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Daily Tarot Meditation Drawing Archive
Tarot Meditation
Each week day we share a Tarot Card and Message to contemplate during your daily meditation. We began our daily drawing on December 1, 2009. Here we provide an online archive of those drawings. Each week day we share a Tarot Card and Message to contemplate during your daily meditation. We share the publication of our messages on our social media sites. You'll find a list of those on our Tarot Meditation page. Pick your favorite and stay connected with us.
You can gain more insight into today's drawing on Spring's Blog page too. She shares more of the message and an image of today's card. You can add your own thoughts and see what others are saying as well. Visit Springwolf Reflections today.  

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~ 2012 Daily Tarot Archive ~
Daily Tarot Meditation Card & Message
Our last drawing for 2012 will be Friday, December 21. 
We wish everyone a wonderful, happy and joyful Holiday Season!
12/21/2012 Death - Inverted
It's the end of the year and time to make way for new beginnings. Don't spend time trying to keep one foot in the past. You will only continue the struggles. Lift your feet and allow yourself to fall out of the negative flow of energy that's been hovering around like a thick mist. The air is much clearer beneath the surface.
12/20/2012 The Priest -
Put on a brave face today and not only will you fool others, but you'll fool yourself into a good mood as well. Turn your day around from stress and sorrow to relief and glee. It will inspire others, and start the energy to recovery for yourself as well. Allow the healing to start with you.
Things will not change by osmosis. It will take effort on your part. If you're struggling and filled with anxiety or sorrow, take a little time to read Meditation, Energy and Action. Put your beliefs and your strengths into practice and manifest the day you want to have.
12/19/2012 Nine of Cups - Inverted
Don't allow adversity to pull you away from those who are closest to you. It's not their fault things have happened the way they have. So why are you taking your anger out on them? Now more than ever you should be leaning on each other and helping each other find the strength to endure, improvise, adapt and overcome!

Remember to put your beliefs into practice: 5 Minute Alignment Meditation - connect to the Divine in your life for strength, insight and the creative energy to overcome any issue you face.
12/18/2012 Knight of Pentacles - Inverted
It's easy to become weary from battles and want to pull away from everything and everyone. But others depend on you and need you to persevere. You asked to be the warrior and protector; now is the time to stand up in that role and be what you've wanted to be. You are stronger than you think you are. So don't give up and run away.
12/17/2012 Strength
Find Strength in the compassion and love around you. Allow healing to begin from within. Don't push others away and try to walk this road alone. It's too easy to become lost and give up. It's to easy to fall into the darkness and become consumed by despair. It's hard to remember that you're not the only one hurting. But try to share the compassion you receive. Others need it too.
12/14/2012 Seven of Wands
Let the past go. You've done all you can and it's time to move forward. It is what it is for a reason. You may not see it now, but it will become clear in 7 cycles. If you continue to fight for the past, you will prolong the sorrow. Change isn't easy, but at this time; it is necessary.
12/13/2012 Nine of Pentacles - Inverted
Don't splurge. Sit on what you have. The real important possessions are held in those you are closest to. It's not in the material things you'd like to have. Those possessions won't comfort you when you're down, they won't hug you when you need love and they won't celebrate with you when you rise above the struggles. Focus on the quality of time together. The the quantity of "things".
12/12/2012 Three of Wands - Inverted
Read the fine print today. The devil really is in the details. Remember if it's too good to be true, it probably is. If you can, avoid signing contracts today. Give yourself time to read them over and look at what you're getting into. Don't let desperation lead you into a bigger hole. Asking for help isn't easy. In fact, It's Hard...Asking for Help.
12/11/2012 Knave of Cups - Inverted
Hold steady today and allow the Divine energy around you to cushion your path. You've had enough hard knocks. The Divine in your life is guiding your path upward though you may not see it or feel it right now. Don't make rash decisions or give up on your options. It will be ok.
12/10/2012 The Chariot - Inverted
Things seem upside down, but don't worry too much. The energy around you is finally balancing out and bringing you to the place you "need" to be. You've been dwelling in the negativity of stress and anxiety for so long that it's become common place to you. But this isn't the right place to be. The energy is shifting and moving toward the positive and the lighter, brighter side.
12/6/2012 Nine of Wands - Inverted
Don't ignore the suffering of others. Many people have it worse than you do. You feel like lashing out, so don't be surprised when others do the same thing. Instead of meeting anger with anger, try to show compassion and kindness. Spread the love, instead of the anger and hate.
12/5/2012 Knight Of Cups -
Keep a watchful eye over your playing field today. Don't take action until you're sure of what's going on. Games are being played in different parts of the field and it will help you to stay above the fray and watch the movements before you try to engage those in the game.
12/4/2012 The Tower
Out of destruction and chaos comes rebirth and growth. Times of trials and hardship brings lessons and messages for the soul, mind and heart. We may not see the lessons while in the midst of turmoil. But they are there all the same. How you work through the challenges in your life is more important than what those struggles are. Do you meet them with strength, compassion and perseverance? Or do you face them with anger, indignation and blame? You are the one who chooses the path ahead. Take a moment to conduct a quick 5 Minute Alignment Meditation to connect your energies to the Divine in your life and re-energize your focus to create the path you desire.
12/3/2012 Knight Of Cups - Inverted
Your best bet is to fly below the radar. Let the turmoil around you go on without you. Don't get involved in the battles of others. Karmic lessons are being played out and they need to happen. While you may feel compassion for those on the losing side, remember they brought this on themselves and you can't safe them. So don't put yourself in jeopardy.
11/30/2012 Justice - Inverted
You're a diamond in the rough today. Stop second guessing your talent and abilities. You don't need to fight against the tide. Rather ride its current and take advantage of the sights and sounds along the way. You'll be able to see opportunities where others cannot and find success where others fall short.
11/29/2012 Ten of Pentacles - Inverted
It's going to be a long winter, but you will have plenty to make it through. The more you worry the more you bring your fears into manifestation. Close your eyes and release the stress. Everything is working out as it should and for your betterment. It may not seem like it, but you really are going to be ok.
11/28/2012 Temperance - Inverted
It's hard to sit and be patient, but things are developing and you'll have to wait for them to manifest. Temper your emotions and your actions for now. Moderation is the key to survival right now.
11/27/2012 The Hanged Fae -
Play among the blossoms of your garden. You're spending so much time focusing on the problems around you and ignoring what you've already created. You really do have much to be thankful for. Allow the positive energy from those successes to build around you and attract more of the same.
11/26/2012 Death - Inverted
You may feel as though you've been kicked in the teeth and you have nothing left to give, or be taken. If you allow all the negative energies to take hold, the only thing you'll have left is an empty shell. You are stronger than you think. Don't allow the adversities to pull you under. Giving in is exactly what they're hoping you'll do. Stay calm and avoid the fights on their terms, Align your energies with the divine in your life and you will come up with a solution.
11/19/2012 Happy Thanksgiving!!
There will be no daily drawing for the week of Nov. 19th.
11/16/2012 Five of Swords -
Strength is shown in the person who can resolve conflict without a fight. Don't allow others to bait you into an argument that you have no part in, or simply because they are in a bad mood. Assurance can only go so far when trying to alleviate the insecurities others feel. In the end, it's their issue to deal with. If they don't trust you, then ask "Can they be trusted?"
11/15/2012 The Magician -
Don't try to reach for everything all at once. There's no way you'll be able to grab it all. Focus on the things you can reach and allow those to help you build a bridge to the other things you want one at a time. Setting a foundation is more important to making things strong and making them last!
11/14/2012 Ten of Pentacles - Inverted
Forces are at work under the surface to bring forth what you want...and what you need. Don't give up yet. Take advantage of opportunities when they arise. Don't let fear hold you back from reaching for the brass ring. You'll never know if you can grab it, until you actually try to reach for it.
11/13/2012 Ace of Cups - Inverted
Even though you have the strength to break through the walls of limitation, you don't have to use a wrecking ball. Sometimes letting go and moving on from others requires compassion and love. Don't yell at your friend(s) who are always negative and putting limitations on you. Use love and compassion to explain to them you're working hard to change your life. And sometimes that means releasing things...and people...who aren't good for you.
11/12/2012 Knight of Cups - Inverted
Sometimes you have to turn things upside down and go beneath the surface to discover your own self love. It will allow you to move beyond the limitations held by others of your own potential. It will provide you strength to discover new ways of being yourself. And it will help you seek new roads to travel that can provide safe passage around the obstacles others try to lay in your path.
11/09/2012 The Lovers -
Don't simply go through the motions and pretend. Saying the words means nothing, if you don't honestly mean them. Look in the mirror and tell yourself "I love you", then follow it up by hugging yourself. Mean what you say and allow yourself to let go of the negative talk and dislike. You are worth loving! So love yourself first.
11/08/2012 The Priest - Inverted
Lessons of spirit are in play. The crystal mountain that lays before you is not the final destination in your journey. It's only the next goal. Allow yourself time to sit within the mountains shadow and direct its healing through your heart and mind. Become a reflection of its compassion and care. Walk Your Talk and see the world with better eyes.
11/07/2012 Ten of Wands - Inverted
Creative magik is afloat today. You have reached the pentacle of hardship and it's time to remove the bindings that have held you down. But be cautious. There are still enemies out there who would want to secure those bindings with chains the next time around. They are afraid of where you're going, and their fear leads them into darkness. Show compassion and light the way. If they refuse to follow, you may have to leave them behind for the good of your own self-interests.
11/06/2012 The Hermit - Inverted
With the whirlwind of activity going on around you, there's no way you can stay in the shadows and hide. Your attitude is being noticed, good and bad. Make sure today, it's much more good than bad. Smile, be friendly and help others resolve their little problems and get things done. Your work will benefit you more than you can realize today.
11/05/2012 The Devil -
That little devilish character within is trying to tell you to relax and have some fun. Things have gotten way to serious lately and the perspective is causing you to miss the little fun things or humorous things that happen in everyday life. So stop waiting around for those big moments of celebration, they are few and far between. Instead enjoy all the little things that happen throughout the day that bring a smile or giggle or even a laugh or two. Besides, smiling makes you live longer.
11/02/2012 Six of Wands -
Start celebrating, you'll find victory today and through the weekend. Your hard work is paying off and though it hasn't felt like it, things are turning around. Don't forget to acknowledge the spiritual energy you put out as well. Take some time to celebrate your balance of mind/body/spirit in both the physical and spiritual aspects. You'll be holding up the trophy of success sooner than you think.
