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Daily Tarot Meditation Drawing Archive
Tarot Meditation
Each week day we share a Tarot Card and Message to contemplate during your daily meditation. We began our daily drawing on December 1, 2009. Here we provide an online archive of those drawings. Each week day we share a Tarot Card and Message to contemplate during your daily meditation. We share the publication of our messages on our social media sites. You'll find a list of those on our Tarot Meditation page. Pick your favorite and stay connected with us.
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~ 2011 Daily Tarot Archive ~
Today's Daily Tarot Meditation Card & Message
12/21/2011 Merry Yule and Happy New Year!!
The Daily Drawing
will return January 3rd, 2012
12/20/2011 Temperance - Inverted
Build your wings to fly and you will find success flowing into your pots. Align your thoughts with the Divine in your life and allow healing to flutter through your mind, body and soul. Turn your thoughts around to the positive views of your future and the coming new year. Stay focused on bringing positive creative and abundance energy to your day, your week and your path over all.
12/19/2011 The Empress - Inverted
You may feel like you're struggling to get free, but there is someone watching out for you trying to help. Don't bury your head in your feathers and try to escape the coldness in the world. Instead, raise your head high, change your perspective and look for the bright spots that are visible and coming your way. You can't change the snowball rolling down hill, until you change the pattern of your negative thoughts. Stop seeing lack, and start seeing the abundance! Attract what you want, not what you don't have. 
12/16/2011 King of Wands - Inverted
Poking a stick at the ceiling won't get you what you desire, but it might put holes in your roof on a rainy day. Remember words have energy and what you put out, and how you put it out there will come back to you. You will attract more positive return with honey than with vinegar. Don't be short with those around you, don't speak with an angry or annoyed tone. Don't listen with frustrated ears. And be careful what you ask for, you might get it.  
12/15/2011 Ace of Cups -
Your cup runneth over with compassion and love. Healing of the heart is occurring today. You've been overwhelmed with emotion, sitting in the corner and wondering why. Today you'll find a hand being reached out to you out of care and compassion. Don't be too proud to take it and allow them to help you stand. Tis the season of giving; which means it's the season of accepting too. Accept the love and kindness that's shown your way; you do deserve it.
12/14/2011 King of Wands -
Look over and survey your domain. You have created a great deal, but some items need your special attention. Don't be afraid to use your magik and enhance the energy to manifest those things that need attention. You can be the leader and inspire others, or you can sit back and watch them wilt and decay. The more you align your goals with your higher Divine Creative energy, the more positive influence you will have over their success.
12/13/2011 Four of Cups - Inverted
You're casting a long shadow today. Remember the expression of your energy and mood affect all those around you. Feeling blue is understandable, but taking it out on others is not. Even if you have to work well into the evening, you have items on your plate that need taking care of. Putting them off is what's affecting your mood and bringing you down. It's not as bad as you think and if you'll face that fear, you'll discover things really are going to be ok!
12/12/2011 Ace of Cups -
You don't have to hold that heavy ball up by yourself. Don't let it fall into your cup and sink to the bottom. Showing compassion, kindness, and asking for healing and help can turn that ball into a bubble. Remember the person on the other end of the issue isn't against you, they're simply doing their job. If you meet them with angst and frustration, they will be less likely to want to help you. Set your anger aside, take care of your obligations the best you can, and you will find the help you need.
12/09/2011 The Hermit - Inverted
Get out of the darkness and join the party. You've worked hard this year and you do deserve to celebrate, share some laughs and enjoy the season with co-workers, friends and family. Keeping your nose to the grinde stone will not make you more appealing to the higher ups for the next promotion. Show that you can be a team player, an outgoing leader and an inspirational boss. 
12/08/2011 Three of Wands -
Focus on working with your partner and you'll get through the task at hand in a breeze. You'll also have fun doing it. Review the instructions, share ideas, use your magikal connection, focus on raising your energy before you begin and the little problems that pop up will be easily over come. Your collaboration will create something special and even better, successful.
12/07/2011 Two of Pentacles -
You're trying to carry to much alone today. The more you try to pile on and save, the more will slip through your fingers. Share the burden and the work won't ware you out. There's plenty to go around, and it won't take away from filling your pantry. You really don't have to do it alone. There are people who are not only willing, but want to help.
12/06/2011 Knight of Cups - Inverted
Today is not a day for action. You learn more by staying in the shadows and watching the battlefield. Stay prepared and keep your weapons handy. But don't be goaded into battle before you know what really going on. Someone is trying to sucker you into their plans, but their motives are not in your favor. Though they need you in order to win the day, they're not telling you the whole truth.
12/05/2011 Eight of Wands - Inverted
Ideas are coming at you from every direction but it's hard to tell which one will work. Stop fighting against your gut instinct and align your thoughts with your higher consciousness. Sometimes trying to be to analytical gets in the way of seeing the right answer. Take a moments to relax, close your eyes and center your energies. Then ask your spiritual mind to show you the best solution for the task or issue that lay before. Trusting your instinct will make the day easier.
12/02/2011 Knave of Cups - 
You're feeling like a fish out of water today, but those feelings of trepidation are unwarranted. You have the upper hand and the energy to accomplish the tasks that need to get done. Tape into your higher consciousness where your own Divine mind resides. Pull up the energy you already have within you for Divine Creation and you will succeed for those who are standing behind you and waiting to celebrate.
12/01/2011 Nine of Swords - Inverted
Stress and strife are keeping you down and holding you in a negative place. Accept the pearls of wisdom that are around you every day. They are gifts of change to help you rise above and change the flow. Use them to set some positive energy around you, block out the negative noise from others and you'll be able to see the path that lay ahead, how you can traverse it and how to avoid the potholes that may still try to keep you down.
11/30/2011 Wheel of Fortune -
Your Fortune turns around today. You've been playing the victim this month, mostly because you are hardest on yourself. Now that the immediate crisis has been dealt with, spend today loving yourself. The pressure was great, but you lived through it. You adapted and over came, and you survived. That takes a lot of strength and courage. So today spend time healing your wounds. Accept, forgive and pull in calm Divine energy to recoup. The wheel does turn in your favor from here to the end of the year. 
11/29/2011 Temperance - Inverted
You probably feel like you're swimming alone and pouring all your energy out just to deal with the latest challenges. But if you take a deep breath and look at the energy you're expending, you'll see it's going into a reservoir just under the surface. You'll have it when you really need it, but that's not today. Don't let everything overwhelm you. As with yesterday; things are not as bad as you think they are. Try to stop worrying. Things will get straightened out.  
11/28/2011 The Magician -
Stop fighting to control everything going on around you. Toss up the cards and let it go. You'll be surprised at how much will take care of itself and that you'll still be able to keep it all in the air. Things won't fall apart, the worst will not happen, so let go and let the Divine work it's magik. You're stressing out over nothing.
11/22/2011 There will be no drawing for the remainder of the week.
Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!
11/21/2011 Three of Cups - Inverted
Though you might not see the work, things are being done on your behalf below the surface. It maybe stressful not knowing what's going to happen, but when you put your trust and faith in the hands of the Divine, you will be taken care of. Don't worry too much. It will be ok.
11/18/2011 The Empress -
It's easy for others to take you for granted, but did you really take on this job for the accolades? Try to remember why you got into this and if you need a pat on the back then reach around and do it. Be proud of what you've accomplished, because you've come a very long way. It may not be where you want to be yet, but that's no reason to give up or feel unappreciated. Appreciate yourself and others will too. (And don't forget to tell someone who you take for granted, that you appreciate what they do for you)!
11/17/2011 The Moon - Inverted
It's a day to keep quiet so you don't say something you'll regret later. Though you can see the lessons that others are facing, they're not your tasks to learn. Even those comments under your breath hold energy that can make situations worse then they really are. Don't let your frustrations get the better of you. This is your time to stay in the shadows and allow those close to you to walk their own path and in their own way. 
11/16/2011 The Sun -
Even in darkness you can be the one who shines brightest. When you watch over and protect the child within, you are also nurturing your adult self. When everyone else is feeling gloomy, you can be the one who brings a smile and makes the world seem a little nicer. All it takes is a little compassion, a litlte caring and a little laughter. Encourage that child within and you'll be able to encourage those around you to look at the brighter side of things.
11/15/2011 The Sun - Inverted
Where there's smoke, there's fire. Don't ignore the circumstances around the situations that cross your path today. Someone is trying very hard to keep certain facts hidden and is denouncing others in order to deflect their responsibility and even their lies. Don't buy into their game when they try to confront you. You're not their judge, anymore than they have the right to judge you. 
11/14/2011 Knave of Swords -
Keep your cool and you'll swing over the fray. Others are letting their emotions dictate their actions and they're flying off the handle today. That attitude is going to get them punched and there's nothing you can do to stop it. So don't get involved and let it happen. Everyone is responsible for their own actions and there are some people you cannot save.
11/11/2011 Ten of Wands -
Be creative today and you'll find the best way to free up the situation. It's not as desperate as you think. Don't give up and believe in yourself. You have much more talent, understanding and knowledge about the task at hand than you're giving yourself credit for. A theme that has carried through this week. Stop doubting! It's only wasting your energy. Trust yourself and things will be fine.
11/10/2011 Eight of Pentacles -
Mend fences today. You may have personal items that need repair or relationships (work or personal) that need some calm tolerance to bring peace into your world. This is a day to Walk Your Talk and put your spiritual perspective into practice. Lead the way and be the bigger person who holds out the branch of peace. It may not be accepted, but at least you put forth the positive good energy.
11/09/2011 Four of Pentacles -
Be content today. Don't worry about making it through the fall or winter. You're going to be ok and things will get taken care of. Be thankful for the work you have done and the success you have harvested from your garden. Pat yourself on the back too. You've worked hard and deserve a little bit of the accolades. Even though others may try to steal your results. The ones who matter know who's really responsible for the success.
11/08/2011 Five of Wands - Inverted
New ideas come into being today. Don't dismiss them so easily. They could be answers to prayers you've been asking. Take some time to mull them over, use your Divine Creative energy to expand upon them and you may find they're the solution to a big issue you've been facing lately.
11/07/2011 The Fool - Inverted
Don't be anyone's fool today. While others are trying to hang you out, you have it within your being to overcome their negative actions and attempts to disparage your day. Remember that you can easily align your energy with the Divine force in your life, protect yourself and the area around you. Focus on what you need to do, in the best way possible and any attempts to derail that will backfire. Today is YOUR day, seize it and make it yours.
