors are swirling around like a Tornado. But as with all rumors, they're rarely accurate or true. If you have an issue with someone, it's best to ask them directly instead of helping to spread the falsehoods. Whether their good or bad, lies can harm people and reputations through unknown consequences. Don't be part of chaos. Be part of the solution.
05/09/2013 The Priest - Inverted
Relax, there's nothing you can do. You're not in control of what's going on or the solution to correct it. Be patient, things will work out as they should.  Heal the inner spirit and be the one in control of your own thoughts and actions. No one can take that away from you, unless you give it to them.
05/08/2013 Six of Cups - Inverted
Don't bend over backwards to make things easy for someone who's trying to keep you down. You could be tricked into doing their work and getting none of the credit. Make sure you do what you must do, but keep the extra effort for projects you know you'll reap the rewards from. And don't forget to toot your own horn when you get the opportunity.
05/07/2013 Wheel of Fortune - Inverted
Let things come full circle today. One chapter will end and a new one will begin. It's not starting over! So don't worry about getting knocked down! This time, you'll be able to apply what you have learned, make better choices and look at situations from a different angle. Your wisdom and experience will shine in ways that bring about positive growth and illumination. As well as, an easier path that moves you forward.
05/06/2013 Knight of Cups - Inverted
You already hold the key to Emotions, Happiness and Abundance. They're beneath the surface and within you. Stop searching for what you desire on the battlefield. All you will find there is more waste and turmoil. There's no need to fight with those around you. Let it go.
05/03/2013 Strength -
Don't rest on the thoughts of others, they haven't walked in your shoes and have no idea what challenges you've faced. You can't make decisions or base your actions on the box someone else tries to fit you into. It's your responsibility to define who and what you are. Stand up and take control of your own thoughts.
05/02/2013 The Fool -
Spread your wings and fly. You have the ability to be successful, but you must allow your inner self to heal and believe it. Stop doubting your ability and your skill. Stand with confidence and put forth the work to do the job you were meant to do. Only you can set up the barriers that keep you from success.
05/01/2013 Ace of Cups -
Your cup runneth over with healing and compassion. Believe it or not, success surrounds you as the sun rises today.  Take a little time to celebrate and let go of the stress you've been hanging onto. Don't worry about the tears of joy, you've earned the right to shed them.
04/30/2013 Three of Wands - Inverted
is a foot, but that doesn't mean you don't need to study and be prepared for what's coming. Just the opposite! Make sure you're putting in the work to reap the rewards of your efforts. It's not enough to be in the right place at the right time, you must also know what to do with the opportunity when it comes!
04/29/2013 Two of Cups - Inverted
What's good for the Goose is good for the Gander. Remember, relationships are about give and take. Don't be the side that only takes and gives nothing back. Words are wonderful things, but they only have meaning when they're backed up with actions. The key to a long lasting relationship is holding the utmost respect for the one you're with. Even when they're not there with you.
04/26/2013 The Emperor -
You aren't always in control of what goes on around you. But you are in control of how you react to it. It's hard not to let the emotions of the day overwhelm you. But try not to let it get you into a funk. How you think creates how you feel and you can't afford to be sick right now.
04/25/2013 Knight of Cups -
A Knight is always vigilant, not only for danger but also for opportunities. Keep a watch out today and for the rest of the week. You may be conducting both a battle with an old foe and business with new connections. Be prepared and you’ll be able to take advantage of a lucky situation.
04/24/2013 Seven of Wands - Inverted
Things are looking up if you're willing to accept the compassion from unlikely sources. But be careful of those who simply want to ride on your coat tails. They may not deserve the extra effort on your part to pull them along. Nor should they be trusted for the long haul ahead.
04/23/2013 Wheel of Fortune - Inverted
Someone behind the scenes is undermining your progress. Be careful who you trust at this time. As others reap in the rewards, they are allowing weeds to grow over your progression and threatening your future. Their words are betraying their actions.
04/22/2013 The Priestess -
The day is filled with healing from within. Only your perspective can determine how successful you can become. If you hold the anger and frustration within, you'll fall flat today and limit the possibilities. Allow your heart to heal and be open to the opportunities of the day. Otherwise, you may miss something you've been longing to hear.
04/19/2013 Ten of Pentacles -
Share the abundance of heart and home with those you care for. It's not what money buys that they want from you. It's the quality of your time and attention. They need to know you're listening and actually hearing what they have to say, even if it's mindless chit chat. Everyone needs someone to talk to.