11/01/2012 The Priestess -
Spend time looking into your crystal ball and deciding what you really want. Stop feeling guilty over wanting something more than you have. Dreams keep you reaching up and working to attain that which you desire. Dreams give you hope and aspirations. Dreams are what keep you going when you face the hardships in life. Sometimes dreams are exactly what you need to overcome the struggles of reality and get you to what you need.
10/31/2012 The Magician -
Magik is aloft and floating around the spiritual & physical world. Be part of it! Success surrounds you today. Use your intuitive inspiration to resolve issues, conquer challenges and overcome burdens. Pull the magik into your heart and soul as the day progresses. By this evening you'll be filled with a light that shines through your smile and lights your way toward a brighter future tomorrow. ~ Merry Samhain To One And All! ~
10/30/2012 Two of Cups -
You control your emotions. It's not up to someone else to make you happy. You can accept the gift of friendship and peace, or you can continue to be angry and lonely. It takes effort and courage to make an offering of friendship. But it takes a little effort to remain stubborn and filled with egotistical anger.Make your choice carefully. It will set actions into motion that you may not want on your path.
10/29/2012 The Devil - Inverted
Don't throw your hands up and walk away. Everything worth having is worth fighting for. So things aren't perfect. That's life. We don't live each day to the standards of a Hollywood vision of perfection. That's fantasy, so change your expectations. No one can live up to that standard. Not even you!
10/26/2012 Four of Cups -
Stop pouting and facing the world with anger and angst. All you're doing is creating more of the same in your life. You're not an island and you're not alone, so stop acting like you are. There are people who care about you, if you will show that you care about them. YOU control how your day goes. You decide if it's going to be good or not. So make your choice. Which is it?
10/25/2012 Knave of Swords -
Don't be naive and ignore the warning signs. Someone isn't be totally honest with you about what's going on and not knowing could leave you hanging with nothing. It's ok to walk a positive path and try to see the good in all things. But when you do so with rose colored glasses, you're bound to get sideswiped and then tell everyone you never saw it coming. But you did and you're not being honest with yourself either.
10/24/2012 Three of Swords -
Stress and strife may make you overwrought today. All those aches and pains, both physically and mentally are piling up and wearing you down. Life is filled with its ups and downs. You decide how they impact your day. Try not to let the downs get to you more than the ups lift you. Whither it's the changes in the weather or doing the fall chores that are affecting you physically; or the stress with kids, family or finances you will get through it. Don't make it all out to be more than it is!
10/23/2012 Ace of Pentacles -
Your star is rising today. Keep doing what you're doing, things are falling into place nicely. Behind the scenes the wheels are turning and ideas are being spun to provide more opportunities and success. Don't put all your eggs in the same basket however. You'll be limiting your opportunities. And the basket can't hold your brilliant shinning light anyway!
10/22/2012 The Chariot -
Adventure awaits. You maybe asked to do something you've never done before. Use your common sense and decide if this is something that would be good for you, or if you're being set up to do something you wouldn't normally do. Don't allow others to manipulate you for their own means. But don't allow your own fear to keep you from spreading your wings and flying toward an opportunity that will bring you great accolades. You've earned them.
10/19/2012 Five of Wands -
Magik and creativity share the message to: Give yourself a break. There's enough people getting upset over things that are out of their control. They're not directing their frustration at you. Why do you keep taking it on and piling on top of what isn't yours to begin with? Step out of the shadows and stop thinking everything is on your shoulders and your responsibility. You owe it to yourself.
10/18/2012 Wheel of Fortune -
You can't win if you don't take the chance to play. Things aren't going to happen if you simply sit there and dream about them or say a prayer and expect the Divine force in your life to magikally make it appear. Get up and get moving. Put your dreams and ambitions into physical reality. Take the chance to reach for the brass ring! You might actually grab it. But you'll never know if you don't at least try.
10/17/2012 Nine of Wands -
In nine days you'll be able to rest a little. Until then don't give up! Things that are worth fighting for are also worth the energy you put into it. Don't allow the anxiety and tension to drain your ability to focus and stick to the plan. The more you worry about the situation, the more you'll waste both time and energy on what needs to be done. Be patient with yourself. You're doing what you can and what needs to be done. Stop trying to be the super hero.
10/16/2012 Nine of Cups -
If you need a hug, ask for one. Don't assume others can read your mind and should simply know how you feel. Sharing a hug is an exchange of healing energy, compassion and can give someone a lift when they're feeling down. It's also a sign of honor and appreciation. If you have received a great gift or service, don't be afraid to say thanks with a hug. You may make someone's day.
10/15/2012 The Fool -
Don't be so serious. Have some fun and enjoy life. There's a lot of reasons to smile and laugh. You don't have to be the stick in the mud who can't see through the struggle at the good things. Yes things are tough, yes you've been fighting hard to stay afloat. But you've also got some great blessings in your life that have nothing to do with money. Stop looking at what you don't have! Start enjoying what you do have and you'll find the smile and laughter again.
10/12/2012 Four of Wands -
Sharing creative ideas will get the job done today. Share you wisdom and knowledge today with someone who is interested in learning. You'll be surprised by the appreciation of your time and effort. But you'll also get your own creative energies flowing that will help solve a long standing issue. Remember, what you give to others; you will get back. 
10/11/2012 The Empress - Inverted
Don't be the leader today. Get your rest and let someone else steer the ship for a while. Cook up your own ideas, work out things in your head, write some plans or work on creative projects. Give the stress and anxiety to someone who is dying to step up to the plate and let them be Boss For The Day.
10/10/2012 Nine of Swords -
Just cause you're feeling tied up today, doesn't mean you can't take a moment to enjoy the little beauties in life. One of them might be bringing you a long awaited gift. Don't ignore everything for the sake of the all mighty dollar; it really isn't worth it. You'll miss out on those special moments and eventually you'll realize they're gone forever. It's true what they say; you never realize what you have, until it's gone.
10/09/2012 The Fool - Inverted
Acting the fool once in a while doesn't mean you're foolish and can be taken advantage of. It means knowing how to have fun and getting enjoyment out of the little things in life that most "adults" walk past without noticing. Stop worrying so much about what others think of you. You're letting them define who you are and the person you "should be". Do you really want to put that power in "their" hands?
10/08/2012 Four of Cups - Inverted
Sometimes you have to fan the flames of a fire to get it started. Put some attention to the flame that burns within you and get things started today. Match your inner spirit with your outer physical being to bring your desires into play and create what you need most in your life on both a spiritual and physical level. It's not enough to think with your head, if your heart isn't willing to follow.
10/05/2012 Two of Pentacles - Inverted
Abundance is hanging down from above, waiting to be picked. You know what needs to be done to attain it, so why aren't you doing it? Things are not going to happen on their own. Everything worthwhile takes an effort. Stop dreaming about the things to be done, stop thinking about the things that need to be put in place. Simply start doing them, and stop putting them off!
10/04/2012 Three of Swords - Inverted
Take it easy today and find something to get your mind off the stressful things on your plate. You're working yourself into a frenzy and doing so will cause you to make mistakes and forget what's important today. Remember you're only one person, you can't do it all. And by the way, you don't have to! So stop thinking you can't rely on anyone else, because you can!
10/03/2012 Six of Wands - Inverted
Your creative energy can manifest the strangest things, but often times they are exactly what you need at the moment. Your unique humor can cause others to laugh and help them through troubled times, but it also helps you as well. Allow your compassion and frivolity to light the darkness and help others find their way out of the shadows and from under the mushrooms.
10/02/2012 The World -
Everything in the world is at your finger tips. All you need to do is reach for it. It's not going to come to you on its own. It's not going to be given to you in a present or package. Heal your wounds and find your inner confidence to be all you can become. Then stand up and reflect that image to the world around you. You'll be wearing the crown of success and sharing your compassion with others before you know it.
10/01/2012 Queen of Swords -
Don't let your bad mood yell at someone who doesn't deserve it. The weather is changing and it's affecting you physically. Use your mental prowess to control your emotions and keep them in check. If you do yell at someone, make sure you apologize and explain your condition. They might feel compassion for your situation and not get to angry at you for the bad mood.
09/28/2012 Five of Cups -
Close your eyes and focus on what's within the crystal ball. You have the ability to align your energy with Divine Creation and create the day or dream you desire. It takes more than magik it happen though. So if you feel blocked or face an issue that you can't seem to resolve, look within for the answer. You already know what to do, you simply have to tap into that stream of consciousness to see it.
09/27/2012 Ace of Cups - Inverted
The flow of ideas rises from beneath the cup and provides you with not only empowerment to succeed, but with the ability to spread your wings and glide through the winds with ease. Stop the negative talk and focus on what you have going for you. You may think things are turned around trying to hold you down. But look again, you're floating beneath it all, pushing it upward and letting your own light shine. You've got this! Start believing it!!!
09/26/2012 Five of Wands - Inverted
Watch for the underlying motives of the gifts you receive. They seem wonderful at first, until you're asked to do a favor you normally wouldn't do. It may all be innocent, but make sure you consider all the consequences before proceeding or saying yes simply out of guilt or a feeling of being indebted.
09/25/2012 Knight of Swords - Inverted
Caution is required today. Someone is trying to stab you in the back while being your best friend to your face. Don't take words at face value. Make sure you look beyond the talk and examine the actions behind the communication. Don't let others zap your strength and take your focus on your goals. They're really not worth it. 
09/24/2012 The Star -
You can shine brightly in the day or night. Don't leave your best characteristics for the dark where few see it. Be yourself during the day and you'll be surprised at the positive reaction you receive. You're worth knowing and many around you would like to get to know you better. So step out of the shadows and let your light shine.
09/21/2012 Four of Cups - Inverted
Shake out the creativity and inspiration from beneath the surface and you'll find a solution to the communication problems. No one is listening. It's hard to hear what each other is saying when you're being stubborn and have your ears closed. You can spend the day/weekend in silence, or act like adults and talk it out. 
09/20/2012 Judgement - Inverted
Don't be blinded by rash judgements. Things aren't as they appear to be, but they're not what you think they are either. Your walls of skepticism are clouding your judgement and allowing your fear or anxiety to get the best of you. So before you toot your horn too loudly, make sure you have all the facts and have done a little investigation before you make a final decision.