11/04/2011 Five of Pentacles -
The really hard work is done and now it's time to relax. Make sure you take time to take care of yourself. Everyone else has what they need for now. So it's your turn today and this weekend. Relax, goof off a little and release some of that stress you've been carrying around for the past several months. You'll be glad you did.
11/03/2011 The Chariot - Inverted
Stop grasping at straws. You know what to do in order to move forward. What are you waiting for? You can try to bury your head beneath the surface, but that's not going to resolve the issues you face today. And you're making the conflict out to be more than it actually is. Take in a deep breath, align your energy with the Divine force in your life and get it done. You can do this! You really can! And it will be to your benefit to resolve it now. 
11/02/2011 Knight of Wands -
Look over the details of what's before and you will see how the puzzle fits together. Take time to look from a higher Divine perspective and you'll be able to see, with ease, where the issues are and the many creative ways to resolve them. Don't simply look at the whole picture, but the individual pieces as well. The details will bring insight that you didn't see before and will inspire new solutions.
11/01/2011 Nine of Wands - Inverted
While the war may still be fought, you won the battle and can take some time to rest. Allow your friends and family to watch over your interests today. They have your back and will look out for you. You don't have to do it all, nor do you have to do it all alone.
10/31/2011 The Sun - Inverted
If you don't have that warm fuzzy feeling inside about what's happening today, then don't get pushed into making a decision or doing something you might regret later. If others get upset or get mad at you, too bad for them. You're the one who has to live with the consequences of your actions and choices; not them. So stand firm, tell them right out front you'll make the decision or act accordingly tomorrow.
10/28/2011 King of Swords -
Others will always be throwing thorns at those who seem to be an authority. Don't let their lack of ability shake your confidence. You know what you know, and it works for your path. That's all you need to remember. This is not the world according to that adversary any more than it is according to you. But your world is yours to preside over and no one can take that away or diminish it...unless you allow them to. Be strong, be confident, you don't need to convince them any more than you need their validation for your success.
10/27/2011 Justice - Inverted -
It's not your job to pass judgement on others. You may think you know what's going on, but you do not have all the facts. Watch what you say, how you say it and how you treat others today. You might be poking the sword in the back of the victim, based on the actions of a perpetrator. If you must be the judge, then sit back, listen to all sides, and make sure you really know what's going on before you put someone in the corner for time out! Don't be afraid to call the bully on the carpet; you'll have justice on your side. 
10/26/2011 King of Pentacles -
The ruler of any domain is responsible for the wellbeing of all in his kingdom. That includes the needs of the ruler. Taking care of your self physically is just as important as taking care of those around you. Stop thinking you have to do it all by yourself. Even when others offer to help or support, don't fall back on old emotions and take it as criticism. Even the ruler has to LISTEN. They may not be telling you the way you've chosen is wrong, but rather are offering suggestions for making your way easier.
10/25/2011 Ace of Wands - Inverted
Your light shines from within and from the depths of your soul. Stop being so judgmental about how you look or how you are perceived.  You are the perfect and most beautiful reflection of Divine Creation and no one can take that from you. Who and what you reflect back to yourself, is more important than the critique given by others. Be sides, why beat yourself up over how others 'look' at you; you don't really know what they're thinking. So imagine they're thinking about how beautiful you are. Because you ARE!
10/24/2011 Ten of Swords - Inverted
Stop wrapping yourself up in self doubt and fear. Only you can ease your fears and cares. Hug yourself, look in the mirror and love the soul you see looking back at you. Nothing is ever as bad as you're making it out to be. You will be ok and you will overcome the adversity that has crossed your path. Forgive yourself, love yourself and others will forgive and love you too.
10/21/2011 Knave of Wands -
Contemplation is one key to finding the success you seek. Stop relying on your first reactions, they are affected by the mundane physical responses you've learned from life and not necessarily your spiritual instincts. Take a few moments to contemplate situations and look within for the answer or direction to tread. There's a difference between relying on your spiritual instinct and your first response to events that cross your path.
10/20/2011 Two of Cups - Inverted
Sometimes it's necessary to give up one thing in exchange for another. Question which you really need over which you want. It maybe that what you need will bring more blessings to your path and less anxiety. Take time to work 'with' your soul and your spiritual mission. It will make the choice so much easier.
10/19/2011 The Sun -
Light your own path and be the beacon for change for others to look up to. Groveling in self pity only keeps you in the dark, filled with fears and angst. Walk Your Talk and you will find your way out of the gloom and you might even be able to lead others along the path too. Nurture your inner spirit, not just your outer physical being and you'll bring balance into your world today.
10/18/2011 Six of Cups -
Relax! There might be a lot on your plate today, but with calm resolve you'll get it all done. Center your energy and take a few moments to balance your thoughts. For those connections you must make today, use compassion and patience. You'll get more done with honey, than with vinegar. So take a deep breath and don't let others push your buttons or control your emotions. You'll get through it all. One item at a time.
10/17/2011 Wheel of Fortune -
You can leave your path up to chance or you can take charge and direct it. You have the ability to see energy around you, just as well as any professional psychic. Stop leaving your choices and decisions up to others. Take responsibility, put your beliefs into action and make your own connection to spirit, then make your own fate. Spin the wheel after that, and you can cause it to land where your mission needs to go.
10/14/2011 Seven of Pentacles -
Listen to some music and sooth the soul, inspire your visions and relax. It's ok to play a little today while you work. Sometimes relaxing sounds are the best way to clear the clutter and rise above it all. Allowing you to focus on the forest, instead of being distracted by the trees. Find the meadow in your mind, surround yourself with the energy of Mother Nature and your day will not only be a relaxing one, but a productive one as well.
10/13/2011 Queen of Wands -
Express your creative energy today. Decorate your home/office for the fall harvest and put your feelings, ideas, and beliefs into action. Surround yourself with images of abundance and you'll change that gloomy outlook you've been carrying around this week. Fall is your time for celebration and excitement as you see your hard work paying off.
10/12/2011 Four of Swords - Inverted
It's ok to dream, as long as you don't dream the day away. Wishing and hoping for better things is ok when it's held in perspective. Living too much in the ethereal cause an imbalance in the physical. You have responsibilities in both worlds and must keep both in perspective to live in balance. Too much of anything isn't good for you. Temper your dreams with physical practicality and you'll achieve more of what you wish for. But remember, be careful of what you ask for, you might get it.
10/11/2011 Three of Pentacles -
Watch for spiritual gifts to come your way today, from unexpected sources. You asked for help and Faeries will attempt to provide direction and means to guide you to a successful conclusion. Make sure you're ready for it, ready to listen and really want and need what you've asked for. Because you're probably going to get it.
10/10/2011 Two of Swords -
Working with a partner can get more done than trying to do everything by yourself. Whither you're searching for information, or trying to get a project done; with both of you working on it, you'll discover solutions and innovations that will bring praise and success to you both.
10/07/2011 Queen of Cups -
You have created a field of abundance and you deserve to feel confident over your work. Sit back today and relax a little. Look over your domain and give thanks to the Divine creation you have worked so hard to accomplish. If you don't acknowledge the blessings that have come your way, who else will?
10/06/2011 Eight of Cups - Inverted
If you turn all your baskets upside down, you'll find what you're looking for. Think outside the box of the mainstream. Go within, connect with your inner creative energy and you'll easily see the solution to the current challenge that faces you. You don't need to struggle alone, you just need to move your consciousness up to the Divine realm where you have plenty of help and insight.
10/05/2011 Queen of Pentacles - Inverted
Keep your hands on your harvest as someone around you wants to take your handiwork from you. Be careful this week over who you put your trust in. Someone around you wants something for nothing and they're willing to do anything to get it from you. You've felt that something wasn't right for a little while now, but you have been trying to reason away your doubts and concerns. Listen to your inner voice and instincts. They are often right and can keep you from being hurt.
10/04/2011 Knight of Swords - Inverted
It can be hallow victory when you know others have gotten hurt in the battle. Remember that everyone, including you, are responsible for their actions. While you may not have started the fight, you had a right to not only finish it, but win the war as well. Standing up for yourself isn't easy, but letting others run you over with a freight train isn't good either.  So don't take on all the blame for what has transpired. What you put out, you get back works both ways and that's something you need to remember this week. 
10/03/2011 King of Swords - Inverted
Don't be so quick to take hold of the hilt of your sword for battle. Now is a time to raise it in triumph, but with peace in your heart. Your foes have conceded the battle and they are backing away. Don't charge after them, but let them go for now. In a few weeks you can stretch out a hand and offer cautious friendship without resentment. Remember to be a gracious winner, don't gloat, don't demean them, simply let them walk off the battlefield. Your struggles have been hard, but you can relax for now and allow healing to take place.
09/30/2011 Three of Pentacles -
Look for a spiritual gift today that may come in the form of financial aid. While you're preparing your plans for a little work this weekend, you may discover a prize that's been hidden for quite sometime. Follow your instincts and you'll find some Faery guidance leading you toward this unexpected treasure.
09/29/2011 Queen of Wands -
Stop looking back at what could have been, when you have so much laying on the path before you. If you continue to view your world from the perspective of what's broken, you'll never see all the things that are right. Use your creative energy to bring magik into your world and it can help you harvest all the blessings around you. With a new positive perspective, you can see the gifts you already have and those that are coming your way.
09/28/2011 The Empress -
It's time to prepare for the harvest next week. Gather your baskets and tools together. Prepare your storage space and plan the best way to utilize your harvest so it can get you through the winter months. Take into consideration the need to fertilize and nurture your garden during this time. What you do now in both the harvest and the garden will determine the level of success for your garden in the spring. Always start with a plan!
09/27/2011 Eight of Pentacles -
Abundance comes in many forms. Financial, health, emotional and spiritual. When you stop reaching for top, the abundance in your life shrinks and reflects your view of the world. The mission may not be to attain the top of the ladder, but rather the journey that you tread to get there. But you can't climb the ladder if you're not even trying or you allow others to dictate your fears and limitations. Dream big! You never know, you may discover amazing pots of gold along the way that fill every aspect of abundance in your life.
09/26/2011 The Priestess -
When you view the world from the position of spirit you can see the energy patterns you have created and their potential outcomes. You don't need a crystal ball, or a psychic medium to divine what lays on your path. You only need to sit still, look and listen. In this way you can change the negative patterns, promote the positive patterns and protect yourself from the unwanted energies that cross your path from those around you.
09/23/2011 King of Pentacles -
You are the one who rules over your abundance and success. Stop blaming others for the choices you have made and the position you're in today. Stop beating yourself up about it and simply learn from your mistakes. Things are not as bad as you think they are and if you will change your negative talk to positive visions and actions things will work out. But your actions dictate how long it will take to happen. Negative thinking only brings negative results. Lead your path through the positive road and you'll be surprised at how much and how quickly you can change things!
