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Daily Tarot Meditation Drawing Archive
Tarot Meditation
Each week day we share a Tarot Card and Message to contemplate during your daily meditation. We began our daily drawing on December 1, 2009. Here we provide an online archive of those drawings. Each week day we share a Tarot Card and Message to contemplate during your daily meditation. We share the publication of our messages on our social media sites. You'll find a list of those on our Tarot Meditation page. Pick your favorite and stay connected with us.
You can gain more insight into today's drawing on Spring's Blog page too. She shares more of the message and an image of today's card. You can add your own thoughts and see what others are saying as well. Visit Springwolf Reflections today.  

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~ 2010 Daily Tarot Archive ~
Daily Tarot Meditation Card & Message
There will be no drawing from Dec 22nd to Jan 2nd 2011
Merry Yule and Happy New Year
Seven of Cups -
Look into your crystal ball and see what it is you want from life. If you can't envision your goals and dreams, you can't attain them. What do you really want from Santa this year? Do you honestly know? If you're spinning your wheels and getting no where, then you may want to sit down and really look into your heart to discover the mission of your soul. Ignore the nay-sayers. Over come the fears and negative self talk. If you really want it deep down in your being, then you can work for it and make it come true.
The Lovers - Inverted
Don't expect your partner to simply know when something is wrong simply by osmosis. Open communication is the only way to share your concerns. Partnerships take everyone involved to make it work. One cannot carry all the burdens, or all the stress. Whither it's a partnership at work, or an intimate relationship; you must trust and talk to each other about the situation.
Nine of Pentacles - Inverted
Spend time getting some rest. You're working and playing hard, but you're not thinking about the long haul. Everyone needs some time to sleep and recuperate. You may want to party all weekend, but it's not really a good idea. Fix some hot chocolate, put your feet up in front of the fire and watch a good ole movie or read a book. You'll be glad you did. s
Knave of Pentacles -
Being childishly naive can bring you joy and happiness. But it can't help you run away from your responsibilities as an adult. Make sure you get things done before you play today. The alternative may be costly.
The Sun -
When you shine light upon a problem, it's easier to see the solution that fixes it. Through despair and darkness the anxiety and fear wins. Don't allow trepidation to keep you hidden in a black void. Take a deep breath, open the door and shout out "I am One with the Divine and I WILL survive with peace and abundance!" Now walk into the light and remember this proclamation through out your day. You can do it! You just have to believe you can!
The Moon - Inverted
Your judgment is clouded today with more things on your mind than you know what to do with. Reserve making decisions until later in the week. Don't force the issues, don't let others force you into making decisions without all the facts and clear thinking. Just hold off on howling at the moon for the next few nights.
Five of Swords -
Determination is the word for the day. Many will feel antagonistic, but it's not your fault so don't let them ruin your good mood. Let them know they can't take their struggles out on you and walk away from the fight they want to have with anyone nearby. It's hard to lose a battle when you refuse to play on their battlefield.
Three of Pentacles -
Prosperity is coming your way over the next 3 weeks. And probably from unexpected places. Your hard work is paying off, you have made believers out of a lot of people. Keep building your reputation of respect and honesty. It will pay off and enhance your ability to expand your abundance.
Knave of Pentacles - Inverted
You may want to hide your playful side today. But why? Everyone needs a little fun to release the stress and anxiety of the times. Enjoy the day and let your inner child out to play.
The Priest - Inverted
There are many mountains to climb. No one said you had to climb them all at the same time. Don't focus on the overall general issues today. Rather deal with each thing, one thing at a time. Start with the small things, and work your way up the list. You'll gain more energy, more confidence and more help as you begin to tackle the bigger things that need to be addressed. The more you get through the day, the better you'll feel about what you have accomplished. Remember - When you tap into your own Divine Creative Energy, you can do ANYTHING!
Death -
A day of transition to nurture yourself and personal life. Things have slowly been turning around at home and in your heart. Today you'll see a bigger and more noticeable jump for the better. Make sure you spend time thanking those who have helped along the way from spirit and in person. But don't forget to honor yourself and your own fortitude. Struggles are not over for everyone yet, so don't go hog wild this month.
Queen of Pentacles - Inverted
Don't push it today. Forcing things to happen can only cause more delays and unwanted results. Everything happens in it's right time and place. Be patient, trust in the Divine to take care of you and bring to you what you need. It may not be what you want, but if you go with the flow, that too will come when it's supposed to.
Ace of Wands- Inverted
Things seem upside down and backwards today. Remember you have the connection of Divine light within you. As long as you keep your attitude and emotions rooted in that light, today can be filled with laughter and fun. Sometimes things get to serious and you need a little frivolity, so upside down can be a good thing. Enjoy the day!
Eight of Pentacles -
Present your ideas with confidence and enthusiasm. Be open to the positive insights of others as they may help you uncover treasures you didn't see before. Revise your plan as necessary, and work together with your inner Divine energy, those who want to help you externally, and you'll bring forth success for your idea.
Four of Swords - Inverted
It's ok to dream, as long as you don't ignore reality. Spending too much time dreaming is nothing more than an escape from what has to be done. It may not be easy, but you have responsibilities to deal with today and you can't run away from them. Dig in, pay attention to the details and the task will be taken care of before you know it. Change is the only thing that will help us move forward, dreaming too much only holds us back.
Three of Swords - Inverted
Unseen forces are trying to hold you down today. Don't let them have their way. The strife and stress can only control you if you allow it to. Spread your wings and fly above the fray. Bring light where there is darkness and you will find your way through the field of battle without too much trouble. You may need to leave some things, or some people behind. Those that refuse to let go of the drama and choose to live in the despair cannot be helped. Don't allow them to hold you back from soaring and overcoming the turmoil. You can do it! IF you choose to!
Ace of Cups -
Your cup runneth over with emotions today, in a good way. Happiness flows easily when you start your day with a smile. Don't allow the pressures and stresses of the past to pull you down and hold you to the ground. Don't allow the negativity of others to dampen your joy and spirit. Let them paddle up stream on their own and don't get involved in their struggles. Go with the positive flow on your own journey and you'll rise above the fray.
There will not be a Daily Drawing during the week of Nov. 22-26
Happy Thanksgiving!
Knight of Cups - Inverted
"Follow the spiders"..When you face your fears you over come issues in your life that have been holding you back. Don't let the past win in keeping you from moving forward, achieving your dreams and reaching for enlightenment. Take one thing at a time, conquer it and you will discover you know a lot more than you think you did. More importantly you are a lot stronger than you thought you were. You can do it!