09/19/2012 King of Cups - Inverted
Things aren't going to fall apart, even if you turn them upside down. You've got to stop worrying! Stop expecting the other shoe to drop and focus on what you can do, instead of what you can't or don't have. You must believe in yourself and focus on what has changed; because they have changed for the better. Don't keep pulling the negative toward you, and allow the positive to do it's magik!
09/18/2012 Strength - Inverted
Stay warm and covered up. The blah feeling of a cold will subside soon enough. Don't over do it today. Focus on the little things that need to get done. You'll knock them out one after the other and have a much more productive day than you thought you might have. But don't over do it. You're already burning the candle at both ends. Exerting more energy than you have to could cause a mild discomfort to become a full blown cold or bigger issue. Take it easy today!
09/17/2012 Ten of Pentacles -
Don't over do it today. Take some time to share with friends and visit. Catch up on news and share your own. Make it a relaxing day. You can still get a lot done if you slow down and take your time. Rushing through your list of things to do will cause you to miss something important. So take a break or two, or four. You'll be surprised at how fast things go, when you slow down a little.
09/14/2012 The Empress -
Think about your ideas. Give them time to grow, plan the details, work out the scenarios if you take this path over that road. Consider all the potential consequences you can think of. It's important to take time and think about your creations before they arrive today. Make sure you're ready for the events that will take place. If you're not, things may fall apart or they may not happen at all.
09/13/2012 Five of Pentacles - Inverted
You've worked hard all summer in your garden. You're burning the candle at both ends and overworking yourself. While you may feel you "need" to do this, you're using up your supply of energy and eventually your physical body will break down and force you to rest. Avoid the cold and get some rest.
09/12/2012 Ten of Pentacles - Inverted
Keep your rewards hidden from others outside your immediate family. There are many who want something for nothing. You've worked to hard and have been through way to much to give it all away when you are still recovering from your own hardships. It's ok to take care of you and your family first. Don't let others try to guilt you into doing something you're not comfortable with doing in the first place.
09/11/2012 Three of Pentacles - Inverted
You will find what you need if you relax and allow it to come to you. Your stress and anxiety builds a shield of doubt and negativity around you. Like a bubble it keeps out the things you need the most. Relax, listen, appreciate what you have and allow those close to you to express both their worries and ideas. They can help you achieve your goals faster than you think possible.
09/10/2012 Eight of Wands - Inverted
The spears of conflict are not aimed at you any longer, so stop looking for them to come your way. Pay attention to the battle between your selves. The old you and the new you are still overcoming conflict. You're not the same person you were. You're not in the exact same situation you were in the past, because you're not the same person. So stop trying to deal with the challenges today as if you were. Let the past go and focus on the here and now.
09/07/2012 The Fool - Inverted
You won't play the part of the fool today, the knowledge and energy of success is on your side. You hold the crystal ball to the future; where as others are viewing through short sighted ego. Allow the healing of this new situation to take place over your conscious thoughts. Don't allow the stress of others to impact your day. Your garden is blooming and ready to celebrate in a bountiful explosion of color and bright energy.
09/06/2012 Death -
It's the end of the chapter and time to give way to new adventures, new people, and new ways of thinking. You can spend your time searching for what you lost; or you can spend it looking forward for what you need. Sometimes the things we have lost are things we didn't need in our lives. And what we have to look forward to is better what we really wanted in the first place.
09/05/2012 Ten of Pentacles -
You'll have much to celebrate in October, so keep focused on your path and putting your energy into you bigger plans. The choices and work you do today will ease the struggles you've been through. But they still need your energy and effort to get up the final hills of challenge. Keep moving forward and stop looking behind you. What has been will not serve you now. Let it go and let the paths of others take them where they may.
09/04/2012 Knave of Swords -
You can tuck your head between your legs as you jump and hope everything will work out. Or you can do a flip and or two, have some fun and feel the excitement and adrenaline rush through you. The choice between fear and fun can sometimes be a small one. But it's still a choice. Be bold, believe in yourself and make the leap! You'll be glad you did.
09/03/2012 Temperance - Inverted
Don't just sit on your butt today. You keep saying "If I only had a little extra time, I could...". Well? You have extra time today, what are you waiting for? Get to work on YOUR own dreams and plans. Put a real effort into the details, next steps and long term goals. Review what you have already accomplished. Check off the items you've already taken care of. Put some time into YOU today. You do deserve it after all.
08/31/2012 Four of Pentacles -
Watch your harvest today. Someone is trying to get something for nothing and steal from behind your back. Don't sign any contracts, make any deals or be pressured into any sales pitch. Learn to say No and not feel guilty about it. You've worked hard this season! Don't let someone else try to take from you all that you have gained so far. If you can't say "No" make sure you read EVERYTHING and are completely clear about what you're signing. The fine print will make a really big difference!
08/30/2012 Five of Wands -
Creativity and Magik bring blessings your way today. Accept the gifts that comes with humble appreciation. You've worked hard for the many little gifts that fall onto your path today. They maybe unexpected material things, or situations that seem to work out in your favor. Remember things are not as bleak as you imagine them to be. You were told things were going to be ok; trust in that connection to Spirit and listen to them next time.
08/29/2012 Ten of Pentacles - Inverted
Keep your eggs in their basket and watch your pennies too. Sometimes it's best to keep your stash under ground and hidden away from prying eyes. You can't take care of the world, when the world is full of waste and can't appreciate the gifts they receive. Abundance comes in many forms, it's more than financial success and the accumulation of things. Be thankful for your many abundant blessings; because others don't have that and they're jealous that you do.
08/28/2012 Seven of Swords -
Nurture your search for something better. Have Strength! Don't give up on yourself or on you plans to implement your dreams and bring more beautiful things into your world. You have at least one person standing behind you, firmly on your side and cheering you on. Lean on them and let their energy boost your efforts to stay focused on YOU! Today is the time to believe in yourself; even when no one else does. Keep hope alive! You CAN do this!
08/27/2012 King of Swords -
Strength is on your side. You are in control of  the planning, implementation, oversight and details of your domain. Take charge and put your plan in place. Let your sword rest while your adversary is contemplating your latest move. You have things to do in order to move on and rebuild the things that were shattered during the long fight. Today, focus on YOU and your future! You can do this!
08/24/2012 Ace of Swords - Inverted
The strife is coming to an end. Don't be worried or upset about losing the things that were holding you back in the first place. You will end this in triumph. Show compassion, not only for yourself and loved ones, but for those who have been conquered by no fault of their own. There are innocent victims on both sides. And some need reassurance and a kind word. It really will be ok.  
08/23/2012 Nine of Wands - Inverted
You can't count on magik and creativity alone. You must put your thoughts into action. The Divine Universe isn't going to simply give you what you ask for. Everything worth having, is worth doing and requires you to do something. Get out of your meditation, blow out the candle and get outside and start making your dream come true. You're the only one who can do it. Stop waiting for the Divine Universe to do it for you!
08/22/2012 The Empress - Inverted
Give wings to your creations and let them fly into the Divine realm where they can grow and manifest. Work on the details of your dreams and plans. Today is not a day to make excuses for why you don't have time for this. You're only stretching out the struggle by putting other things first. Reset your priorities and focus on what will bring greater success in the weeks to come. Right now is not all you need to be focused on. Because right now will only last a moment. Bringing your dream into reality, will last forever.  
08/21/2012 Three of Wands - Inverted
And then there were two. Everyone has their part to play in the drama of life. Some try to take control and end up with only a  piece of the pie. But those that learn to work together find the magik of creation and abundance. Make sure you read the fine print and understand your rights as well as your responsibilities. They will serve you best in the end.
08/20/2012 The Hanged Fae - Inverted
Contemplation and thought are the overriding issue of the day. Don't speak to quickly or respond without thinking the answer through. What you decide today will impact the rest of your life. So be careful, cautions and connected to the Divine Universal Spirit as you provide answers and conversation. Make the choices that support your spiritual path and you will make the right choices for YOU.
08/17/2012 Justice -
Justice may cover her eyes to avoid visual perspectives that cloud her judgement, but that doesn't mean she's blind to the games being played. Don't be afraid to weld your sword and make a path to see what's really going on. You may need both sides of the story before you make your ultimate choice to balance the scales you hold in your hands.
08/16/2012 Six of Wands - Inverted
Sit in the shade and be patient. You'll be having a party soon, hanging from the rafters and holding the prize. Simply keep your cups turned right side up to catch the magik that is flowing around you at this time. You may not see it, but things are moving and working in your favor! Don't give up!!
08/15/2012 Judgement - Inverted
Use your good judgement and listen to your gut feelings. Others are trying to pull the wool over your eyes, but they're using a sheer cloth to do it. Though they are failing miserably and you can easily see through their game, stay vigilant and manage your reactions with clarity instead of anger. Remember it's your horn that calls to the world and brings success or failure. Don't give in to their attacks, misinformation or lies. Your wings can reflect the peace and care of the compassionate world and help you to control your responses. Listen to your intuition and choose the right path for your future.
08/14/2012 Seven of Wands - Inverted
Caution is the focus of the day. Be careful how others are trying to appease you. They're working to stab you in the back at the same time. Trust your instincts and remind them the fire that burns within you, is right under the surface and ready to be released when needed. Make sure you have all your bases covered. Don't get into the battle and discover you missed something and you might be outflanked. Consider all possibilities, even those that may not seem likely.
08/13/2012 King of Cups -
Contemplation helps set the details of your plans onto the best path that lay ahead. Try to remain compassionate, but allow yourself room to heal wounds. Don't continue to scratch your own scars and keep the open unnecessarily. Things are not the same as they were before. You're different, the world around you is different, and you have the ability to make different choices today. Don't allow the hurts of the past to cloud your judgement today.
08/10/2012 Four of Pentacles -
Be careful of those who continually want to get something from nothing. Your hard work in the field is rewarding, but that doesn't mean it's free. Watch out for those who try to take advantage of your dedication, skill and good nature. Someone is trying to reap your rewards and claim the work as their own! Pay attention to your world, today and through the weekend. There's no rest for the weary right now.
08/09/2012 Eight of Cups -
Ride the wind of change today. Allow the energy to take you where you need to be. Going with the flow is a lot less work than trying to paddle against the current and the Divine needs you to be doing something else to help others. Accept the invitation to get outside and allow your vision of your world to be shared with those around you. It may seem like a little diversion to you, but your insight will mean the world to them.