09/22/2011 Nine of Wands -
It's a month of rest and patience as you allow your magik to manifest in the garden. Stop feeling tied down or bogged down by the shadows around you. Most of them are not yours to worry about in the first place. Keep your sight on your own path, do your work, send your thoughts to the projects that support your dream and relax. Everything will really be ok. The harvest is almost here.
09/21/2011 Ten of Swords -
Even when others are poking sticks at you, someone is there on your side. This is when you learn who your friends really are and who you can count on. Don't dwell on the nay-sayers that are trying to tie you down and hold you back. Look to your true friends for advice and support. They're the ones who have your best interests in their hearts.
09/20/2011 Queen of Wands -
The Magik wand you're looking for is right by your side, all you need to do is pick it up. Don't wait for the GreatSpirits to simply manifest what you need. You might be waiting a long time. Keep your spiritual focus, rise above and use your ability to create, manifest that spiritual energy in physical actions and you'll be able to govern your own domain with knowledge and wisdom.
09/19/2011 Six of Pentacles -
Caution. If it's too good to be true, it probably is. The offer you receive maybe enticing but make sure you read the fine print. No one gets something for nothing and you may not want to pay the price that comes with the invitation. Instead, spend the day gathering up your harvest. It's more reliable, plentiful, and you won't have to sell your soul to reap it's benefits.
09/16/2011 Knight of Wands - Inverted
Take time to move your consciousness into the Divine realm and see the situations of the day from a higher perspective. Down in the mundane events, you can't see the forest for the trees. To understand what's really going on, take your physical emotions and rise above the fray. When you see the big picture; you'll understand what and why things are happening, and you'll be much better prepared to divine a solution that turns the day around in your favor.
09/14/2011 Two of Cups -
You can create your own world today. Allow your intuition to help guide you through the choices that are to be made. Align your inner mind with your higher spiritual awareness, then put pen to paper. Check the boxes you know, and listen to your inner guidance for the ones you don't. Don't allow the doubt and negative voices in your head dictate your path with fear. You know a lot more than you're giving yourself credit for. So relax, rise above the mundane and you'll get through the day with ease.
09/13/2011 Three of Wands - Inverted
If you let things gnaw at you, you'll find yourself tied up exactly where you don't want to be. Don't take in the baggage other's heap upon you. They're simply trying to make you feel as bad as they do. It's not your problem, so allow them to control your emotions. Set some extra shields this morning, protecting that nagging inner voice and keep it safe from unwanted and unneeded outside influences.
09/12/2011 Queen of Pentacles -
You have the ability to fly to safety when danger is near. Don't be like the moth and fly to close to the flame out of curiosity. Today you might get singed more than you want. Let others handle their troubles on their own. They need these lessons that you've already learned. Stay above the fray and you'll find some unique rewards coming your way.
09/9/2011 The Priestess - Inverted
Allow your higher spiritual mind to guide your steps today. As healing is taking place beneath the surface. Don't allow your emotional or physical mind to hold back the healing taking place with fear and anxiety. The worst really is over. Believe in yourself and the work you have done. Allow the intuition within you, to rise up and provide insight into your next move. You don't have to make the decision today, so don't focus on the final words to be spoken now. Take your time, think and meditate over the weekend and by Sunday evening you'll know the right way to turn. 
09/8/2011 The Lovers - Inverted
You may be feeling vulnerable this week, but be careful of baring your soul to just anyone. Some who wants to be your closest friend or ally may use the information to undermine your attempts to befriend others. Keep your secrets to yourself today and set some morning shields around your emotions and physical being. Your stronger than you think you are; so don't worry. This feeling will pass and you'll be right as rain tomorrow.
09/7/2011 The Hermit - Inverted
Now is not the time to be alone in the dark. You need your friends and co-workers to redeem karma today. You've put forth the effort, now the rewards are coming back. If you choose to stay hidden, you won't be available to receive them. Stop feeling sorry for yourself, look at the blessings coming your way, get up and get moving!
09/6/2011 The Moon -
The Moon nurtures our body and mind at night. So too must you nurture your physical self and promote wholeness of being. It's ok to howl at the moon now and then. But you too need rest to recoup and perform your tasks of the day. Running about all night might be fun; but is it really worth the price when it sacrifices your wellbeing. Save the party for the weekend, and take care of your body and mind during the work/school week. You will need it to meet your goals and manifest your dreams.
09/5/2011 The Emperor -
It's a take charge day. If you want the prize, you have to earn it. Don't just sit there and expect things to come to you from prayers and meditation alone. Those are important and add energy to your task, but you must get up and get moving. Put your words and visions into action. At the end of the day, you'll be pleased with what you accomplished and proud to wear the medal.
09/2/2011 Two of Wands -
A playful tug of war can lead to a meaningful and creative friendship. Someone you thought was a new adversary isn't as against you as it appears. Don't allow your emotions to be so sensitive that you explode. Their aggressive or tough manner is only a show, but it puts others off guard and can be VERY beneficial to you and your plans. Stand up for yourself in a professional manner, and you'll impress them to the point of their wanting to get to know you and help you out.
09/1/2011 Three of Swords -
Share your focus with others and together you can manifest your goals. But make sure you both  really do want the same thing. While your partner says they want X, they might be afraid to tell you they want Y for fear of rejection or ridicule. Don't make assumptions, show compassion and ask them what their goals and dreams are. Help them achieve them, just as they've helped you. 
08/31/2011 Queen of Wands - Inverted
The fall approaches with promise of fulfillment, but that doesn't mean you don't have work to do. Fall is the time to turn your attention inward and work to infuse your physical world with your spiritual consciousness and purpose. Growth still occurs through the harvest, so don't slack up now. Prepare your pantry for the cold months ahead and you'll get through the winter just fine. 
08/30/2011 Ace of Wands -
You're almost there to hoist the trophy of success. The Harvest is right around the corner so be patient and stick to your plan. Continue the focus you've been working on throughout the summer. You're not done with the lessons yet. Examine the issues you face over the next 5 weeks, go within and decipher the lessons you're still facing. The quicker you learn from them, the greater your harvest can be.
08/29/2011 Eight of Cups -Inverted
Allow your inner self to come out of it's cocoon and fly. You don't have to live two separate lives, ensuring one doesn't touch the other. We are here to live in balance and to learn that we can merge both our spiritual and physical natures together. When we do, anything becomes possible and we discover strengths that we never knew we had.
08/26/2011 Five of Wands -
The sun will rise tomorrow and things will not seem as bad as others are trying to make them out to be. Don't let the fear and paranoia of others dictate your emotions and energy. Their energy can cause you to be scattered, miss important information, and over react to the little things that pop up during the day. Everything will be alright and you will weather the storm.
08/25/2011 Wheel of Fortune - Inverted
Don't spend the day spinning the wheel to gamble on your next move. To make your decisions, you must think things through with the vision of spirit. It's your path, and you must take accountability for it. Flipping the coin will only lead to further indecision. Take time to sit down, focus, meditate and raise your energy to the place of Divine Wisdom and ask your higher self what to do or what needs to be done. You'll feel much better about your decision.
08/24/2011 Ten of Cups - Inverted
Don't fan the flames today. There are a lot of little fires going on and you're not responsible for any of them. Stay out of the way and don't get dragged into the dramas based on rumors. Listen, be compassionate, this is an opportunity for you to deliver some hard to hear information and perspective. But don't be surprised when the combatants storm away mad. They'll get over it later. And maybe even see that you were right.
08/23/2011 Eight of Cups -
You can ride the wind today. What you have on your plate will seem effortless to get through. You've come a long way and learned a great deal. Which has made your job seem easy. Be proud of what you've accomplished. But don't take it for granted. You need to get through some things today that you will need tomorrow. So don't put anything off.
08/22/2011 Two of Pentacles - Inverted
The summer canopy provides not only shade, but protection as well. Someone unexpected is trying to take the heat off of you and give you much needed relaxation. Take the time to enjoy the cool breeze, the refreshing waters and the peaceful nurturing it provides. You'll find you're a lot more buoyant than you have felt in a long time. You will stay afloat today!
08/19/2011 Ten of Swords -
You've had a thorn in your side for some time now. The more you wiggle around to avoid it, the deeper it cuts and the more it hurts. Stop avoiding the inevitable and face the issue head on. It's not at all as bad as you have imagined it to be and you'll so relieved when it's finally taken care of and done with.

For the weekend:
The Hermit -
Spend some time alone and take a personal adventure into the woods. Be it a near by park, or drive to the mountains, change your view and get back to nature for a little while. Meditate, contemplate, review and celebrate your journey.
08/18/2011 Four of Swords - Inverted
Take time to dream and visualize your perfect world. Add details and put forth the energy to create yourself living that dream. Make sure it's your dream and not the desire of someone else. While those who support us want the best for us, sometimes their dreams are not the right ones for us. Be careful what you ask for, and make sure you know what you need.
08/17/2011 Strength - Inverted
Sometimes it's best to stay down and keep quiet. While you may feel as though you're hanging by a thread, there is a great deal of support around you. But be cautious of the fights going on around you. Some of them are designed to bring you into a fight to take the blame. Stay focused on your tasks, keep you head down and work only on those things that are on your plate.
08/16/2011 Seven of Pentacles - Inverted
Someone close to you began weaving a net beneath the surface last month. Whither they're trying to trap you or be ready to catch you when you fall is a matter of perspective. Make sure you know what you want. Sometimes what you ask for isn't what you need. Thinking from the heart can get you in trouble. Thinking from the brain can over analyze the situation. Go within and allow your soul to provide the insight you need to fall into the net, or avoid it's entrapment.
08/15/2011 Four of Pentacles -
You've put in all the work and tended the garden well. Be content that it's bountiful and you will have a great harvest. The worry will subside, the stress will be eased. But remember even after the harvest you must work on the garden to keep it fertile for the coming spring. Tasks that cross your desk today will be important for replanting in April. Take good care of them today and they'll explode with booms next year.
08/12/2011 Eight of Pentacles - Inverted
All the items in your garden are growing nicely and you'll be harvesting them soon enough. Don't dig them up too early and they'll provide additional seeds for next years planting.  So you and a friend can have an exciting fun ride. Take time to enjoy the day and the weekend. Let go of some stress and play. Get away from those who are negative and continually try to pull you down. Spend time with those who fill you with uplifting energy and encourage your efforts outside of work/school.