Knave of Cups -
It's a day filled with simple joys and smiles. Share the positives that surround your life and others will ask how you do it. It's an opportunity to Walk Your Talk and bring a message of enlightenment to those who are still struggling in the darkness of despair. Many have it hard, but some have chosen to focus on the gifts of change instead of the loss of transition. Those are the people who can be the beacon for others and make a real difference in their lives.
- "You cannot change the past, but you can change the way you allow the past to control your present and effect your future." - SpringWolf
The Tower - Inverted -
Out of destruction comes growth. All those things you had to give up recently are showing a regrowth and return. Don't go crazy and try to return everything to the way it was. It's too soon for that and some of the "things" from the past should stay in the past. The trials you have been through have brought many lessons, the biggest should be to be thankful for what you have and enjoy those around you. You don't have to have the biggest car, the just released technology to be happy. You just have to have those close to you, to enjoy and love.
Five of Cups -
Sometimes you just want to sit down and cry. It's ok to feel your emotions and let them out once in a while. They cleanse the soul and release the stress. As long as you stop and look around you at the blessings you do have in your life. Don't ignore the positives, or those who love you just because your stressed out and too focused on your path. You have to take time to notice the needs of those you love and let them know you care, just as you hope they care for you.
The Priest -
Stick to your map and be cautious about your direction as you climb the mountain. Sometimes what's important really is the journey and not the destination. Pay attention to the little things along the way, but don't allow them to take you off your path. You have a plan and a mission. Stick to it and the road will be easy. Allow the little things to divert you and you could find a bumpy road ahead.
The Moon -
The loyalty of love penetrates the darkness and shines like a full moon over the path ahead. Love doesn't mean everything is always rosy and wonderful. It means having respect and understanding for those you love, especially when times are tough. It's easy to take your frustrations out on those close to you and hope they understand and forgive your outbursts. Howl in the night and call for support from those round you when you need it. Just be ready to provide your support when those you care about howl for you.
Strength - Inverted
Grab onto the dragon's neck and hold on for a bumpy ride. Today will seem like nothing is going right and the tides are against your efforts. Remember you don't have to go it alone. You have lots of help around you, both in the physical and the spiritual. Don't forget to talk to the Thunder Beings, the GreatSpirits, the Goddess or who ever you pray to. And don't think asking co-workers or partners for help is a sign of weakness. It's a sign of wisdom and leadership!
The Hanged Fae -
Don't allow others to dictate who you are or what you should be. This is your life and your path, you must walk it with your own style and accountability. Frolic in the joys of the day, be patient and thoughtful in the tasks at hand. Slow and steady gets the job done, in it's right time, place, and space. Even when it's done in your own way.
Five of Swords -
Sometimes you just have to admit "I don't know". It's better than trying to make up something and getting caught, or worse being perceived as a liar. Others have to do their own leg work and find their way. You can't be the leader in every aspect of their life. Self accountability is the phrase of the day. Don't make choices for others that they may regret and hold you responsible for.
Knight of Pentacles -
Don't give up now, you still have places to go and things to do. Stay on the sidelines and out of the fight of others; it will only slow down your journey. You can't solve their problems anyway. Take in the view when you get tired; figure out where you are and what needs to be done next. Then keep moving forward in the positive direction; and away from the negative.
Nine of Cups - Inverted
Don't dwell on what you don't have. It will only create more of what you don't have. Focus instead on on what you do have and how much you've done to improve your situation. Not everything has turned out the way you wished. But remember sometimes we receive what we need, instead of what we want.
The Sun - Inverted
Like the phoenix we all have the ability to rise up out of the ashes and be reborn. Rebirth doesn't just happen, it takes effort and movement. Staying still in nothing more than hopes and prayers will not get the job done. You must let go of the sadness, stress and depression for they will only hold you down in the clouds. You just stand up, look within, connect with the Divine Consciousness and WORK for the success you desire. You have the answers within you, you have access to the unlimited energy of Divine Creation. Now get up and put it to use!
Death - Upright
All things come to an end. But transition doesn't have to be a bad thing nor does it have to be hard. When you work from the position of Spirit within, you can see why change is necessary. You cannot advance your soul or your life without change. Welcome the new chapter and work with your spiritual plan and mission; instead of fighting so hard to keep things the same.
Death - Inverted
Many have felt restricted and limited in life, both spiritual and physical. But the chapter of lack has ended and you will begin to feel as if the cast has come off and you're free to move. It's up to you which direction you go. You have the energy of creation within you and the ability to manifest your dreams. Stand still and you'll be past by. Choose to work for your desires and you'll find success.
Nine of Wands -
Every chapter in life comes to an end. Change cannot be stopped. Let go of the past that causes you dismay. Honor the past that brought you joy. Be thankful for the past that brought you love. Today is day to look back and contemplate where you've been, who has been there with you and how those events have molded your life.
Samhain is a time to review the past, commune with the ones we've lost and to take stock in how our relationships and actions have molded our present. But it's also a time to prepare for the future. To put to rest hurt feelings, to let go of bad habits, to say goodbye and allow the doors for new chapters in our lives to begin.
Happy Halloween and Merry Samhain!
Knave of Wands -
It maybe hard to tell where to go from here. You have many choices on your path, some that you may not see or don't think you can accomplish. Take time to sit, become one with the Divine creation in your life, then listen to the possibilities and ask for guidance. You can't go back; but you do have many roads before you that will lead to success!
The Priest -
Sometimes you have to put your foot down and maintain control. It's not easy being the boss, but if you make sure you are even handed and consistent with your directions, others can not fault you. Remember you asked to be in this position; now you must step up to the plate and accept the responsibility.
Eight of Cups - Inverted
Sometimes it's better to go with the flow and not fight so hard against the winds. You'll only waste energy and tire yourself out trying to force movement. Like a dragonfly, the best way to get ahead at times is to zig-zag through the breeze and avoid the potential pitfalls and obstacles. Remember there's more than one way to get where you need to be.
The Lovers - Inverted
Don't allow your own self criticisms pull you down. Remember the negative self talk is the biggest destructive force in your life. Don't allow the self doubts to derail your dreams or the love of self. If you don't love you, who else will? If you don't believe in you, who else will. You can because you are one with the Divine Creative Universe!
Eight of Swords -
It may feel like you're struggling to get through the details through out the week. But each step is important. Pay close attention and don't overlook things. Make notes! Keep track of where you are and what you have left to do. You'll soon be set free and feel better with the effort it took.
King of Swords -
As King of your domain, you are the one that everyone looks to for strength. Rule by rumor and you will be seen as unjust. Rule as an impartial, unbiased judge who seeks all the facts and you will be seen as fair and just. Remember there's more to being a leader than just giving orders. You must also hold onto humility, discernment and respect for all as well.