04/18/2013 Six of Cups -
Keep dreaming, but if you want them to come true you'll have to work for them. That might mean working on something you don't want to do for now. But that doesn't mean you can't put focus and energy into planning your dream today.
04/17/2013 Two of Pentacles -
Be cautious about the choices you make for nourishment. Whither it be food or food for thought, you need to make healthy choices today. You instinctively know what you need, so listen to that inner voice and avoid the things (or people) who are bad for you. Tomorrow, you'll be glad you did.
04/16/2013 The Emperor -
You are the ruler of your domain and it's up to you to create a shield of protection over what's yours. That doesn't mean lashing out at others for being near you, or offering assistance. You must practice judgment with balanced fairness; not with unfounded rumor. The later could get you in hot water. Show compassion and wisdom and you'll be successful in winning the day.
04/15/2013 Nine of Cups -
Practice what you preach and show compassion to someone in need. A little hug can go a long way to helping someone making it through tough times. We all need to feel connected and part of something. So when someone lashes out at you for no reason, it could be because they're struggling with something greater than you may know.
04/12/2013 King of Pentacles -
It's lonely at the top, but remember you asked to be here. You can't go back and you can't change what's already been done. All you can do is keep moving forward one step at a time. You know what to do and what needs to be done. Just get to it and you'll find the rewards you're hoping for very soon. Believe in yourself; even when no one else does! 
04/11/2013 Seven of Swords -
Feed the strength within and allow it to grow and carry you through the challenges of the day. Blue is the color of pride, adoration and dedication. Spend time nurturing your self pride, the adoration for the world around you and your dedication to higher purpose.  You have a choice to focus on the thorns in the garden, or the flowers that share their beauty with the world. Focus on the blooms in "your" garden. 
04/10/2013 Knave of Cups -
Sit pretty and you'll be noticed. It's not always the squeaky wheel that gets the attention. But then again the attention they get isn't really what's desired. When are content with who you are within yourself, others take notice. You may even get some unexpected attention that promises to be beneficial to your day, and maybe even your year.
04/09/2013 Queen of Cups - Inverted
Keep cool as best you can today. Don't let the weather, the lack of sleep or others bait you into a heated conflict. It's not worth your time or effort. Sit back and focus on your own thing. They may get even more angry at you, but that's ok. You don't have to take on their problems, especially when they're not yours to begin with.
04/08/2013 Ace of Pentacles -
Your basket is filling up, but don't put everything all in one basket. Make sure you save some seedlings for planting, put some away for safe keeping, use some for what needs to be taken care of, and keep some for a little fun too. The fun is equally important, as it spreads abundance around and encourages new things to grow.
03/29/2013  There's no drawing today and next week. We're on vacation. Have a great spring break!
03/28/2013 King of Cups - 
You are the master of your own domain. What you decide to do with it is your choice. Don't let others push you around, or force you to do something you otherwise would not do. Take control of your own destiny.
03/27/2013 The Star - Inverted - 
Put out your buckets and catch the rain that flows your way. There will be more where that came from. Don't be afraid to dip your toe in. You probably don't want to go all in, keep some of your resources in reserve. But you can fill your cups and make it through the week if you take advantage of the opportunities of the day.
03/26/2013 Strength -
Don't give up on everything yet. You have endured much more and a lot worse than this. Today is simply another day that the Divine is trying to push you in the direction you need to be going. Try to go with the flow instead of fighting every step of the way.
03/25/2013 Ten of Pentacles - Inverted
Ration what you have and you'll have what you need. Now is not the time to splurge or waste your resources.   ...that's it.
03/22/2013 Ten of Wands -
You maybe feeling restricted today and not able to do anything. Try not to worry too much. The Universe is trying to hold you steady while the wands of magik are working hard to manifest the plans you've put into place. Don't dwell on "too little too late". Rather find contentment in "Every thing happens in its right time and space".
03/21/2013 Ace of Pentacles -
A Divine star is shining over your basket today. Abundance is all around you, all you need do is open your eyes and see it. You don't have to search for it, you don't have to wait for its arrival. It's already there. The question is, which kind of abundance do you place more value upon? The material kind, or the abundance of spirit, family and friends?
03/20/2013 King of Swords - Inverted
Take time to acknowledge the change in seasons. On this day of the vernal equinox, remember how much you've come through and how strong you've become. You've fought hard, you've won battles and you're retaking control over your life and moving in the direction you desire. That deserves some recognition and celebration.