08/11/2011 The Fool -
Don't be taken for a fool today. There's manipulation going on behind the scenes and it may not be in your best interest. Others are focusing on the moment and disregarding the long term consequences of their actions. That will eventually come back to bite them and bring them down. While you plan for the long term, don't jump into the games that promise a quick turn around. Keep your focus, but look over your shoulder every now and then during the day.
08/10/2011 The Moon -
You can still find beauty in the darkness. The light of the moon, the twinkle of the stars, the beautiful creatures of the night. Just because it seems dark around you, doesn't mean you can't find and appreciate the blessings before you. Howl at the moon and acknowledge your accomplishments. Focus on your dreams, keep their vision within your sight and stick to your plan to manifest them into reality. Don't be a pessimist and create more lack. Be an optimist and work for the positive changes on your own path.
08/09/2011 Seven of Pentacles - Inverted
Abundance is all around you, be prepared for opportunities as they surface. While others are missing the chance to catch their dreams, you can reap the benefits if you stick to the course. Don't allow the impatience of others to divert your focus. You can see things maturing that their fear is blinding them from noticing.
08/08/2011 Knave of Wands -
Take time to contemplate and think things through. Don't jump at the first offer that comes your way today. Someone unexpected wants to spend more time with you, and you may need to decide if it's a good idea or not. There are ulterior motives at work that you may not want to be, or should be, involved with. Be cautious.
08/05/2011 Eight of Swords -
You'll feel tied up with a lot of little things you don't want to do in the first place. But stick to your desk and get them done and over with. While some items are a pain, they will bring financial benefits that are needed right now. And others will support projects for later on that will help with your bank account too. Stay focused and let your friends know you can't play today.
08/04/2011 Queen of Wands -
You are the Queen of your own domain and as such you are responsible for what happens on your own path. No one can make you do something you don't want to do. Be true to yourself, take accountability for your own actions and accept the consequences of your choices. It's your life, you must lead it and stop blaming others for the mistakes you've made. Just remember, you're only human and we ALL make mistakes.
08/03/2011 Two of Wands - Inverted
Moving forward in life means that some things come to an end. While it maybe a sad situation or a welcome change, closing a door behind you does open new doors before you. Your perspective, attitude and actions create what lay ahead. Drop the negative trepidation and embrace the future with positive excitement. You'll be glad you did.
08/02/2011 Strength - Inverted
You can't keep burning the candle at both ends and expect to think through the day with a clear head. Somethings gotta give. If you're not careful, it will be your health that fails first. Take care of yourself and get some rest. It's ok to say 'no' to those asking for favors. You'll be able to go on those little adventures next week. But for now, stay close to home, and above all else..REST.
08/01/2011 Three of Swords - Inverted
You may feel buried under the burdens on your shoulders right now. But don't let them consume you. Stop focusing on the negative and simply work through each obstacle, one at a time. Before you know it, you will have everything taken care of and realize it's not as bad as you thought. The mountain really was just a mole hill after all.
07/29/2011 Four of Cups -
Don't let stubbornness come between you and your friends or partners. Everyone has to make compromises for the good of all. We share this experience and path with those around us and therefore we must share the burdens and the rewards. Be careful what you say, how you say it and you act upon it. Your words and actions not only have consequences, they also have energy to harm or empower those around you.
07/28/2011 The Chariot -
Stand tall as you move through the day with ease and confidence. You've made all the right moves and your success is coming into manifestation. It may be slow, but if you take time to look, you can see it happening. Keep your focus, stick to sending your energies to the right tasks and don't let others try to derail your plan. But don't forget to take some time to enjoy the view and see how far you've come and the blooms that have sprung into a bountiful garden.
07/27/2011 Eight of Wands -
Ride 'em cowboy .. or cowgirl. While others are throwing spears and trying to start a war, you'll be dodging the fray and staying out of the way. It's not your fight and you don't need to be in the battle. Use your creativity to focus on your plans and the magik will keep you safe.
07/26/2011 Eight of Swords - Inverted
Today your strength will win out as others try to push your buttons and disrupt your successes. Don't fall into their trap and allow them to control your emotions and reactions. Rise above their petty jealousy and look at the situation through spiritual eyes. What is the lesson here? What are you to learn and teach? If you can do that, you will triumph! 
07/25/2011 The Empress -
New beginnings manifest today. Projects you started nearly a year ago will start to form in reality today. Abundance and prosperity are in the works and you have nurtured these projects well. You will begin to see the first rewards of your work starting today and lasting for the next several months.
07/22/2011 Ten of Wands - Inverted
Others are trying to put a muzzle on you and keep you from expressing your opinion. Don't let their underlying motives control your thoughts or actions. Don't take on their insecurities and feel you don't have a right, the knowledge or the expertise to voice your ideas and creativity. You've earned the right to be here, and you have valid input to what's going on. Believe in yourself!
07/21/2011 Strength - Inverted
Beneath the surface is a desire to escape and get away from it all. But you're tied up with responsibilities that cannot be put aside. The project at hand is your baby, even if others have changed it dramatically. Stick with it, put your special talent into it and you will be the one who receives the greatest rewards from it's success. 
07/20/2011 Judgement -
Sound the alarm! Once you have all the facts, make sure you share the information to avoid further issues or conflict. Judging a situation on it's merits is not a bad thing. Sharing your assessment can avoid further delays, financial pitfalls, or even emotional stresses. Whither it's an issue with a plan, policy, procedure or even a person, sometimes it's better to share what you have learned than to keep your judgement under wraps.
07/19/2011 The Magician -
There's a lot going on today and you may only get 2 or three things accomplished. But don't worry, they will be the most important things of the day. Use your tools of the trade and you'll zip through what you thought were the tough issues. Others might get upset you didn't put their tasks first, but remember your the one who must prioritize what gets attention first. Today work is more important than the drama going on around you!
07/18/2011 Nine of Wands - Inverted -
Be careful about getting entangled in other peoples problems. While you want to help, make sure you sit back and examine the entire situation. Rash responses could put you in danger and get you involved in something you don't want to be part of, or don't know how to handle. Good intentions can sometimes backfire on you. 
07/15/2011 Knave of Cups - Inverted -
Despite feeling upside down and out of sorts, it should be a beautiful day. Don't worry, you just have one more day till the weekend. Even if you have to work, you'll find the time to get some much needed rest and relaxation. Take some time to be with the animal world, commune with nature and regain some energy from the little things in life.
07/14/2011 Eight of Pentacles -
Tie up loose ends and check your list. Move out all the old stuff and make room for the new. Growth includes the ability to let go of the past, accept change and move into the future. The more you can finish off and clear away, the more you will open new doors as the fall harvest arrives.
07/13/2011 Seven of Cups - Inverted -
Everything comes back around in nature. Hidden behind every change is an opportunity to grow and move forward. Don't be the wall flower watching the dance go on in front of you. Accept that changes are inevitable and flow with them. Fighting only takes you down the wrong fork in the stream. Improvise, adapt and overcome and you'll find exciting new prospects lay ahead.
07/12/2011 Three of Cups* -
Enjoy the company of your friends and partners who have helped you work on the tedious tasks. It's time to celebrate and thank each other for the efforts you've all made to improving your lives, studies and livelihood. While there have been struggles, your bond is solid and will continue to lead you down a path of success and enlightenment.

* Yes, it came up 2 days in a row. It doesn't happen often, but it does happen.
07/11/2011 Three of Cups -
Together you three make a powerful group of energy. Utilize it to manifest your goals. Provide compassion, support, friendship and love for each other and you cannot be stopped. Celebration is right here at your finger tips and you'll finally find time to relax and enjoy it. But first, spend a few moments focusing your energy together and visualize your success. Because it's here.
07/08/2011 Six of Wands -
Take care of the little things you find and you'll feel both enjoyment and satisfaction. The devil is in the details, so don't ignore them. Those little things can bring about unexpected rewards and pleasures. No you don't "have" to do it, you could walk on by and let them take care of themselves. But you'll miss an opportunity to give something back and watch it grow.
07/07/2011 Nine of Swords -
You're all tied up until September with emotions, goals and finances. So stick to the plan and budget. Now is not the time to be spending more than you have. The things you want that cross your path are showing you what can be, just not right now. They are ideas for expansion that you can start planning for today, and begin working on this fall. Remember setting a plan takes a little effort and foresight. Think things through, identify the pitfalls and when the time is right, you'll be prepared with the solutions and skate through to achievement.
07/06/2011 Temperance - Inverted
Now is not the time to put moderation in action. Stick to your goals and plans, don't settle for less. While others are trying to tip over the glass and pour out your dreams, magik is on your side. You can still catch it all and find the success you desire. You'll still find healing going on behind you, but you'll be able to take flight and not only reach for the stars, but attain them as well.
07/05/2011 Seven of Pentacles -
There's abundance all around you. All you need do is look and you'll find it. When you keep focusing on the lack, you will only generate more of what you fear. Abundance can be found in many places and many forms. As gifts, as earnings, through friendship and good health. Stop defining yourself by what you don't have and focus on what you do have. Remember: Luck is nothing more than being prepared when opportunity arrives.
07/04/2011 There will not be a drawing, Monday July 4th
Happy Independence Day!!
07/01/2011 Judgement -
Be cautious passing judgement and then being the town crier. Your assessment of what's really going on may be totally off the mark. In fact, it probably is. There's more going on than you can see or observe from such a lofty position. Make sure you get all the facts, talk to everyone involved and review both sides of the story. Managing a situation by rumor only makes things worse. It could put your position in jeopardy, instead of those that are really responsible. 
06/30/2011 The Magician -
Magik is in the air and you control the wand. Use your creative energies to establish new projects that will erupt in abundance early this fall. New opportunities are coming your way, make sure you're prepared for them as they arrive. And remember, luck is nothing more than preparedness meeting opportunity! Get ready, it's going to be an exciting ride!
06/29/2011 King of Cups -
Contemplate what you want to say and pay extra attention to how you say it. Your words can support and inspire, or they can hurt and create conflict. Many look to you as a leader and they admire how you've stuck to your goals and worked hard to achieve your dreams. While there still maybe work to do, remember that your actions today create your tomorrows. If you want to continue the path to your dreams, Walk Your Talk!
06/28/2011 Eight of Cups -
It's your choice to see the cups half full or half empty. If you fall on the side of pessimism you will bring more lack into your day. If you walk on the side of optimism you'll bring abundance and the energy of creation into your day. It's up to you to create the day that will affect the week, month and year. Choose to nurture the natural energy around you and walk on the positive side of optimism.
