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Gift Certificates
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Gift Certificate
For Family or Friends
Don't know what to get your friends or loved ones?
How about a Gift Certificate from Spring's Haven.
Giving the gift of insight or healing is perfect for any occasion.
An ideal solution when searching for an imaginative present.
And guaranteed to deliver an unforgettable experience.
You'll find certificates for physic readings,
Reiki healing sessions and more.
Perfect for everyone on your list.
Perfect for any occasion from birthdays, anniversaries, holidays, a special thank you, an employee appreciation award, or even as a prize in a contest or auction. Our gift certificates can be exchanged for a unique, intriguing and fun personalized session for family, friends, employees, clients, or customers.
A unique gift that's affordable.
Spring's Haven Gift Certificates are an ideal gift that won't break the bank. I'm sure that if you've had a psychic reading or holistic healing before, you'll agree that the experience is a phenomenal value considering the incredible benefits received.
It's a safe (no risk) purchase.
Purchasing a Spring's Haven Gift Certificate is easy and secure with our PayPal Connection. There is absolutely no risk or chance that the purchase of your gift certificate will go unused. Be confident that your money is well spent, knowing that if your recipient doesn't use the certificate within 6 months, it will go right back to you. We will contact you if it remains unused so that you can take advantage of one of our services.
The recipient can redeem it anytime.
The Spring's Haven Gift Certificate can be redeemed anytime, day or night for any of our online services of equal value. Or they can be redeemed for any of our in-house services by appointment, also of equal value. Gift Certificates are not valid without an in-house Center - or - PayPal Transaction Number.
Do gift certificates have an expiration date?
Yes and no. Yes your certificate will expire 12 months after the time of purchase. Purchase information can be obtained and reviewed through your PayPal purchase or account. If the certificate is not redeemed by the recipient within 6 months of purchase, it reverts back to you and will be valid for another 6 months.
How do I redeem my gift certificate?
To redeem certificates, recipients should visit our Redemption Center here on the Spring's Haven website.
Can I return a gift certificate for cash?
No, it may only be redeemed for an in-house or online service. Although the certificates are not refundable, they are transferable within 6 months. Gift Certificates are non-refundable except where required by law.
How do I purchase a gift certificate?
Simply select the denomination of gift you wish to give below. Follow the instructions to PayPal and you will be given an opportunity to print your certificate at home and give it to a family member or friend.
$25 Gift Certificate
Can be redeemed for: online Pendulum, Tarot: Past/Present/Future readings, Individual Healing session.
$40 Gift Certificate
Can be redeemed for: online Family Healing Session. In-house Pendulum reading.
$50 Gift Certificate
Can be redeemed for: online Spirit Reading, Situation Healing Session. In house Tarot: Past/Present/Future reading.
$75 Gift Certificate
Can be redeemed for: in-house Reiki Healing, Crystal Therapy, Chakra Balancing sessions, Tarot: Spirit Reading.
$100 Gift Certificate
Can be redeemed for: online Tarot: Full Spread reading, Spiritual Counseling Consultation. In-house Spiritual Psychology Counseling, Past Life Regression Therapy session, Tarot: Full Spread, Spirit Guide, Past Life readings.
$125 Gift Certificate
Can be redeemed for: online Tarot: Phone Consultation
$150 Gift Certificate
Can be redeemed for: online Channeled Phone Consultation. In-House Multi-dimensional trance reading.