03/19/2013 Six of Pentacles -
When you share your gifts with others, they will share their abundance with you. You've said many times, what you put out - you receive back. But have you been sending out the best of intentions, positive energy, compassion and kindness? If you want these things in your life, you must give them freely to those around you.
03/18/2013 Justice -
Blind faith can deceive and hamper your journey. Make sure you investigate the facts before you make decisions based on one persons word. You may find they are being dishonest and trying to take advantage of your kindness. Rose colored glasses can help you look for the good in all people, but they shouldn't stop you from seeing the tarnish that can eat away at your heart.
03/15/2013 Four of Pentacles - Inverted
Please don't fret, there's abundance in your pocket. All you need to do is believe in yourself. With a little turn of the wheel you can create the bountiful harvest you seek. Don't give up or take your eye off the work you've already done. It's coming to fruition and it won't arrive too late.
03/14/2013 Knight of Wands -
You've fought the war, now take some time to rest a bit. There's no need to continue the fight when the only one you're fighting is yourself. Let go of the anger, frustration and worry.  If you want the battles to be over, you must start acting like they are. You're only attracting more of the same and prolonging a war that doesn't need to be fought in the first place.
03/13/2013 Five of Wands -
Gifts from nature are coming your way. Be on the look out for an unexpected event. Something you've planned for, but didn't expect is about to make its presence known. Be receptive and appreciative. Don't let a bad mood reject the gesture or miss out on the opportunity. Wands tell us it's a day of magik and creation! Make it a positive magikal creation in your world.
03/12/2013 Six of Cups -
Put some thought into your magik ball and you can find the answer that creates the desired result. You have the knowledge within you. All you need to do is stop scattering your thoughts and avoiding the task. Knuckle down today and contemplate what the real problem is and allow your spiritual consciousness guide you to the solution.
03/11/2013 The Priestess - Inverted
Let the healing begin. Only you can make you happy, so smile and start doing it. It's only through compassion of the soul that we can help our inner child heal. Stop being so hard on yourself and forgive the mistakes of the past. Look within and give yourself a small token of compassion. Perhaps a pink rose or warm bubble bath, maybe one piece of chocolate to celebrate YOU.
03/08/2013 Three of Cups -
Have some compassion for yourself, your whole self (mind/body/spirit). Being honest with yourself to change negative patterns or thinking doesn't mean you must be overly critical. Feeling guilty is simply another form of negative thinking. Show some kindness and acceptance, smile, laugh and begin a new perspective to heal old wounds. Fill your cups with love of self.
03/07/2013 Death -
Life is filled with cycles that start and end on a regular basis. Each chapter brings opportunity for growth and a chance to gain a step closer to enlightenment. The future is not something to be feared simply because you're closing the past. Some of the things behind you, need to be left there for your own good. Shed a tear and move on.
03/06/2013 Knave of Pentacles - Inverted
It's ok to hide out a little today and sneak some special healthy treats for yourself. Whither its fruit or a long quiet bubble bath, you deserve the playful time. Do a little dreaming, smile and make up a fanciful tale about faeries and flying. Whatever your happy relaxation is..sneak a little of it into your day.
03/05/2013 Five of Pentacles - Inverted
Worry and sadness are emotions that attract negativity. If you continue to see what you don't have you will stay in a state of lack. Stop the self-pity and start walking your talk! Giving your beliefs lip service will not serve your path or your future. Pull in change for the better by living the principles you preach to others!
03/04/2013 Judgment - Inverted
Toot your own horn with confidence. Don't let the nay-sayer's get you down and disrupt the good feelings. You know who you are when you look in the mirror. You know how far you've come. Be cautious of boasting, of too much ego; but allow yourself to be different and proud of yourself. 
03/01/2013 Knave of Swords – Inverted
Look at things from a different angle and you’ll find some new perspectives that make things fun and happy through the weekend. It’s ok to be a little silly and child-like from time to time. Everything has its right time and place. Even play and relaxation. Life doesn't have to be filled with serious issues all the time! Set some time in your schedule to spend some relaxation with those you love. And with yourself!
02/28/2013 Eight of Swords -
It's not a day for play as you're tied up with details. There is much on your plate, but don't worry so much about the clock. You'll get it all done and all for the better. The key is to keep focused and don't let the accumulation of tasks create stress. You really do have time to get it all done.