06/27/2011 Knave of Cups -
Sit pretty for a portrait today. Others will want to remember you just the way you are. You've come a long way and you're not the person you used to be. Take a moment to look back and see what you've learned, the wisdom you've gained and how you've changed your life for the better. Even the little steps get you where you want to be.
06/24/2011 Knight of Swords -
Now that the big battles are over, you can rest triumphantly through the weekend. Take time to allow the magik around you, come into your being. This is a weekend of soul introspection and reflection. What do you want, what do you need and what must your work on for your spiritual path. Take time to listen to your inner voice and you'll soar with the Ravens.
06/23/2011 Queen of Pentacles - Inverted
Guard your finances. Don't let someone else talk you into something you'll regret later. It could be the difference between continuing on, or starting over. Focus on the necessities today. Limit the impulse buying and stay out of your favorite store. Now is not the time to give into whims and throw caution to the wind.
06/22/2011 The Hanged Fae - Inverted
You be presented with an exciting tough challenge today. Take time to center your energies and thoughts and you'll surprise everyone when you come up with the answer. Take your time to raise your energies to a higher level of insight. Don't rush through the possible solutions. Play out each scenario and contemplate their outcomes. Then you'll know which option is the best one to choose.
06/21/2011 Eight of Cups -
Hearing your totem animals speak is an exercise in creativity. Even the littlest of problems can be solved with your natural instincts and they will help you utilize them. Your totems will attempt to provide the insight and support those strengths within you. Align yourself with your inner Divine energy and it will be easier to see the messages and symbols that cross your path. 
06/20/2011 Nine of Cups - Inverted
You have a partner behind the scenes sending you love and support today. So when you feel like the whole world is against you, remember the one you have to lean on who is ready, willing and able to help you stand and fight. They offer well thought out advice, as well as, compassion and caring.  It's ok to give them a call, even if you just need to hear their voice .
06/17/2011 The Lovers - Inverted
Gut feelings hold the big message for the day. It's an important day to trust your instincts as situations come full circle. No one is innocent. Even you played a part in what's happening today. So don't try to put the blame on others. Accept your role in the play, work from a place of understanding and compassion. Hold your ground and explain your position. Things will work out in your favor. Even if some things come to an end, other things are opening up. 
06/16/2011 The Devil - Inverted
While others around you are stuck in a ditch, you'll be having a day of positive change. Your attempts to keep the peace are working in your favor and coming back to you. Your path is energized and things just seem to go your way today. Keep an eye out for those who want to bring you down. They won't succeed, because you're still watching and ready for their next move.
06/15/2011 Two of Swords - Inverted
Stop searching outside yourself for the answers. Your search is within and just beneath the surface. Listen to your gut feelings, if it doesn't feel quite right; then it probably isn't. Those around with true compassion for your wellbeing are trying to help, listen to them and you can avoid a major pitfall.
06/14/2011 Judgement -  
You can toot your own horn and share your success to promote what you have accomplished. It will gain you respect amongst your peers, attract new friends, and bring in new business. But be very careful not to exaggerate your knowledge or talent. Be honest with both yourself and others. You will be held accountable and others who are jealous of your success will easily find ways to use that against you.
06/13/2011 Six of Wands -
While you're lifting the cup of success, someone close to you is being less than supportive. Try to show compassion for those who feel they're struggling and not getting any where. They don't understand how their negative actions are keeping them anchored in the past and struggling in the now. Share what you've learned and hope they get the message. But cover your back, they just might have a knife aimed at you.
06/10/2011 Seven of Swords - Inverted
Hold out your hands and catch the nurturing waters that are coming your way. Relief is the big news of the day. Things you've been worrying about are turning your way and you'll finally be able to feel relaxed for the weekend. You may still be tied in some areas, but today's news will help those situations too. Stick to your plan, it's working.
06/09/2011 Five of Pentacles -
Life is a patchwork of events that shape your life. Some are blessings, others are hard lessons. The hard lessons of the recent past have reminded us of what's really important in life. That "things" have no real value, and the blessings lay in the hearts and souls of our family and friends. The simple things make life joyous. The hard work is paying off, and you'll be able to rest a little easier soon enough. Don't give up hope, or throw in the towel. You're right at the edge of the tunnel.
06/08/2011 Six of Swords -
The more you look back, the more unwanted things you will run into today. Look where you're going, not where you've been. Don't dwell on what was, but focus on what can be. Everyone goes through hardships and turmoil, but you are stronger than you give yourself credit for. Take it one day at a time, one step at a time and you will get past the hump in the road. Your future is what you make of it. Luck is nothing more than preparedness meeting opportunity.
06/07/2011 Four of Swords - Inverted
As above so below. Nurture your inner spirit and it will nurture your physical being. You are not just here in the now as a physical being, but also half spirit. Ignoring one half of yourself can lead to confusion, missed opportunities and struggle. Too much focus on the physical, brings you down, anchors you in the nitty gritty and the past. Too much focus on the spirit, you're flighty and scattered. Work to merge your natures in balance, with equal attention to both and you'll find compassion, love and inner peace.
06/06/2011 The Magician -
There are a lot of things going on, but like the Magician; you make it look easy. Stop doubting yourself and your abilities. You've prepared your magikal tools, your table is set to amaze and thrill. You not only will be successful, you'll also be prosperous as you showcase your talents. Believe in yourself, and others will believe in you too.
06/03/2011 Knight of Wands -
Just because you're ready for battle, doesn't mean you need to charge onto the battlefield. Show compassion and try to work things out first. Put yourself in the shoes of your adversary and try to understand their position. It still maybe the wrong side, but you'll at least be able to communicate why they need to come to your side. Examine the potential outcomes of their path and show them how short sighted it really is. You'll win the day with honey, not with anger.
06/02/2011 Nine of Wands - Inverted
You may be tied down today, but that doesn't mean you can't spread your wings. While others are out goofing off, you can focus on getting things done. Your work and dedication will be noticed. In the long run, you'll be the one out having fun while others are drudging away and grumbling. Don't get jealous over their lack of ethics. Rather be proud of your self reliance and success. In the end, you're the one who wins the game. 
06/01/2011 Queen of Pentacles -
Prosperity comes in many forms. Don't continue to look off in the distance for what you want and forget to see what you already have around you. You may have losses, you may want to go back to the way it was. But dwelling on what was in the past anchors your energy there and keeps you from moving forward into new experiences and bigger rewards. Let go and move forward into a new happy adventure.
05/31/2011 Knight of Wands -
Magik is afoot today. You created it long ago and today it's coming into view. All that hard work is beginning to pay off, but don't discount the spiritual help you asked for -- and received! Take a moment to thank the Divine forces in your life and celebrate this momentous occasion. You don't have to spend a lot. A simple chocolate sundae will do quite nicely.
05/30/2011 Happy Memorial Day!
Everyone at Spring's Haven would like to thank all the Men and Women
of our Armed Forces for their service, dedication and sacrifice.
05/27/2011 Five of Wands - Inverted
You'll be doing back flips over unexpected help that comes your way. While you feel like you're drowning, others are willing to step up and be there for you. All you've had to do all this time was to explain how over loaded you are, that you need support and you maybe surprised where it comes from. It's going to be ok!
05/26/2011 Strength - Inverted
Sometimes even the strongest need a lift up. You don't have to do all this on your own. Stop feeling as though you can't ask for help, or can't rely on others. Your need to be in total control isn't doing you or them any favors. Let go and delegate. It's the only way you're going to make a success of your partnership.
Seven of Wands -
You must work together as a team to find success today. Don't get frustrated if you think you're doing all the work, while your partner just watches. You will be the one who benefits from the experience and receives more of the glory. It's a perfect day to win the recognition or attain the promotion.
The Emperor -
You hold the prize. But be careful; others are jealous and may try to take it away. Don't forget to tell those close to you that you appreciate them and love them. It's not enough to be the Ruler and command your subjects all day. You also have to make time for those close to you. Don't forget to make time to live the life you're working so hard to attain and share your blessings during the day.
Ace of Pentacles -
You are the star today and especially tonight. Shine brightly as the example for others and they will find encouragement and hope. Your words really can make the difference. Choose them carefully and deliver them with compassion.
Eight of Cups - Inverted
Success comes from above, when you work to merge your consciousness with your higher Divine nature. Take time to connect to the Divine Universe and be one with the energy of calm, peace and creation. It is possible for you to fly above the fray and make it a successful adventure through life.
The Magician -
There are a lot of little things to look after today. Each one has their own unique needs. You'll be able to keep an eye on all of them, so don't worry. Just use the tools at your disposal, your talents will do the rest. And you'll end the day feeling you accomplished everything you set out to do and you did it well!
Knave of Pentacles -
Celebrate your successes today and give yourself a pat on the back for how far you've come. If you don't take time to acknowledge your journey, you lose sight of where you're going. You've worked hard and it's paying off. So have a piece of cake at lunch today, go get an ice cream cone. Do something to reward yourself and celebrate your abundance.
Death - Inverted
Don't let things get to you and bring you down today. Your attitude is the issue, not the events or people around you. Things really are not as bad as you perceive them to be. You've been burning the candle at both ends, you're tired and rundown. Wait till tomorrow to make decisions and choices. Nothing has to be done today, no matter what others say. Today is a day for you to think about yourself, your health and your mental state. Don't spending it worrying about things you don't need to worry about.
05/16/2011 Eight of Wands -
A lot of things are coming your way today. But don't worry, you'll be able to handle them all. Most of them will be good things and people you want to do business with. Though it's going to be a hectic day, you'll show others how you can handle multiple tasks at the same time. They even might be impressed at how hard you work.
05/13/2011 The Devil -
Some things in life are necessary evils. You can confront the problem head on and make improvements, but you will not be able to rid yourself of the problem all together. So don't waste your time or energy. Trying to ignore the problem and be indifferent can make you seem weak and easy to intimidate. You cannot change others, only the way you interact with them. As you change, they will have to change because you are not the same person they were dealing with last week. Stand your ground, stand up for yourself, but keep a calm professional attitude. You will the day and things will improve. 
05/12/2011 Seven of Cups -
Why do you keep asking others what you should be and do on your path. It's your life, shouldn't you fulfill your own dreams and aspirations? Look within and you'll find the answers you seek. Stop letting others define who and what you are. Be yourself. Everyone will love you and stand by your side. And those that don't; don't need to be in your life anyway.
05/11/2011 Eight of Pentacles - Inverted
Hiding out today maybe what you want to do, but you can't. There are blooms waiting to be enjoyed and you're just the person to notice. Look for the person giving you a helping hand and go play a little. The two of you will enjoy the day and your time together. All work and no play, isn't just bad for your mind, it affects your body and spirit as well. So get up, get out and enjoy the day.
