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Oct. 21, 2011 - You're A Healer / You're A Channel
During this time of year it seems everyone starts looking at their spiritual path and where they're headed.  Many look for others who share their interests and participate in gathers, classes and personal readings. From that many people receive information that can be inaccurate or even harmful when taken in on face value.
I can't tell you how many people have told me "Someone said I was this" or "A Priestess, Priest said I was that". Never let someone else define who you are. No matter what their qualifications or title. That's your job. If YOU want to take on the label Channel and all the accountability and responsibility that goes along with it, then take it on and learn about it. But please don't do it simply because someone else has told you this is what you are. Because they very well could be wrong.
Now I say this first because with every profession there's an amount of responsibility. Not only to yourself, but to those you service. This is especially true when the profession deals with the guidance of a spiritual path and personal perspective of someone else. No matter how good the psychic, or how experienced the Preacher, Minister, Priest or Priestess, their interpretation of your energy is just that..their perspective. This may not be your perspective. It also may be a perspective that you're not ready to deal with. 
Telling someone they're this or that could cause that person to walk upon a path they're not ready to handle or deal with. Because with that profession and path, comes some hard lessons and karmic issues that must be worked through. It's not an easy path to start treading. And you have a right to make that choice on your own and decide if this is really something you want to take on. Because the Universe will put you through some serious issues before allowing you to connect to the kind of energy and information that comes through being a healer, psychic or Channel.
With that said, let me add that everyone is psychic to some degree. Most people just don't realize it or they call it by some other name or phrase. It's easy for someone to say "I have a gut feeling about this", instead of admitting to themselves that they are listening to one of their 6th senses, or psychic insights.
Being psychic is just a matter of becoming in-tune with these extra senses. You had to learn and understand your other senses for sight, smell, hearing, taste and touch. You learned about them when you were a baby and the more you experience in life, the more you are able to utilize those senses in your daily life. Psychic senses are exactly the same. They aren't a special gift, nor do they make one person more special or powerful than the next.  We all have these abilities and we all can learn how to use them.
The first step is to understand what these senses are and which ones you have an aptitude for. Just like some musicians are adept at playing the piano more than the guitar; each person has their own aptitude with one of their psychic senses. You can learn more about these Psychic Abilities and learn more about the differences between being a psychic, seeing energy, being a Channel and how that too can be applied on different paths. For instance are you a channel for healing, a semi-trance channel, or a mulch-dimensional channel? Do you understand the difference between each level and what it entails?
Learning to use your abilities starts with creating a bridge between your conscious mind and your psychic mind (what most people call their spiritual mind). This is accomplished through meditation. Learning about your own Psychic Development can help you develop and control your own abilities, what is involved and what responsibilities you have to taking on that path. 
Before you take on a label or title, make sure 1st that YOU want that lable and 2nd that YOU'VE earned the right to wear the title. Don't do it simply because someone else says that's what you are. It's not their life and they won't be the one who deals with the karma and consequences that come along with the responsibility.  Learn more about Giving/Receiving A Psychic Reading to understand your responsibility as a psychic and a client. 
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