Ten of Wands -
There's too many things going on today. Don't try to keep them all tied down, you'll waste your energy. Deal with the closest and most important issues right now (make sure you know what the important things are, you must make time for them). There's plenty of time to get to the rest tomorrow. But make notes for them, so you don't forget about something you wish you hadn't.
The Hanged Fae -
Swinging through the trees will be easy today. Sometimes we have to remember that we create our day by how we approach it. If you feel bitter, your day will be bitter. If you feel bright, your day will be brighter. Have fun while you work and the tasks of the day will go by quickly and effortlessly.
Justice -
Don't judge a book by it's cover. What you see today may not be the truth. Don't judge to quickly or based on appearances. Someone close to you maybe hurting, feeling sick or simply over extended. They may appear to be angry or distant, when all they really need is a kind word, an uplifting conversation or maybe just a hug.
The Chariot -
You're going places today. Today you'll see a balance of energies come into your world. What you've been putting out for so long is now returning. You'll see movement in business or personal situations for the better, and you might even be required to take a short trip as a result.
Knave of Wands - Inverted
The faces of spirit are looking down upon you today, smiling and glad you are doing well. Take time over the next 3 days to connect with spirit, your loved ones and the Divine force in your life to share emotions, conversation and insight. There is message to be shared, contemplated and utilized.
Seven of Wands - Inverted
There's a fire brewing just beneath the surface. Your choices and actions today will impact the result of it's eruption. It could be needed energy to make something good happen; or it could be a blast that you would rather avoid. Be cautious, look at all sides, remain calm and focus your efforts on the positives! Don't get drawn into a fight that's not yours.
Nine of Pentacles -
Take time to hug your best friend (human or animal), or maybe share a snuggle. It's not only a sharing of comfort, but can unite you both to nature and the Divine love around you. The power of a hug or special touch can go a long way to get you both through the day.
King of Cups - Inverted
There are puzzles to be solved today. Have patience and you will put the pieces together. Don't make decisions until you know exactly what's before you. Someone is trying to get you to commit to something, without knowing exactly what it is. Don't let them intimidate you.
The Priestess -
Meditate and contemplate your actions. Look at what you have done, haven't done and what you still need to do. Visualize your desires and send energy to your goals. Determine what lessons are to be learned and how can you go about achieving those spiritual requirements to move to the next level of life and spirit.
Seven of Swords -
It will take the Strength of nurturing to get through the day. Keep your fall plants growing and the harvest moving forward. Others around you want to give up and quit. Ease their fears, but let them make up their own minds which path they should take. You must stay the course, however. There are many who are depending on you. Both now and in the future.
Five of Wands -
You deserve the compensation you've earned. Planning and teamwork will make it happen. Threats and anger will only create more delays, so make a plan and stick to it. Use your resources and assets and you will receive that which you deserve.
King of Pentacles - Inverted
Overseeing your harvest doesn't mean sitting back on your throne. Successful leaders lead by example. Your hard work inspires others and will keep the harvest going with joy and contentment. Teach what you have learned and your efforts will pay off.
Queen of Pentacles - Inverted
Be careful in forcing things to happen the way you want them to. Sometimes what you want isn't what you need. Slow down and let the cards fall where they may. Trust that you are in good hands and that the Divine will take care of you. In the end, you will find the joy you're looking to achieve. But you'll get there with a lot less pain and sorrow.
The Fool -
Everyone around you is playful and goofing off. Instead of cracking the whip, why not join them and blow off some steam. It's a good day to be silly and laugh a while. Feed the inner child and relax a little. You really do deserve it.
Justice - Inverted
The wind has changed in your favor and events are on the rise. Let go of the fear and trepidation that have blinded you over the past ear or two. It will only hold you back from here on. The harvest is bright and the next three months will finally bring the abundance you've been hoping for.
Nine of Cups -
There's no greater gift than knowing you have someone to lean on in times of stress. September was hard for a great many people, and some only got through it because of their partner or close friend. Make sure you thank them and let them know how much you appreciate their support and care. Especially in this week of transition.
Eight of Wands
The world maybe coming at you in all directions. Hang on for the bumpy ride and you will get through it all. You're the one to lead the way and bring everyone through the fray safely.
Five of Swords - Inverted
Passion and nurturing your dreams is called for today. Be calm and explain the situation carefully to those who depend on you. They're still struggling. But things are on the better road and the rewards are forth coming.
Queen of Swords -
Patience is the word of the day. It's a day to sit back and wait. Over see the activities, but don't expend too much of your own energy today. The Divine Universe is working hard for you today, give them a chance to do their stuff.
Wheel of Fortune -
Whither you believe it or not, Spiritual forces have been working on your behalf to turn the wheel and alter your struggles. As we come out of Virgo (Aug 24-Sep 22) and into Libra (Sep 23-Oct 22) you will migrate from the essence of the victim to the balance of justice. If you have worked hard to advance your condition and faced your problems this will be a very fruitful and plentiful time. If you have squandered your energies and only complained, progress will be elusive for at least another year.
Four of Pentacles -
Your hard work is paying off now. Take some time to be proud of what you've harvested so far. It's ok to rest a little bit to enjoy and celebrate your accomplishments. Give yourself a pat on the back, you deserve it. But be ready to put your nose to the grind stone all the more come Monday.
Merry Mabon!! May you find joy and happiness on this day of the Feast of Avalon
Nine of Swords -
The changes you seek comes to rescue you from the struggles and strife. Change is not easy for anyone, but it is inevitable. Your hard work will finally begin to pay off today. Stay focused and keep the nay-sayers at bay. The light at the end of the tunnel is finally here.
Ace of Wands -
Be the guiding light for those around you who are in the dark. Your leadership and knowledge can bring peace and harmony to those who have fear and trepidation. Just remember a good leader keeps calm and doesn't let their emotions get the best of them.
Eight of Swords - Inverted
You're tied up in details. Make sure you keep a list of what needs to be done. Some are seeking your council, while other think they have all the answers. Of course they don't, they are merely hungry for power or scared of success. If you stick to your list; you'll come out ahead and win the day.

Two cards fell out of the deck today. Instead of picking one over the other; I chose to read them both.
Justice -
Justice is blind in order to 'see' clearly through all situations. Don't let you own prejudices dictate your judgments. Make sure you have both sides to the story before you act. It will save you grief and pain in the long run. Or it could verify your first assumptions. But it's better to be fair and balanced, than to run off with your sword and do battle that wasn't needed. You have more important things to do.