05/10/2011 Seven of Pentacles -
A day of playful abundance helps to release your stress and anxiety. Burning the candle at both ends leaves no time for relaxation and rejuvenation. If you're not taking care of yourself then you'll burn out quickly and be no good to anyone. You must take time to relax and play a little, even if it's during work.
05/09/2011 Six of Cups -
We make things harder on ourselves when we refuse to look within our own world and not changing the things that bring us troubles. You have the answers within yourself. Refusing to look continues the struggle against the thorns of stress and strife. Bringing failure to the day and allowing the trials to snowball out of control. You just have to take the time to relax and look within your spirit to see the positive path of change and hope. It's there, waiting for you to find it.
05/06/2011 King of Cups - Inverted -
The answers to your questions are just beneath the surface. But you must take time to center your energies, go within and be open to look at the truth. You are your best teacher, best adviser and best at leading the way on your path. Don't spend your day listening to what others say you are, for their labels are based on their own insecurities and perceptions. Only you can define what and who you are, only you make the choices on your path and only you can do the work to attain spiritual enlightenment.
05/05/2011 Knight of Cups - Inverted -
As much as you'd like to, you can't wrap your head in a blanket and hide from the world. Ignoring the challenges in life only make them worse. You're not alone in this fight. Along with your friends and some of your family, you always have your connection to the Divine. Spend more time connecting with that energy, use it and you'll be able to find solutions that overcome those challenges. Stop hiding and start meditating.

It seems appropriate today to once again share the Meditation, Energy and Action article. Put your spiritual interests into practice, don't just give it lip service.
05/04/2011 Four of Swords - Inverted -
Nurture the caring person within yourself. If you don't take care of you, no one else will. It's ok to say 'No' when you're stretched too thin. It's ok to put your priorities in order to give yourself time to relax and release your stress. You don't have to burn the candle at both ends and you don't have to feel guilty for taking care of you before someone else.
05/03/2011 Eight of Cups -
Help a friend along their path today. Show compassion, caring and support to those who need it, just as they've shown to you. Just because you've put someone on a pedestal doesn't mean they belong there and don't need support. Even those we think are the strongest and most stable people we know need our help now and then.  Remember you get what you give and today is your turn to give back.
05/02/2011 Four of Wands -
You may find a gift coming your way, from under the table. A secret that's been hidden could emerge, that brings satisfaction and relief. Be thankful for it's unexpected arrival. Even in times of stress and dismay, there are always blessings to be found.
04/29/2011 Temperance -
Nurture the self and the world around you with compassion and faith. Believe in yourself and those around you. See the possibilities that lay upon the path instead of the pitfalls. When you connect with faith through your higher consciousness, the spiritual purpose of your path will be come clearer and provide the energy you need to succeed. Believe in yourself and others will believe in you too.
04/28/2011 Queen of Pentacles -
Being alone doesn't equate to being lonely. You rule your emotions and decide how you feel about the world around you. Choose to feel the lack and you will find only sadness. Choose to appreciate the blessings you have and you will find joy. It's up to you. Others cannot make you happy, only you can do that.
04/27/2011 Eight of Wands - Inverted
You may feel as though everything is raining down on you today, but it's a good thing. Things are growing beyond your expectations. Keep focused and you'll keep control of them. Take them for granted and you may become overwhelmed and lose the control of their direction. All gardens need rain, but all gardens also need tending to in order to keep the weeds out. So check your list, prioritize your day and everything will get done as needed. 
04/26/2011 Strength - Inverted
Those close to you, will help carry you through the day. Rest on their shoulders and let them ease your burdens. You don't have to do it all by yourself. Delegate and trust those around you to get the job done. They won't let you down today.
04/25/2011 Five of Cups - Inverted
While being overly emotional in public is sometimes a bad thing. There are times when holding your emotions in can be detrimental. Tears and sadness not expressed can affect your physical health as well as your mental state. Let those around you, who are part of the situation know you're hurting and you just want to crawl in a hole and cry. Keeping it in does no one any good at all. The issues can't be resolved or dealt with, even if you just have to accept the way things are for now.
04/22/2011 Knave of Swords - Inverted
Hold's going to be a bumpy ride. Be extra cautious today if you're interacting with sensitive people. It will be easy to accidentally offend someone, so be careful what you say or how you say it. While you may be on the road of positive travels, others are still stuck on the path of anger. Not everyone is ready to make changes to their life for the better. Don't try to force them to see where their failings are. Just pat them on the back, give them a hug and tell them it's going to be ok. Then walk away.  - Take care and caution if you're traveling today!

- Happy Good Friday To The Christians of the World.
04/21/2011 Ace of Wands -
You're number 1 today. Those still in the dark, still struggling, and still negative about life will surround you and try to pull you back down. Don't let them! You've worked hard to rise above the despair and walk with a positive attitude. Try to be a beacon of light that inspires them to make their own changes and end the continual cycle of anger and struggle.
04/20/2011 Ten of Wands -
Battles lay ahead, but don't feel overwhelmed or weak. You have the strength and intelligence to solve the days issues and overcome the blocks others try to set before you. The key to success for the day is to remain calm and focused. Chip away at the tasks at hand and before you know it, the day will be completed and the battles will be won! You can do it, you have the energy of the Divine within you and can overcome anything. Just stay focused!
04/19/2011 Ace of Pentacles -
You don't have to put all your eggs in one basket. Your spiritual path can work right along side your physical responsibilities. When we follow the mission of our soul, the path can be easy to follow. When we fight against the tide, we stumble and fall. Take a moment each morning to clear the energy of your surroundings, be they your home or office or both. Ground your physical being, raise your spiritual soul and balance your mind, body, and spirit between the energies of the Divine. Allow them to work together to follow the path of ease.
04/18/2011 Knave of Wands - Inverted
Don't forget to look beneath the surface and contemplate all that you find. You may discover things totally unexpected and that will make your day a whole lot easier. Whither it's information about an issue, an idea or even about yourself. Your discovery can turn your day into something wonderful and special.
04/15/2011 Eight of Pentacles -
It takes work and effort to mold your world into what you want it to be. It doesn't happen on it's own. Abundance to create what you desire also comes in many forms. It's not just money that brings an abundant life, but health, happiness, family and friends are all just as important. Remember to look at life as a whole; not just the aspects that you think you need. Your abundant blessings are all around you. 

Happy Tax Day - Due to a holiday observed in the District of Columbia today, Federal Taxes for 2010 are due Monday 4.18.2011. 
04/14/2011 The Magician -
You may feel like your arms are tied, but you have a great number of options. Take time to look at the table and review everything that's going on. One item can solve another. Prioritize, organize and lay out a plan to cover what needs to be done and which items can take care of which issues. You'll make it through the day, with planning and focus. Don't Panic!
04/13/2011 King of Wands -
Being the Boss means you are the one who has to face and deal with the conflicts, even when it's between others. Settle the battles with mediation. If you can't get all parties to agree, then you must be the leader that makes the fair and balanced decisions. Make sure you know all the facts, listen to all sides and then put your foot down and resolve the issue. Remember you wanted this job...and all that comes with it.
04/12/2011 Four of Wands -
Expect a small token of appreciation today. Feminine energy is in play this week and someone wants to show you how they feel about what you've done for them. Don't be disappointed in the gift, it's all they have or all they can afford. Be gracious and remember there is always someone worse off than you.
Three of Wands - Inverted
Enlightening information is hidden just beneath the surface. Be careful and make sure you have all the facts before making decisions or signing papers. It won't hurt to put things off till tomorrow while you verify what you're being told. Take the time to make sure there's nothing being hidden on purpose. It could make what seems like a fantastic opportunity into a very bad situation.
Seven of Swords -
You may feel battered and torn, but you're coming to the end of the battle. The garden is growing, you have compassion and nurturing on your side and you will heal from the stress and strife. Don't dwell on the hardships now that you're at the end of the tunnel. Smile in the face of adversity and know that you're stronger for the struggles, and you're overcoming the hardships. You did it! Keep that in your consciousness and face the day with strength and empowerment!
Five of Swords -
Don't judge others to harshly when they make a mistake. Don't make assumptions based on rumor and innuendo. Others may have ulterior motives and modify the facts to suit their own needs. Be cautious of their involvement. Allow the person who made the mistake the opportunity to tell you what they have done in their own words. Show compassion, talk it through and you will easily resolve the situation with fairness. Even though it will anger those who want you to see things through their manipulative ways.
The Empress - Inverted:
The cat is out of the bag today and you're ready to catch it as it arrives. Whither it's your dreams coming into manifestation, or a secret you've been dying to get out, things will change from this point on. If you want them to change for the better, be calm, don't express your view with an angry tone, show the wisdom you've gained from your experiences over the past 3 years and be the leader of your own path. Your actions will be an inspiration, if you can control your fear and trepidation.
King of Pentacles -
Watch your finances today. While you're feeling good about the changes that have come, it's not over yet. Don't splurge or be frivolous. Stick to your budget and carefully manage what you have stored from last years harvest. Things have turned around, but you're not far enough on the other side to throw caution to the wind. It will come, just be patient.
Ace of Cups -
Your cup runneth over today. "Luck is preparedness meeting opportunity". Seeing it only requires you to be one with your higher self and the Divine Universe. Take time to center your being and be prepared for what crosses your path today. Those who focus on lack, only create more despair. Those who focus on the blessings, create more abundance. You have abundance in your life, if you'd take time to see it.
Queen of Wands -
Don't spend the day in the clouds dreaming about what could have been or what you'd like to have. Living in balance with feet planted in the physical, walking the path of spirit is the way to create the desires of your soul. Look at the physical situations in your life through spiritual eyes and you can see the missteps, the avenues of opportunity and the reasons behind both. As above, so below as the saying goes.
"As above, so below" is a simplified version of "That which is Below corresponds to that which is Above, and that which is Above, corresponds to that which is Below, to accomplish the miracles of the One Thing". The text comes from the Hermetic writings found in "The Emerald Tablet of Hermes Trismegistus"
The text can be said to define the Law of Accountability or the Law of Return. That which you put out, you receive. That which you do, you receive karma for. It's a lesson in understanding the balance of nature. If we walk our path with an eye on the physical actions through the eye of spiritual awareness, we live the life we're meant to travel. When we are out of balance, we loose the direction of our journey and find ourselves lost in struggle or despair.
