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Facing 2009 With Hope and Happiness In Hard Times
Ladysmith, Va - January 6, 2009
Everyone at Spring's Haven wishes everyone a Happy New Year. We re-open the doors to the new year with a special focus on the financial times. Are you facing the new year with hope and empowerment? How we think starts the process of creation. Dread creates negative energies. Excitement will create positive energies, including hope, happiness and prosperity in your life.
At the center we are offering varying services to help individuals face the year with a focus on aligning your energies with the Divine Universe and creating opportunities for success. If you just need to talk to help face the stresses associated with the economy, schedule a session for Ministerial Therapy. We're here to listen. If you need insight into events that have occurred in your life, consider a psychic reading. If you are looking to learn about tapping into your Divine creative center, order or attend one of our lectures to learn about the Spiritual Keys To Success In Today's World.
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