02/27/2013 The Devil - 
Be careful of your thoughts today. What you think matters as much as what you say and do. You don't have to speak the angry or mean words to give them energy. You're thoughts will do that all on their own. Only they won't harm what or who you're thinking about. Instead they'll be detrimental to your own inner self. Change your thoughts and you'll change your day.
02/26/2013 Ace of Wands - Inverted
You can ground yourself to the center of the earth and find the energy to light your life from within. Shining as a beacon that others want to be around. Setting a strong root that will support you through the dark times as they ebb in flow in life. Or you can hide in the shadows, expecting others to make you happy and finding yourself alone in the darkness. Only You can make You happy.
02/25/2013 Three of Cups -
You'll find strength in threes today. Be it three friends, a family of three, the three aspects of self (mind/body/spirit) or a combination of these three. Things are not as bad as you're fearing them to be. You will be able to celebrate in March, simply be cautious until it gets here.
02/22/2013 Five of Cups - Inverted
Be careful over the weekend not to let your emotions get the best of you. You're liable to let the self-pity create an emotional situation that isn't warranted. Don't try false means to improve your out look either. Keep your abundance in your cups for safe keeping and find other ways to turn that gloomy mood around.
02/21/2013 Seven of Pentacles -
Go for  the low hanging fruit first. Don't spin your wheels trying to grab the big prize and run out of resources while you're reaching. Take note of the little events that occur all around you during the day. They may bring unexpected opportunities that help you grab the little successes that are hanging all around you. They will keep you going as things pick up and carry you to the bigger rewards down the road.
02/20/2013 Seven of Cups - Inverted
Caution is warranted today. Listen to your instincts. Someone with unclear motives is watching you from the shadows. Don't spend your time trying to look into your crystal ball and ignore what's around you. Doing so might cause you to miss the signs of danger. Change things up today. Take some work to lunch and get some things done out of your office.  Take a different road home, have tea with a friend, or go for a walk through the mall. Get out of your head, and into your body.
02/19/2013 The World -
Be proud of your crowning achievement. It's your legacy to the world. Whither it's your children, something you've created, or even your reputation among your family, friends and piers. You have worked so hard to create your legacy. Use it as your strength to stand tall and persevere.
02/18/2013 The Magician - Inverted
As above so below. If you're scattered in your thinking, you'll be scattered in your actions. It maybe hard to focus today. Be careful! That may create a problem for tomorrow that will be more difficult to solve. Take some time to get grounded and organize your thinking. If you do, you'll turn the mess into magik!
02/15/2013 Queen of Wands - Inverted
Set your sights on the fall and primarily October. All the work you're doing will come to fruition and you'll finally feel like things have turned around. That doesn't mean you need to worry about things till then. Just the opposite. Know that you have a little more to do in order for everything to be fully manifested.
02/14/2013 Ten of Pentacles -
Abundance is all around you today. And not just the money kind either. Enjoy the companionship of family and friends. Mark the day with an act of love and allow the abundance of compassion and caring to fill you up. Share your love with that special someone, be that your parents, your kids, your extended family or your animal family members. Love comes in many forms and each one can be that special berry that puts a smile on your face!
02/13/2013 Ten of Wands -
Let your inspiration feed your magik today. Take time to think things through and you'll easily find the solution to untie the bindings that are holding you captive. Your frustrations are keeping you from seeing the path ahead and taking the right cross-road. So relax. It's going to be ok. You will find the way through the dark forest.
02/12/2013 Ten of Swords - Inverted
You are surrounded by love, even if you don't feel you are. You're allowing your own inner criticisms to cut new wounds and open old ones. As you allow your thoughts to spin through your mind, you wrap the vine of self punishment tighter and tighter. Keep doing that and it's going to be hard for anyone to help you get free.
02/11/2013 Eight of Swords - Inverted
Stress and anxiety plague the day as you struggle against the ties that bind you. Remember that what you want, you must give to others. Keeping your nose to the grind stone may have adverse effects on what's really important in your life. Be cautious. Someone is calling out for your attention. You may have noticed, you may have listened; but did you really hear.
02/08/2013 The Emperor - Inverted
You’re doing a great job holding yourself up and holding on. The effort is making you stronger. So why are you so down on yourself and doubting your efforts today? Spread your wings and soar on the wind of change that’s filling the sky around you. Look over your domain and take in the view of where you used to be and how far you've come. It may just re-energize your day.