Three of Wands - Inverted
You maybe standing in the dark under the mushrooms, but it doesn't matter. You know who your friends are and who you can count on. Don't waste time with those you need in your life. They're only working to control your progress out of their own fear to move forward. Ignore them and move on.
Ace of Cups - Inverted
The Magik is blooming from beneath the surface, nurturing the blooms of success. The buds are forming and in a few days you should be out of the tunnel and on your way. The problems of the past are almost taken care of. Keep moving forward, let go and let the GreatSpirits do their work.
Eight of Swords -
You'll be tied up in details today. It may not be what you planned on the To Do list, but you need to take care of the little things today. Don't ignore them. Missing something today can create a bigger problem tomorrow.
Wheel of Fortune -
The wheel can't move while you're holding onto the past. Let go of the fears and the hurts that are holding you back. Don't let the actions of others control you today or for your future. Take control of your own path, trust your instincts to move forward and get the wheel turning again.
The Tower - Inverted
The roots of what you've planted can go deep and touch the fires within. Use that energy to ground your day and get through what needs to be done. It can help you avoid the 'flighty' tiredness, or it can help you put your nose to the grind stone. You'll be thankful when you see the tree grow strong and stable as a result of your hard work.
Temperance - Inverted
You don't have to fish for success, it's yours to fill up your cup. Your ambition is about to be rewarded, so stay the course. Have pride in your accomplishments so far. It will carry you forward when you face your own inner doubts. The end of the tunnel is near!
Eight of Wands -
You may feel as if everyone is throwing spears at you today. Keep calm and focused on what's on your plate and don't let others dump their baggage on you. It's not your responsibility to take on their frustrations or take on their problems. You have enough to deal with as it is. Sometimes the best thing you can do for you, is to say "No".
Nine of Pentacles -
In dream you can discover solutions to the problems that block your path. Listen to your inner voice, decipher the messages and apply the dream to your waking day. You have the answer within you. Just listen.
The Hanged Fae - Inverted
Being coy can cause you to lose what you really want. Don't expect others to know what you need by osmosis. No one can read your mind. You'll set others up to fail and your feelings will get hurt. If you want something, ask for it.
Happy Labor Day
There's no drawing today.
Ten of Pentacles -
Nurture your soul today and this weekend. Spend time with like minded people who share your views, beliefs and outlook. Replenish your stores that have been severely drained over the past month. Take some time to spend on yourself, inner interests and spiritual pursuits. You're important too!
The Priestess - Inverted
While you're waiting for things to happen beneath the surface, go within and look for your own answers. You are the only one who knows what's right for you. But you have to be willing to be totally honest with yourself and allow the answer to come. Trust your higher Divine Mind and your instincts; they're usually right.
Six of Pentacles -
It's time to have a serious talk with the child within. The child holds the dreams and aspirations, but the adult can easily dash those dreams with fears. Allow your inner child to inspire your actions, create solutions and reach for the stars. Stop listening to the nay-sayers. They only want you to fail, because they don't have the courage to dream.
The Magician - Inverted
There are a lot of things going on beneath the surface and you may feel you have NO control over any of it. That's because you don't. Allow the Divine to work on the energy you've already put forth to manifest your intentions. "Let go, and let God/ess".
The Chariot - Inverted
There's nothing wrong with confidence, when it's held with an ounce of humility. You may feel like you're dragging others along for the ride. But be careful with getting to cocky. You need partners or assistance in making a go of things. You're not an island and you can't do it alone.
Nine of Wands - Inverted
Your space has been marked and staked. Keep it clear and protected. Thank the Divine for their assistance and always work with your own inner spirit and mission in mind. Do all this and you will see the results of your works arrive after Mabon (9/22).
Two of Cups - Inverted
Expect to receive a special gift today. It could be a material present, or something you've wanted has finally arrived. Thank the spirits in your life; they had a lot to do with bringing it to you.
Queen of Cups - Inverted
Be honest with yourself and what you need vs. what you want. What you want maybe fleeting and gratifying for the short term. What you need is something that's here to stay and will benefit you for through the long term.
The Magician - Inverted
Take time to sit down and listen to your inner voice and gut feelings. Whither you're facing a problem, or need a creative idea, you can resolve the issue because you are One with the Divine Universe and limitless Creation. Trust your instincts.
Five of Pentacles -
Take a little time to nap today after your busy weekend. You can't work in the garden while you're exhausted, or mistakes will be made that will take longer to correct.
The Moon -
You can often do your best work at night. But don't forget your body needs attention too. Don't burn the candle at both ends and forget to rest. You may find yourself becoming ill and out for the week.
King of Cups -
Contemplate your next move. Your decision can make the difference between an easy path and the hard road. Make sure you have all the facts of both paths and understand the potential outcome of each. Then choose your way.
Knave of Cups - Inverted
Your judgment is clouded today. Be cautious in dealing with offers and proposals. There's more going on than you can see and not to your benefit. Sometimes 'too good to be true' really isn't true at all.
King of Pentacles
Patience is the word of the day. Things are moving forward, even if they're progressing slower than you would like. You'll see more abundance by Mabon (9/22) as you pull in all the fruit from your harvest. Just keep your focus and move on to the next step of your plan.

For the past 3 months a lot of the daily drawings have centered around projects and plans. Many people who have been laid off or lost their job have turned their attention to starting their own businesses. And these daily drawings seem to be focusing on those new ventures. But even if you're not one of these new entrepreneurs, you may have been thinking and planning for a major change in your life, such as returning to school, changing careers or family status. All of these things still fall into this new beginnings category. Perhaps the message from all of these drawings are designed to help everyone know they can do it! What ever it is to be done.
Strength -
The world seems to be in chaos today, but many will turn to you for support. Your strength is admired among your peers, as is your wisdom. Don't doubt your own inner knowing and trust your instincts. Sometimes those who come to you, have ulterior motives.
Queen of Swords - Inverted
You've put down roots and staked your ground, don't let others try to steal your music. There's a time for diplomacy and a time to stand up for yourself. Trying to be nice doesn't always get the job done. Sometimes brutal honesty is what's needed, even if you know feelings are going to be hurt.
The Magician -
Today you're juggling many things and doing very well at keeping them all in the air. Remember to keep your eye focused and not lose sight of the big picture. There are 2 sides to the game, but you have the ability to master it with patience and concentration.
Eight of Swords -
You may feel you have your hands tied behind you, but in reality this is just a lesson in patience. You may be forced to wait on taking action, but your mind can never be tied down. Make a list of things to do. Think them through and your plans for putting them into action when the bindings are released.
Knight of Swords -
Put your stake in the ground and claim your space. Others are trying to take pieces of your pie and now is the time for you to look within, find your confidence and express yourself. Confrontation doesn't have to be negative or explosive. You can stand your ground with calm and still win the battle.
