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Defining What You Believe
What Do You Believe
Before you can begin your spiritual journey; what ever that journey is, you have to know where you're starting. What do you believe and how does it relate to your spiritual path? Are you looking for a spiritual path but don't know which one fits your current beliefs? How are you going to assess where you are today with where you want to be, or what you've come from if you don't know what you believe.
It's easy to sit down and answer questions off the top of your head when talking with someone about what you believe. You jump from topic to topic and you may not even realize how the subjects are interconnected. You can give one description today and two weeks from now, you'll have a slightly different description. And you won't even realize you've altered your view or perception.
If you take on this assignment, you'll see how much that 'easy to answer' scenario changes. When you're writing those answers down, putting thought to paper you are forcing yourself to really think about what you believe. You'll begin writing an answer to a question you were sure you knew, only to discover that you may not be so sure about it after all. It also forces you to connect the dots. You'll find that as you're writing an answer to one question, you might contradict your response to another question. And suddenly you have to red-think an entire subject.
It's important to keep in mind that there isn't a deadline or timeframe for when these questions have to be answered. The point to these questions is to make people think about their beliefs to provide a starting point. As you learn and research, you will come back to these pages and update, change or even totally re-write your first answers. If there are topics you don't know anything about, then those unanswered questions, provide you with a list 'to be researched' topics.

I know what I know. I believe what I believe.
But I do not fear opening the door wide, to discover what I don't know.
I welcome the chance to expand  my world with new views.
To empower my path for attaining wisdom and enlightenment.
~ Springwolf 🐾 2005
I've tried to make the list of questions some what generic. Regardless of your level of knowledge and development however, this assignment can be beneficial. Keeping a record of your beliefs helps you see where you started, how much you've grown and expanded your awareness.
Answering The Questions
You're going to start a journal separate from everything else you have. You can consider this part of your Spiritual Journal. The best thing to do is simply get a spiral notebook or if you're like me and you type faster than you write, you might start a document. You can always print off those pages and put them in a binder later. If you don't print them, make sure you have a back up of the document on disk or CD!
Whatever you chose, you're journal is going to be organized as follows: (I suggest you read this entire posting before you begin writing).
  1. On the first page, write the date and your name. (whatever that "name" is to you). You get no other explanation than that.
  2. On the next page, give your notebook a Title. "What I know I know", "My Spiritual Evolution", whatever suits your fancy.
  3. On the next page write a list of topics and their definitions. Where you start is up to you. But you want to keep the definitions to about 4 sentences. You're not writing a reference manual here, just basic ideas/concepts. These are the topics you're sure you know. You're confidant in your understanding of these things.
  4. In the next section,: What I think I know. Do the same thing, topics and definitions. This section is what you think these things are and what they mean.
  5. And finally: What I'd like to know. Here you'll just list topics.
Now, there's several reasons for doing this. First, it will show you how much you already know. You're probably like most people and you just don't realize how much knowledge you've already acquired about your spiritual path. Secondly, by writing all this down, you'll see that what you think you know, can sometimes contradict what you know you know. So you'll have to rethink some of what you know and some of what you think you know. And some of those things you don't think you know, you'll decide maybe you do know a little about those topics after all. Ya know? ;-)
Now if you prefer to simply answer a list of questions, here's a few things you want to answer in your topic/definitions. Keep in mind that many of these questions assume you believe in reincarnation and basic metaphysical theories such as karma, energy and alike. If you don't then simply skip those questions in your journal, or go ahead and say you don't believe in that and why.
  1. What is the Divine?
  2. What is God/Goddess and is this different from the Divine?
  3. Where do we come from? Think creation vs. evolution. What do you think?
  4. What is the spirit?
  5. What is the soul?
  6. Are the spirit and soul the same thing?
  7. Do you believe in reincarnation? If so, define what it is to you.
  8. How does each new incarnation come to be? I'm talking spirit here, not the physical process of procreation.
  9. Do you have past life memories? If so, where are these memories kept?
  10. How do these past life memories affect this lifetime?
  11. How can you use these past life memories in this lifetime?
  12. What is the purpose of an incarnated life? What are you here to do?
  13. Is the soul related/connected to the physical body? If so how? Both spiritually and physically.
  14. Where does the soul go once the physical body dies?
  15. Do you believe in karma? If so, define it.
  16. What is kundilini?
  17. What are chakras? And how are they related to kundilini?
  18. How are the chakras related to the soul?
  19. Do you believe in spirits? If so, what are they?
  20. Do you believe in ghosts? If so, what are they?
  21. How do ghosts differ from spirits? Or do they?
  22. What are spirit guides?
  23. Are there different kinds of guides? If so, list and define them.
  24. What is energy?
  25. What is setting protection? And why is it important?
  26. What is an aura?
  27. What are spiritual senses? Do you have one?
  28. What do you think about psychic abilities? Do they exist or are they helpful?
  29. What do you think about spiritual healing?
  30. What do you think about meditation? What are the benefits of meditation, on a spiritual level.


For Pagans, move your topics to more specifically address your chosen Witchcraft/Shamanistic religious/spiritual path.
  1. What is your definition of pagan? Now look up the word and it's history and compare these two definitions.
  2. What is Witchcraft?
  3. What is a witch?
  4. What is a male witch?
  5. What is a tradition?
  6. What is a coven, clan etc?
  7. What is an initiation?
  8. What is a dedication?
  9. Is an initiation and dedication the same thing? If not, explain.
  10. What are spells?
  11. What is a cone of power?
  12. What is a circle and how is it used?
  13. What is a spiritual sanctuary?
  14. What is an altar and what is it's purpose?
  15. What is a ritual?
  16. What's a ceremony?
  17. What are some of the tools utilized by a practitioner of the craft? And what are they used for?
  18. What is the goal or purpose of walking a spiritual path?
Lastly for any spiritual path; the ultimate question to any spiritual path is why are you walking 'this' path.
  1. What do you want to achieve from your studies? I'm not talking about talents, I'm talking about spiritual knowledge and enlightenment.
  2. What do you want to achieve or do with your knowledge? This is more of the physical activities. And it could include talents (such as psychic abilities, healing, or teaching).
  3. How are you going to apply this knowledge to your daily life?

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