02/07/2013 Six of Wands -
Creativity and magik are all around you today, so pay attention and take advantage of it. Don’t let the mood of others limit your desires or actions. Jealousy is an ugly thing and keeps people from looking within to see the real underlying issues they are holding onto. You can’t learn those lessons for them. And you can’t allow their baggage to weigh you down.
02/06/2013 Nine of Cups -
Don't expect others to know you care simply by being present. It's not the words that say I care, it's the actions. Take some time to let those around you know you care about them and what they're going through. Or you're glad they're in your life to share your experiences. You don't need a big bouquet of flowers, a diamond ring or fancy dinner to show your appreciation. Sometimes a hug will do.
02/05/2013 Death -
The end of a chapter in your life is closing. Don't be so afraid of the changes that you make it a long drawn out death. Let it go in peace and be open to the new possibilities. Better things are arriving and you want to be ready and open for them to begin. Don't fear the future, you're being guided to where you need to be and where you are needed.
02/04/2013 Eight of Cups - Inverted
Look through the veil of fantasy and bring your attention back to reality. Living too high in the clouds can cloud your view and your judgement. Stop avoiding the cups around you and focus on filling them. They’re only empty because you choose to them that way.
02/01/2013 Knight of Cups -
The honored warrior doesn't start the fight, but they do defend the innocent. You don’t have to lash out at others who aren't part of the battle. Your anger and emotions need to be controlled and directed toward the just cause. Taking on everything that lies before you will deplete your forces, affect those who have no weapon on the battlefield and could cause more harm than good. No one said you have to be a punching bag. But make sure you know who your enemy is and direct your actions and words accordingly.
01/31/2013 Two of Cups - Inverted
Too little to late doesn't solve the overall issue. Beneath the gesture of appeasement is a measure of disrespect that got you to this point to begin with. It’s great when someone says they care about you, or they love you; but if the actions aren't there to back it up is it really what they claim it to be? Be cautious of what you say, if your actions aren't there to back it up. You may lose more than a few moments of your time or a measure of frustration.
01/30/2013 The Priestess - 
Be in control of your own life. Raise your conscious view into the spiritual super consciousness and discover what lies before you with clarity and foresight. You have the ability to see what's coming and understand the why behind the event(s). Doing this provides you the insight to alter what needs to be corrected or empower what needs to be strengthened to create a positive outcome.
01/29/2013 Eight of Cups - Inverted
Fan the blossoms of success and allow healing from the past to continue. Pay attention to the world around you today. Take note that even though things are upside down, your blessings are not falling out of your baskets. Trust in the flow of spirit. Let go and Let the Divine in your life work miracles. By holding on in fear, you are holding back the future you seek. LET GO!
01/28/2013 The Priest - Inverted
You can climb the mountain and see nothing but the struggle. Or you can climb the mountain and take time to see the beautiful vistas. Everything happens for a reason, even if we don’t see what the reason is. But your perspective determines how easy or hard the path you tread will be.
01/25/2013 Knave of Cups -
Sit pretty and smile. Someone special is watching you. Your beauty comes from within and it shines through your actions, words and deeds. If others can see that within you, why can't you see it too? Stop the negative talk and put the insulting recording on delete! You don't need to hear it and it isn't true anyway. Time to start loving who you are, inside and out!!
01/24/2013 Temperance - Inverted
Be cautious not to get drunk in the overwhelming emotions of the moment. You have done much to change your path toward a positive direction. If you release the anger and let it all flow freely; you're liable to undo all that has been accomplished.
01/23/2013 Knight of Swords -
Stake your ground and don't let others push you away from what you've already achieved. You can stand up for yourself without being aggressive or physical.  Ignoring the fight will not make it go away and in some cases it could make it worse. Have enough compassion and respect for yourself to defend what you've worked to achieve.
01/22/2013 Eight Of Cups -
The compassion you show others will help your own inner healing. Remember what you express to those around you, you will receive in return. Let go of the negative feelings of hardship and turmoil. Allow the caring you have for the world, a chance to come back to you in your time of need. Be open to the gifts and they will find their way to you.
01/21/2013 Four of Swords -
Stress, strife and anxiety aren't the only characteristics from the Swords. So is strength, endurance, and fortitude. Which emotion you experience is totally up to you. You can allow the negativity to overwhelm you and zap you of your energy. Or you can rest upon love and compassion and find strength in the things that truly have value in your life. It's your choice.