Judgment -
Sometimes you have to toot your own horn to be recognized or celebrate your own accomplishments. Don't let others overshadow you with their pettiness. You have worked hard to make your achievements and earned the right to rejoice and be appreciated.
The Hanged Fae - Inverted
Take a leap of faith and look within your own soul. What do you want? What do you want to happen on your path. Find your spiritual mission, change the habits or attitudes you don't like. Create the person within yourself that you long to be.
Two of Wands - Inverted
Be careful of the fights under the surface. They're not about you and you shouldn't become involved. Others will try to use you for their side of the fight, even if you don't realize it. Make sure you have ALL the facts, before you say anything.
The Empress -
Ideas are developing and about to be hatched. You have the creative power to bring them into reality as long as you plan them out and think them through. Don't jump in with both feet until you know what you're getting into. Patience is the key today, it will all happen in its right time.
Three of Cups -
The Triple Goddess (Maiden (innocence), Mother (nurturing) & Crone(wisdom)) are at work. Divine Creation is forming before your eyes and manifesting in your life every day. Make sure you give her the time and attention she needs to continue to grow and develop. You have the world in your hands today.
Five of Pentacles -
It's ok to dream and wish for things you want. As long as you don't dwell on the absence and work toward achieving what you desire. Wishes can come true for those who work for them.
Strength - Inverted
Don't bury your head in the sand, it won't make your problems go away. Beneath the surface you are stronger than you think you are. Believe in yourself, ask the Divine for guidance and you will prevail. This maybe a good time to read (or re-read) Meditation, Energy and Action to remember you are part of the Divine Universe and connected to unlimited power of creation. You can create what you need!
The Fool -
You don't have to be so serious about everything. Sometimes being silly is needed to enjoy life, how far you've come and how much you've already accomplished. We often forget to honor ourselves and the work we've done. Take time to enjoy, be happy, and laugh a little.
Five of Pentacles - Inverted
Crying alone only creates more despair.You are never alone when you join forces with the Divine presence in your life. Even in the darkest of situations, you can light a candle, ask for help and find the way to go.
Ten of Wands -
You don't have to tie someone down to love them. Everyone needs a little freedom to be who they are and what they are. The more you force them to change, the more they will walk away. Love is about Respect. It's not about forcing someone to live the way you feel they should.
Ace of Wands -
Everything happens for a reason in it's right time and place. Sometimes we feel as though we're under the mushrooms and in the dark. But eventually we discover the reasons for why some things are delayed. Just don't give up.
The Word - Inverse
All Humanity is rooted to the center of the Earth. Caring and nurturing her, means we take care and nurture ourselves. Not just physically, but through spiritual energy as well. Take action and do your part to care for the world around you.
Eight of Cups -
We are all creatures of Divine creation. No one is better or worse than the next. Accept others for who and what they are, learn tolerance, share knowledge and help those who need a hand in times of despair. Hate never wins the war.
Two of Pentacles - Inverted
Your basket may seem upside down right now, but don't worry. Sometimes you just have to reorganize and re-prioritize to get everything back in place and moving forward again. Constant movement requires constant review, and that's all that is happening now.
Nine of Cups -
Don't forget to give thanks to those you lean on. There are many standing beside you that have given you support. Make sure they know you appreciate their encouragement and advice. Give a hug today.
Two of Swords -
What you have planted has blossomed and is a beacon for your focus. The real work has just begun so don't loose sight of your real dream. But don't forget to celebrate your success. The little steps are important too.
Two of Wands - Inverted
Sometimes you need to nurture your ideas in the darkness or while hidden from view. The quiet of the night can be the best time to focus on problems and discover solutions. Behind the scenes is also a good place to limit the interference of others who wish to undermine your efforts.
Five of Pentacles - Inverted
Success is breaking through the surface. The long struggles of planting and nurturing are finally coming into reality. Don't give up now, there is still work to do. Stay focused and you will see your dreams come true.
Two of Cups -
Not all gifts from friends come in the form of physical objects. Be thankful for the little things others do for you. They can mean much more and sometimes are all your friend has to offer.
Four of Swords -
There's a time to fight and a time to sit patiently and watch. Sometimes you can pass by the battle and still win the war. Don't expend all your energy on the useless encounters. You will be the one to prevail if you just take your time and chose wisely.
Seven of Pentacles -
Comfort the children. They need to know you and everything in the world is going to be ok. Look in their eyes when you talk to them. Pay attention to what they say. LISTEN and then respond. (Put down the blasted blackberry and be the parent you signed up to be. Your child (and the child within) is much more important).
 07/06 - 09/2010 Due to a family loss, Rev. Carey will not be providing a tarot meditation drawing this week. The daily drawing will return on 07/12/2010.
There will be no drawing on 07/05.
Happy 4th Of July!!
The Wheel of Fortune - Inverted
The stars are moving and big changes are coming. Everything happens for a reason in it's right time, right place and even the right pace. Don't force things to happen, they may happen too soon when you're not really ready. Don't fight against the changes, there are reasons you need to move on. Just relax, go with the flow and enjoy the ride.
The Star -
You can be the center of attention and nurture those around you with support and excitement. Or you can be overbearing and force others to do what you think is right. Which path you choose results in harmony or strife. Make your choices wisely.
The Empress -
Your plans must be worked on and not just written down. Change doesn't happen by making wishes and hoping they come true. Dreams require nurturing and work. So get to it!
Four of Wands -
It's time to break open the prize. Find the will and strength inside and you will bring your dreams to the forefront and succeed. Your hard work and patience will pay off.
Eight of Wands - Inverted
Changes are inevitable. Fighting them will not stop them from happening. Don't waste time paddling upstream. Put your faith and trust in the Divine force in your life. "Let go and Let God", you will be safe and secure.
Knight of Swords - Inverted
Things cannot change until you start moving. Your sword of knowledge and skill doesn't have to be used for battle. But you do have to get up off the couch and start using it!
The Emperor -
Don't forget to reward your own efforts. Celebrate the little things. They matter just as much as the big accomplishments. So pat yourself on the back today and do something good for YOU.
The Sun - Inverted
Nurture the self. If you continually dwell on the bad, you will only attract more negativity to you. Love the self, be compassionate and caring toward your inner feelings. You deserve happiness, you are a worthwhile person.
Two of Swords -
You can because you are one with the Divine Universe. No matter what your spiritual path, you can find strength and unlimited creative energy through your connection with the Divine presence in your life. Don't be afraid to slow down, feel connected and look at challenges in your life through Divine eyes.