08/08/2012 Temperance - Inverted
Don't lose your temper today over things you have no control over. You can't 'make' others do what you want or need. They must want to do it for themselves. Winning friends and influencing people doesn't happen when you're getting mad, yelling or quietly seething with anger. All this does is create more of the same negative destructive energy. Keep calm today and stay focused on the bigger picture of success and abundance. Don't give up hope and it won't give up on you!!
08/07/2012 Ten of Wands -
Don't tie your emotions to the stake to leave your heart and mind open to attack. Your worth is not based on the opinion of others, it's based on the confidence and love of self. You know you're worth knowing and loving. So love yourself and be who you are freely and with joy. When you like you, others will too.
08/06/2012 The Sun -
Allow your compassion and nurturing to shine through your actions. Success comes when you give of yourself in support of others. Be a team player and work for the greater good of all; not the selfish indulgence of ego and self. Winning at any cost brings only momentary satisfaction. Those who work in harmony with the world around them in peace and with love receive the greatest rewards. Many of which are beyond measure.
08/03/2012 Seven of Pentacles - Inverted
Watch your finances today. Don't spend more than you have and on things you don't need. While you're not the only one suffering right now, you can make things worse by going over budget or having no budget at all. "Things" don't bring happiness. But financial accountability can bring security and peace for a worried mind. Plan your finances for the next week carefully. Don't give it all away! What energy you set up today will carry through the next several years!
08/02/2012 Seven of Cups -
When you sit in the seat of love and compassion, the world around is filled with brightness and abundance. You can clearly see the events of the past, present and future. And understand why the occurred, what they are trying to teach you and how they will manifest with the present patterns in place. If you don't like those outcomes, now is the time to change them. The dreams you planted in July are already manifesting in the spiritual winds. Take time to think things through, ensure your visions contain what you really need and take time to alter your plans for those details that may not fit your dream. Be careful what you ask for, you might get it.
08/01/2012 Justice - Inverted
Injustice resides behind the curtain, but you have the ability to balance the scales and lift it out of its bondage. Going with the flow can sometimes condone the actions of others that harm or become hurtful. Speak out against injustice and condemn those who support its measures. Unverified rumors, slander, bigotry, hate and intolerance grow and survive when others remain silent and allow their energy to infect others. Speak up and condemn the words of hate. Only then can the world begin to change for the better. Even if it's just your small part of the world. 
07/31/2012 The Priest -
Your presence brings healing to others. When you allow your spiritual perspective to guide your steps and reactions, you provide inspiration to others in need. Living by example goes along way to getting your message across, in business, in personal affairs and on your spiritual path. Take pride in the positive changes you've made in your life, but don't become prideful. Take a deep breath of confidence as you walk onto a new road, but breath out arrogance. Allow your humility to speak for your actions, and though it maybe hard to do sometimes, it really is ok to take a compliment and say thank you without making a joke out of the praise first. 
07/30/2012 Eight of Pentacles -
Work on your designs and creative endeavors. Play around with ideas and see how they fit into your plans for creating what you want and desire. Put your energy toward manifesting not only what you need, but toward your dreams as well. It doesn't cost money to plan, design and put forth some mental and visual energy toward your dreams. But that energy can keep your hope alive and help the ethereal work with you to manifest their reality.

Today's card maybe inspired by yesterday's Homily on Springwolf Reflections: Its Nice To Have Dreams
07/27/2012 Six of Swords - Inverted
Bury the past and stop letting it control your today and tomorrows. Constantly scratching old wounds, should have done this or that, could have done that and all the other negative self talk will not solve anything. Focus on what you can do today and prepare for tomorrow. Let the old wounds heal and walk on the petals of life, instead of the thorns.
07/26/2012 Ace of Cups - Inverted
A 'goofy goober' in your life is trying to keep you down. They're puffing up their feathers trying to make them selves appear bigger than they are. If you don't play into their game and give them that power, you will easily float beyond their attempts to manipulate you. The choice in this situation is up to you; not them. Remember you can, because you are one with the Divine Consciousness and nothing is more powerful than that.
07/25/2012 The Fool - Inverted
You maybe flying upside down to hide from the face of adversity. But your unconventional approach is helping you traverse through the dangers and attacks of those that are attempting to knock you off your glider. Let your inner insight show the way and you will continue your successful ride. You may not see it right now, as healing is trying to occur at the same time. But you will succeed on your flight and things really will be ok.
07/24/2012 The Chariot - Inverted
Don't turn your world upside down out of anger. Knee jerk reactions are never a good idea and they have not done you any great service in the past. You may discover what you became angry at isn't accurate, or isn't the whole truth. Set your anger aside and wait until you calm down before you put any actions into place. Patience and walking away until you calm down is the better course of action today. 
07/23/2012 Four of Swords -
Allow yourself to be cradled in love and compassion. Rest and release the stress that has overwhelmed you and taken the color of joy out of your life. You are not alone, you will always be held by your inner spirit and the Divine in your life. So while it may seem like everything has come crashing in, you will survive and your kingdom will find brightness again. 
07/20/2012 The Lovers - Inverted
Even when it's cloudy, you shine as bright as the sun. How your mood goes, so goes the reflection of the world around you. When you hold yourself up with pride, self confidence and joy, your energy can shine through even the toughest of times. That expression is then reflected back to you in the people you meet, the situations that cross your path and opportunities that come your way.  Remember to express the positive today, with a smile and compassion; even if it's only for yourself.
07/19/2012 Ten of Pentacles -
Take time to celebrate the sweetness in your life. Things aren't all bad. But when you only focus on the negative, you give no energy to the positive to show itself. Your baskets can be filled to the brim, when move your energy forward to the things that bring you joy. Work on your passions and you can and will develop the abundance you seek.
07/18/2012 Eight of Wands - Inverted
You may feel as though issues are raining down on you today, but don't fret. They're not about you. Others are taking out their frustrations and trying to dump them in your lap to handle. Don't allow them too. It's their mess, they made the choices and they must live with the consequences of those decisions. Learn to say 'No' and you'll be fine.
07/17/2012 King of Pentacles -
It's lonely at the top. You can't shake your responsibilities, not can you express your frustrations without taking them out on others. But you're really not alone when you remember to rise above the pettiness and look at the lessons the path is trying to teach you. Stop being the punching bag for everyone else and say enough. You're the boss. So take control, make the tough decisions and solve the problems instead of only talking about them and pushing them farther out in hopes of having them resolved for you. They won't be. 
07/16/2012 Nine of Pentacles -
Worry is making you weary and taking your energy. You put all your eggs in one basket and there's not much you can do about that now. Blaming yourself for past choices is holding you in the past of lack and struggle. You must let it go and deal with the here and now. You have responsibilities that must be met head on and face to face. You can refill the basket, but you must work for the future with what you have before you. Not what you didn't have behind you.
07/13/2012 Nine of Cups -
Don't forget to say thanks. Someone has gone out of their way to help you. While you may feel frustrated with the whole situation, they have made an effort to help you out! Make sure you say thank you! If they're someone you're close to, give them a hug. They deserve it and you need it! You'll feel better for it and it will make your weekend a lot more calm and relaxing now that things have been taken care of. Even if you have a final solution to work out.
07/12/2012 Ace of Cups -
Crying over spilled milk when your cup is over flowing really makes no sense. What more do you want? What more are you asking for? You already have what you're looking for. Wake up and take off the blinders. It may not be your perfect vision, but what you're wishing for isn't perfect either. Nor is it the best thing for you. Put your focus back on what's before you and stop daydreaming about things you don't need and in the end will not want.
07/11/2012 Nine of Cups -
Sometimes all you need is a hug. Let someone know it's going to be ok and give them a hug, or a simple touch on the shoulder. Things aren't as bad as you think they are. There are many blessings around you and all your cups will be filled shortly. Hang in a little longer.
07/10/2012 Seven of Pentacles - Inverted
It may seem like the little vermin are scurrying around you constantly. You can allow them to annoy you, or you can learn from watching them what not to do with your own possessions and prosperity. You can allow them to turn things upside down, letting your finances fall out of your pockets. Or you can rise above the pettiness and keep your thoughts in Divine light to grow and keep your abundance.
07/09/2012 Seven Of Swords - Inverted
What you're searching for is already in your hands. Stop allowing the stress and strife to blind your view and keep you from seeing it. Anger and frustration only create blinders that cause you to focus your attention on the wrong things. Let it go, and see what you already have at your finger tips.
07/06/2012 The Magician -
Use all your tools of the trade to their fullest and you'll be able to pull the right card out of thin air. Allow your talents to shine, and your confidence to shed light on the deception others are trying to put forth as fact. You'll rule the day and gain both pride and self-reliance at the same time.
07/05/2012 Two of Cups -
Accept the gifts of spirit even if you don't yet understand their purpose. The events in your life come to bring lessons of enlightenment, be they karmic or spiritual in nature. We may not always see what they bring to teach us, but when we accept their energy and make choices that break old negative patterns, we achieve a step forward toward our own spiritual wisdom and understanding. 
07/04/2012  Happy4thofJuly!!
07/03/2012 Nine of Swords -
Look to the animals who cross your path for the message you need to hear. Direct your energy to that which you need, instead of what you want. The big picture is helpful to know and plan. But the details are what you need to escape the thorns of stress and strife. Concentrate on the things you need to do to succeed for the here and now. Keep the plans of "want" on the side of your desk, but stop dreaming and start doing!
07/02/2012 Five of Wands - Inverted
A gift of the heart isn't going to come your way if you sit inside and feel sorry for yourself all day. Snap out of it! Remember to be your own best friend and take yourself out to lunch or for coffee. Find something to do where you can meet and mingle. There plenty of people out there who share your interests and want someone else to talk to about them too.
06/29/2012 The Emperor -
Seriously think things through today. Don't only look at how the situation affects you, but how it will impact the ones you love. It's hard being at the top, but you wanted to sit on the throne. Now you have to make the tough choices and deal with the responsibility. But you can do so by taking charge and not allowing others to manipulate your emotions and try to be more than they are. Sometimes being the boss means, acting the part and telling others to shut up and sit down. Remember, that justice is on your side.
06/28/2012 Nine of Pentacles -
Show compassion, caring and love to the child within. Don't be so hard on yourself for your knee jerk reactions. They have been formed for years and take time, healing and effort to overturn and change. Don't judge yourself or others too harshly and make sure you know all the facts, not just the headlines or the talking points. 