01/18/2013 Knight of Pentacles - Inverted
Take a little time to rest and count your blessings. You're not lacking as much as you think you are. A knight needs to make assessments about what's not important and what's really worth fighting for. Some things are better to let go of to move forward. While other things need your attention to keep or maintain.
01/17/2013 Temperance - Inverted
The wings of change are blowing in your direction, but you must have patience. Too much of anything right now is going to destroy what you've worked so hard to achieve. You're not the only one who is looking for success. Those that will help you along your path are working on aspects of theirs. When all is in place, your paths will cross and success will come in abundance. But you must persevere and hang on while the paths spin and wind their way forward.
01/16/2013 Nine of Wands -
Be patient while things are tied up. If you try to go to fast, you're liable to over commit and destroy the opportunities ahead. Be patient and let the Divine Universe manifest what's right for you in the right time and place. Wait for what you need, instead of pushing for what you want. Allow the wands you have created to work their magik.
01/15/2013 Knave of Wands -
Some conscious relaxation will be beneficial for you today. Close the door, turn out the lights, sit in the shadow of the mushrooms and stare out the window for 5 or 10 minutes. Allow your thoughts to escape the to do list and you'll be able to discover some innovative ideas that solve the questions at hand. Imagination is the key to creation.
01/14/2013 King of Cups -
Follow your gut feelings today and don't over think the situation at hand. Accept what it is and listen to your inner voice. You're reading too much into the little events and placing your own fears upon what you think others have said or done. Stop listening with your anxiety and start hearing with your own Divine senses.
01/11/2013 Knave of Cups - Inverted
Get your tail moving and fan the wind of change. You're the only one who can cast away the gloom and doom. If you want sunny skies, than allow your self to be the light that shines for others. Dread and anxiety will only keep you in the dark and things are not as bad as you think they are. So smile, it's not only good for you; it's contagious too.
01/10/2013 Queen of Wands - Inverted
Creativity and magik are being replaced by worry and anxiety. Don't abandon everything you believe in simply because the struggles are hard. Sometimes things are tough because you're fighting the inevitable. It's looking at what you want, but not seeing what you need. It's time to change the view and focus on what you can change, and let go of what you can't.
01/09/2013 Four of Pentacles - Inverted
It may seem like you're gathering one fruit for your basket as someone else is taking it out. It's hard to get ahead right now, but you're not looking at the bigger picture. Things aren't falling out of your basket now. Instead, they're moving up and coming back. It may not seem like it today, but things are changing for the better under the scene. Don't give up yet!
01/08/2013 Five of Swords -
Don't allow the anxiety and stress to turn you into a weeping two faced flower. It's ok to say "I don't know". It's not something to be ashamed of. It takes a great deal of courage to ask for help and humility to admit you don't know everything. Be cautious of those who show you one thing to your face in order to gain your compassion. They maybe stabbing you in the back, as soon as you turn around.
01/07/2013 Ace of Wands -
Be a beacon that lights the way and you will attract the passion of others to join your cause. There is strength in numbers, but someone must stand out front and lead the way. Though it may feel lonely and sometimes it can be scary when you feel there's no one else to lean on; remember you are never alone.
01/04/2013 Seven of Wands - Inverted
Compassion eases the beast of anger and negativity. You can react to those who are angry and frustrated by sharing their emotions; or you can ease their pain by showing compassion. If you join in their suffering, you will only extend their emotions into your world and create problems you don't want or need. If you attempt to show compassion, hold out a hand and lift them up; you may find you're picking yourself up as well.
01/03/2013 Seven of Pentacles - Inverted
Stop scratching at the little irritations around you, it's only your frustrations at work. You're liable to make those little things into something big that will fester and cause bigger problems. Instead look beyond the stress and see what you want for your day as if it's already here and you're already living it. Don't let the stress win the day, rather allow the love and compassion for self to rule!
01/02/2013 The Tower - Inverted
Your roots grow deep and provide strength and stability to all that you do. Allow the fire beneath you to inspire your passion and your dreams. This blaze of energy can be tapped into at any time, from anywhere and provide you with the electricity to empower all your actions and deeds. Use it and create the year you desire from the very beginning.

Happy New Year

Forget resolutions you may not keep.
Each year Spring creates a Motto to carry us through the year and
remind us what we're striving to become each and every day.

The 2013 Motto
I attract more happiness and financial abundance
than I know what to do with.
And So It Is!

May 2013 Bring You All The Blessings, Love & Happiness
You So Richly Deserve!!






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