The Empress -
Fertility and abundance come from nurturing the self and your dreams. Goals cannot be accomplished simply by writing them down. Make efforts, no matter how small, to bring your dreams into reality. Take a class, research legalities and make a plan for success.
The overwhelming message of the day is: Nurture.
Nine of Wands -
A compassionate action can go a long way to helping a friend in need. Sometimes all one needs is a hug and kind word that everything will be ok. Don't be afraid to share your smile and bring someone up out of the gloom.
Knight of Swords -
There are some things that are worth fighting for. but you must know when to fight and when to walk off the battlefield. Choose your battles carefully and keep your eye on the bigger picture to win the war.
Five of Swords - Inverted
Friendship looms beneath the surface. Find strength in numbers when you join forces for a common good. Together you can create a plan for success and make it happen.
Six of Cups - Inverted
Let yourself dream. Beneath the surface you hold inner desires that can grow into great ideas and goals. Let them out to flourish and find your true mission, inner path and emotional peace.
Queen of Pentacles -
Now is not the time to expend all your energies or your financial holdings. Hold some in reserve for yourself and avoid burning the candle at both ends. You'll be of no help to anyone later this week, if you don't.
King of Swords - Inverted
Set the sword aside, the fight isn't worth the energy you're putting into it. You cannot change others, all you can do is change yourself. Walk off the battlefield, for the war is not worth winning. Focus on your own inner love, goals and self respect; those are things that are truly important. Walk Your Talk.
Six of Pentacles -
Don't play coy with your partner. If you want something, say it. Don't expect others to read your mind and automatically know what you need. You're setting them up to fail and setting yourself up for disappointment.
Three of Swords - Inverted
Don't dwell in self pity with others. Their negativity can bring you down and attract unwanted situations into your life. Being sympathetic is ok, but don't commiserate to much or you risk entering your own downward spiral.
Ace of Wands - Inverted
There is much more energy within than you give yourself credit for. Tap into your inner strength and light and you will overcome adversity no matter how great or how small.
King of Cups -
Take time to think things through and evaluate all potential outcomes. Be careful what you ask might get it. And poor planning may mean you don't receive it in the way you had hoped.
Eight of Pentacles - Inverted
The seeds you planted are blooming, even if you haven't reaped their rewards just yet. Be patient. Everything happens in it's right time. Abundance will come soon.
Eight of Swords -
You may feel tied to work and task at hand. Don't worry, it's all for a good cause. There will be time to enjoy the fruits of your labor.
Nine of Wands - Inverted
Grieving is a part of loss and healing. But prolonged grieving negates inner healing and anchors you to the past. Cry, forgive, say the unsaid things and then let go. Turn to your future and make it bright and free.
Nine of Cups - Inverted*
Sometimes it's good to hang up side down and gain a different perspective. Changing the way you look at something might just help you see the real answer or find the right solution. Don't be afraid to look at things from another angle.
* We've had several requests from readers asking to include the position of the daily tarot drawing. We're pleased to implement that request from this point forward.
We Honor All The Men & Women Serving In The Military
And all those who gave their lives in the service of our Country!
Thank you for your service
May you all have a blessed Memorial Day!
Ace of Swords
You have the strength to succeed. Don't listen to the pessimism of others, they are merely reflecting their own fears and self doubts. Listen to those who encourage you to be great, it is within your ability to make it happen.
Ten of Swords
Struggling against the flow can be filled with pain and strife. Stop paddling against the tide and forcing things to happen before they're ready. What you "want" isn't always what you "need".
Four of Pentacles
Don't hold onto things you no longer need. Allow them to fall out of your basket and make way for new and exciting things. You may just find something you've been waiting for is ready to come along.
Ten of Wands
You don't have to feel tied down. Trust your creative instincts to solve the problem and fly free. There are always choices, sometimes you just have to pick one outside your comfort zone to fly free.
Two of Pentacles
Multi-tasking can be a good thing as long as you can focus. Juggling too many things may let some important items fall through the cracks and upset the whole cart. It's OK to say "No".
Five of Cups
Don't fight to succeed at all costs. Sometimes a strong drive can lead to comprise of spirit and integrity. You'll get there, when the time is right and when you're truly ready for the success.
Four of Wands
Leadership can show the way to success. Don't wait for others to guide your path. Look within, listen to your Divine connection and make your own choices.
The World
When "Walking Your Talk ", the path flows with ease and you find what you need. When you fight against the tied and try to force what you want, you find unwanted change and sorrow. Trusting the Divine path is a requirement for synthesis.
Six of Wands
Dwell in self-confidence today. You have the knowledge, experience and wisdom to make any venture a success. Don't question your abilities, success comes from knowing you have the ability to make things happen.
Eight of Pentacles
A day of confidence where your knowledge can be expressed with expertise and understanding. It's ok to share what you have learned and know. Confidence is not arrogance when presented with discernment and openness.
King of Swords
Being decisive can be good unless you're unwilling or not open to new ideas. Decisions don't have to be set in stone. Allow your creativity to take in new ideas and improve decisions for greater success.
Ace of Swords
Communication is the key to balance and harmony. But talking requires discernment and compassion. Gossip doesn't make you the center of attention, it makes you untrustworthy. Be cautious in what you say and share.
Five of Pentacles
Be thankful for the non-material things you have in your life. They last a lot longer and bring more beauty and joy into your life. Remember what you put out, you get back. Appreciate those around you with words, not just deeds and it will flow back to you.
King of Pentacles
Everyone has their limits and need a break. Sometimes you can be angry with the world and hit a brick wall for your trouble. It just means it's time to take a break, step back and reenergize your connection with the Divine Spirit.
The Emperor
Holding in the burdens takes energy and becomes tiresome. You don't have to go it alone. If you want to be the leader, then use your wisdom to discern when you need help and where to find it.
The Lovers
Compassion and support of the self are the actions for today. Stop being so hard on yourself and love who you are and how far you have come. Support your own dreams and find your real strength from within your connection with the Divine Universe.
Seven of Swords
As you nurture and grow your ideas, life will change. Some doors will close so that others will be opened. Flow with the tide, instead of fighting against it and you'll find the joy life has to offer.
Six of Swords
One way thinking can stifle your progress. Be open to alternatives and new ideas. Remember there is more than one path to walk in life. Through tolerance we attain peace within and around us.
The Moon
Don't be afraid to negotiate! Problems can be resolved and balanced when you focus on their solutions. Make an offer, even if you think it will be rejected. You might be pleasantly surprised by the outcome.
Three of Cups
Refusing to face issues will not make them go away. It takes courage to look within, but you don't have to do it alone. You have support around you, all you need to do is look. Take time to talk with the Divine presence in your life and you will find the strength to solve issues at hand.