06/27/2012 Six of Wands - Inverted
Don't rely on magik and positive thinking alone. Manifestation requires you to put your thoughts into action. Things will not change simply because you're thinking about them. You must put forth th effort to make them change. So make a plan and get up and get moving.
06/26/2012 The Devil -
Keep your temper under control today. Don't allow the foul mood of others to push your buttons. You're not part of their drama, so don't get involved simply because they want to take it out on you. Show compassion, let them know it's going to be ok and then quickly walk away! 
06/25/2012 Queen of Pentacles - Inverted
Prosperity comes in many forms, not only financial or material goods. Prosperity of love, friendship and soul are also elements of a balanced life. Today look at what is lacking in your life and take time to appreciate what you do have. Plan on lunch with friends, invite someone to dinner or spend some time in meditation to heal the emotions of the heart. Only you can change your own outlook and bring more abundance and prosperity into your life.
06/22/2012 Wheel of Fortune -
The wheel spins in your favor this weekend. But watch out for those weeds of doubt. They can easily interfere with your movement forward. Be careful that you don't play the role of victim and attempt to justify your emotions or actions from a hurtful perspective. Stay in control, don't allow others to push your buttons, look at situations from the view of spirit and what they are trying to teach you. If you can keep this view; your wheel will continue to spin freely.
06/21/2012 The Lovers -
We each have our own brand of love. Most are open to giving love to family, children and partners. But we constantly forget to love ourselves. We overlook our good qualities and see the reflections of our failings or faults. Don't simply accept others for who and what they are. Turn that same compassion and caring inward and accept yourself as well. Love your own self worth and others will see you are worth loving.
06/20/2012 The Emperor - Inverted
Be cautious of those telling little lies around you. It's an important day to shield your energies, and your back pocket. Trust your intuition and control your own future. It's hard being the leader who governs his domain. But remember, you asked for this and you will succeed. But as the Emperor you must remain vigilant and remain aware of the little games being played that can disrupt your plans. 
06/19/2012 The Sun -
When you shine, others take notice. Make sure what they notice is the positive example. Don't merely talk about living and thinking positively and not put those words into practice. Walk the talk and practice what you preach to others. You will bring the success you seek into your world; and be the shining example to others that you can make it with the right attitude.
06/18/2012 Nine of Wands - Inverted
Don't let others tie your mouth shut. You have just as much right to share your views and opinions as they do. But remember, your view is only one of many. If you want to be respected for your thoughts; you need to allow others to speak their minds and respect their views in return. There's room for all perspectives.
06/11/2012 There will be no Tarot Meditation Drawing for the week of June 11th trough the 15th.
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06/08/2012 Strength - Inverted
Many are feeling drained in areas of mind/body/spirit. It has been a trying week on all levels, but much work has been accomplished. You've made it through, now it's time to relax. Spend the afternoon soaking up some sun, floating in the water, or simply sitting in a park and watching the world move about. Allow your stress to leave your body, relax for the remainder of the weekend and escape the day to day grind. You deserve it!
06/07/2012 Three of Pentacles - Inverted
Stop day dreaming and pay attention to the work at hand. Your lack of focus will cause you to pull up the plants in your garden instead of the weeds. Don't let your frustration and impatience get the best of you today. You have work to do and things that need your attention. If you give them your time and attention, you'll undo a lot of work you've already done to put your plans and dreams into place!
06/06/2012 Temperance -
Temper your confidence with compassion and nurturing of others. Don't stick your nose in the air and act as if you're better than anyone else. Others have gone through what you have, and they too have made it through with grace and dignity. Hold onto your strength and ability to survive. But remember, you still have healing to do within, and issues to face. A little humility goes a long way when you share your knowledge and what you've done to succeed.
06/05/2012 Knight of Wands - Inverted
Don't put your gut instincts to sleep and ignore their message. Doing this overtime can cause your instincts to weaken and you will lose the benefit of their insight. You know what's going on, stop ignoring it simply because you don't want to face the truth. You'll be much better off in the long run if you deal with it now, than if you wait and allow your emotions to become more invested in something that isn't good for you. Sometimes what you want, isn't what you need. What you desire now, maybe blocking you from something greater and something you deserve. Don't settle. You'll be glad you listened in the long run.
06/04/2012 Knave of Wands - Inverted
Don't allow despair to eat away at your ambition and desire for self-sufficiency. The darkness isn't as bleak as you're making it out to be. Even in darkness there's magik and creative energy to tap into. But if you dwell on the negative, you'll miss the beauty and peace that can inspire and strengthen your ambition to succeed. 
06/01/2012 Eight of Cups -
You can't ride on magik alone. To fill your cups, you must put physical action into motion. You know what needs to be done, so stop allowing fear to hold you back and take the chance for success. Get in the saddle and rise above the negative shadows of the past that hold you back. You can do this! Really you can!
05/31/2012 King of Cups -
As the ruler of your life, it's up to you to review where you've been and where you're going. Contemplate and think. Review all that you have learned, you know a lot more than you give yourself credit for. See how far you've come. Imagine how far you can go. Put forth the same energy in making it happen as you do in dreaming about it, It's not going to happen on it's own. So take charge and govern your life to lead it in the direction you need and want it to go!
05/30/2012 Ten of Pentacles - Inverted
There's more to abundance than your bank account. Prosperity comes in many forms; from spiritual enlightenment, mental happiness, love of life, compassion for all living things, caring for family and friends. And all of those things are important to be shown to the self as well. How you treat you is one of the most important aspects of expressing energy and manifesting what you need in your life. If you're not good to you, how will the Universe be good to you? 
05/29/2012 Four of Swords - Inverted
Rest in the arms of your inner self and be at peace with your own self love. It's not the approval of others, the pat on the head or the compassion from outside your self that you need today. It's caring, compassion and less self judgement and criticisms that you should focus on. Today is your day to be your own best friend and remember how great of a friend you really are.
05/28/2012 There's no drawing today. Happy Memorial Day!!
05/25/2012 Sometimes 2 cards get pulled instead of one. Today was one of those days.

The Priest -
You control your future, guide it with reason, insight and purpose. You have many tools in your arsenal that can be utilized for gaining insight, don't ignore the ones that are within your higher consciousness. When you view your path from spiritual vision, you will see the way clearly and avoid the pot holes that try to get in the way over the weekend.

Two of Cups -
Be ready for a gift from spirit this weekend. It's unexpected, but you'll be thrilled with the surprise. Accept with love and appreciation.
05/24/2012 The Fool -
Roll the dice and play the part of the fool. Now is not the time to take chances and act or react on a whim. Not everyone has your best interest at heart. Make sure you know what you're getting into. Don't allow others to pressure you and do your own research! You are the one who is accountable for your choices, not someone else. So take charge and don't be afraid to say "No and that's it!"
05/23/2012 Knave of Wands -
Magik is at work today. Focus on what you need, not what you want. Put forth energy into your creative visualizations to achieve the goal for the day. Pick up the pieces or follow the breadcrumbs? You're better off following the breadcrumbs and letting the broken items of the past lay where they may. By this evening the main problem will be resolved and you can relax for a while.
05/22/2012 Nine of Pentacles -
Show your love and compassion today. Be at peace and help others find their way to the serenity of nature. You never know how far a little kindness can go until you see it in action. You'll also notice that what goes around, does indeed come around and you'll receive that which you have given.
05/21/2012 The Hanged Fae - Inverted
Hold on tight, and you'll swing through the day with ease and a little fun. Take time to find the joy in your efforts today. Even the little things can make you feel blessed. At the days end, you'll be able to look over all the tiny gifts and see just how many good things have come your way during the day. 
05/18/2012 Strength - Inverted
The battles this week have zapped all your energy and worn you down. Take time to replenish your mind, body and spirit. Sleep in this weekend, find an adventure to go on and get away from the stress and anxiety. There are plenty of free things to do around your town. A walk in the park, a picnic, a trip to the local museum, or a community gathering. Find something that gets your mind off things; even if it's only for a few hours.
05/17/2012 Queen of Swords - Inverted
Peace is found through healing the wounds within. The more you keep inside the bigger the challenges may seem. It's ok to pull back the curtain and look at the issues on a personal level. Allow yourself to search through element of your life and determine what issue is affecting your circumstances today. When you face those, you can heal, overcome and let go of the past that is holding onto you.
05/16/2012 Ace of Cups - Inverted
Sometimes we can protect ourselves from the rain, by showing others love and compassion. When you walk the path of kindness, tolerance and acceptance you heal the world around you. In doing so, you'll find that even if someone tries to turn your world upside down, your cup will still remain full and overflowing with blessings.
05/15/2012 Knight of Swords -
You don't need brute strength to win the battle; you need a cause that's pure and true. Rise above the pettiness and see beyond the mundane. Others are taking their frustrations out on you because they can't control the situations or people around them. It's not your fault, but you're in the line of fire. So duck.
05/14/2012 Nine of Cups -
A simple hug can go a long way to showing someone you care about their struggles. Whither its emotional conflict, or stress and anxiety from work or daily life, we all could use a little hug now and then. Just remember, when you give a hug, you're getting a hug too. It's going to be ok. Share the positive and watch how it spreads through the day. 
05/11/2012 The Tower -
Lightening strikes and blows the top off all the old stuff that has been squeezing you tight. While you have been trying to grow out of the doom and gloom of the winter shadows, the past has held you down solidly and in some ways, squeezing the life out of you. All that work you've done to rise above and reach beyond the forest canopy will pay off today and this weekend! Welcome this explosion and get ready to start the real rebuilding next week! 
05/10/2012 Six of Swords - Inverted
Every rose has its thorns. Every choice, good, bad or indifferent has its consequences. Before you start making decisions, make sure you're seriously thinking things through. Understand all the potential outcomes and decide what might need to be altered or adjusted to keep your plans moving in the right direction and for the best result.
05/09/2012 Queen of Pentacles - Inverted
Don't throw out the sour grapes, recycle them. Use your energy to motivate you instead of letting it drag you down. Anger and frustration can be powerful tools to get you out of your rut and reinvigorate your desire to improve your work, personal life or both. So stop the blasted pouting, get up and get going now! You can do this!!
05/08/2012 Four of Cups - Inverted
Fan the flames and you risk losing everything. Let the pouters pout, let the childish ones act childish. Walk away and go on about your business. Keep your distance if you have to, but don't feed the fire and add to the heated rhetoric! Avoid the conflict!!
