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Our Healing Circle
Spiritual Healing
From a Metaphysical approach, each part of the body has a corresponding emotion that relates to the way you think, feel and react to situations. If you know the positive and negative aspects of these areas, you can direct healing energy to that section of the body that will need healing the most. There are many ways to help this along, from having a holistic healing treatment to reciting an affirmation each day.
These metaphysical concepts can help you understand why the illness formed from a spiritual perspective, and how you can include metaphysical practices to help support the medical treatment from your physician. But it cannot and should not replace mainstream approaches. This is not an either/or type approach. At the very least, if you haven't already, you should visit your physician to ensure there isn't a bigger issue causing symptoms of discomfort that maybe more serious or life threatening.
Our Spiritual Healers have all been trained in various forms of healing. Chakra Healing, Chinese Energetics, Life Line Healing, Matrix Energetics, Prayer Healing, Reiki, Shamballah, Sound/Vibrational Energy and more.
Within these modalities, each system of healing usually has a process for sending healing energy to a client no matter where they are in the world and no matter what the ailment. This is the method we use here at Spring's Haven for our Healing Circle.
Each week we gather in compassion and unity to bring our energies together, connect with the Divine as we see it, and direct that ultimate Universal Divine healing energy to those who have asked for it. This Divine energy knows better than we do what is needed by the recipient and how that healing should be given and directed.
Each person or situation on our list will be focused on for several minutes as our group directs as much energy as is needed for that individual. Names on our list remain for up to 4 weeks. Requesting an additional time period can be made through email. Names can be listed for up to 6 months as needed.
Each week our healers offer healing to Mother Earth, world events, and individuals who have submitted their name and issue to the centers Healing Request Book. Anyone is welcome to submit a healing request. And anyone is welcome to attend and add their healing blessings to the circle. There is no fee associated with these sessions.
Created: 07/09/2016       Updated: 07/09/2016
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