King of Swords
Rushing in without forethought can create unsettled results. Be patient and calm. Learn the whole story first before making decisions. Take time to listen to your instincts instead of the biased advice of others.
The Chariot
Things seem upside down and at odds. The emotional/mental desires seem to be fighting with physical reality. Be patient, relax and work the process. Don't give up! You can, because you are one with the Divine Universe and the energy for creating what you need.
Nine of Wands
Don't judge until you've looked at all sides of a situation. Your gut reaction might be based on past hurts and could propagate a negative pattern you've developed in your life. Take a deep breath, step back and try to see the whole story.
Nine of Cups
Partnerships can bring comfort as well as support. You don't have to go it alone. Take stock of your blessings, you'll find more than you expected.
The Moon
Your gut instincts can be negatively influenced by over indulgences. Balance is the key to being successful in all endeavors. Even too much of a good thing can be bad for you.
Six of Pentacles
One sided views limit your creativity and potential. Be open to the possibilities, even if they're not your own. Teamwork gets the job done.
Four of Wands
You know more than you give yourself credit for. Look within for leadership and guidance, you can make your ideas into successful ventures.
Three of Swords.
It's ok to work on your dreams to bring them to reality. But don't forget those around you who need some of your time and attention too. Together you can bring about material success.
King of Pentacles
It's ok to be angry at the world as long as you have legitimate reason. Anger can be a powerful tool to affect change for the positive, giving you passion and energy. Just don't let the anger consume you and use it to fight in positive ways.
The Magician
You can juggle many things at once, but doing so keeps you from paying attention to the details of each. You can't be all things to all people at once. Don't be afraid to say no, or I can't right now. You're only human.
Nine of Wands
Gaining victory in the physical and spiritual after great effort is exercised should be celebrated. But don't give up the work. Idealistic desires still need to be nurtured in tangible actions in reality.
Eight of Pentacles
Give attention to details in material and financial matters. Be cautious about rushing through, you could create a costly mistake that affects home and hearth.
The World
Success can be found by merging spiritual and physical energy. Sometimes you have to let go and let "God", while you've still got your nose to the grind stone.
The Priestess
Trust your intuition. It can guide you through a difficult situation or help you discover the solution to a pending problem. Just take time to be quiet and listen.
Nine of Wands
Inspire your dreams with tangible actions in reality. With work you will find accomplishment and victory merging the spiritual with the physical.
Knight of Pentacles
Too much of a good thing still isn't good for you. Life is about balance. Don't be mislead and shirk your own responsibilities for your life, your path and your spirit.
Seven of Swords
Independence can give you control over your destiny through struggles. No one is an island; it's ok to ask for help or develop partnerships when needed. Struggles can be shared to bring about success.
Success occurs even in the face of difficulties. Everything comes to an end, but remember these are preludes to new beginnings. Transition occurs today, making a needed about face
Eight of Pentacles
Today pay logical and practical attention to the details of material matters. Focus on finance and responsibilities are needed. You can't always live in the ethereal and hope everything turns out fine. Be practical, communicate and do your duty.
Ten of Wands
Goals maybe achieved through the power of positive thinking, visualization & affirmation. But just wishing for goals to succeed is not enough. You must put vision and desire into motion and action.
Ace of Pentacles
The fall seeds now bring a change and bountiful basket. Both influence and financial gain are at your doorstep. Stick to your plan, there's still work to be done.
Ten of Pentacles
Things are better than they seem. Abundance and success are around the corner, if you work as a team. Selfishness leads to drought and unrealized dreams.
Eight of Wands
Believe in yourself and your future. Let self doubt fall by the wayside. With planning and inspiration you can achieve your goals.
Knave of Swords.
Constantly swinging attitudes can be detrimental to your desires. Don't be the two-faced person who tries to be all things to all people and can't be trusted. Just be yourself.
Ace of Swords
Communication of ideas requires tact, responsibility and discernment. Just because you know something, doesn't mean you have to or should share it. Be cautious with your "town crier" attitude.
Knight of Swords
Clever skill and verbal versatility will help you win the day. You can achieve more through positive persuasion than verbal jousting. Consider the consequences before you speak and your communications will help instead of hinder your day.
The Moon
Unseen obstacles from the past are preventing growth and progress. Speak up and negotiate. Don't wait for miracles to occur. They need your energy and effort to manifest.
The Priestess
Through looking within we bring forth enlightenment to our consciousness. Trust your intuition and create positive actions in your day to fulfill your spiritual plan. Even if you're not sure what it is.
Six of Pentacles
It's time for planting through planning, deliberation & hard work. These provide a greater expression of the self & help the details grow in abundance.
Queen of Pentacles
Great desire and ambition together with hard work lead to abundance and self respect. Practical and sensible action.
The seeds have been sown, but patience is required. Monitor the energy you put into projects today. Too much will bring frustration. Not enough might bring no change at all.
The World
You are part of the World and can make a difference, in your own life, the lives of others, and to the planet itself. Just speak up and share your vision and views.
Knave of Cups
How can others put you on a pedestal, if you don't put yourself there. Love yourself and others will follow.
The Magician
Don't get tangled up in the hype. Do your research, learn from experience and attain wisdom through the truth.
The Chariot
Rise above the pettiness and discover your own sense of spirit. Who are you, where do you want to be. It's all within the self, you just have to be willing to look.
The Priest.
When you hold abundance in your heart, you'll find it in your life. Appreciate what you have, instead of worrying about what you don't have.
Three of Cups.
Sometimes it takes a team to bring about abundance. Look for help and you'll find what you need. Celebration is near.
Four of Swords.
Take time today to relax with a friend. You've worked hard and deserve the break.
Seven of Pentacles.
Share your treasures with those around you and discover the joy they bring to all.
Six of Cups.
Take time to gaze into your own crystal ball and decide what it is you really want for your future. You can't plan it, if you don't know what it is.
Nine of Cups.
Sometimes all you need to do is give a hug. Don't be afraid to show compassion and help someone else feel better.
Three of Swords.
It's ok to mourn a loss, everyone needs a release. Just don't dwell too deeply on the loss and forget the blessings it brought you.
Knave of Wands.
You can find a plethora of inspiration when you connect to your Divine Self and Higher Consciousness. Take time to listen to your moments of discovery.
Queen Of Cups.
Take time to oversee the abundance you already have in life. You're worth more than you think. Be proud and stand up for yourself.
The Empress.
Harvest your creation. It's time take your dream to the next steps. Bring it into the world and let if flourish.
Knight of Cups.
You can fight for what you have, just be calm, make your plan and put it in place. Be fair and just; you will succeed.