05/07/2012 Seven of Swords -
Even though you may feel restricted or stuck in the muck, you can still nurture your dreams and ambitions. Remember everything happens for a reason in it's right time and pace. Don't push things too quickly or you could struggle longer than is necessary. Allow things to fall into place as they may this week. Continue planning and working behind the scenes to prepare for breaking the ties of the past or present. But don't break anything yet!
05/05/2012 Eight of Pentacles -
Don't break the bridges of the past, you may need them for your future success. While you have some very strong relationships to support you in your coming endeavors, there are a few you maybe looking forward to cutting. Be careful who you distance yourself from. Some of those acquaintances maybe your saving grace in the months to come.
05/04/2012 The Hermit - Inverted
Don't let the whirlwind sweep you up into the darkness and drama. Choose your companions well today and avoid the negative drama queens/kings. Keep your thoughts in the positive light and allow the glow of inspiration to fill your day. Remember you have free will and choice. Use them well.
05/03/2012 Knave of Wands -
Think, contemplate, work out the details and write down your plans. Don't let this slow period go by without taking advantage of it. You are being given an opportunity to work out all the next moves and create success in the coming months. Think things through, before you act! That is the most important message of the day!
05/01/2012 Five of Wands - Inverted
A much needed gift is coming your way today. It may take a little time to hatch, so don't try to use it before it's ready. Even though you'll be biting at the bit to get going; don't! It's very important that you don't count all your chickens before they're hatched today. Make sure you know what have before you start giving any of it away!
04/30/2012 Eight of Cups -
Allow your support system to hold you up today. The despair can be overwhelming and the Divine knows you're feeling exhausted, but don't give up. You are loved and there are many who care about your wellbeing. Allow them to help, even if the only thing they can do is hold your hand. The compassion will help you feel better and renew your strength to fight another day.
04/27/2012 Six of Swords -
Relax, the barriers before you are not as big as you're making them out to be. There's no need to stress over climbing the fence when all you need to do is step over it. You haven't done anything wrong, you're not being punished. Things are being held up in order to manifest goals you set last fall. Don't push to quickly or you could alter your path negatively.
04/26/2012 Four of Pentacles - Inverted
Little things keep pecking away at your resources. Don't bury your head in despair, you have reserves in the pantry to get you though. And help is around the corner. Don't blow things out of proportion and make matters worse. Conserve, rest, relax and you'll slide through the next four weeks without too much difficulty.
04/25/2012 Knight of Wands - Inverted
Don't let someone strong arm you and keep you down, or cause you to bury your magikal creativity. You may need to spread your wings and push back a bit today. If the needles on your wings prick them on the way out of the shadows, then so be it. You didn't start the battle, but you can overcome it by putting forth your desires and being strong in supporting yourself.
04/24/2012 King of Swords -
Be careful  with the emotions you're using to tie things together. You could be looking at the situation with a warped view. Don't read to much into the issue at hand. It's not as bad as you're making it out to be and you could be starting a battle that's not necessary in the first place. Put your sword down for now, survey your domain and keep an eye on things. But do so quietly and without reaction..for today at least.
04/23/2012 Knave of Cups -
You can sit pretty today. Relax and enjoy the explosion of your garden as it springs up in abundance. Good news from across the water will come with blessings of success and achievement. So sit back and smile. You've worked for it. But don't forget the little things on your plate today that still need to be done.
04/20/2012 Ace of Cups - Inverted
It's time to relax and be a little goofy. Blow of some steam and blow some bubbles to blast off for a day of fun, It's been a long hard week filled with emotional ups and downs. You've run the gambit and dealt with the challenges that have come your way. Take care of the little details that come across your desk. But spend some time relaxing, having fun and having some light chit chat and laughter with friends.
04/19/2012 Ace of Swords - Inverted
You have attained a major victory today, a crowning achievement to be proud of and to celebrate. Take a little time out of the day to hoist a glass to yourself and your hard work! Even if you're the only one at the part, don't let the moment go by without acknowledgment. And make sure you share the news. Others may not know about your efforts, but you can still share your excitement. You deserve this!  
04/18/2012 Nine of Swords - Inverted
No one is throwing swords at you, on purpose at least. You're allowing your own insecurities to get the best of you and seeing attacks that aren't really there. While some are not happy with you, it's not because of something you did. Rather you remind them of what they haven't done or what they allowed to slip through their fingers. It's ok. Put your own fears to rest and be happy with who you are.
04/17/2012 Seven of Pentacles: -
Tend to the little things that need mending or attention. Check your list and prioritize your work. Get through all the little tasks you need to take care of for the week. Don't put them off till another day or you'll forget to do something important! Before you know it, your desk will be clear and your plans for the week will be arranged.
04/16/2012 The Star -
Others are looking at you to be the star of the show today. Go with the flow and your wisdom will pour out easily. Don't be afraid to share insights from both sides of the coin either. Sometimes a good debate can bring out the best information from both sides of the topic. Let your light shine and you'll rise up to the task.
04/13/2012 Justice - Inverted
Some one around you is trying to tilt the balance and drowned out the other side of the story. It's up to you to ensure the swords have been lowered and balance remains in tact before decisions are made. Remember Justice is blind for a reason. Get all the facts without prejudice and you will bring reason into the fight to resolve the conflict fairly. 
04/12/2012 Knight of Cups -
Chivalry is on your side, so ride your magik carpet over the fray. There are battles going on all around you today, none of them are yours to fight. Stay above it all, don't give your input or get sucked into the negative games being played. Set some shields of protection, stay focused on your own mission and you can avoid being burned in the skirmish!
04/11/2012 Four of Swords -
It may seem there are tears all around you today. Remember the compassion and concern you have received in the last year. Now it's time for you to give back some of that which you received. Sometimes a hug, and a simple comment of "It's going to be ok" is all that someone needs to hear. If you are the one with the tears, remember to look beyond that which is on your plate and see the buffet before you. While one door may have closed, there is a bounty of blessings on your table to be shared.
04/10/2012 Three of Wands - Inverted
It's ok to be unconventional. Some of the best ideas come from being upside down and a little different. Don't let others push you into being what they want or think you should be. Live true to your own inner instincts, respect all things around you; including yourself, and allow your inspiration to flow and brighten the world.
04/09/2012 Six of Swords -
Keep your eyes on the future and the plans you've already put in place. There will be a great deal of distraction today, but don't let it get to you. They're mostly good interruptions reminding you to enjoy life while you're working along your path to achieve your goals.
04/06/2012 The Hermit - Inverted
Don't stay closed in or segregate yourself from others. All you're doing is punishing yourself. You're light shines brightly today and you have the potential for helping others see their way out of the darkness. But the first person to help, is yourself! So get up, get out of the dark office, cubical or bedroom and let your light shine!
04/05/2012 Eight of Wands -
Ride 'em cowboy! It's going to be a whirlwind of a day, but you have the skills and talent to hang on and ride through it. Let your imagination come forth and you'll find some interesting and maybe even surprising solutions to the challenges that rise up to meet you.
04/04/2012 Two of Pentacles -
You may have more than you can carry today. Don't be stubborn and try to get through everything on your own. Ask a friend or partner for help and accept it graciously. Between the two of you, you'll carry your responsibilities through the day and be just fine.
04/03/2012 Nine of Pentacles - Inverted
Sometimes you have to turn things upside down and view them from a different perspective in order to see what's really going on. You might even notice the abundance falling from above and prepare to catch them as they fall. Not everything is as it seems on the surface, so take the time to look beyond your normal vision. Stand on your head once in a while, shake things up, and you just might find some 'loving' care and kindness coming your way too!
04/02/2012 The Chariot - Inverted
Stay put and don't spend the day grasping at straws. Today isn't the day for making major decisions. Not everything is in place and the details still have to be worked out. Patience is the key for moving forward, even though you're anxious to get started and move on. Wait till later in the week, when things are clearer and the actions of others have played out. You'll be glad you did.
03/30/2012 Ace of Swords -
The first part of the battle has been won. Be cautious if the four issues that result from this victory. Things are working in your favor and it's not all as bad as you may think. But it's not a triumph either. There's still a war going on and you still need to keep your wits about you. But for today, relax and enjoy the victory. You deserve it.
03/29/2012 Justice - Inverted
Let your balloons soar today. The balance you've brought forth will take you to new heights and accolades. Those who are blinded by anger will be left behind. Leave them with their stake in the ground. Even though you want to help, they will not listen. So let them go and float away to in peace, knowing you've done all you can.
03/28/2012 Three of Pentacles - Inverted
Tending to your soul is equally as important as attending to your physical garden. You don't need to hang up side down, or flip on what's important today vs tomorrow. Bring healthy abundance back into your life in mind, body and spirit by simply taking a moment to center your thoughts and energies each morning. You will discover clarity and how to use your whole self to address obstacles and take advantage of opportunities more easily.
03/27/2012 It doesn't happen often, but sometimes 2 cards get pulled instead of one. Today was one of those days.
Six of Pentacles - Inverted
Watch your finances this week. Now is not the time to splurge on new things. Save what you can and look for ways to reuse and recycle. Though your provisions are getting low, don't worry.Things will turn around by Monday.

Ten of Pentacles -
A gift will come your way bringing security for all. Though it may take about 10 days to come through, you'll be able to relax and rejoice. Take it easy on the celebration however. You still have finances to manage with the approach of being conservative.
03/26/2012 King of Cups - 
Spend time in thought and searching within. What is it you really want. You're spending so much time on what you need, that you've taken time away from your spiritual dreams and inner inspiration. Dreaming is part of life and helps us to reach for the stars and work toward goals that bring fulfillment and joy. Look within and ask your higher self, what is it that I want to achieve. Knowing is the first step to getting there. 
03/23/2012 Eight of Swords -
Tied up in the details are potential avenues of strife that can hurt in the long run. Be careful what you say and do today, you may not have all the facts. Don't be afraid to ask questions, research and get information before you make decisions. Someone maybe setting you up to take advantage of you, your partnership, or your business/career.
03/22/2012 Strength -
You wear the crown and govern your own domain. Don't allow others to push you into something you would otherwise avoid doing. Their guilt trip is a manipulation of your emotions and not one of friendship or caring. Step back, allow your heart and head to heal and allow your strength of spirit to reclaim your day and your future. You have survived're stronger for don't be afraid to say 'No'. It really will be ok.
