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Daily Tarot Meditation Drawing Archive
Tarot Meditation
Each week day we share a Tarot Card and Message to contemplate during your daily meditation. We began our daily drawing on December 1, 2009. Here we provide an online archive of those drawings. Each week day we share a Tarot Card and Message to contemplate during your daily meditation. We share the publication of our messages on our social media sites. You'll find a list of those on our Tarot Meditation page. Pick your favorite and stay connected with us.
You can gain more insight into today's drawing on Spring's Blog page too. She shares more of the message and an image of today's card. You can add your own thoughts and see what others are saying as well. Visit Springwolf Reflections today.  

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~ 2009 Daily Tarot Archive ~
Daily Tarot Meditation Card & Message
It's a day of transition from old to new. Don't dwell on the past, rather celebrate the future with hope.
King of Pentacles.
Be patient with yourself and those around you. The year is ending and it's time to relax, rest and celebrate.
Five of Wands.
Magik starts with the seeds you plant today. Share your compassion and nurture your families dreams.
Nine of Cups.
Take stock of your blessings, instead of crying over the material things lost.
Nine of Pentacles.
Love can come from unusual places, if you allow yourself to time to welcome it in.
The Sun.
It's a time to nurture the Mother within and allow your compassion to shine brightly.
Knight Of Swords.
Take time to stop and enjoy the beauty around you. Life doesn't have to be a constant battle.
Ten Of Swords.
Out of strife blooms can grow, as the end of things always open new avenues and adventures.
The Star.
Your thoughts and actions inspire and nurture those around you. Spread love and kindness to change the world.
~~ Have A Merry Solstice and Yule ~~
Ten of Cups.
Giving is truly the best blessing one can receive. Be generous and allow the gifts to come back to you.
Five of Cups.
Don't cry over what you have lost. Focus on what you have, look within and find the joy of today.
The Hermit.
We are never alone, when we look inside and see the Divine light that shines within ourselves.
Ace of Swords.
Rise above petty anger and look through divine eyes. Inner sight can bring celebrated victory.
Three Of Cups.
When the Mind, Body, Spirit work together with Divine purpose, life's dreams can blossom.
Knight Of Pentacles.
Stay vigilante. Be it financial, spiritual or health. Don't give in to temptation. now.
10 of Wands.
Winter is the time to nurture the roots of the soul & look inward for answers & enlightenment.
King of Cups.
It's a day of contemplating your spiritual path & how you're doing on your personal mission.
Six of Pentacles.
Feed and nourish your dreams. Sometimes it takes effort to make them come true.
Find courage in being different. See your inner spirit and be proud of what you find within 
3 of Pentacles.
Take time to see the abundance in your life. Natures butterflies may bring you gifts.
Toot your own horn. Don't allow others to judge you and define who you are. Believe in you.
The Chariot.
A day to ride the wind of change. Don't fight the tied; relax & trust the Divine Spirit
Queen of Wands.
Today is filled with creative magik, communication and oversight.






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