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Reiki Attunements

Accepting Healing Energy
Reiki Masters use a very special method to initiate students for the flow of healing energy. Once a student has been opened for healing, they're open to Reiki for life. Typically the Master will gather the student or students into a special area designed for the intent of conducting a spiritual ritual of initiation. The student will sit, back straight, eyes closed and hands together in front of the body as if in prayer. The Reiki Master will pass in front and behind the student going through their secret ritual of initiation.

Initiations can also be called Attuntements. The name is interchangable. But today many Masters prefer the word Initiation.
There's no real mystery to an initiation, the Master is simply following an ancient tradition and ritual that helps the student open up to divine energies. But I feel there is something much more spiritual happening during these attunements. It's much more than just a ritual of initiation. A Reiki Master is really acting as an escort, or maybe even a witness, to the students acknowledgement and commitment to the Divine. Becoming a Reiki Channel is similar (but I'll agree not the same) as becoming a spiritual Minister. In both cases the student is making an agreement with his or her God, to be in service for Divine spirit.
So for me, the initiations or attunements are elaborate meetings between student and the Divine force in his or her personal life. A time for the student to state the intent of wanting to be a channel for healing, to acknowledge the responsibility of this role and to define their comment as a channel.
Remember Reiki, the energy, moves the individual into a clearer alignment with the authentic self. To become one with your own Mind/Body/Spirit connection. A student is given everything they need to align their being with that of the Divine force in their life to bring about balance and understanding of their true self.
Dividing the initiations between Reiki I and Reiki II allows the new Reiki channel to get used to the new energy flowing through their body and to build up a tolerance to its energy or "power". Think of it as going into training for a marathon. You don't start out running 5 miles on your first step out the door. You build up to the endurance, you learn the proper method of stretching and getting started with your run. And you learn something new each time you practice your exercise. You gain understanding about what works for you, what you're capable of and what is needed for you to not only enter your first marathon, but to be successful at it as well.
Reiki I and Reiki II classes are given to an individual typically 6 months apart. During this time, the new Reiki I healer is learning how to feel the energy they are providing and the techniques to deliver it successfully. After the 6 months, the average person is ready to make the additional commitment to the Divine. They are also ready to physically handle the full force of Divine energy.
So the long winded view for me, is: the initiations are the means in which the student declares their commitment and intent to use the Universal Divine Life-force energy for the betterment of others and their self. And to prepare their physical being for the acceptance of 50% and then 100% of that energy so as not to cause ill affects by overwhelming their own body and senses.
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