03/21/2012 Nine of Swords - Inverted
Those thorns aren't in your side. Look at them again and you'll find a step ladder to help you climb out of the doldrums and improve your perspective. You are the only one who controls your emotions. If you're tired of being down and depressed, then only you can change your disposition and see the joys that surround you. So put a smile one your face, even if you feel like frowning. You'll talk yourself into a better mood.
03/20/2012 Strength -
It's ok, you're covered. Those who care about you most have your back and won't let you fail. Stick to your plan and work the tasks at hand. You're a lot stronger than you think you are, so don't worry. You'll be able to move forward through the day and find rest and relaxation this evening.
03/19/2012 The Chariot -
The race is on and you guide the direction of the day. But you must do so with balance of spirit in mind with balance of the physical world. When you're too focused in reality, you will miss seeing the blocks and struggle to accomplish your goal. When you're too focused in spirit, you may miss the little gifts that fall on your physical path. When you merge both your inner natures together you can see the path ahead from spirit and avoid the pitfalls and blocks, be open to the blessings that come your way and walk in success along the way.
03/16/2012 Five of Pentacles -
Being content with your situation may only prolong that which you don't like about it. If you feel you have stopped looking back, that's great. But have you started looking forward? May is right around the corner and you don't want to be left behind when others are reaping the rewards from their early spring plantings. Start planning and organizing your garden today. And you too will enjoy the fruits or veggies of your labor in May.
03/15/2012 Five of Cups -
You already have what you're crying over, so why are you crying over what you have right in your lap? There's no need to search, no need to alter who you are, no need to feel lost. Open your eyes and take another look at what you already have in your life. You might finally realize you had it all along and simply weren't seeing the whole forest for the trees blocking your view. 
03/14/2012 Seven of Swords -
Keep your head down and nurture the blossoms in your garden. Sometimes you must ignore the pain from the little hurts in order to grow the solutions to the underlying issues. Choose your decorations carefully. Make sure what you select around your garden supports it's growth and doesn't impede it's progress.
03/13/2012 Seven of Cups -
Even though you feel like you've been drowning, you're really come out on your own. Treading water has made you stronger, more capable of handing hardships and challenges. Use that new found strength to blossom into the person you desire to be. You can do this! But YOU have to want to do it.
03/12/2012 The Priestess -
Look into your crystal ball today and you will find the answer to your questions. You have the knowledge and insight within you. Stop second guessing what you know is the right choice and trust yourself. If you need more input, don't look to others; go within and connect to YOUR higher conscious connection to the Divine in your life.
03/09/2012 Six of Wands -
You win the prize today. It's been a long race and you've had some strong competition. Not everyone played fair, but you kept your integrity intact, focused and worked hard on your mission. And now you can hold your trophy high and reap the greatest rewards. Shower yourself with celebration. You certainly deserve it!
03/08/2012 The Moon - Inverted
You'll find a strong arm to hold onto and that will help you stand up today. While you're feeling tattered and torn from a recent cat fight, you're the one who will come up from the pit and find the support to win the battle. This has been an ongoing fight, it's understandable that you're getting tired of it. Use the Grand Mother Moon's full moon energy to reconnect with the spirit within and you'll have not only the strength to recover, but the wisdom to put this fight to rest.
03/07/2012 The World -
If you can see the beauty in the world, why can't you see the beauty in you? Don't focus on the negative. Alter your vision of self and be proud of who you are. Work change what you don't like and become the best you that you can be. No one else can do it, but you.
03/06/2012 The Fool - Inverted
Watch where you're going today and be careful. You may stumble and scrape your knee. But don't worry, you won't drop what's important. In your rush to success, you still have a little work to do on some past healing issues surrounding insecurity. That close important person in your life, is still there and still wants to help take care of you. Let them, they are good at it.
03/05/2012 Ace of Pentacles - Inverted
Things are falling into place, not out of your basket. They're simply shifting from area of your life to another. This needed shift will ensure your garden has plenty of seeds to grow with abundant variety. So don't put all your hopes in one place. You have the support of both your loved ones and the Divine Spirit. So go for it!
03/02/2012 The Priest -
You control your domain and have the ability to direct your path where YOU want it to go. So why are you allowing others to tell you what to do and how to do it? Not everyone has your best interests at heart. And you may end up being the one left holding the bag. Ignore the nay-sayers, forget about the "well intended" advisers and listen to your own gut instincts and inner voice. You know what to go do it!
03/01/2012 Knight of Wands -
It's ok to rest for a time on your journey. It's easy to become overwhelmed with information and needing time to absorb it all and take in what feels right for your path. Trust your instincts, stop for a moment and look around your current position. Consider all the things you have learned and gone through in the past 3 months. Then you'll be able to determine which way is the best way for your travels.
02/29/2012 Six of Cups -
To fill your cup, you must first make sure it's open and facing in the right direction. Even if you're going with the flow around you to maintain peace, you can't take in the blessings that cross your path when you're closed and ready for the opportunities that come. Sometimes it takes both optimism and effort to open your heart and mind to the world around you. You never know, you might actually find something new that brings excitement and passion back into your life. 
02/28/2012 Nine of Wands -
Stop and think for a bit and you'll find the solution. Things are not as dire and they may appear. When you resolve the problem, you'll be able to laugh about what happened and get on with your week just fine. Sometimes it's ok not to take things too seriously and smile.
02/27/2012 The Sun -
Warmth and compassion surround the day for nurturing the inner child and children in your life. Show them you care and love them, even when they make mistakes. Build trust by listening and don't over react when situations occur. Praise them when they succeed, support them when they struggle, look them in the eye when they talk to you and above all else give them respect as you want to be respected.
02/24/2012 The Devil - Inverted
Look at things from a different angle, they're not as bad as you think they are. Others maybe trying to grasp at straws from out of the flames. But you have risen above the fray and are in a position of healing. Don't judge your day by the complaints and hardships of others. They are still continuing the same old patterns and refuse to change their ways. You have learned many lessons, accept the healing needed from those old negative patterns and are walking toward a positive future! Come on, give yourself come credit already!
02/23/2012 Knave of Cups - Inverted
It's ok to peer out through the weeds and see what's going on. Your supporters have cleared the way for you to be noticed and protected. You'll find a little hug waiting for you as you emerge. Smile, relax and accept the victory. As small as it might be, it was an important one that will bring great influence later on. 
02/22/2012 Nine of Cups - Inverted
Wave your flag today and put your mark in the ground. Your hard work and accomplishments are being challenged by others who have not earned the right to be where you are. So make sure those who need to know, are aware of what you have done for them and what areas you preside over. Don't allow others to push you around simply because you're nice and respectful. There are times when you do need to show that same kindness and particularly the same respect to yourself too. 
02/21/2012 The Star -
Allow your own star to guide your way. Going with the flow may seem like the best method to get where you're going, but sometimes it can lead you over the waterfall into danger. Take charge of your journey and guide your path with the flow away from danger, and down the safest route for your travels. Sometimes you have to work a little to keep things going in the right direction.
02/20/2012 The Fool -
Don't act the part of the fool today. Double check the 'facts' and if you don't understand something make sure you ask. Others are watching how you handle unexpected situations. Some may not be putting you to the test, as much as they are setting you up to fail. Be skeptical and cautious today.
02/17/2012 King of Swords -
That thorn in your side will be poking at you all day. But don't let them gain control over your emotions and push you into a fight. Keep control over your anger, as theirs rises and you will be the one to win the war, not only the battle. It's for them to depart from your path, but you may not be the one controlling that option. So don't fall into their trap and cause you to be the one who is escorted off the battlefield first!
02/16/2012 Three of Cups - Inverted
Your cup is full even if things are upside down today. Stop listening to the complaints of others and taking on their messages and energy. You're not following their path and you don't have the same issues as those around you. You're working yourself into an unnecessary frenzy, so stop it! Focus on your work, what lies right in front of you and avoid the negative rants from others. At least for today, close the door, stay inside, and be alone with your thoughts. You'll be much better tomorrow and you'll feel more empowered to continue YOUR work.
02/15/2012 Two of Swords - Inverted
The search for understanding can only be accomplished in the light. Be careful in hiding behind the pillars and in the shadows, for what you might find will be tainted and inaccurate. Don't allow fear and trepidation, be it yours or someone else's, influence your path and cause you to runaway and hide. That won't solve anything and will create more confusion and sorrow. Stand in the light of the Divine and face your fears. If that means cutting off your association with certain people, do it now. You'll be much better off in the long run!
02/14/2012 Knight of Swords - Inverted
Watch the signs around you today, they'll point the way in the right direction. You can hold love up in triumph if you use your common sense along with the emotions of your heart. Don't go it alone only your feelings. You may make a choice you'll regret tomorrow. Be smart, listen to your gut instincts, you'll be able to tell which path is the right one. And you'll not only protect your heart, but your mind and body as well.
02/13/2012 Five of Swords -
Don't be afraid or angry about explaining your decisions, they were yours to make in the first place. While you may not have taken the advice of those in your life, they must remember it IS your life and you must be the one to live it. But if you show a little compassion toward their hurt feelings and offer your reasoning behind your decision. They don't have to agree with you, but they should respect your choice. If they can't do that, then maybe they have ulterior motives that they're not being forthcoming about. Ask them.
02/10/2012 Three of Pentacles -
Be content and look at the gifts nature brings you. Through mind, body and spirit, as well as through the success of your work, you can be at ease if you allow yourself to be. Your garden is sprouting and growing, and it will be in full bloom by the spring. Don't allow your past trepidations overshadow how far you've come since last year. Take a deep breath and relax. Spend your weekend on the things that are most important to you. Take a break and enjoy your moments of relaxation!
02/09/2012 Queen of Swords - Inverted
Play your own tune and don't worry about the criticisms of others. Many around you can't see the work you're putting in. And that's ok, they don't need to. You have satisfied your own conscience and gotten the job done. Anyone that expects more than that must look at their own plate and focus on what they need to do. Stick to your plan and your path will ride out the little bumps and take you to your goal without greater hardship. 
02/08/2012 Nine of Pentacles -
A little hug can go a long way. Don't expect others to know you need one today. Ask for it. And if there's no one around, snuggle with your animal family, or hug your favorite stuffed animal. Or sit down and give yourself a hug. Showing compassion for the self is just as important as showing compassion for the ones you love. You have put a lot on your shoulders, including pressure to move forward and reach your goals as quickly as possible. The drive might be admirable, but sometimes it comes at a cost that you may not be willing or want to pay. 
