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Here at the center we feature open circles, discussion groups, classes and spiritual gatherings.
  Weekly Events -
Meditation Night - free
Every Wednesday night from 7:30 - 10 pm  ET
Learn how to meditate, or just participate in a night of relaxation. There is no fee associated with these evening sessions. You can read our A Meditation Guide - A Handbook to discover more about our method of meditation.
Healing Circle - free
Every Thursday Morning from 10 - 11:00 am ET
Each week the healers at the center conduct a Healing Circle. Anyone is welcome to attend and add their healing blessings to the circle. Here we offer healing to Mother Earth, world events, and individuals who have submitted their name and issue to the centers Healing Request Book. There is no fee associated with these sessions.
Springwolf's Appearances
If you'd like to listen, see or meet Lady Springwolf (Rev. Carey), check her Appearances page on her author's blog to keep up on her latest schedule. Springwolf Reflections / Appearances