The Emperor - Inverted
Even when it's dark, you will have keen vision and agility to move forward. Don't use your eyes, but rather your connection with the Divine to enhance your instincts to decipher what's really going on and where to make your next move. You can easily traverse the maze that lay before you today. You have the knowledge, wisdom and experience to overcome any obstacle. All you have to do is remain calm, focused and connected with your higher self and the Divine spirits in your life.
Ten of Pentacles -
Don't forget to nurture yourself while you are caring for and guiding others. Your health and enlightenment is just as important. Not doing so can cause illness and stagnation, thereby doing a disservice to those you care about. Don't be something you're not. Take the time to go within, learn, experience and feed your own needs throughout the day.
Queen of Swords -
Survey your kingdom today, make sure you know and understand where the conflicts are and where peace resides. As the ruler of your domain, you must deal with the conflicts and not allow them to fester and grow into something bigger. The children fighting amongst themselves will create disharmony where you need compatibility. Put them in their place with compassion and kindness, but make sure you're firm and sturdy. Remember, you fail when you manage by rumor, instead of fact. Make sure you hear both sides before you make decisions.
Six of Wands -
You're the winner today. Others around you will feel jilted and hurt, so remember to be gracious. Don't spend to much time reveling in our success, there's work to be done today too. Make your list (of 6 things) and set your priority with each. Imperative items should take precedence over importance.
Ten of Swords - Inverted
You have the world in your hands and it needs your special energy to find the way toward enlightenment. While there is stress and strife all around the world, you can bring peace to your part of it. Be the calm winds of guidance, support and inspiration. Lead the way, make the fair and balanced executive decisions, and the pearls of success will rise up to greet you all. Sometimes it just takes a soothing voice of reason to calm the stormy waters. Be that voice today.
Wheel of Fortune - Inverted
Don't leave your fortune to chance, you may end upside down and hanging on for dear life. Having the abundance you want in life takes planning and it takes work. Whither you're looking to improve your finances, health or relationships it's your effort that can mold them to what you need. So stop spinning the wheel and hoping it lands on your number. Get up and get to work.
Knight of Cups -
Take a moment to rest and enjoy the triumphs you have attained. Just as you need to take time to see how far you've come, you also need to take time to be thankful for that journey and celebrate your successes. Whither it's taking time to just sit and meditate, buy a special dessert, or go out to dinner; you need to acknowledge your own hard work and the Divine energy that has helped you. Congratulations! You have permission to pamper yourself!!
Ace of Wands -
You maybe feeling like a mushroom whose getting all the 'crap'. Just remember, mushrooms need that to grow healthy and strong. Being the one that everyone turns to solve the problems is an attribute that's in your favor. Just stay calm in the face of adversity and the answer will come to you with ease. Be the leader, make the executive decisions; those around you will be glad that you know what to do.
The Star -
You are the center of the Universe today. Revel in the admiration, allow it to build your confidence. But don't be too distracted by the attention. You have a couple of projects that need your guidance, one of which will nurture the over goals you have defined in your plan. Keep an eye on the big picture, and do your thing.
Six of Wands - Inverted
Don't expect others to give you the crown of success, you must earn it on your own. While others are standing still watching your efforts, they don't have the ability to grant your wishes. And you wouldn't want them to. Some want you to fail and remain in the doom and gloom where they are. Others don't approve of your plan and want you to fulfill their dreams. The only one who really matters is you and what your spirit wants. So stop looking for outside validation and work with the Divine to achieve your own success.
Death - Inverted
The world around you is struggling with change and transition. Don't get sucked into the fears and be pulled down with them. Having one foot in the grave is enough to keep you stagnant and pulls energy from the positive changes you're trying to make. Focus on you plan. If you haven't made one yet, sit down and put pen to paper. Define what you 'really' want to be doing and the steps to get there. Don't worry if some of it doesn't make sense. Just connect with the Divine force in your life, ask for guidance and listen. You'll get there.
King of Wands - Inverted
Strength comes from within, beneath the surface and hidden from view of others. It's not in a title, not in a position, and doesn't come because someone says so. It comes from doing, not talking or yelling. Strength comes from sticking to the plan, adapting to change, and overcoming obstacles. Look how much you've gone through, what you've already overcome and see the great strength you have within yourself. Don't give up! You're already making things change for the better.
Four of Wands - Inverted
Tend to your garden and make sure you're ready for the showers of April. You have planted some big seeds in your garden and while some of your plans have started sprouting, some are still waiting to be nurtured. Don't get too focused on one set of your dreams and forget the long term goals you've set. You still have things to do for the overall picture, take a few moments and get it done. You'll be glad you did.
Ace of Wands - Inverted
Stay grounded. Don't allow the trepidations of others to pull you into their fear While others are flailing for answers, your connection to your higher Divine Consciousness knows how to find the solutions. You have laid down strong roots and your plans are growing just as they should. While others continue to struggle with their own abilities and weaknesses to resolve conflict and establish their plans. Unfortunately these people can impact your goals, IF you allow them to. So don't give them that ability and walk away when needed.
Ace of Swords - Inverted
You may feel as though you've been stabbed in the heart and you're losing ground. This is just a temporary set back due to the fears of others. Don't lose your faith. It's understandable why others are scared and feel at their wits end. But don't let the rough road keep you from trying to move forward. You are much stronger than you think you are. Have a good cry and then "Let go and let God" guide the way, you'll be ok.
Ace of Wands -
You are growing out of the shade and lighting the way for others today. Smile at your blessings and accomplishments. Use their energy to carry you through the rest of the week and to enhance the work you have left to do. The Divine within will shine through and guide your steps, if you listen and take heed to it's voice.
Six of Wands -
Bury the past with grace and dignity. Let go of the old hurts, fears and trepidations as they serve no purpose in your new life today. Change is never easy, but it is necessary to move beyond the traps that hold us back and keep us from getting where we need to be. You have accomplished so much, changed for the better and worked so hard. Don't fall back on old responses and lose all that you have gained.
Death -
Transition from the old to the new as the end of a chapter has arrived. You have presided over the darkness and brought light back into your life. You will see the hard work you've put into pulling yourself back up come to fruition as the spring arrives. Stay the course, you're at the end of the tunnel.
The Hanged Fae - Inverted
It's ok to let others see you jumping for joy. Laughter and a smile are both contagious. So share a little happiness with those around you. Your success is an inspiration and shows those who are still fighting that it is possible to dig out of the hole and come out of the darkness.
Six of Cups - Inverted
When you can't see the solution, turn the situation upside down and look at it from a different perspective. Things always become clearer when you look at all sides. Trust your vision to look within the glass ball and see all that maybe going on. Things aren't as bad as you may think, you can make the right choice and decide what you need to do. But remember, you can't make others change, and you can't always make their choices for them. Sometimes to save yourself and make the right choice, you have to let go and walk away.
Every now and then 2 cards will drop out of the deck or stick together. Instead of mentally choosing 1 card, I'd rather deliver the message seen in both cards for that single day. Today is one of those days, so the cards for today are:
The Priestess -
Don't ignore your own inner instincts to solve problems or deal with issues that cross your path. There's a big difference between what you Want and what you NEED. Trusting your inner voice helps you stick to the path of Need and avoid the pitfalls of Want. Trust yourself, take off the rose colored glasses and look at situations for what they are, and not what your heart wants them to be.
Ace of Swords -
Sometimes we stab ourselves in the heart and cause our own pain. It's not the fault of the one we love and lash out at. It's our own fear, our own frustrations and our own self judgments that bring us the most pain in our lives. These cannot be solved by others in our lives, no matter how much we love them or they love us. It can only be solved by loving ourselves, being compassionate with our self, and above all else, forgiving our self for being human. You're ok. You're going to be ok. You will make it through. But you must start with caring for yourself with love and forgiveness.
Eight of Swords -
It's time to focus on the details once again. While you feel tied up with other or more pressing matters, it's time to pay attention to the projects you've been putting off, they are equally important. There are many flowers in the garden that need to be tended to. Those with thorns might get most of your attention and take up most of your time. But the other blooms can offer greater assistance and make the tough projects easier once they are nurtured and tended to.
The Chariot -
We are all on a spiritual search of self. Who are we, where do we belong, what are we supposed to be doing in life. You cannot find these questions by sitting still and doing nothing. You cannot find these answers when you're afraid to look within yourself and face the things you do not like to see. Only you can answer these questions when you're willing to forgive yourself, accept your failings and use your strengths to change them. Become the person you want to be, by loving yourself and giving yourself the compassion you need.
Seven of Wands - Inverted
Make friends with your wild side. Like all things it can be used for inspiration, but when not controlled it can be detrimental and destructive. Be careful not to let it run free without regard to the consequences.You may not like the outcome. Instead, focus it's beneficial energy in constructive ways to express your creativity, solve problems and constructively release you stress and tension. Remember Life is about balance; even too much of a good thing can be bad for you.
Ace of Wands -
You are the light guiding the way for others. Your inner self confidence can ease the fears of those around you. Live by example, don't be afraid to make informed decisions and showcase your leadership talents. Others will be looking to you to take the lead and show the way.
Three of Wands -
Tend to your garden today. Many of the plans and dreams you planted are peaking through the surface and looking for sunlight to grow. Don't cover them with the shade of doubt and despair. Take care of them, nurture and keep them from harm. Don't allow others to instill their fear and lack of faith into your heart. You don't need their baggage, just a belief in yourself!
The Priestess - Inverted
Contemplate on what's hidden beneath the surface of the self.What are you hiding from? What are you trying to keep hidden? Secrets never help anyone attain Divine Consciousness or express their inner Divine being. Without that ability, you cannot move forward, learn, gain wisdom, or attain your goals and dreams. There will always be a hidden secret holding you back...until you Let Go and Let 'God'
Seven of Swords -
The tighter your grip the more will slip through your fingers. Sometimes you have to let go and let 'God'. Whither you're letting go of a relationship, fear, or a situation, holding on may be to your detriment. Have faith in yourself, your abilities and your inner guidance. You can overcome any obstacle, if you just believe in yourself and work for your Divine purpose.
Eight of Cups - Inverted
You may feel as if everything has turned upside down and fallen out of your baskets. Hold onto your dreams. Don't give up yet. Be gentle with yourself, allow yourself to feel, but don't allow it to overwhelm you. There are always stumbling blocks to overcome and you can do it.
The Star -
It's time for you to shine brightly and light the way for others. You cannot change them, but in changing yourself you make them change how they react and respond to you. Be the example of positive growth and enlightenment. Let the positive focus flow from you and nurture all things around you. Once again this week, there's a message to remember .. "I can because I am one with the Divine".
