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The path to spirituality lies in knowledge. Learning about the basic flow of life and death, living in balance, lessons of the physical world and wisdom of the spirit can help you become both enlightened and spiritually aware of not just your surroundings, but of yourself as well.

In this section you'll find some of our understandings based on research, formal education and life experiences. We share this information with others who are interested in the path of spiritual enlightenment.

Please note, all articles presented here are the sole property of Spring's Haven, LLC and are copywritten by author Springwolf  🐾

Meditation, Energy & Action - Walking Your Talk
Dealing With Trials & Grief
Defining What You Believe
The Proven Benefits of Meditation
A Meditation Guide - A How To Handbook
Meditation Prayers
Meditation Exercises
Meditating With Tarot
Letting Go Meditation
Psychic Abilities - Do you have one?
Psychic Development - Developing Your Talent
Giving or Receiving A Psychic Reading
Balancing, Clearing, Cleansing & Protection
Raising Energy & Connecting To The Divine
Handfasting & Wedding Celebrations
Our Healing Circle at Spring's Haven
Deciphering The Ailment Message
Affirmations To Evolve The Spirit
Affirmations For Change
Meditation for Peace - An Invitation
Usui Reiki - An Introduction To The Art
What Is Spiritual Psychology?
Collegiate Works
  Thoughts On The University of Sedona
If you're considering enrollment at UoS or the Univ. of Metaphysics, you may be interested in Spring's experience and thoughts on their programs. 
  Writing Your Thesis or Dissertation
  Thesis or Dissertation Template (MS Word)
Rev. Carey, D.D., Ph.D.
Master's Thesis (PDF) - History of Incense
D.D. Doctorate Dissertation (PDF) - Walking Your Talk
Ph.D. Doctoral Dissertation (PDF) - Spiritual Psychology and Dealing With Grief

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Pagan Metaphysics 101: The Beginning of Enlightenment
A new book from SpringWolf.
Gain an introductory understanding of metaphysical concepts from a pagan perspective, beginning with the first principles of the creation of the Universe through the Celestial Soul Groups and their influence upon the evolution of life and expansion of spirit. From basic metaphysical models, the reader learns about the anatomy of the Soul and how it is connected to the Spirit and the Divine Universal Energy. Answers are provided for important questions: Of what is the Soul made? How does it learn? Where are those memories kept within the Spiritual Being? How does the Soul connect through energy to the physical body, other spirits, and the Greater Divine Consciousness within the Universe? Through this learning process, individuals can walk through every moment of the day with a sense of higher purpose, greater connection to their spiritual mission, and with insight to meet their personal and spiritual goals.


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