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Meditation for World Peace
Meditation for World Peace & Global Healing
Image CreditsEvery Wednesday at 8pm Eastern United States Time
Meditation for world peace is an event for many meditation organizations. It's even a scheduled activity conducted weekly at the Pentagon. Here at Spring's Haven we spend about 10 minutes at the start of our weekly Wednesday night Meditation Group focusing on Global Healing and World Peace. And we would like to invite you to join us, where ever you are in the world.
Even if you are not an experienced Meditator, you can add your energy to our efforts. Meditation requires stillness of thought and focused contemplation. As you calm your senses and relax in Meditation you can gain a greater feeling of harmony with the Divine Universe (whatever that is to you) and the world around you. From this state of mind you can focus your thoughts on global healing and world peace for the betterment of all humanity.
If you would like to learn meditation, you can review our How To Handbook.
World Peace Meditation Process
Meditation for world peace begins with a simple breath exercise.
  • Begin your meditation with a deep cleansing breath and close your eyes as you exhale.
  • With your eyes closed focus on your breathing. Slowly, take in 5 long, deep breaths through your nose filling your lungs to their fullest capacity. Then just as slowly, exhale though your mouth, allowing your lungs to collapse as much as is comfortable for you.
    Visualize: As you exhale, imagine the events of the day or week being carried out through your mouth on a gray smoky cloud. Put these worries aside and begin to relax your entire body and mind.
  • Return to normal breathing and begin to relax each portion of your body, especially your muscles. Feel the tension in your muscles begin to subside.
    Visualize: With each inhale, imagine a Divine white light collecting inside your body around the solar plexus (just above your naval). With each breath you take in, this light grows stronger, more vibrant and soon begins to increase in size. Within a minute or two, the light grows so large that it encompasses the entire mid-section of your body.
  • Now, begin by pushing the lower portion of the light down toward your toes slowly. Imagine the white light pushing all the stress and tension out of your muscles one at a time. Imagine this stressful energy like a gray smoke being pushed down your lower extremities until it's pushed out your toes. Now the lower half of you body is fully surrounded inside and out by this Divine white light. (This visualization should take approximately 1-2 minutes).
  • Use the same technique to push the light from the solar plexus up your back, neck and head, pushing the `gray' stress out the top of your head.
  • Feel your physical body relax and your energy body expand as if you are being cradled in the arms of the Divine Universe. Feel this personal spiritual connection lift you into the Divine light and connect you with all things throughout the world.
    Visualize: Imagine your spirit rise up into space floating over the Earth below. Visualize the beauty of the world before you.
  • Continue your visualization by seeing a white light of Divine energy coming from your heart and moving toward the Earth. See your light joining together with all those involved in this group meditation. Each energy strand slowly and lovingly moving clockwise around the Earth, encircling it as if gently caressing every inch of the world.
  • As this cone of energy encompasses the entire planet, imagine it slowly turning to a vibrant green healing color, giving energy to the areas of the Earth that need healing, to the animals and plants, the oceans and fish, the land, mountains and ice. See this healing energy repairing the Earth and all things living healthy and happy upon the planet. Take a few moments to hold this image as you and all others in the group give compassionate loving healing to Mother Earth. (This visualization should take approximately 3 minutes).
  • Now imagine the green light surrounding the Earth slowly changing to a vibrant pink, the color of love and compassion. See this energy penetrating all areas of the world. Imagine all people laying down their weapons and feeling peace in their hearts. See the worlds conflicts come to an end and hate being replaced with kindness, fear being replaced with compassion, intolerance being replaced with understanding and acceptance. Take a few moments to hold this image as you and all others in the group send your compassionate love and peaceful images to the people of the world. (This visualization should take approximately 3 minutes).
  • When you are ready, imagine yourself slowly returning to Earth and gently moving back into your physical body. Hold within your being that feeling of love and compassion to carry you through to your next meditation.
  • Open your eyes and take some time to record your experience in a meditation journal.
And thank you for adding your thoughts and energy to our Weekly Meditation for Global Healing and Peace!
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