The Magician -
Don't worry about dropping a few cards today. You have plenty to do and need to prioritize your lists. There are items you 'know' can wait, even when others think they have to be addressed right now. Trust your own experience and instincts. You know what has to be done, just stick to it and your day will be very productive. Remember .. "I can because I am one with the Divine".
Nine of Pentacles -
The Harvest will last through the winter, be patient and trust in the Divine presence in your life. You will be taken care of, you will make through the hardships. Don't lose faith in yourself, your abilities or your well formed plans. You have accomplished so much already, and while there is a bit more to go; it won't be for not. Believe in yourself, even if no one else does. Keep reminding yourself "I can because I am one with the Divine".
Ace of Pentacles -
Don't put all your eggs in one basket. You have many choices before you and each one should be weighed carefully against each other. Make sure you know what you need, not necessarily what you want. Take the path that is in harmony with what your soul guides you to and you will achieve the dream and the happiness. Choose the the path that you want and you may find it's not what you expected and it was the bumpier path to take. Patience and examination are the key actions for the day.
Ten of Cups -
An exchange of gifts is a wonderful thing on the day when love is recognized. But it's a greater blessing when it occurs on the other 364 days of the year. Be grateful for the loved ones you have in your life on each and every day. No one is truly alone when they have family and friends to share their path with.
Five of Pentacles -
Things may seem as if they're falling apart, but you're merely dwelling on the worst case scenario. Your own energy is creating what you fear most. Alter your thinking! Remember that what you create will come to you. You have an endless supply of creative energy each time you connect with the Divine force in your life. Instead of dwelling on the negative, connect to your higher consciousness, the Divine and work together to focus on the positives, the solutions and the activities that will turn things around.
"I am happy, strong and successful in the face of adversity."
King of Wands -
Being a leader means it's sometimes very lonely at the top. You may see the forest and the trees, but others may be in such despair they can only see the rocks covering the path ahead. Don't blame them or become upset with them. They may face other stresses that you don't understand or know about. Just help them by reassuring them, let them know you think of them and you're concerned. Sometimes hearing "It's going to be ok" is enough to get over the next big hurdle and catch your breath.
Seven of Cups -
keep an eye on your future. You must nurture your dreams and keep them alive. They will not occur and manifest on their own. Keep working at them, even if it's just simple little things like making lists, doing research, drawing logos or pictures of what you want. Keep the energy flowing and they will cross your path when the timing is right.
Two of Wands - Inverted
Stabbing at things you don't want in your garden will not make them go away. Face the issues that block your path, deal with them and solve them. It's the only way to resolve the things that cause you stress and strife. Just remember "You can, because you are One with the Divine Universe"!
Ten of Pentacles -
It maybe cold outside, but you have warmth, companionship and abundance inside. Share your bounty with family and friends and take notice of how many blessings you have as the cold winter months linger outside. Don't create self-fulfilling prophecies by focusing on the lack in your life. You will only bring more of those things onto your path. Stay positive, work on your plans and desires, put your thoughts and words into positive actions to create your dreams.
Knight of Wands -
It's a day for creative journeys. Whither you walk on your own or with a friend(s), take note of the lessons you find along the path. You can learn much from others and avoid the mistakes they made. Listen carefully, examine artifacts and ask questions. You'll be able to use your imagination to apply what you learn to your own path and overcome obstacles more readily.
Ten of Wands - Inverted
Don't bury your creativity within. It's struggling to get out and help you solve the current issues at hand. Let your inner voice express itself and fly free. Sometimes what you 'need' is not the same thing as what you want. Trust your instincts, don't ignore them because they are taking you toward a direction you don't 'want'. It maybe for a very good reason.
The Magician - Inverted
Things are coming at you from every angle today. Don't take on what's not yours to deal with. Remember everything comes back three fold, what you say, do and think. It's ok for you to say no, it's not ok for others to get mad because you don't have the time. Focus on your own magikal table, what you have, what you need, what you can substitute for what you can't acquire today. The day will end with satisfaction, celebration and most importantly success.
Ten of Pentacles - Inverted
Just because your finances are upside down doesn't mean you don't have abundance in your life. On this day of Imbolg, take stock of your life and the blessings you do have. Turn away from the materialistic things and be grateful for the friendships, family, roof over your head, even the freedoms you enjoy that others around the world are fighting for. Today is a day for thanks, not sorrowful wanting.
Merry Imbolg: The Festival of Lights
Celebrated as the first holiday of Spring, on February 1st
Temperance -
Your cup is full with success as you apply energy to your visions and dreams. Don't get discouraged, don't give up. Everything may not be happening as quickly as you desire, but it is happening. Stop putting off essential tasks that can will help bring about that success. You have time for everything, when everyone applies their skills to the project.
King of Pentacles - Inverted
Your hands are tied and you face projects you'd rather not do. Whither it's paying bills, completing a task you hate doing, or letting someone go. Don't worry, it's all part of the job and something you have to finish. Focus on it early, get it done and over with. You'll have a much more enjoyable and relaxing day that way.
The Hermit -
Don't look to others to light your way. You are the only one who can make the choices in your life. Others are not responsible for you, nor can they take the blame when you follow their advice and it doesn't work out. Whither you're struggling in the darkness and at the bottom of the pit, only you can light the lantern that leads you out of the shadows.
Ace of Wands - Inverted
Stay grounded today, you've been burning the candle at both ends and need some energy from Mother Earth. Be careful not to take your tired frustrations out on others. Everyone is working hard and putting in the extra effort. Take a moment to connect your spiritual being to the core of Mother Earth and feel her energy rise within you. The grounding won't make you any less tired, but it will help you from being too flighty today.
Knight of Wands - Inverted
Dedication to diligence and duty doesn't mean you have to be inflexible. Be open to all possibilities and allow success to come as it may. Trying to force your will could cause you to paddle up stream and delay what will be. Everything happens in it's right way, place and mostly in it's right time.
Nine of Wands -
There are always events of change that you didn't see coming. Whither they be for the good or sorrow, change is inevitable. As you grow into a more spiritual person, you maybe forced to let go of old patterns, bad habits or negative influences in your life. These forced losses open new doors to new adventures which provide bigger opportunities for you to grow toward the enlightenment you seek.
Ace of Wands - Inverted
Just because you feel you're under the weather and in the dark, doesn't mean you can't fly in the light of abundance and joy. How you choose to feel is up to you. Stop dwelling on the darkness, align yourself with the positive Divine light in your life, spread your wings and rise above the stresses to see the solutions. It's your day to carry the torch of light upon your path. So just do it.
The World-
The world is blooming with opportunities. You don't have to carry the weight on your shoulders by yourself. Stop thinking you are responsible for everything and share the load with those around you. There is an abundance to be had by all, so all should be working to reap the rewards. Today's word is: DELEGATE!
The Fool -
Enjoy what you do. Make a game out of work and you'll get through tasks lickity-split and have fun doing it. This is your year to shine and turn things around. No one said you had to hate it, so don't. You decide how you feel, not others. Take control and accountability of your emotions and smile.
Use Spring's 2011 Motto: I am happy, strong and successful in the face of adversity.
Each time you face someone who's trying to bring you down, recite a motto or affirmation and keep control of your thoughts and actions for a positive experience.
The Star - Inverted
The Divine cannot fill up your cup when you have it's turned on it's side. You can't just pay lip service to your beliefs.Walk Your Talk and practice what you preach to others. Not doing so creates hypocrisy and does a big disservice to your own spiritual path.
Five of Swords - Inverted
You and your partner(s) will fly under the radar today, avoiding the stress and strife around you. Focus on your goals, smile and have some fun. It's a good idea to keep quiet and not get involved in the problems of others. Don't try to solve issues that have nothing to do with you. You may only make things worse and the blame will be targeted in your direction.
King of Wands - Inverted
Set your shields of protection and stake your ground. Things will seem topsey-turvey as others try to manipulate your path to their will instead of your own. Its time to take a stand and live your own life. You may lose friends, but those that try to hold you back and manipulate you aren't really your friends in the first place. Make way for better relationships and a brighter path.
Five of Wands - Inverted
You're part of a group that needs to work together to things done. Indulge your imagination and creativity to divine solutions. Remember things can be accomplished 'As above, so below'; so join your energies and let the magik flow today.
The Magician - Inverted
Today's mission is to prioritize your time. You have a lot of things up in the air today, but don't worry if you drop one or two. Focus on those things that are imperative and have a specific target date/time. You can hand off a few of the other things or pick them up later.
Five of Cups - Inverted
Don't hide your grief, it's ok to mourn a loss. No one expects you to be the single tower of strength with no emotions. You have many around you who care, and many blessings to be thankful for. But everyone needs to release the hurt of a loss...even you.
Grief comes in many forms of loss. Loss of a loved one, a relationship, a pet, a job. Learn about the Phases of Grief and how to deal with trials and tribulations.
Eight of Wands - Inverted
Sometimes riding on life's roller coaster can take you upside down and you have to hold on tightly. You can walk through the day feeling fear and anxiety. Or you can grip the rails, enjoy the thrills and excitement and make a difference. Speak out against injustice, cut short the rhetoric of hate, cheer the measures of kindness and hold out a hand in friendship to those who disagree with your views.
The Moon -
Take time to notice the beauty hidden in the darkness. Nothing is as bad as you think it is when you shine a light upon it. You maybe surprised by what you find hidden in the shadows that springs to life and shows you the way. You'll be howling at the moon in no time.
The Priest -
Today is a day for leadership and guidance. You have the knowledge to get everyone else through the challenges you're facing. Take the reigns, sooth their concerns and lay down the plan for moving forward. You may need to make some executive decisions and put some in their place. But it will be ok. They maybe trying to carry more on their shoulders than the authority they have.
Eight of Wands -
You are surrounded by magik and creativity today. You'll find some unique ways to solving several pressing issues. Put you creativity to work and take care in implementing your solutions. Take the dragon by the horns, fly up over the trees and take a look at what lies at your disposal. It's going to be ok.
Eight of Swords -
Everything is tied up today and you may feel as though you can't do anything about it. Just because your hands are tied doesn't mean you can't use your head and make a plan. Think it through, make some calls and get all the information you can. You may be surprised by the outcome. Remember with the Divine on your side, YOU CAN DO IT!
The Hanged Fae - Inverted
Be cautious of how you speak. Words have energy and can do long lasting harm as well as good. Start the year with a positive outlook and start the ball rolling with happiness and optimism. Remember what you put out will come back to you. So make it a good day and a Happy New Year.
Happy New Year 
Forget resolutions you may not keep.
Each year Spring creates a Motto to carry us through the year with.
The 2011 Motto: I am happy, strong and successful in the face of adversity.

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