02/07/2012 Seven of Swords - Inverted
Wash your hands of the whole mess. You have tried to help and support, but your efforts have gone unheard and unappreciated. You can do no more and continuing to put your energy into the issues that others face is only draining you. So let it go and walk away. They are hold you back and keeping your dreams from moving forward. Let it go and change the snails pace to good steady jog for the long haul. After all, you deserve to put your energy toward something that will be appreciated.
02/06/2012 King of Pentacles -
Your plans are coming through, your search for success is playing out well, but be careful you don't get to arrogant about being right. It took a lot of help for you to get here and others deserve some credit as well. You had a nice celebration last week; so keep it going and remember to give a pat on the back to those working with you. Those good vibrations will keep the ball rolling and continue to pay off this week if you do.  
02/03/2012 Three of Cups -
It's a day to celebrate with your partners. Take stock of what you have achieved and acknowledge your hard work. You've gotten so ingrained into doing the work, that you haven't spent any time enjoying the rewards. Remind others of where you were in the beginning and where you are today. You may still have work to do; but you are getting there! Enjoy a little bit of the fruit of your labor. Do something special for yourself, and those who have helped out. 
02/02/2012 Nine of Cups - Inverted
Faces are hidden from view, but one will stand out and show you compassion and love. Though you feel you've been searching for compassion for quite a while, it's always been there. Someone has been offering love, support and healing, but things have been so cloudy that you've not been able to see it clearly. Today you'll have a chance to notice and accept the hug of support. Accept it and welcome the healing.
02/01/2012 Ace of Pentacles -
Be the star of your own show and don't worry about the petty jealousy of others. Focus on the eggs in your basket. These are your most important assets and will bring you the most success. While others around you are scattered and can't understand why things are working for you and not them, you need to remain focused and nurture your plans and dreams. You can't save others from their own limitations; so don't waste your energy today. Be yourself, be proud of what you have accomplished thus far, and stay focused on the path before YOU!
01/31/2012 Two of Wands - Inverted
Business as usual has become a tug of war. Whither between partners, family members, or between your physical vs spiritual self , today has the potential to be filled with conflict. Business as usual means turning the umbrella upside down and catch what may drop in. That's not going to cut it from now on. Don't be afraid to take some risk and move forward. Spread a wider net and go after the bigger pie. When you set the goal high, you open the door to a huge range of possibilities and successes.
01/30/2012 Four of Wands -
Allow your mind, body and spirit to work together and nurture your creative ideas and energies. Today let your natural genius for planning, fixing and building come through the practical application of your ideas and intuition. Working together as a 'whole' being will allow you to evaluate your own path, be it spiritual, personal or business, see where you are and what work needs to be done to move on to the next level. Center your energies, work from your Divine conscious and let your creative energies flow. You'll be glad you did. 
01/27/2012 Two of Pentacles -
New ideas flow freely today, so take notice. Allow your Divine inspiration to help you knock out any blocks that fall in the way and bring success to your ideas. Even those things you thought were in the way of achieving your goals will quickly fall away with a little effort and listening to your higher consciousness. It's a good day that will carry positive energy into the weekend.
01/26/2012 Six of Cups - Inverted
Come to the surface and a breath of fresh air. You've allowed yourself to over stress about many things you have no control over. Allow others to follow their own path, even if it's not the way you would go. Their road might be bumpy, and they may falter along the way. But it's their lessons to learn, give them support as they face those opportunities to grow. In the end, they will be thankful and grateful you were there.
01/25/2012 Death -
Everything comes to an end, but it doesn't have to create scars on your heart. Though others refuse to move forward and expand, you are walking ahead in leaps and bounds. Allow your heart to be filled with compassion, and allow success and abundance to come your way. Don't anchor yourself to their fears and refusals to learn something new. Life is too short and filled with adventures that are waiting to be discovered. This is only the end of one chapter; you have many more to write.
01/24/2012 Knight of Cups -
Keep your weapons handy, but hidden until you need them. We all have our own talents and strengths. But the best way to play the game is to give your opponent a false sense of security. Don't let on what you have in your back pocket and give them time to prepare a defense. Especially if that defense entails deception. You'll know when the time is right to display your swords and the surprise will assist you in winning the day. Sometimes the best offense really is a trick play.
01/23/2012 The Moon -
Even in the darkness there is light, all you have to do is sing it's praises. Just as the oceans rise and fall with the moon, so to do the tides of emotion within ourselves. Putting on a brave face might be helpful to others, but trying to gloss over your emotions to yourself is not helpful to you. Acknowledge your emotions, ask for help when you need it, and don't continue feeling as though you have to go forward alone or unrecognized. No one is going to simply know by osmosis what's really going on within you. So find someone to talk to, and let it out once in a while. 
01/20/2012 Knave of Swords -
Trying being a little playful today. Things have been way to serious lately. Take some time to relax, enjoy the weekend and let off some steam. Take a long quiet walk, go play in the snow, or roll around in the yard. Do something physical to remind yourself that balancing the mind, body and spirit; means working the body too. There's nothing like a good snowball fight to relieve stress and tension!
01/19/2012 Queen of Cups -
Being in the dark is what creates fear of the unknown. Brooding over the situation is not going to get it resolved. You're putting yourself through unnecessary stress and anxiety. Open the mail, read the letter and then call the company/person that has you in a tail spin. You may find that they're willing to work with you and resolve the issue more readily than you think. Fear is what's holding you back today, and it's unnecessary fear!
01/18/2012 Queen of Swords - Inverted
Take a step toward healing today and look at your situation from a spiritual perspective. What is the lesson you've been learning, how have you handled the situations surrounding the lesson and most importantly how have you adjusted your thought patterns to apply what you've learned. Some continue to see the glass as half empty; but in reality every lesson you learn fills the glass for the next toast of success.....and gratitude.
01/17/2012 Two of Pentacles -
Partnerships play a key role again today. Dividing the burden and responsibility is essential. Learn to delegate or ask for help. You do not have to do everything on your own! And if you're partner isn't willing to put in their fair share of the work or take on their share of the responsibility; then perhaps it's time to find someone who will be more supportive. Change is inevitable, but it doesn't have to be miserable.
01/16/2012 Two of Swords -
Partnerships of any kind, be they business or personal, take work on both sides to grow and be productive. Following along with another only puts the extra burden on them to carry the cause. But accepting that both sides need to carry the weight, establishes mutual respect and accountability. In this way, the partnership can express twice the energy toward success and abundance.
01/13/2012 Judgement -
Use your judgement wisely and from a higher conscious perspective. Making rash decisions can cause you more trouble than it's worth. You don't have all the facts and being a tattle tale could hurt your reputation more than the person you're trying to report. Instead, gather information, document what you need to and allow the patterns of their actions to be noticed by those in authority. When they finally come to you, be ready to share what you've learned. It's not your place to police those that don't report to you or that you're not responsible for. 
01/12/2012 Justice -
Love is blind and sometimes that's a good thing. Deep down you know the truth, while others are trying to sway your views and opinions. They don't have all the information, they don't really know what YOU see, because they can't get past their own prejudice or fears. You can see the balance between the issues and have a passion for what's at hand. Whither it's a passion for work, a dream or a person; ignore the nay-sayers who would have you conform to their will. Remember to be honest with yourself, listen to your gut instincts and apply balanced thought to your choices and actions. 
01/11/2012 The World -
Sometimes being who you are means learning how to balance the aspects of self through out your day. Even too much of a good thing can be bad for you. You're human and you have emotions. And while those emotions need to be expressed with positive expression, that doesn't mean you should be a goody two shoes and allow others to walk all over you. Standing up for yourself, being firm and expressing your authority are not negative traits or bad things. Letting the world take advantage of you when you know it's happening, is. Be the King or Queen of your World and rule with fairness, compassion and most of all balance.
01/10/2012 Strength -
The Mind, Body and Spirit work together to create the whole of your existence. You give time to your mind through learning, reading and expanding your knowledge. You give time to your spirit through meditation, inner reflection and making an effort to walk your path. But what are you giving to your body? You are a strong physical being, but there's healing taking place and it's important to nurture your body equal with that of your Mind and Spirit. Give attention to your physical body and promote healing for your entire Mind, Body, and Spirit.
01/09/2012 Knight of Pentacles - Inverted
Stop reaching out for love and learn how to love yourself. Leave the spear at home and stop stabbing yourself in the back. Why are you being so hard on yourself, doubting your own talents and gifts? Remember you are the perfect manifestation of the Divine to walk the path that lay before you. Align yourself with that higher Divine source in your life, and in your soul! You can do anything you put your mind to; with positive intent, creative energy, love of self and alignment with the Divine Universe Anything Is Possible!
01/06/2012 Judgement -
Toot your horn and herald in the coming expansion of your success and triumph. Stop being shy about your accomplishments. You've come a very long way and turned many negative aspects of your life around for the better. No one did it for you, so why are you being so quiet about the hard work you've put in? Others have no problem screaming their success. Some have become down right annoying about it. Learn from them and find the proper balance to share what YOU have done. You'll be very pleased with the recognition and results.
01/05/2012 King of Swords - Inverted
Even the best laid plans for the day will be constantly interrupted. Don't get frustrated, simply go with the flow. Allow events to take place and move in the direction they're intended. You'll much more done than you think and the items laid out on you plan can wait till tomorrow when the day will be much more quiet. Remember, it's a lot easier to float with the boat, than it is to constantly try to paddle up stream.
01/04/2012 Strength -
Strength doesn't mean exertion, it means showing patience, resolve and fortitude. You can stop the struggle by refusing to go onto the battlefield where others want to engage in a fight. Instead go within and connect to the Divine within your being. Allow that energy to empower your actions for positive movement forward. Allow healing to take place, push out the old negative rhetoric that plays in your head, that others have placed upon you from their own fears and allow space for the Divine Creative light to shine through your actions of the day. 
01/03/2012 Eight of Cups -
Enjoy the day with a little compassion and love. There is success all around you and those open goblets are there because of you. Be kind to yourself and start the year out with a positive perspective. Don't be so hard on yourself, you're doing a great job with what you have and no one can expect more than that.


Happy New Year 

Forget resolutions you may not keep.
Each year Spring creates a Motto to carry us through the year with.
The 2012 Motto: 
I am happy and successful with abundance all around me!






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