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Meditation With Tarot
The Tarot
The Moon - The Faerie Tarot @ Amazon.comThey are called the messengers of the Divine. Some know them as the window to Universal Law and the sacred symbols of the higher consciousness. Whatever their auspicious synonym, the Tarot has been mentioned in ancient texts for 35,000 years. The Hermetic Kabbalah, tells of 108 stone tablets that lay beneath the ancient pyramids at Giza. 78 of these tablets are called the 'Exoteric' Tarot, the remaining 30 are the 'Esoteric' Tarot.
Even though there is evidence that the Tarot has existed for thousands of years, the first known decks come from 12th century India. They didn't arrive in Europe until the time of the Crusades where they were often trophies of war held by European soldiers. It wasn't long until the modern Europeans began creating their own versions of these religious decks, which were the forerunners to our modern playing cards.
It wasn't until the 16th Century that the Tarot really began it's invasion through the traveling Gypsy caravans and their use turned back to a spiritual perspective or as a tool for divination.
Each card contains a landscape, an event and objects to be interacted with. The images of the Tarot only serve as a reminder, or a visual connection from your conscious self to knowledge you already have in your super conscious self.
The Conscious Minds
A brief conversation of the Conscious Minds and their connection to each other and to the Divine Universal Spirit. Within the field of psychology and Spiritual psychology it is recognized that there are different levels of consciousness. There are many definitions of what these levels are, but here is what we believe and teach from Metaphysical science and Spiritual Psychology perspective.
The Conscious Self: The Physical Mind
The physical brain is the mind of the Body. This is your conscious mind, the part of the self that governs your day-to-day activities.
The Higher Conscious Self: The Soul Mind
The sub-consciousness is the mind of the Soul. This area of being is also called the higher consciousness of the self. This is the part of the self that talks to your conscious mind and represents the true self of a person, this is your spiritual presence in this incarnation.
The Super Conscious Self: The Spirit Mind
The super consciousness is the mind of the Spirit. This is where you hold the aspect of the Divine within yourself. Some call this level of consciousness the Divine Self or the God-Self.
The Divine Consciousness: The Universal Connection
The Divine Spirit is "The Everything, The All" that exists. It's everything connected together through out all of creation through energy. It is, for lack of a better word "God" and we are each part of and connected to that consciousness. The Divine Conscious mind within you is your connection or bridge to the knowledge and energy of the greater Universal Divine Spirit.
We can communicate between each of these levels of consciousness, if we can only listen. Seeing the events or issues of the physical life through our own higher conscious levels can help us gain understanding, find answers and peace within our Mind/Body/Spirit. Thus we can heal the 'whole' body and find enlightenment to the soul and our spiritual path.
Using The Tarot For Meditations
When we contemplate upon the images or messages provided by the Tarot we open a gateway that provides an opportunity for knowledge and wisdom to flow in both directions. In other words, we give our conscious and sub-conscious minds a chance to connect to our Divine Self, that part of you which works on becoming an enlightened spiritual being.
There are two ways to begin this process. First, by focusing on the message of the cards. Each week day here at Spring's Haven, we share a Tarot Card and Message for contemplation during your daily meditation. This allows those who do not know how to read the Tarot, or do not feel comfortable in translating the symbology to pull a spiritual message into their daily meditation exercise.
A second method is for an individual to sit down with their own Tarot deck and create a moment of connection to the cards and the Divine. After a moment of focus, the individual can ask for guidance in pulling a card that will bring them a message that benefits their Mind/Body/Soul for that day. By focusing on one card and pulling that image into your meditation, you can learn and experience the sights, sounds and smells of that card and the symbolic message you sense from it.
A Tarot Meditation
To use the message and images in your meditation, examine the positive message the card represents. Does your life incorporate the qualities of that card? If not, try to feel the positive energy of that quality. Visualize your life with this quality in it. How would this quality change your life?
The following is a simple method for using a Tarot message in your meditation. If you don't know how to meditate, you can learn by reading our step-by-step Meditation Guide.
  1. Use our Daily Tarot Meditation message, or draw your own card and divine a personal message.
  2. Begin your meditation as you normally would.
  3. Once you have moved your consciousness to a higher spiritual level, think about the card/message and what it means to your life today.
  4. Imagine yourself working with the message, putting it into practice in a positive way. Visualize as much detail as you desire.
  5. Contemplate the spiritual connection between the message and your spiritual path. You should work on this process for about 10 to 15 minutes.
  6. When you're done, you can end the meditation or move into other aspects of your meditation process.
Consider taking a few moments after your meditation keep a record or diary of your meditation sessions. Make notes on how your attitudes or viewpoints change. How you handle situations with people or at work. All this information is important for you to see how far you've grown over what will be a very short period of time. You'll be amazed at yourself in just 6 months. But you may not notice, if you don't write it down.
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