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Rev. Vickie Carey, D.D., Ph.D.
Membership Certification | Affiliation Certification
 AMDA Membership Certification
The American Metaphysical Doctors Association Members are Ordained Metaphysics Ministers, and as such are well equipped to minister within any of the varied independent Metaphysical Denominations AND they have further pursued their metaphysical education to the Doctoral Level of study in religious Metaphysics. The AMDA does not favor one Metaphysical Belief System or Metaphysical Practice over another. Rev. Carey was eligible and became a member of the AMDA in September 2008.
AMDA Memebership - 1 Sep 2008 to Present

 Yearly Affiliation Certification
AMDA Memebership - 1 Sep 2008 to 1 Sep 2009

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