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Becoming A Reiki Channel
Reiki Channels
The traditional structure for learning Reiki is to attend the Level I and Level II classses, receive the reiki attunements and then practicing the art before taking the next class. Typically there is a 6 month period between Reiki I and II. And a 1 year of practice between Reiki II and III. Some Masters require more time and experience before taking the Level III class known as the Masters Class and receiving the final attunement.
Learning the Reiki Level 1
In Reiki I, you learn the basics of Reiki, the hand positions and how mind/body/spirit effects health. You will learn how to recognize the causes and predict the effects they will have on the body. Reiki concentrates on the spiritual lessons, pulling them up to the surface to be dealt with. The energy from the Divine will help the person identify, address and even modify their pattern, which will also aid in removing the cause of the illness. Reiki will also enhance the effectiveness of traditional medical practices to heal the areas affected. You learn how to scan a body for illness, how to give a Reiki treatment on yourself or on others and the ideals behind Reiki.
Reiki Level II
In Reiki I, you learn the basics of Reiki, the hand positions and how mind/body/spirit effects the body, and how you can utilize the Reiki energy force to help those in need. In Reiki II, you further this understanding by learning more about energy and how to utilize Reiki for those at a distance. This is often called absentee healing or healing by proxy. You learn the 3 sacred Reiki symbols and how they can be incorporated into a Reiki session.
Reiki Level III - Master Channel
In Reiki III a student learns the methods of teaching, how to conduct attuments on future students and the Master's symbol. Students also go through a final attunement that aligns their internal energy with that of the Divine Healing Spirit.
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