Six of Cups.
Take time to dream about your goals and add positive energy to what you want to accomplish. You can do it, if you know what your 'soul' desires.
Life changes whither we want it to or not. The end of a chapter can be mourned; but believe in your spirit and it's guidance on your path as you move forward with new wisdom.
The Star.
Lift your spirit and nurture your soul by looking at the beauty in your life. Dwell on the negative and that's all you'll ever see or have.
King of Wands.
Guide your creativity with diligence. Be in control of your dreams and oversee the steps you need to make them come true.
King of Pentacles.
Abundance is not just measured in dollars. Your family, friends and blessings are equally as valuable.
Ace of Swords.
You can be strong or give into the strife. Don't let others push your buttons and dictate how you respond.
The Priestess.
You have the power of Divine Creation within you. Look inside and discover what you really want and make it happen.
Eight of Cups.
Fly above the fray and take stock of the positive things in your life. You can find strength in those things.
The Sun.
Warmth comes from within. You can shine and glow with warmth, lighting the way for your own inner compassion.
Six of Wands.
Celebrate your creative victories. You have made great leaps of faith and deserve acknowledgement for them. Even if you're the only one who noticed.
The Devil.
Don't ignore your inner voice and instincts. They are often accurate and help keep you from getting hurt.and out of trouble.
You have more strength and fortitude then you give yourself credit for. Things are not as bad as you think. Change happens, but sometimes it's not easy.
Four of Wands.
There's a little magik in every idea. But it may not hatch, until it's shared.
Ace of Cups
Your cup is over flowing today. Be thankful of all your blessings, no matter how small they are.
The Hermit.
Sometimes the best thing to do is stay home, snuggle in a warm blanket and stay out of the cold.
Four of Cups.
You can be angry and still be in love. Feel your emotions, but allow others to feel theirs as well.
Three of Pentacles.
When gifts arrive, be prepared to accept them with grace and appreciation. Even a little can mean a lot.
Queen Of Swords.
Listen to your own music and you can overcome adversity. Your strength is within you, believe in yourself.
Nine of Pentacles.
What goes around, comes around Mind/Body and Spirit. Be patient; the good will return.
The Chariot.
Don't run away from troubles, rise above and see them from a Divine perspective and discover their lesson.
Three of Pentacles.
You can find support and help from the littlest places. Don't be afraid to look inside and find your magik.
Two of Cups. (Yes it came up again today).
Karma is in every action. Be it for a Nation, People, Corporation, or the self. What you express does come back.
Two of Cups.
A gift given is a gift received. Sometimes it's good to stop and give back to you.
The Hermit.
Even in darkness mushrooms will grow. Keep the faith and hold onto your dreams. Even when it seems dark.
Knight of Wands.
Let creativity show you the way to discover your own Divinity and Creation energies. You can solve your problems from within.
Knight of Pentacles.
You are stronger than you think you are. Blessings are blooming, be patient.
Knave of Wands.
Take time to contemplate upon what you have already accomplished and how that will support your dreams.
The Fool.
Sometimes the world turns upside down for a reason. Make choices for what you need, even if it's not what you want.
Queen of Wands.
Keep watch over your creations, believe in yourself and be positive; they will grow and to pass.
The Priest.
You are the perfect creation of the Divine. Stop the shame, blame and guilt. Let go of the past and be.
Three Of Swords.
It's ok to grieve. Just remember that there is still much beauty in the world to bring joy and comfort.
Nine of Pentacles.
Show compassion and caring for others, but don't forget to give some to or at the expense of yourself.
The Hanged Fae
Even in hard times you can find a blessing or moment to jump for joy and laugh a little.
King of Pentacles.
Patience is needed in all areas of life. Don't force solutions to attain your dreams, go with the flow and trust the Divine presence in your life.
Two of Wands.
Be your own best friend and let others see how wonderful you are. Sharing brings strength and joy.
King of Swords.
See what you have already overcome, be proud of your survival and look forward with hope.
10 of Wands.
You cannot force your will upon others. Look within and find the love and happiness you seek.
Ace of Wands.
Work with the Divine, allow your Creation within to bring forth the life you desire to manifest.
Queen of Swords.
You'll find the strength within to play your own song. Don't be afraid and trust the Divine to lead the way.

Happy New Year 

Forget resolutions you may not keep.
Each year Spring creates a Motto to carry us through the year with.
The 2010 Motto: The path ahead is filled with abundance
~ 2009
It's a day of transition from old to new. Don't dwell on the past, rather celebrate the future with hope.
King of Pentacles.
Be patient with yourself and those around you. The year is ending and it's time to relax, rest and celebrate.
Five of Wands.
Magik starts with the seeds you plant today. Share your compassion and nurture your families dreams.
Nine of Cups.
Take stock of your blessings, instead of crying over the material things lost.
Nine of Pentacles.
Love can come from unusual places, if you allow yourself to time to welcome it in.
The Sun.
It's a time to nurture the Mother within and allow your compassion to shine brightly.
Knight Of Swords.
Take time to stop and enjoy the beauty around you. Life doesn't have to be a constant battle.
Ten Of Swords.
Out of strife blooms can grow, as the end of things always open new avenues and adventures.
The Star.
Your thoughts and actions inspire and nurture those around you. Spread love and kindness to change the world.
~~ Have A Merry Solstice and Yule ~~
Ten of Cups.
Giving is truly the best blessing one can receive. Be generous and allow the gifts to come back to you.
Five of Cups.
Don't cry over what you have lost. Focus on what you have, look within and find the joy of today.
The Hermit.
We are never alone, when we look inside and see the Divine light that shines within ourselves.
Ace of Swords.
Rise above petty anger and look through divine eyes. Inner sight can bring celebrated victory.
Three Of Cups.
When the Mind, Body, Spirit work together with Divine purpose, life's dreams can blossom.
Knight Of Pentacles.
Stay vigilante. Be it financial, spiritual or health. Don't give in to temptation. now.
10 of Wands.
Winter is the time to nurture the roots of the soul & look inward for answers & enlightenment.
King of Cups.
It's a day of contemplating your spiritual path & how you're doing on your personal mission.
Six of Pentacles.
Feed and nourish your dreams. Sometimes it takes effort to make them come true.
Find courage in being different. See your inner spirit and be proud of what you find within 
3 of Pentacles.
Take time to see the abundance in your life. Natures butterflies may bring you gifts.
Toot your own horn. Don't allow others to judge you and define who you are. Believe in you.
The Chariot.
A day to ride the wind of change. Don't fight the tied; relax & trust the Divine Spirit
Queen of Wands.
Today is filled with creative magik, communication and oversight.






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