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Dec. 12, 2009 - Rev. Vickie Carey Awarded Ph.D in Pastoral Counseling Psychology
Dr. Carey's Professional ProfileRev. Vickie Carey, D.D. has been awarded a second doctorate degree from the University of Sedona. The Doctor of Philosophy in Pastoral Counseling Psychology has been granted by the University after successful completion of her Doctoral Dissertation.
"Spiritual Psychology is one of my biggest passions. Especially right now with so many people struggling and facing hardships. To accomplish this goal is truly something I take great pride in and I'm thrilled about." said Dr. Carey. "It also gives me, personally, a greater sense of confidence when organizing or conducting therapy sessions for my clients."
Metaphysical degrees are determined by the Department of Education in Washington DC as non-secular and are thus classified and regarded as religious in nature. This religious classification gives the International Metaphysical Ministry, the parent body of the University of Sedona, full legal right to award Doctoral degrees to it's graduates who have completed educational course and dissertation requirements.
Dr. Carey began her work toward this degree last year enrolling on December 5th, 2008. "It has been a great year of learning and education. Not just from the research for the Dissertation." she explained. "Applying what I have learned with my Ministerial experience has provided some wonderful results not just for my clients, but for me as well."
The final Doctoral requirement past review and evaluation by the University of Sedona's Dissertation Committee on December 2nd 2009. The Doctoral Degree will be awarded to Rev. Carey in January 2010.
Everyone here at Spring's Haven congratulates Rev. Vickie Carey, D.D., Ph.D. for this latest accomplishment.
You can read Rev. Carey's approved Doctor of Philosophy in Pastoral Counseling Psychology "Spiritual Psychology and Dealing With Grief" in PDF format here on Spring's Haven.
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